101st Airborne on Ukraine Border

By | October 31, 2022

Foreign [Music] Thanks for tuning in sorry about last Night I'm kind of getting over the Congestion thing I have best sinus Issues I gotta deviate a setting from a Fight a fist fight when I was like 20 Years old and I yeah I beat the guy up I've actually never lost a fight ever Um but anyhow The U.S just bumped up things a notch And they actually sent in 101st Airborne Line infantry and I'll discuss that in a Moment Um the the kind of big news about all This is that Russia's defense Ministry Has announced that they are preparing Their military forces to work in a Radioactive contamination conditions as The country continues to claim that Ukraine is planning to detonate a dirty Bomb now if you don't know what a dirty Bomb is a dirty bomb is a radiological Dispersal device that basically has Radioactive material with conventional Explosives so it spreads this right out Of material And so the U.S Lloyd Alston had Emergency calls with the Russian defense Minister over the weekend and released a Statement saying our countries made it Clear that we reject all Russian False allegations because they're saying That Russia is saying that it's this

False allegation that Um you know Ukraine is going to use These uh dirty bombs and uh They're saying that you know Ukraine is Not planning to do that in their own Territory and the world would see any Attempt or allegation or pretext of that As escalation So Um I I really think everything everyone Is doing is escalation I mean we're Sending Billions and billions of dollars over There Um you know the posturing and things Like that there's tons of of escalation Going on you know Um But the thing is is that wood it makes Sense for them to do that in their own Territory to escalate things you know Obviously zelinski and these guys are Loving the money coming in they're Loving the support they ask NATO to do a Print of strike two weeks ago on Russia Right there they don't care if we get Thrust into a World War they don't care Because they're already in a war right Um Road power things But um Basically uh the White House is saying That Russia's planning to do a false Flag operation to have the ability to Escalate the war

So with that Uh with that news U.S Army's 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles Has deployed to Europe for the first Time in almost 80 years so They're um are trained to deploy to Anywhere in the world within hours ready To fight Um they're out of Fort Campbell Kentucky If you don't know that so they're only Uh around three miles from Romania's Border with Ukraine Foreign Russia is trying to capture the ports Along the Black Sea this was a big plan From the very beginning this is this is Part of the strategy to cut off the Supply chain I mean it's a smart warfare That's what I do Um So the goal is to cut off all Ukrainian Access to the Sea leaving the country uh In its military forces landlocked I mean It's Is basic military stuff here I don't Know why this is like some some you know We're we're Wild by this Um but America's saying because that Threat's so close to the NATO territory In Romania is why we put the air assault Division there Um along with a lot of weaponry But

Yeah I I hate those guys are going over There Obviously uh Mark fellows thanks buddy So going along with that like this this Never Ending flow of just cash we're just Pouring into Ukraine 30 Democrat Lawmakers Um I'm sorry let me now I'm going to get Ahead of myself this is actually 30 Democrat lawmakers are now calling on President Joe Biden to shifted strategy On the war Ukraine by directly Negotiating with Russia In order to de-escalate tensions 30 Democrats signed this into Congress And this is this is pretty crazy because Democrats for the most part have been Pro pro-war you know uh funding the war With Ukraine and so the other thing is That Trump you know Said this two weeks ago and they said he He was uh uh you know in love with Putin He was a Putin admirer and all these Sort of things uh so but now today They're coming in and saying the same Things you know About signing this this letter you know Um says that uh legislators responsible For the expenditure of tens of billions Of U.S taxpayer dollars and Military Assistance in the conflict We Believe Such involvement in this world so

Creates responsibility for you at United States to seriously explore all possible Revenues including direct engagement With Russia to reduce harm and support Ukraine in achieving a peaceful sediment Settlement we urge you to make a Vigorous diplomatic efforts in support Of negotiated settlement ceasefire Engage in direct talks with Russia and Explore prospects for new European Security Arrangement acceptable to all Parties that will allow for Sovereign Independent Ukraine and in coordination With our Ukrainian partner seek a rapid Into the conflict Um So again I think it's crazy because Literally CNN and everyone was going Nuts because Trump said that we should Just talk directly Um you know and I think I think Elon Musk did too and people were like Flipping out so it's it's it's crazy Though because the thing is it's Approximately we're funneling money into We're we're basically fighting Russia Through Ukraine so For Us to keep you know not want to say We're not going to talk to them directly When we are talking to them directly Um anyway The White House came back and said the Decision to hold diplomatic talks with

Russia is up to ukrainians themselves Not the United States then why are we Sending all these billions of dollars If it's up to Ukraine why are we funding This War I mean they this this had been A a Case shot many many months ago you know Open a showcase Many months ago if we didn't fund we Weren't funding this stuff right but you Know we put zielinski into place anyways Little puppet so he's an actor I mean They they actually got a good guy Because he's actually a very good actor You know they should they should have Got better actors for like uh for Kamala And Biden because they're terrible they Can't even read the teleprompters you Know can't even walk upstairs and things But uh You know Why they want the war To keep going is to bump up their Personal Investments a lot of these Politicians I wish they would do make Some kind of law where they that you Cannot be making these Investments Because we know Pelosi is doing it all These folks are going to Lindsey Graham Ted Cruz all these guys rhinos Republicans in name only uh tons of Democrats they make investments in these Companies weapons Manufacturing And they're making money you keep

Funneling the billions of dollars true Because they're they're making tons of Money see the thing is is that with with The war in Afghanistan was great all These many years that we fought this Drug out war was because They all had investments in it right in The war so yeah keep keep it going keep It going it was great for 20 years these People became millionaires billionaires And when that stopped it was like oh no What are we going to do well now let's Let's get this thing cranking in Ukraine Right and we can do it all over again You know we've spent in Ukraine in the Past year Almost as much as we spent in the entire War on terrorism like let that let that Go in your mind a little bit right Meanwhile our country itself is an Economic decline I have some terrifying News here in a second I'm going to tell You about but Republics and Democrats Are talking to push through a 50 billion Dollar Aid package for Ukraine If The how uh the Republican Party takes Control of Congress during the midterm Because that's what they believe is Going to happen I mean even Biden said Another day all these folks are saying They think it's going to be a red wave And so they're going to lose control so

They're going to try to go ahead and Push his 50 billion dollar Aid package Through Um But there's people on both sides of the Aisle that's that's going to push this Right Kevin McCarthy could block future Ukraine packages Um if if Congress takes back the house So Last month Kevin McCarthy said Republicans will not write a blank check To Ukraine if they took back the house Right so they already know the the money Train's over their stock options is done Right you have to play the field like The rest of us so They're trying to push through herb and Push through and Russia's 50 billion Dollar a package right Before the potential change in power That would take place in January Um This package would make sure quote Unquote that Ukraine could get through The year And uh It'll make the previous packages like Pocket Change they say right Um They did not disclose Who or Republicans what Democrats Supported this plan But they did say it was bipartisan

Foreign Joe Biden also hinted at warning um They're Republicans sorry That he knew Republicans would stop the Money train so that's why they're trying To push us through They said uh he said that basically Um the funding of Ukraine war would be Over right so but we shouldn't even have Done this in the first place to be Honest with you you know So uh Jason right here saying why aren't People being told by the media about This no covers from our government yeah They're keeping this stuff hidden Um Mark appreciate it buddy it's he says It's pretty It's pit uh pretty always Repeats itself look at the world climate Before World War II and we're right There it's going to be a wild ride yeah Man history always repeats itself oh you Were talking to text that's what I Messed up yeah Um But we're literally going to be thrust Into world war three Nuclear war over some stock options That's what that's what this stuff is About Right Meanwhile In our country inflations to the roof People can't afford to to get to work

Buy groceries have you been to the Grocery store lately have you looked at The prices Astronomical man I mean things have like Tripled right tell me how bad orange man Was again I want to know Thanks Alan I was watching actually Earlier before I go to Florida I don't Know if you guys saw the FBI Um Merit Garland was talking about the Spies Chinese spies in the U.S today and I thought about doing a video on that But I mean we already know you know Joe Biden is uh in in in their hands Anyway he's one of their puppets but Why even waste of time anyway uh So during the talk there's people in the Live chat that kept just talking about Trump trump needs to go to jail this Thing and I was like these these cats Are really like they believe CNN that Much they were bobbing the CNN As as they're watching the Don Lemon and Then talk Um To they're still upset about Trump like They're still like they can't sleep at Night because of Donald Trump existing Right Donald Trump hadn't been present Look at your country look at what's Happened right It's it's wild that these people are Still on this like the country is in

Shambles like literally like back to What I was saying about going to the Grocery store go to the grocery it's Expensive you know what I mean most my Weekly bill is up like 150 a week Right let me know in the comments how How much yours has increased gas Commuting Um Look at your look at your stocks in the Gutter right 401ks gutter right Everybody's bleeding Um it's terrible Now this Is real serious We're almost out of diesel fuel Literally we have 25 days of diesel fuel Left in the U.S This shortage could [ __ ] the economy So you you haven't seen nothing yet guys Tell me how orange man bad is at the mid You know mid-november So we're down to 25 days of diesel Um the stockpile is unacceptably low Says the White House It comes two weeks before the November 2022 midterm elections and I hope that If you're a leftist that will hopefully Get your mind right before you go in There and vote Um it's going to drive prices up even More that's what they're they're Speculating Um so if you thought it costs a lot to

Live it's going to cost even more in two Two weeks Um We're talking about this is this is Train uh trains Um long-haul truckers to transport goods And food and dude if you live out there Like in Montana like I remember when I Just got to Montana all the time well I Can talk to people there like everything You know it costs a lot everything costs A lot out there anyway because it has to Be hard and like you may not get Anything right if you live in these real Rural areas you may not even get Anything Um so this was actually from the Department of energy So that the stockpiles and levels for October records date back to 1993. Um the lowest levels since 1993 so Orange man bad uh so we have 25.4 day Supply down from 34 from uh four weeks Prior So We're looking at serious economic hit Here in the next Few weeks right we're looking at World War custom world we got 101st Airborne Division over there I'm sure they're Going to move some more guys there's 4 700 of those guys there probably going To move some Marines over there and and It's it's going to be waiting for

Something to happen right and we keep Posturing keep sending these beans and Dollars I mean at some point you could You could imagine that Russia is going To say you know what let's go ahead and Just take it straight to Who's funding this thing right And to me you know look I'm not I'm not A Vladimir Putin apologist or anything I Don't I don't think he's a great guy However the thing is is that if it were Me our Vladimir Putin I probably would Just go ahead and go for it I mean um well waste of time you know But The thing is is that if it's like it's Like kind of like If you break it down into the terms of You know you you you're paying someone To go beat up some guy eventually that Guy's gonna come beat you up right he's Going to get tired of fighting the guy You're you're Panda to fight he's going To come fight you right So I mean I mean it's just it's just Nonsense right We're pushing we're pushing Escalating this Putting guys there now I mean that sends A message Let's see if any other countries put in Any anyone else around there you know It's it's funny because it's it's Romania too you know and and I heard

Andrew Tate talking about Romania being The safest place yes that's that's the Whole problem being those you know Eastern European countries is that You're right in the middle of some you Know mess if it happens Um that's so any of you guys over there Let me know Um but that's why I probably would never Live in any areas like that it's Beautiful place over there I've been all Over the world over there and this I Mean it's beautiful but you're like Things can get Dynamic real quick You know so The real alarming thing is the the Diesel is I mean price already highs They're going to get higher I wouldn't I Would also suggest that anything that You need to buy that needs to get Shipped I'd go ahead and get it now Right make sure you have you know your Freezer stocked you know for uh you know Living and stuff like that Um And obviously Things could heat up you know and if You're if you're a former military and You're in your irr periods you something Pops off like this you're probably Getting called back you'll be fighting Over on the front lines thanks to Joe Biden so he can get uh some better stock Outcomes right meanwhile you're you're

401ks in the gutter they're getting rich Right Anyhow guys real quick before we go Let's talk about the tribe again real Quick um we had a lot of new members Last night thanks for coming over and uh There's it's awesome having you Um some wonderful people uh have joined The trial like real uh you know guys From various backgrounds for a lot of Former military former law enforcement Current law enforcement you know some of These guys won't uh I talk to you Directly And uh a lot of women which is which is Also very impressive have all these Women because you know being in the Survival Niche all these years you know You're surrounded by men because it's More of a kind of a a men's genre However to have so many women interested In and a lot of them are very Knowledgeable about you know Sustainability prepping Um survival these sort of things that Are very knowledgeable about it so it's Amazing that I see this many women and That I'll be honest Always talking about being black peeled And I am when I look at the comments on YouTube when I look at other social Media I really hate social media I was Actually telling my wife that earlier Today that if I had not if I were not on

Social media because of my business I Would not be on social media probably at All just because it's so toxic there's So many toxic people there's losers Mentality that I always talk about it's A it's a lot of people that just hate Themselves right it's it's uh I heard a Red I think I read a quote the other day Uh in a book and it was basically saying That you know you should never look for The approval of other people because Most of those these people don't even Like themselves And that's all actually a sense of what I get however In our tribe it it's like a breath of Fresh air a lot of like-minded people You know like a family tight knit people The same ideology same philosophies it's A great place to be a great place to Call home and a great place to spend Your time Um our moderators over there are great Um we've got four now because the the Crew's growing they're all great And there's a ton of knowledge there's Ton of knowledge Um Z actually she uh builds everything There and she lays out everything uh She's very smart so she'd have developed The whole Um the whole uh Discord thing so Everything's broken down by tabs you can Go in there get whatever information you

Want whatever information you're looking For Um you know you can post things have Conversations we have a video and voice Chatting in there so people get in there And talk all night they love spending Time in there so You can see in the live chat you'll see In the comments to all the tribe members Like it's a great place to be there Wouldn't be this many people saying how Awesome it is right and they're having Meetups like we have guys that talk About meeting up all the time they're Scheduled larger meetups so I'm just go Get breakfast uh some of them just go to The range these sort of things so it's a Great place to have a community Get around people that you know or you Can learn to know that you know that has The same interest in ideologies as you Another thing is we have state groups Broken out so every state has their own Group and people playing meetups Training events and all those sort of Things within the state so I definitely Highly recommend if you're not part of a Group of your own go ahead and join ours And uh ask anybody ask anybody in the Trial what do they think right It's it's an awesome place to be So anyway yeah they say uh Z is here Talking about that they talk nightly Let me go for your before your I think

It's the way the stuff's popping so Quick she said they talk nightly In the voicing video chat right so loan Discussions Um great way to meet like-minded people Right there's tribe members in every State Guys these people asking about the Various States right we have Alabama and Arizona meetups coming Texas and Wisconsin just had a meet up so various States are having meetups all over the Place right Anyway guys go hit the link below it's The litmus test after I said last night On the video to don't email me because It says join the tribe can you can you Rejoin the tribe and click the link Right click the link then once you click The link you select what level you want To join right and then you go to the Community Tab and then there's a link Posted there and you follow that link People Email and talk about how do I join the Tribe like I see exactly how to do it And it's like written right down here Right down here in in the description Right down here just click on that arrow That pops down the menu and there'll be A description there All right guys thanks so much for tuning In Um let me know your thoughts Um whatever the question I I don't

Remember now whatever the question was And I asked oh yeah your grocery bill How how much is it I'm curious to know What state you're in and what's the uh I guess how much you're paying extra Weekly now just so I can kind of get a Picture of how the country is and what Places and what areas it'd be beneficial To know for future videos Um if you can do that let me know Um how lucky is world war three I think Very likely right the other thing is This is I was Hunger somebody uh Yesterday day before Come out like climate change you know They say these things the climate will Change like it's biblical like it will Change there will be Wars there will be These things this is not something That's oh yeah it's not gonna happen it Will happen I believe in the Bible and I Believe what the Bible says so I know These things will happen that's why a Lot of people say well we got to go stop It you're not stopping it no matter what You do it's our event plan it's going to Happen right the best thing you do is Prepare protect your family and these Sort of things right there's no reason Why you need to hit the eject your seat Early if you understand anyhow guys yeah It's going to get hot soon guys for sure Thank you for all the super chats Mark Fellas your Superstar buddy thank you

And uh everybody have a good night stay Frosty strapped and dangerous go join The try take care

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