15 Survival Items to Buy Regularly: Prepper School Vol. 40

By | October 31, 2022

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15 Items I Buy Regularly:
Lighters/ Matches
Soap/ Hygiene
Contractors Bags
Toilet Paper / Paper Towels
Rice/Beans/ Canned Food
Water Bottles
Cleaning Supplies
Paracord / Bank line
Duct Tape
Pallets/ Scrap Wood

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Lord What's going on guys Said some prepper live prepper School Volume 40. 40. and the whip cracker over There today she's like you're going she Says we're ready Robbie and I are Talking about all this stuff we're Talking about cool stuff and uh but so Now we'll just have you join us but uh Welcome to sensible prepper uh prepper School again volume 40 and Robbie Wheaton from Wheaton arms we really Appreciate him being here and um been Against Smith for over 20 years does Really excellent custom gun work also Wheatonarbs.com they do a lot of Glock Aftermarket parts one of the best Aftermarket trigger if this is the best The best aftermarket trigger out there For your Glock so uh barrels conversion Barrels all kind of different stuff so Check out Robbie we really appreciate Him and his YouTube channel at Robbie Wheaton links Down Below in the Description and Um yes sir it's gonna be fun fun stuff So um today and also we appreciate Sarah Mack she's over there on the monitoring Comments questions we will be taking Questions taking a break which we like To do and uh you guys always have some Good questions and a lot of times good Ideas and so you know leave those in the In the comments it's really important

For people to be able to see those Because as a group we're stronger and The more information we have out there That's a great thing about this video is You know once the even once the video Itself ends the the content keeps Slowing down below and the idea is keep Right keep growing down below it so it's A great place you know not just to watch The video but to read through the Comments in the bottom because there's So much good stuff that that's put in The comments in the bottom there really Is there's really a lot of good stuff And um also this video will show it live But more people I mean five and six Times more people will watch it Afterwards so uh what we're going to Talk about today well let me talk about Our got to thank our sponsors um we Really appreciate battle box you get a 15 off using prepper uh when you go to Battlebox on your first order also we Appreciate uh and there's a link Down Below in the description and then also We appreciate exotic and they give a 20 Off uh using search 20 uh on the extra Attack website they have the best fire Starters out there so we really Appreciate those guys uh so let's talk About some things and we've done some Videos about this but I think it's Something that's really something that I Incorporate every day you know a lot of

People you know they uh you know how do I start prepping what do I do and then When you are prepping it's it's Something that is evolving all the time It's continually about and there are Certain things that you find That you need on a regular basis in a Normal situation that's right Consumables right consume in fact I kept Thinking about that word you say in that Word it's consumables things that we use Things that we need not only in an sh uh Htf's shtf situation take two yeah but Uh but also just for every day because Guys let's face it this should be things That you're already using it's just that In a grid down situation you may not be Able to get those things and a lot and These pertain to the survival of you and Your family So um one of the first things you know That we want to talk about and this is Because one of the problems is if you Don't have power you know you need Batteries now this this is my battery Daddy who's your daddy uh this is Something actually I got this as a Christmas gift and it's just a great way To store a lot of batteries and one of The great things about this is is we Rotate them out so we'll use them we use This and then we pull the batteries out And then we replace them and so you know And it's limited it's just for your

Standard type batteries your you know Double a triple A uh you know cr123s Your all those kind of batteries and but It's a great place to have them but even If you don't even if you just get the Packs it's one of the things like we Were at Home Depot in fact we've got a Video coming up um in fact it's ready We're going to be putting it up on Sensible prepper but it's going to Different places and finding survival Items and one of the big things I went For is the batteries and they're always Batteries out so I pick up you know Going through the line grabbing Batteries and you know one of my one of My favorite places to go for Batteries Is and I don't know if they're Nationwide but we have them here locally It's called Batteries Plus and Batteries Plus you can get all of your your brand Name batteries and then you can get the The imported batteries as well and They're like they're like half the cost Wow of buying them so you can save quite A bit of money and buy them in bulk in The in the huge bulk packs a lot cheaper Than a lot of times you can buy the Little four packs or six packs of Batteries as well especially when you Get to the cr123s that a lot of us are Using in our flashlights and you know You could have rechargeable flashlights I mean like obviously I have a

Rechargeable flashlights I carry all the Time my little Olight art field but uh You know the thing is is if I don't have Hour I need to have bad lights that Actually take batteries and so keeping Some extra batteries on hand and there's So many different things you have your Weather radios you have your standard Radios you know maybe you have some Security radios or ham radios having Different batteries and rechargeable Batteries are great but you got to have At least a solar power backup if you Know the power's out plus winter is Coming winners winners are coming real Quick and uh you know that's another Thing with power outages not to forget Natural disasters you know you've got That big hurricane that's about to hit Florida in a couple of days you know Those people down there are the ones That aren't evacuating that are staying Batteries are going to be critical for Them to be able to have radio Communication hear what's going on uh Here if there's any kind of flooding you Know where the where the safety areas Are so you know it's going to be going To be critical for them to have Batteries information is vital your Light is important but information and Having a good little small effect if you Have one somewhere oh here it is my Little uh my little radio having this

And being able this one's got solar it's Got a hand crank and all that but I'm Going to tell you putting batteries in Here is a lot easier and more dependable So batteries okay now uh next that and This is something that I've been doing For years and for some reason we use Them up and they get gone and I don't Even smoke except I smoke cigars but Um is lighters lighters and matches and Whenever I'm in a convenience store or Whatever I'll just pick up a lighter I Just you know it's a dollar two here and There uh one thing that we like to do in Fact we're Army like here they are I Like to pick up these little packs I Mean and I like bigs now you may like Script or whatever but I find that Bix Are have they seem to be longer lasting For storage is what I found with them When you box those up you put them up For long-term storage the Bix always Seem to to work when they come out of The packs where a lot of the other ones They'll get corrosion on the striker Wheel and and the flints will get stuck In them and a lot of times they just Won't work and one thing I really like Are the flame torch batteries yeah the Flame torch lighters those are are great They're really hot and you can refill Them that's right so you can get your Your fill you know your butane and uh You know be able and two uh matches now

I like Lifeboat matches or weatherproof Matches and it was funny we were in Home Depot the other day and I grabbed a box Of matches they just had them in the Where the uh grills grills and stuff Like that and you're gonna have to Probably help me along But it was funny I just picked it up and Said oh match is good so I threw them in The in the Box well when I got home Opened them up their Lifeboat matches With the red tips and everything yeah The red and white self-striking tips and It's a whole freaking box of them I was Like oh this is a man this was a score I Haven't been able to find those in a While so I will go over there and get Home Depot they've got them in there and They've got a big box they had a box of Them so I love the self-striking matches That you can you can light them on your Zipper you can light them on your a pair Of blue jeans you don't have to have That stripe board to be able to light Those and these have that Yelp that Orange cover over it so it you can even Dip it in water and take them back up And they'll rely yeah so great you know Great that's a great option for matches Uh and so keeping those and two guys I'm Telling you these things would go out And then go out like you said they get The little Striker gets corroded it Won't even move or you hit the button

And dump out all your all your fuel so You know matches lighters I just pick Those up we have a drawer we throw them In there I've got a drawer in my shop And I keep them in there at all times Again consumables consumables and Starting fires is a very important part Whether it's a grill whether it's a fire Pit whether you're just Building A Fire You know having the ability now of Course obviously I really prefer Ferriserium rods like the extra Tech Rods using those for a long long term Because sooner or later your other Stuff's going to run out and those seem To be a longer lasting option but until It does I want the easiest way possible Yeah Okay soap and hygiene Soap is one of those things you know if We run out and you know we've kind of Gotten away from bar soap a lot of People have gone to your liquid soaps Which you know to me I mean I I Personally like bar so and I've this is Funny Squatch Nations watch soaps I got On there soapscription And dude I've got I've got a bunch of These and I'm glad I stocked these up But every month I get a big but these Are these are awesome I love I love uh Squash Nation this is not I'm not a door Spot or anything but I love them I love Their products and for men I think

They've got some of the best smelling Soaps you can get oh yeah it's very Natural yep yeah but manly But anyway soap whether you get and you Can get the cheap soap Ivory soap Whatever but make sure you have some Soap put back things to keep you clean Because one of the problems is is Hygiene is going to cause a lot of your Health issues that's right and it's one Of those things I think that's Overlooked a lot of times is you know People are like oh well you know I got I Got food I got all my my water on my Preps but you know you've you got to Look at your day-to-day hygiene the Things that you have to have and just Being able to wash Yourself clean Yourself you may not have running water In your house and you may have a couple Of buckets there that you're taking a Bath with right when to wash with and When the rinse with and You know just having the soap on hand to Be able to clean yourself on a regular Basis it cuts down on germs it cuts down On bacteria and viruses it helps to keep Your skin clean so you don't get sick I Mean it's so it's important and again I Want to emphasize that we're not Necessarily talking about the end of the World we're talking about the hurricane That's coming through right now I mean This is all applicable to that situation

So you know this is not you know Fear-mongering or this is having Supplies on hand for whatever the Emergency is uh and so too and I think This is on down but Clorox Clorox uh you Know different type cleaners that you Use because here's the thing germ spread And in a grid down situation you Definitely want to stay good and healthy Um okay now this is a big one for me and This is something that I put in all my Different survival kits or heavy metal Trash bags and these things they're They're not your standard trash bags I Talk about these a lot I even did a Video about like the 15 uses for these Um they can use it you can be used as a Tarp ground cover you can put out you Can lay it out and maybe clean a gun on It you know prepare food you can use it As a poncho you can carry things with it You can carry water you can trap water I Mean there's just a multitude of Different things that these heavy Mill Trash bags you are good for and they Come in big rolls so you've got plenty Of these they're more expensive than the Standard trash bags but you're not using Them this time right right you know one Of the places that I keep these I keep One in each one of the door panels in my Car oh so every seat has one of these Trash bags in the door panel if we break Down it's raining we have to walk we've

Got a poncho that we can put on just With these trash bags or you know if if I need to clean the car out I can clean The car out and throw it away in that And then put replace the bag but I keep One for every person that's in the Vehicle and that's why I keep one in Each one of the door panels so each seat Has a trash bag right beside them that's A good tip I do that thank you Robin You're welcome and then you're not Eating up space out of your out of your Pack that you keep in the back as well Because these things you put four or Five six of these in your pack right for You know just for a day trip or whatever They do they eat up a lot of space right So it's nice having those in the car Itself in each one of the door panels Where it's easily accessible everyone Knows what it is why it's there and it's It's there if you need it right I mean If you're changing the tire it's good to Have it laying on the ground or Something else so trash bags huge and It's one of the cheapest kind of preps But we tend to use these on a regular Basis and so it's one of those things Again that's consumable but there's a Lot of purposes for that and I'll tell You one other thing that I keep in the Door panel of my car that a lot of People don't think about is I keep a Pair of safety glasses in each one of

The door panels of the car and like you Were saying if you break down you're you Have a flat tire middle of the night on The side of the road you pull your trash Bag out you spread your trash bag out Most of the spare tires on SUVs and Stuff are under the vehicle so you have To get under the vehicle to get the tire Out well what have happens when you Climb up under the vehicle to get the Tire out you've got all this dirt and Dust and Road Grime that's falling down In your eyes so always keep a pair of Safety glasses on the door panel of the Car just for that reason oh that's a Great that's a great idea thanks for tip Two yep I hope you got a good tip on That one okay Um one of the big ones and we've seen This with covid uh is toilet paper And there's not really a lot of good Options otherwise a bidet maybe if You've got that hooked up to your house But uh toilet paper is a big one and Almost as important is your paper towel That's right I mean how many of us use Paper towels I mean it's all the time Spilled paper towels this paper towel We'll need a napkin paper towel and both Of those work a lot better than the JC Penny fall and winter catalogs And your sleeve well that'd be kind of Rough down there so toilet paper uh you Know guys the one problem with toilet

Paper is that it is bulky and we buy These big bulk packs one thing you can Do is actually take this and compress it Compress it down you can even remove the Center and you can use a once you finish You can pull that back out and run a PVC Rod through it you use it but you know It makes this a lot more compactable a Lot more stackable but uh yeah toilet Paper uh yeah I have a buddy of mine That in his garage he built a loft with Just toilet paper and it's not all that Heavy so you know it was able able to Put this across and so he could store it And get it out of the way we didn't go The Loft route we went with netting And we strung up netting on one side of The garage and we put all of our toilet Paper and paper towels up there inside That netting and then that way it's not Eating up all your floor space it's up And it's out of the way the netting is Cheap it's easy to use it's easy to hang We just use some swivel eye hooks to Screw into the studs on the wall and Then last shoot up there was some 550 Cord and then it's open out of the way That's great that's great tip number Three man this guy is on fire today Okay look we're gonna talk about one More and then we're gonna go to some Questions so if you have questions go Ahead Sarah Max getting all this down And I'm gonna just give her a two minute

Warning or a 30 second warning okay next One and this is a this is one that I Mean we all beans and rice dried beans And rice you know guys it's cheap Earth And other things but guys the prices Have gone up one thing that we do and This isn't what we do every day but uh One thing that we do is Um buy the bulk there are places around That you can order big 25 pound bags That's how we buy our rice yeah and rice But you know the thing for me is Typically if I'm running into a store I Just go in there's the beans and rice it Lasts forever so you just get it you Take it and bring it home we store it Away and so then also if I have them I'm Trying to have some my PR I don't know What I did oh here it is right here in Front of me of canned food canned food Guys you're at the grocery you just grab A couple of cans of food throw it in the Buggy you don't even know it uh but the Prices have gone up and I'm just going To warn you ahead of time and this is Something we talked about the other day Here's some Vienna sausages if you like That or some kind of canned meat or what A Spam Um one thing about food guys is all These things we can find surrogates for Most of it and we can kind of do Whatever But when it comes to food you got to

Have food you got to eat and with a lot Of things that are coming around right Now I mean there's some real serious Issues with in the world and most of Them are man-made but they are there uh And we're we're really I'm telling you Food is number one because you can't You've got to grow it or you got to find It if you don't have it if you can't go To the store and get it you know guys Honestly if I don't have my my Flashlight for my battery my batteries For my flashlights I'm gonna live I'll Be dark I might bump my shins but I'm Going to live but food without food You're not going to last long and so I Just want to encourage you to go out and Do pick up food and put that back Because it's not only that but it's an Investment because the price you're Paying this week it's gonna be a lot Less one of the good things is too is You don't have to buy a ton of it at one Time you can get a couple of extra cans Every time you go to the store and just Put them up and really quickly you've Accumulated a bunch of food right right Well that's that's what you know that's Part part of it is this is things that We do regularly so I don't go regularly To Costco and buy a big container full Of food right I just go every once in a While and we'll pick up here and there Okay let's go to some questions and if

You guys have something you want to want To ask us uh Raya Shields asks does Mr Wheaton still sell his Glock spare parts Kids we have not sold those in probably Over a year because we've had a really Difficult time they're they're all OEM Parts from Glock and we've had a really Difficult time getting replacement parts From the Glock because they stopped Selling those parts Um to be able to keep up with production Inside their own facilities so those Parts have not been available for over a Year now now we're we're still looking Pretty much every day trying to find Those parts and get those parts and once We're able to get those parts kits back Together yes we will be offering the Survival kits again you know I talked to Glock at NRA and I said what do you have You guys got anything on the board Coming up new and they said we can't Even produce what we're currently Selling they're working seven days a Week 24 7. and they are super busy Uh Randy Brown asked any rechargeable D Batteries Um well it's according you know the Thing is is and I don't know do you know About any D batteries that are I'm sure There are I'm sure there are yeah uh the One thing about it because I usually get Like double a batteries AAA you know Rechargeables but uh in cr123

Rechargeable but uh the the one thing That I try to do I do like to stock Those and I do like to charge them Because it it makes sense but in it for My for my prepper side I like to have The batteries the thing about the the Dura sales uh even the uh energizers I Prefer duracells to be honest I've had Just from testing from different things Um I like the duracells and they will Last for 10 years you know in a in a Good environment right Dark place so I like that because and Then I try to keep them fresh so what I I think is is you know if I have to wait To recharge I want some instant and That's one reason why but Um I'm sure Battery Plus dude they have DC deep rechargeables right they're Available they would have them for sure Uh Zach podcast says the prank birthday Candles that you can't blow out are Awesome for Fire Starting That's a good point that's a good point Because even if the wind's blowing They'll hold up pretty good yeah another Survival tip another tip number four You have to have the right the right Type of metal in the coat hanger of wood Ones not gonna work Or plastic one you may be able to Plastic weld with it but yeah there There's definitely some coat hangers and It's more braising than it is welding

Um you know you're not gonna you're not Gonna like stick weld or anything with One but you can do you can do brazing uh Operations with coat hangers Uh pdub asked what are some Considerations when moving from Texas to Tennessee new to Nashville area and Wondering if current multicam setups and Gear are still applicable Well you know it's according if you want The Gray Man look And let's just let's let's talk about a Divide here because you've got gray man Where you don't want to be seen in an Urban area or where people are so you Know you know you're walking around with Multicam or some of the other camouflage Patterns you know people are gonna Especially if you're in full kit uh you Know you're going to get some sideways Looks uh but one thing that is important Is is if you're in a more of a combat Situation or you're defending property Or you've got people messing around uh I Think having both Uh is is good and Tennessee's pretty Pretty conservative like taxes well and It's it's also for for camouflage in Tennessee it's also going to be seasonal Um summertime the multicam is going to Work really good you've got all your Greens and stuff fall and winter when Everything dies off it's going to be a Lot more Browns and blacks and grapes uh

So you really want to look at some Different colors of your camouflage for For summer time and then for winter time But I think you know as far as moving Around even in a grid down situation Being more gray man not attracting Attention I think if I'm walking around With multicam I could be confused for You know a military yeah you could or Law enforcement which they do that uh Which may or be may or may not be a good Thing but uh I I personally prefer on an Everyday basis uh or even in an Emergency situation to kind of stay Low-key that's right so uh that's just My philosophy but I do think there is a Place for camouflage and I do have it Um and so you know for other other Instances Uh Patriot fever asked tips for rodent Proofing just found that they had Destroyed a whole box of food we had Cats are not an option unfortunately That's a tough one well you know of Course uh poisons Or glue ball glue pads traps poisons Glue pads all of those will uh will help To keep rodents out Um Try and store all of your food in in a Really secure location uh keep the food Out away from the walls that way if Something does chew through your wall You can see where it came in and you can

Put a pad up there to be able to catch It I like to put around our doors Because a lot of times little small Creatures can can get up under your Doors I like to keep a glue pad in front Of the door where the door will open and Go over it but if anything gets under The door it's going to get stuck on that Glue pad and that'll help to really Secure your food area also if you've got Brush or things like that around your House where they can kind of Thrive you Want to kind of clean that up and two a Good pellet rifle or pellet pistol you Know if you can see them and you find Them even out you know is to keep them Uh keep them pretty much controlled that Way so there are a lot of options Because we've all had to deal with that In the past lead poisoning works yeah Uh JF asked how big should your medical Bag be if you should have to prepare one Well we we have Um my wife's in our she was an RN labor And delivery nurse for years and she's All about medical and we have a travel Bag that's large I mean it's got it's Packed it's packed a lot of things I Will recommend uh usn ER doc amp3.net he Has one of these roles it is the best it Is just at and I've done a couple of Reviews on it and we've got a couple of Them and uh they roll up and when you Roll them out everything's listed and

You've got all your different items I Mean it is a perfect bug out type Situation now are you going to pack it On your pack it's going to weigh but Maybe so especially for a larger group I Think it's a really good option but that Was one of the things I was going to say I think it depends too on how many People you're trying to prepare medical Pack for if it's just for yourself it Can be a lot smaller because you're just Going to be treating yourself if you've Got two people four people six people You're gonna double triple quadruple the Size of that pack to be able to have Enough material in it to be able to Treat whatever you need to treat and Have Replacements in that pack yeah Trauma kits are very important and one Thing that a few years ago when they Were having tornadoes down in Mississippi area there were some Students there that he watched one of my Bug out bag videos and he put together a Bag he said that once the the tornado Came through they had to walk 12 miles Because trees were blocking all the road Exits they had to walk 12 miles he said The two things we used were the medical Kit for other people they were helping Other people and then he said of course The water the water was a big deal and So you know having a good medical kit is Vital okay one more question and we're

Going back to our list I Hi guys hugs from Portugal question Which is better for storing canned food Or MREs Canned food I would say canned food as Well MREs have a five-year shelf life Typically I think it's like five five Years if it's kept in really good Conditions there's a good reason to have MREs a good you know there are reasons Why to have MREs but and you can cook Them you can fix them right there you Don't even have to have heat but you've Got the heat element in there but uh It's really easy but the one thing about Canned food it'll last for 100 years Plus Uh so you know Captain dry nice good Conditions uh the the big problem with Canned food is the weight you know this This is heavy so um you know you have to What all we like to do is to have a mix We have some dehydrated foods like Mountain House things like that we have Our freeze-dried foods we have we have MREs we have canned food you know dried Beans and rice we kind of have a nice Mixture because one of the things that's The problem is is if all you're eating Is the same stuff you're a long-term Food you'll get sick of it after a while Yeah and you don't want to be trying to Survive long-term on MREs either you Know you really need the the nutrients

And the moisture from uh from Fresh Foods or canned foods that you're just Not going to get from an MRE yeah okay Let's go on to our list and then we'll Come back and do some questions in a few Minutes uh tarps tarps are a big one and Uh now this one is a special tart this Is not the type tarp I just didn't have I just didn't grab one of my regular Tarps just cheap tarps that you're Almost super cheap you don't want those That are just rip in three seconds The big thing is look at the Mill Thickness and that the mill is how many How thick the tarp itself is don't get The one meal or two mil try and get the 8 10 12 14 mil tarps uh at the thicker The better and it's gonna like you were Saying it's gonna help to reduce rips And tears and it's going to last a lot Longer it's going to help prevent Moisture and stuff coming up through it And just be a lot more durable than than Your thinner cheap tarps yeah because You know even though they have the rip Stop material they'll still rip you know It's like these these are heavy Mill Trash bags and I think they're three mil So they're pretty thick but a good tart And you know Tractor Supply you go to Walmart you can go to Home Depot Whatever when I'm in there it's just Like oh we need tarps and we always need Talk that's right I don't know why but

You know and it's a consumable because They will tear regardless after a while One of my favorite places to get Tarts Is Harbor Freight yeah they've got a Whole wall of tarps and they start with Your cheap smaller ones thinner ones and They go all the way down to your more Expensive thicker tarps larger thicker Tarps yeah yeah now Tractor Supply Sometimes I go by there and get the Canvas tarps yeah not the paint touched Up but the real heavy canvas those Things are awesome and they'll last Forever but that's not what I typically Buy on a regular basis typically just a Good solid tarp I'll throw one in couple In and I just try to keep those going uh Okay number eight and this is a vital Part of survival but it's water now you Really you know you should think about Having a water source and you should Think about filtering water and maybe Ring catchment system a whale a spring Your Rivers Creeks then treating that Water but let's just face it convenience Is very important especially in a an Initial grid down type situation so we Do keep bottled water and sometimes in The jugs but a lot of times you can get Those very inexpensively by the way get The big you know 24 just water bottles Have you a couple of those set up and That way if something's going on and You're like I'm thirsty well you don't

Want to go down to the creek get a Bucket bring it up filter the water out Just have a drink of water and when You're looking at water a lot of times One of the most cost effective routes to Buy water is going to be in the gallon Jugs you can get gallon jugs of water For about the same price as a 20 or 32 Ounce bottle right right so you know Yeah then those you run into the grocery Into the convenience store those things Are two bucks two or three dollars for a 20 ounce bottle or you can get the Gallon jug for the same price yeah yeah So what having some water stored back And guys the thing is in the rule of Threes you've only got three days you Can live without water so water is a Very important element to be able to to Prioritize and again having that Convenience with bottled water but if All you're you're relying on is bottled Water sooner or later it's going to run Out so you want to have some alternative Plans but that's for another day okay Number nine is propane and I'm big and Robbie is too we're big about propane uh One of the things about propane is very Stable I can stock this out here you Know it's like this in my bunker you Know and it's it's going to be fine I Don't have to worry about it with Gasoline those kind of things are Volatile there's a lot of problems with

Storage so uh in fact you have you you Found one recently I found one in my Shop that was at least 20 years old and Uh had been it was in the back of one of My cabinets I was cleaning some cabinets Out and pulled this bottle out it was so Old there was no label on it the label Had been gone for no telling how long The bottle itself was a like a tan khaki Tan color and I was like huh I wonder if It'll still work pulled it out screw the Top on it fired it up and worked just Like it was supposed to and like I said It at least 20 years that bottle had Been stored wow wow so uh and that Wasn't a it was inside an enclosed shot But it was a non-climate controlled Environment where it had been stored too Right so it really impressed me that That it had lasted that long you know I Came across some the other day we were Working on it cleaning out a building And I came across something they'd been In there 12 years and I was like well Right you know hey these are these are Good to hold on to if you can feel it But I also like to get the big ones the Ones that you put to your grill the big The ones and the one thing I like about Those is I can run my grill but if I Need to it gives me more and it can be Refilled well these can actually be Refilled yeah uh Sportsman's Guide they Had a system to where you could actually

Take this and use a bigger can and fill These up it's just a little adapter the Heater buddy is one thing I'm really big About I was going to review it but then Summer hit so I'm getting ready to Review that the heater buddy it's a Great but having propane you can cook With it you can heat with it you know You can create a light you know of Course the Coleman lanterns and all the Different things like that and so Storing up these it's it's easy and These are fairly reasonable you can get Them in different packs there's a lot Available but having these stored up to Me this is a great power source there's A lot of things this is fuel and it's Great so I really am big about propane Uh for a number of reasons like for us We can't get natural gas but even if we Could I would back it up up with propane Because the system could be hacked or They could just shut the pipes off for Whatever damage some kind of leak Something like that so propane is to me One of my top fuel choices and we do Some butane as well and sometimes that's Nice because we have some butane heaters But I'm big about propane yep absolutely Okay water oh no we've already done Water y'all y'all don't get me confused Here okay ammunition obviously Um you know we've got some you know Here's the thing about ammunition is

Stock up on the calibers that you are Going to need in an shtf situation you Know you may you know stocking up on 450 Bushmaster which might be a hunting Option but you still don't need as many Rounds right but having your Self-defense capability and 22 is huge Oh yeah 22 is huge uh and it's cheaper It's easier to shoot but also you know Your your calibers in stock heavy on Your go-to whether it's your concealed Carry or your rifle and then stock even Heavier on the rifle over your pistol But then I would really and then shotgun Those kind of things but right now uh You know and we really fioki sponsors Our ammo so we really appreciate it I Just want to say thank you to those guys Uh because we shoot thousands upon Thousands upon thousands of rounds and How does it perform dude is perfect it Is it is the it's just great it is the Cleanest most consistent Rifle and Pistol ammunition that I've ever shot And we shoot our accuracy with it and Everything so it is you love field and They're one of the largest suppliers of Ammunition in the country if you watch My suits Channel you'll know I say that All the time okay but we do appreciate It uh it's a big expense for us so uh But right now ammunition is because come Down it's come down it has and is Available in a lot of places exactly you

Know I I stopped at one of our local big Box stores a couple of days ago and uh I Was like I'm just gonna walk over the Ammunition section and see what they had They had nine millimeter they had five Five six they had 308 they had six five Creedmoor shotgun shells they had tons Of 22 ammo on the shelf and it was it Wasn't you know Trump prices yeah pre-2019 prices but Still but it was still probably 30 to 40 Percent less than what it has been right So maybe even 50 maybe even yeah because The nine millimeter was uh it was under Twenty dollars I've seen him at thirteen Fourteen dollars a box or nine Millimeter and then you get some of the Import cheaper stuff you know so the Thing is is Guys while you can and this is the easy Way and this is the way we did it during The first assault weapons ban is we'd go Into Walmart because that's when they Carried all the stuff and and that's Been what 20 25 years ago yeah uh and so It's been almost 30 it was it 1991 98 94 94 yeah the 94 shot weapons so 18 years Ago and we would walk in and I'd grab a Box of nine I'd grab a box of 233 and I'd grab some 22. and one box each and I Just put it before long man I had a Stockpile and then I started YouTube and It went all the way but um you know I You know I would just do that and so

Just you know instead of making now I Would recommend that you get you know at Least you know buy your case at a time That's that's a great way to do it but Uh you know sometimes when you're doing Other things you have to spread out your Priorities but uh ammunition if you Don't have it I would highly recommend That you get it Um and because something can happen at Any moment that's right and the powers That be are waiting on that moment to Act they're just waiting so I'm telling You you don't want for ammo again to go Scarce a lot of people in the last Ammunition shortage happened and they Were whining well I would take ammo and shoot it they'd Say man you just showing your ammo and Look and I'm like you doof you should Have got it when it was available don't Say that to me get ammo because we've Seen it eight times happen where ammo Went to nothing so guys get your ammo Because it is a consumable that you may Not be able to get later just because of Political reasons that's right so uh Okay What do we got we got what we did we Kind of touched on cleaning supplies With hygiene with cleaning supplies wet Wipes are a good one too wet wipes are Great keep your hands you know Um your um hand sanitizers uh just

Things to keep things clean because Germs spread and in a grid down Situation you may not be able to get the Medications that you need to treat that Well I'll tell you I'll give you a Perfect Real World experience without my My oldest son he's been out in Idaho on The Mountain Home Fire for the last few Weeks and where they were uh you know Spiked out in the in the field they Didn't have a place where they could go And take a bath every day they know They'd be out there four or five days at A time and then they'd come back to Their base but they didn't have a way to Be able to clean themselves and that was One of the first things that I told him Before he left I was like pack a couple Of packs of wet wipes to take with you Because you're not going to have water To be able to clean yourself and he was Up on top of one of the mountains one Day and he called me and he was like I Appreciate you telling me to take the Wet wipes because I'm almost out as Everybody in our group has been using Them nobody wrote them wow so he said That was that was a good idea to be able To have something that we could clean Ourselves up with in the afternoons and The evenings and the wet wipes work Perfect right keeping your hands your Face everything yeah so that's a great Testimony

Um Okay so Cleaning supplies but definitely Wet Wipes we keep wet wipes in our GO bags Our get home bags and our bug out bags And whatever it's just one of those Things and they do have properties that Actually kill germs so again an Excellent but all the different things That you need but you know really Heavily more really toward bleach and Clorox things like that would be the Wise choice also you can use standard Alcohol and we saw that with uh with Covid that was one of the things you can Wipe down your counters with alcohol but I think that the Clarks is going to be a Cheaper option bleach to me is bleach is The go-to yeah you get your some old Rags that you have at home you can clean All your surfaces with it you can reuse The rags Clorox last a long time you Know it's got a ton of multiple uses That you can use it for so I'm I'm big Big on Clorox yeah and unscented is the Best because it's more versatile Okay paracord you need cordage you need To have cord uh you know paracord is one Of my go-to's this is actually a Survival cord it has fire has a A Flammable uh thread that goes through it Yeah fire strand so I can light this and Help to build fire and then your Standard paracord now let me just give You a good warning about paracord if you

Go into in fact we went into Home Depot And they had the Paracord ask yeah you Know uh this will the reason why Paracord is called 550 cord and it means That it will hold 550 pounds strength Uh it's seven strands you need seven Strands so it's worth getting the a Little bit extra and getting the real True 550 cord or paracord and I'll tell You one of the one of the downsides that I've found with buying paracord in bulk You can you can get in a thousand foot Roll two thousand foot roll five Thousand foot roll which is awesome when You start looking at the price you're Like man this stuff I can get a bunch of It for a really low price the downside To it is nine times out of ten when they Ship it to you the little cardboard tube That it's owned especially if you get a Big roll the cardboard tube can collapse And the roll will Birds Nest and it's Almost impossible to get it untangled ah So I I tend to not buy mine in rolls Bigger than 500 feet Um haven't had any issues with the 500 Foot rolls but when you go bigger than That a lot of times it can come apart And then you've got a mess on your hands Tip number five baby tip number five now Today I Yeah but for eight for everyday use if I'm going somewhere I will find just the Small little packs usually it's just

Stuffed in a plastic bag like 100 foot Rolls right but one of the things we Were at Home Depot they had their cord And I got it because I was doing the Video on Survival items they didn't have Paracord well I read the the cordage the Weight 50 pounds yeah 50 pounds compared To 550. uh this is great for tarps you Can tie this down I mean you can tie There's just a thousand reasons to have Good cordage you can repair things one Thing we talked about last week was Using this is boot laces because it'll Give you some paracord and then wrap Extra around your boot to be able to use It instead of having loose shoes on but Paracord is one of those Staples now Bank line is also a good one uh you can Get the the waxed or the unwaxed you Know you are tarred you can get the one But so there are different type Bank Lines that are that a lot of people Really like to use and so that that's Also an option but paracord word is my Number one plus with the seven strands I Can take the sheathing out and it's Seven strands and you can pull that out And use it for smaller tasks if you need To so it's very versatile it's one of The reasons why the military has been Using these for years and years Paracord is just one of those items kind Of like velcro that's right it's like Awesome

Okay medications obviously medications Are important we had our prepper meeting Last Sunday night and one of the things We talked about was medications and you Know you have and we all do this primary Uh alternative or and then contingency And then emergency so pace and we do That with all of our different whatever We're doing because you know the thing Is with medical okay I call ask a nurse Or I go to the doctor and I visit the Doctor or if I need to go to the Hospital I go to the hospital what are Your Alternatives well a lot of us have Things at home that we can treat you Know different things with and we try to Keep those because sometimes it's not Quite time to go to the doctor or you Can avoid the doctor of possible but Then there is the contingency that means There is no doctor and you've got to do Whatever so getting picking up just Regular things like you know Tylenol Advil antibiotic ointment or Hydrocortisone cream uh you know Imodium Those kind of things sinus different Things because sinuses can can take you Out especially this time of year yeah so Having those things stock back so when I'm at the store instead of getting one Thing of Advil because I'm like man That's eight dollars well just put it Back and have have it extra and that way You're going to have some on hand to be

Able to use but also when it comes to Different things is I've got a Up here okay Ace bandages things like That I mean uh of course you know trauma Kits are important and so a lot of times Now you just don't walk into a store Typically and see a cat tourniquet right But you know it's one of the things I Try to keep in you know in intact is I'm Going along but I want to build up my Medical bag to make sure I have all the Items in there because how many times Have you gone to the cabinet and look For a Band-Aid and there's an empty Band-Aid box you're like It's just empty so that's what happens When you have kids of course Shannon Would say it's because of me but and You're sending the gripping blood all Over the floor and you look in the box And you know then you have to pray for Forgiveness for the bad words And then you start looking for a roll of Black tape oh there's a little Band-Aid One of those little baby Band-Aids yeah And also steri strips things like that I Mean those are those are important to Have in stereot strips I have had to use Those doing knife reviews I've cut Myself a few times and one time I was Bleeding so bad I was by myself and my Next door neighbor came over and she Took steric strips and and closed it up Because I'm not going to the hospital if

I can help it get you some Kevlar gloves For Christmas Okay uh number 14 books Books and guys anytime I have an Opportunity to buy reference books for Survival uh and or books they don't have To be to even towards survival but it Could be toward woodworking it could be Toward tools it could be toward fishing Anything that has to do with you know Long-term sustainability when it comes To uh but also like the going home Series great book also which I I have to Mention this every episode is the Modern Survival Guide for the coming economic Collapse by profile and it was written About Argentina's economic collapse and Dudes it is it's a freaking prophecy of What's going on here uh so you know it's One of those things that and this you Can put f e r f a l and Google and You'll see the book it'll come up Because it's so popular but it talks About actual events and that's one of The books to me that's like the Bible of Of survival in a real world situation Well you know I think you need a mix I Think you need books that that are going To expand your knowledge base and and Teach you things things you can learn From but then I also think you need Books that will that will stimulate your Brain that can that can take you away And out of the situation that you're in

And really improve your your mood and Just everything about you by by Providing some brain stimulation so I Really like a good mix of books with Knowledge-based stuff as well as as just You know your fictional books and we're Not talking about Kindle books we're Talking about physical good old good Old-fashioned 860 page I'm flipping it Every four and a War and Peace four and A half minutes that's right but you know Those books also they do they stimulate Your intellect they do bring you to Another place but also I have a library Of my standard books and you know like Uh just good motivational books those Are good to keep you going and keep you Rolling but the Bible to me is my number One book but I don't collect them on an Everyday basis but it is something that Is in my library I tell you something we Started doing with our uh with our small Group we do our small group on Sunday Nights is a lot of people in our small Group have different you know different Types of bottles you know ESV or or the King James version so when when we're Reading out of the Bible I'll have one Person in in our group that has a Different copy of the Bible translation Yeah a different translation we'll read The different translations and because Sometimes you can pick up something a Little different from from each other oh

Yeah so we like to read the different Different translations in the Bible just To see you know little differences and Nuances and stuff with them right but Reading is fundamental is what they've Been saying forever and man it will it Will it will develop your brain and it's Just great to have and then if things do Happen or the power's out for a while it Gives you some entertainment okay uh Number 15 and we've got a couple of Other things that I've added to this List but number 15's tools uh just Buying tools making sure that you have Tools making sure especially the Essentials like a screwdriver you know a Saw making sure you have those things But I'll typically if I'm out and about I'll pick up you know a set of Screwdrivers I'll pick up you know oh I Need a good you know a Good Wrench you Know I need this and so I'm just picking Up tools every once in a while just to Put back into my not just my survival Kit but into my tool kit and so and a Lot of times I'll take those tools and Use them tools both of us the majority Of the tools that we've been buying over The last year year and a half have been Manual hand tools not something that Runs on power or runs on batteries but Tools that we can do the same operations But they're they're manual tools just to If something does happen and I need a

Drill I don't have power I've Got Hand Drills from quarter inch half inch three Quarter of an inch so I can still drill Holes in metal wood or whatever I'm Doing Um the one thing that that Don has that I really like he's got a a grinding Stone a manual grinding stone and that's One thing that I haven't been able to Find yet that I really really want is a Manual gravity for grinding and Sharpening knobs and stuff so that's That's one that's really high on my list To find right now you know you just it's Geared to the point that you're not at Your as you're doing it it speeds up and The gears are set that way to be able to You know to really give you a fast Stone To be able to do something with so yeah Manual hand tools like that is something That we're big about uh you know and so And that goes into long term but still It's something that's important and you Can find them a lot of times at flea Markets you can go to yard sales Sometimes you can find them like that EBay of course and then well Amazon not As much but eBay is a good place for it Okay Um now there's two things I'm going to Add that are just things that for free You can just do but before we get to Those one that I left off the list is Duct tape and Gorilla Tape in particular

But good duct tape 100 mile an hour tape Is what the US military calls their Style duct tape that stuff is awesome I've been buying that for years as well But if I'm in a store I just grab a roll Of duct tape put it back keep it in a Good cool dry Place uh the temperature Control because it can if it's hot it Can get kind of Stuffy and I tell you I Think the Gorilla Tape is every bit as Good as the the 100 mile an hour duct Tape the military has or maybe even Better yeah yeah we use that with uh With our racing stuff if you get a panel Or something that gets cracked or torn Up we can put that on it and it seals it Up and holds it in place it works really Really well yeah yeah because you're on The go right there oh yeah you got to do Whatever when you need it you need it Quick that's right so you know duct tape Is great to repair things I mean it's Good even if you have a close even if You have a cut you don't take and take Duct tape so a lot of uses for duct tape Um okay and and that's kind of a No-brainer uh and oh now this is Something that actually I just happen to Think about uh is Building up some sort of liquor cabinet And the reason why story in fact I did a Video about this few years ago about Alcohol now there's a couple of things About it and even if you don't drink it

Doesn't matter because this is obviously Good for medicinal medicinal purposes It's good for I know when covid was Going on there was one guy at home in China that said he survived because he Had Bourbon and he drank it and it broke Up everything so and I tried that myself I think it did yeah I think it worked But uh the other thing about having Alcohol again even if you don't drink is If you have people that come around and You're sitting around it shares some Good will as long as you keep it in Moderation that's right but you know Giving out a little bit it just brings Together people uh and so you know it's And there's some other uses for it but It's a great barter item yeah your part Or even even if you don't drink the the Value of something like this in a grid Down situation is probably going to be As worth as much as gold or more and What I love about having having liquor Itself is that it you know you seal it Up it lasts I mean it's going to last Forever and so you know you've got that It's not like beer or you know wine of Course obviously if you have a wine Cellar you can have that but uh which is Nice and that's also another option but But liquor tends to be a little bit more Strong so you can dilute it and do Things like that with it and more stable Long term right right so liquor to me is

A is a very you know and it's something That if I'm I want to stock up on some One thing that we bought especially when Covered was first coming in was honey Infused like Jack and Evan Williams and Wild turkey they all do this American Honey is my favorite actually but uh in Fact my wife she had a cold one time and She took that and it broke it up without Having to add honey I mean how many how Many of you as kids were given whiskey Honey and lemon yeah for cough syrup Well they're NyQuil nyquils has when That I think they've taken out the Alcohol now but it used to be pretty Much the same thing okay now those are The 15 items that I kind of just as a Regular base just kind of pick up but There are a couple of tips that I'm Going to give you just to do as well one Thing and a lot of you probably already Do this but if I see pallets on the side Of the road that are that are set out For your pickup we have a place locally That just they just put the pallets out When they're done and uh we go by there And if we've got you know if I've got my Jeep or my Hummer or we got the truck or Whatever well I'll grab those pallets And so we have them at the house and I Have a storage area and I have them Stacked up and man you can do a Bazillion things with pallets you know You pull them apart you can use them as

Fencing you can do whatever you can make Shelves with them I mean you can do Whatever you can without it that's right So pallets to me it was funny there was One place up above us where the company Would take the pallets and across the Road they just threw them down in the Woods and they're just all these pallets In the woods and people got them out but You know it's there are people looking For them so if you happen to spot some Pallets and you might want to ask before You take them or obvious easily but if They're at the side of the road most of The time they're just they would just Love you to take them but we did ask These guys before we just started Picking them up and if you live in an Area that doesn't have a whole lot of Trees and they're a great fire Source or Firewood so you can you can pick up Spare pallets you can break them down Stack the wood up and then you've got a Great supply of firewood when you're not Able to go out and cut trees to be able To get firewood that's a great Point tip Number six man this guy's on fire but Also one other uh element to like scrap Wood is if there's a construction site Now for us here in our area in Greenville South Carolina we are growing Way too fast and we really don't like it All that much but uh one of the things That you know you go to these big

Construction dumpsters and what they'll Do is if they cut a piece of plywood They may only need a foot off of it they May need two feet they may cut it in Half and they've got this piece they Don't need so they throw it into the Dumpster uh and so you know once it's in The dumpster and of course you know Obviously you can ask but if it's in a Dumpster send a dumpster you going Dumpster diving for wood you can get a Lot of scrap really good quality scrap Wood that way and other supplies so you Know you're not going into a food Dumpster it's nasty you know that's the Thing subdivisions where they're Building new subdivisions you'll have Tons of dumpsters in there that they're Throwing scrap wood in and you know the Plywood I tend unless I'm using the Plywood as a building material I tend to Stay away from that because it does have Different glues and things in it that's Not good for you to burn but all of the Two by fours two by sixes two by eights Two by tens two by twelves all of those Are generally Pine or Oak and they're Great great fire sources so you can get Truckloads and trailer loads of little Small drops that are basically already Cut to the exact size that you need for Building A Fire because when they get Down to 18 inches or so they're not Using it for a whole lot so it goes in

The dumpster you can pick that up and Just fill the bed of your truck up with Uh just with scrap wood out of these out Of these uh subdivision sites in Europe Right now they're having a wood shortage Because you know they're having some Fuel problems and energy problems and They say that wood is I mean being Grabbed up is they're stockpiling wood Wherever they can so uh you know it is a Great fire starter but also you can do Other things you can repair your house You can repair your roof you can do Things like that if you need to in a Temporary situation so having that extra Wood of course some of you guys are in Apartments you know you're you're have a Homeowners association that would Actually go berserk so understand that But you can even with that even if you Have a few is just be able to pack them And it's just a free resource that's Right so uh good for good for long term Uh number in the last one number 17 Really on this list would be uh fruits Like you're going down the road and There's uh blackberries on Creek berries All along the side of the road we used To do that we'd go to these different Places that had them and we would pick Berries a lot of times you can get like Scuppernons or muscadines sometimes they Grow in the wild and you're able just to Stop on the side of the road nobody's

There you know I mean it's just a place That is growing wild and they're going To be uh just wasted otherwise and so You can stop and and pick those up you Know right now all the all the Muscadines and scopernoms are falling Right now they're maturing and riping And we've we've picked a ton of them Lately oh wow I've got a big muscadine Bush at home and we've probably got Seven or eight gallons off of that bush That's awesome and even even the walking Trails where my wife and I when we go Walking they're falling all along the Trails and you can stop and pick them up While you're walking there's one of my Favorite hiking places in North Carolina Is a graveyard field oh that's my Favorite Bud love graveyard Fields well Uh a little trick a little tip that a Lot of people don't know about out is Graveyard fields are surrounded by wild Blueberries that are maturing and riping This time of year and you can go out There and pick wild blueberries for free It doesn't cost anything another you Hike you walk pick you some free Blueberries and bring home buckets of Blueberries and you sell my thunder Because that's what I was going to talk About we used to we lived in Brevard Which is right there on the Parkway and We I would go up there every Monday and Carry a pack

And because I was off on Monday and I Would hike that trail and walk along and Pick the blueberries and then at certain Times a lot of people will come up there Just to pick them but you're walking Through there you can pick them and then Of course they had uh black black Berries as well blackberries are still Ripe this time of year up there and we Had a huge BlackBerry Jungle on the backside of our property And we would get blackberries out of There and then we had that cleared we Cleared them all out and I hate it I Hated that but we needed to clear that But uh yeah that's a great source that Just wild berries it doesn't have to be You know have a book and look at this Mushroom is this edible or not I'm not Really sure you know so those that that Is just an easy Source uh but one thing That we have we have a local big huge Yeah there's a couple of pecan trees up The street and it's in a business and They don't pick them they just leave Them so we go up there in the summer and We told we asked them they said sure uh We we pick all we grab up all the pecans Off the you know in the whole area and They're in the parking lot they're in That grassy area and so we'll grab those Every year we're already looking right Now I think it's coming up pretty soon So uh we'll we'll grab a bunch of pecans

But it's a source it's a resource so you Know looking for those kind of things And uh I don't pick them up every day I Have to wait till it's time that's right And you know one of the things they make A little roller for picking up pecans It's just a little a little basket with A ride through it you just roll it on The ground and it as it rolls over them It will expand the nut will pop into the Basket you get about 15 or 20 at a time And then just shake them out into your Bucket and then you're not having to Bend over all day trying to pick these Things that's right that's great you can Do that with brass too you know what now We were going to go to a second part of Question and answers and we just ran out Of we burned our hour up quick today we Did there's a this was a lot of Information I know guys but it's just Thinking about the things that you use On an everyday basis or things that you Might need things that you go through Having backups because if you're going Through them now chances are in a grid Down situation you're going to really be You know needing these things so Hopefully the list is down below in the Description you can just go down there And just look again I didn't put duct Tape in uh Liquor on there because I Just I got over here and actually I saw The Jack Daniels bottle and I went oh

The liske and wicker the liske and Wicker yeah so so anyway guys we really Appreciate you guys coming out today and Again this will be part of the prepper School playlist this is volume 40. guys You can go through and find whatever Subject you want to check out and uh We've got other things coming there were A lot of great ideas that we've had and By the way if you have something that's Really heavily on your mind that you'd Like to see you know just leave it down In the comments and uh you know a lot of Times we try to try to look at that and It really helps us to make sure we're Bringing to you what you need and what You're looking for uh we really Appreciate Sarah Mack for being over There uh monitoring all the questions And keeping us in line also Robbie Wheaton uh again check out Wheaton arms Uh they do a lot of Glock aftermarket Parts but also well and something we Didn't mention for the PSA daggers they Po Wheaton arms is doing all of their Upgrades we've got uh we've got a big Batch of triggers our prokary triggers That we did a a joint collaboration with Palmetto State Armory and we're Releasing to PSA in the next week or so Um the new trigger for the dagger it'll Be the uh crap I don't even remember the Name of it it's the the the dagger Trigger by Wheaton arms or something

Like that but you'll be able to get Those through uh Palmetto State Armory Through all the retailers and uh and on Their website they should have those up In the next week and a half or two weeks Much better than the original dagger Truck they are it's an impressive yeah It's impressive anyway but uh yeah and So just check out wheat arms and again Uh the Youtube channel Robbie Wheaton uh You can also look up Wheaton arms it'll Come up there as well so uh but we Really appreciate Robbie for doing that And if you need some custom gun work There's your guy right there I know a Guy you know a guy I know a guy it's Good to know a guy So guys again thanks for being here Today and uh yeah we're looking at some Things coming up in the fall guys but I Just want to say this one last thing This food should be your number one Priority right now number one and uh I Know it's food oh yeah food but I'm Talking about serious food is your Number one Um so we're gonna sign out be strong be Of good courage God Bless America long Live the republic

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