5 item Camping Challenge: Minimal Gear

By | November 8, 2022

5 item camping challenge. Get Exclusive NordVPN deal here: – risk-free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee! Join me on a minimal gear solo overnight camping challenge. I choose just 5 items to spend the night in the woods: Knife, Wool Blanket, Cookpot and a Fire steel. I eat Spanish military MRE and sleep under the stars on this cold early winter camping trip.

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Hey folks welcome back to the woods Slightly different episode this time I've got my backpack with me and inside I have five items I'm gonna spend the Next 24 hours out here in the Woods Gonna sleep overnight and try and use Those five items to make life as Comfortable as possible before I do I Want to give a quick shout out to Nordvpn for sponsoring this episode they Have an exclusive deal for you over at Norvpn.com forward slash ta Outdoors but We'll talk about that in a bit we're After lunchtime it's winter dark at 4pm I've got a few hours I need to get set Up with a shelter so without further Ado Let me run you through the gear and then Let's go and get some shelter All my kit is in this bag the backpack Does not count as one of the items for The 24 hours it's just something I've Used to carry the items into the woods First up is shelter So on the bottom of my bag here I have a Wall blanket No Ordinary wall blanket Though this does have an oil skin side Which is pretty much waterproof so this Is going to act as my Shelter From Below To help me stay warm can wrap it over me Or I can make some sort of top shelter I'm not sure yet and it can protect me From above from rainfall as well so Shelter A knife this is the only tool I have

With me today 10 centimeter Billy can for a cook pot My meals ready to eat my military Rations Spanish rations we've got a Lunch one and a breakfast one that's it Fire Steel And then on the back which I showed in a Recent video Just some paracord which is tied here Onto the d-leap the carrying Loop of my Backpack that's it so as I'm going to Get the questions let me just quickly Mention what I have got in the pack but Doesn't count towards the five item Challenge this Is my camera bag I need something to House my camera the batteries a camera Light that's all in here there's nothing Fire ID or Security in there it's just All camera gear I need that so I can Produce this video for you guys a first Aid kit not counting that towards my Five items it's something I have on me All the time when I'm coming out into The woods when I'm making films so that Doesn't count a head torch because Lighting for the filming again it goes With the camera lights if they run out I've got a head torch and finally Because there's no water supply that I Know within this area for quite a way Some water that's the main things now I've got another one of these just here Just to show you two liters that's all

I've got for 24 hours should be enough If I was in an area where I know there's Fresh water nearby flowing Rivers a lake Something like that I wouldn't need to Bring the water So because I've only got limited Resources with me no ax and no saw I'm not really going to go full natural Bushcraft shelter because I've already Got a wool blanket which acts as half a Shelter as well it's a really windy day So apologies without the microphone but I'm basically looking for something Natural that I can use to act as half my Shelter in the first place it just saves Me half the work going at an unlimited Time till it's dark I just got I'm Looking up because I've got to be Careful of any dead trees and that might Fall on me in the night This tree is hung up here the wall Blanket material is fairly big but I Need this this Branch to come down it's Snapped off near the tip so if I could Just get this down Foreign Like that Now I can work on getting a bit of a Shelter or half a shelter made Foreign Foreign So the power chord I've stored on here I Did it and it was called a cobra weave Fashion and it just means you can store

Tons of paracord in a really small space This is actually a few meters of Paracord if you want to see how to do This just go and watch my previous video I'll link it in the description below Yeah it'll be in the playlist below it's Really useful and now I'm gonna actually Use it just unravel it now called a Cobra weave because it's got this Snake-like pattern Cue the fast motion Go away so I've got my wall blanket Pretty much set up all I need to do now So I'm going to lie on that section There which is the wall side obviously And this is the oil skin side so when it Rains it should just run off there I Just got to basically get figure out a Way of keeping this up so I've just Snapped this stick off to get an idea of Height and this just gives me a bit of Headroom in the shelter and allows any Rain to run off when it does rain this Is probably about right I can always Lower this down the line my friend Tim He makes these and they're really really Heavy duty they are quite weighty but They you know they they last this one's Been used and abused but he's put Eyelets in the corners and he's got pop Like rivets as well so you can pop Yourself in and make it like a sleeping Bag which I'm not doing in this episode But yeah I just need to use the eyelets

To my advantage Here's the knife Just point this I don't need it shut up So that's how I made the point just so You can enough to fit in the eyelet and I've not pointed it too sharp I just Squared that off so there's the eyelet You can see it's pretty well used it's a Little bit Rusty actually And that just fits through there I don't Need loads of it poking through only That much if I have too much through Here it's just going to snap so that's Perfect and now I can lift and move this All around and it's not going to wear Away the wall blanket before I place it In the ground and tie it off I need to Find a stick pretty much exactly this Height it's a bit a little bit wavy but We'll get there So because I don't have a saw and I Don't want to just lean this up against The tree and snap it because it might Snap up here or it might snap down there And it's going to be the wrong length What I need to do there's the mark Is I just need to go around this Scoring From this side first Just removing some material And I'll come around this side and do The same meeting in the middle [Music]

I don't have an accent I don't have a Saw no now that I've made quite a bit Material I'm just coming around the side A bit more Okay now I can step on it and it should Break right there There we go tidy up now Foreign So I've just made two steaks like 10 Pegs ready just with the knife because I Don't have a saw cut off there beveled Off that end there because that can be Hitting with a stake that's the hook That's going to keep in the Paracord When I tie it and obviously a stake at One end Two of these for the two Corner posts so I'm going to show you all the knots that I do it's two knots really that I'm Going to do to tie this out so you make A little overhand not there this is just An arbor knot I'm going to make tie that Tight and then further up here Just gonna make another overhand knot But this time I'm just gonna leave it Loose like that here is my Arbor knot Ready to tie underneath here I'm just Going to tuck the arbor knot around so You can see it And then wrap this paracord through here It's quite a lot of it so pull it And then pull that tight not too tight But about there And then slide it up near the top where

I want it cinch it down and you should See it slip and the other knot will Start to slip against it every time I Pull it's like a stopper knot There we go now that's really tight That's not going anywhere coming I'm Coming 45 degrees out from the shelter So from imagine this corner where it Where it comes out this way I'm just Following the line of that corner let's To try and get the blankets tight as Possible but it's not going to be like a Tarp because it's heavy duty material so There will be some side there so now I Can let go Let that fall down again get my stake in I'm actually going to shorten this steak [Applause] But now I'm going to wrap this cord Around a steak there Take a little bit of tension here's my Loose end I'm going to wrap it under Twice in the gap And then Over the top here all of it And I'm not going to do a quick release Loop because I need the extra cord And then pull that tight And this Is now adjustable this is an adjustable Guideline hitch look I can pull it tight here Slide the knot And it still pinches I can slide it down There

And it loosens the loop so loose No hands Then pull it tight Slide the knot Pulls tight And it stays there so I accidentally Stood on my other stick and snapped it Just quickly Whipped up a new one and we'll use this I'll just prop to stick up in the middle Like I said it's going to Sag a lot Because it's a heavy material it's thick When it gets wet It just can never pull tight like a Lightweight still mine on tarp would but It's shelter And I've got the backdrop I've used the Backdrop of the log Where the wind's coming from to protect Me for the wind outside so now I can Have a fire out the front of the shelter [Music] So now I need to think about fire and There's a few Silver Birch here some big Ones And this is what I'm looking for Birchbox should be nice and dry even Though it's been raining tons this this Week and I know it's dead because here's A polypore fungus growing on it this Also would be useful in a tea I've done Videos of making a plaster with it it's Got anti-believer not anti-fungal Properties and it just helps on Superficial wood cuts and grazes as a

Makeshift plaster really awesome stuff You can also use it as a knife strop I've done videos on that too Foreign Yeah there you go I need lots of this That's a good bit They're actually they're really bitter In a tea very good health benefits from Them but they're very bitter Oh the stick broke but if I can if There's any sweeteners in that MRE that Spanish MRE then this will be it'll be Ideal to to sweeten this and this is a Nice fresh one so and um yeah I can just Make some tea out of this this would be This would be nice that's a really nice Little poly paw Okay Foreign I showed this in a video before but Essentially this is the The part where you would strap your Knife is is formerly known it used to be Called the razor strut fungus and you Could use that layer usually when Hardened not when it's soft like this But when you dry it it acts like a Leather strap really It's a bit hard to do with my hands Coming in from behind the camera But yeah once it's hardened and you let It dry out you can use this as a strop For your knife so my shelter is up I've Got my firewood prep and ready I've got

My polypore fungus ready to make a tea Hopefully there's some sort of sweetener Here in the rations but before I cook The rations let's just say a quick thank You to our sponsor nordvpn is a virtual Private Network which encrypts your data And protects your online privacy by Hiding your IP address here's how it Works the knife is me the stick is me Browsing the internet this could be a Public Cafe on a public network the pine Needles are a hacker at the moment they Can access my IP address and location Use malicious software and steal my data However if I turn nordvpn on the Birch Poly4 fungus this then encrypts my data Hides my IP address and the hacker is Then not able to access it and find out My location because I'm on a different Virtual private networks in a totally Different country and I can turn this on And off with the flick of a switch you Know with so much of our data being Shared these days my online privacy is More important than ever and if there's Any steps I can take to try and protect That then I will take them with over 5 600 servers in 59 different countries You can find a server near you for the Faster browsing and if like me you enjoy Binge watching Netflix or Amazon Prime But you're not able to access a series Because of the country and location that You're in you can use nordvpn to access

A server in a far away location and then Enjoy the series in the movies that you Want to watch and so thanks to norvpn For sponsoring this episode if you head To nordvpn.com forward slash ta Outdoors You can get an exclusive deal today There's a link in the description below So these are the Russians I'm using I know it's Spanish because there's a Spanish flag Armed Forces Individual combat rations Lunch comida So it's got English on there which is Which is obviously quite handy for me The expiry date of the lunch is October Next year but I think on the breakfast One I've got it expired last year Sometime I'm glad it's for breakfast Anyway Oh that's greasy so something has either Leaked or it's got sweaty somehow Because it's really sticky But that's the menu oh it's stuck Together on a Ministry of Defense chicken pasta sauce Vitamin C vitamin C vitamin C that sort Of drinks creamer For the milk for the tea not in English Don't know what that is alcohol wipe hex Tablets there Matches sardines can't miss that one Sardiness And this is the main lunch no idea

What's in it oh this looks like the Stove it has been a long time since I've Used one of these little folding stoves Ah then you see these big ones As the kind of legs And then these smaller ones fold up this Is I'm not sure this is right I think This this is how I used to do it I've done it in the past Like that And then Yeah and then the tin I still don't know What's in this I guess I've got to look at the menu That would make sense right so I don't Actually need a campfire I didn't Realize that with the MRE box or the Spanish one that there would be the Flammable tablets in there it's a bonus But I'm gonna have a campfire anyway Because I want to keep warm tonight it's Menu number four For those of you who are into your MREs Chicken and pasta there we go that's all I need to read here's the issue guys The sardines are so oily I'm definitely Not going to heat them up on the stove But they're so oily that it's it's come Out with a tin where it's dented there's Actually a little Dent there so the Box Got damaged and this is where the menu Is covered in sardine oil And it stinks but being oil that menu Will be really flammable now and if I

Was struggling to get fire going and it Was really raining which I still might Do that's going to be useful Just like that so it can breathe a bit Ah the old MRE matches We all know how fun they are Some of them some of the good the British ones are Pretty Nerf Mr woodlouse you're in the Way Combustible eh combustible tablets Foreign It's on it's lit The tablet is burning I'm guessing I've Just cracked the tin Let's leave it like that I need to read The instructions of how long to Cook it we have smoke so Something's Cooking Sensible thing would be to peel this Back first a bit more And then Fold It Down So that we can access it and eat it Still We have bubbles So I've got Vitamin C powder and that Much water in one of the bottles is just Solidified I really doesn't decapitizing I know That my friends doesn't look appetizing Unless you better grills I'd say that's one of the weaker tasting Vitamin C drinks out of the MREs I've

Had so far from other countries But it's all uh good vitamin C at the End of the day it's so windy guys I'm really sorry if the camera's just Roaring all the time And there's a really squeaky tree just Fluffy I don't have a spoon as one of my Items as well so I need to quickly uh Whittle some sort of spoon up with all The very crude Fork From a piece of beach Green Beach so it Doesn't have Much bacteria compared to being dead Foreign Probably should have taken the whole lid Off cooked it open I reckon oh that's Piping hot So that is beans not pasta I thought it Was pasta and that is sausage not Chicken no no it's chicken What is that chicken or sauce here That's a sausage Be a chicken sausage I reckon I chopped it Chicken in the face Still quite warm Can't say that's the nicest MRE I've had Five or a four out of ten Compared to Other ones I've had us British military what other MRE should I Get guys what other countries I think I've done U.S British Uh

I can't remember what else I've done now If you guys recommend any really good Ones let me know in the comments below This is my only food for tonight It's in the sardines temperatures Dropping down to about uh eight degrees I think Celsius tonight which is why I've just gone with the open wall Blanket I've got lots of clothing layers On that's where The warmth comes in And if it's not raining I'm just gonna fold the blanket down Over me totally so it completely covers Me Like a blanket should do it doesn't look Best appetizing does it folks But you know what it will be all right For an overnight in the woods I'm making use of the early Flame Normally I wouldn't like I wouldn't cook On this fire because there's so much Flame I'd cook on the the coals a bit More but if you're boiling water Think of it like you're gassed over at Home The gas hob there's uh there's lots of Early flame and you can utilize that Heat by just putting this putting your Billy can on a stick but rather than Putting it straight on the fire and Putting it out just put it on a stick I mean that utilizes all that heat early Early flame heat I'm still going to boil

Water and then Gonna use some of the Birch polypore for A tea it's going to be really bitter Because there's no sweetener in that I Thought there'd be sugar or some sort of Sweetener in the MRE but we'll go for it Anyway it'll taste bitter but it'd still Be really good you know good for you Something or good for me [Music] Foreign Foreign 's really poor my camera light for some Reason is not going above 30 percent Which is a bit annoying but Just as bitter as I thought it would be But Good for you like I say you could dry These I usually dry the polyball out And do it that way and then add honey To sweeten it That squeaky tree is going to annoy me All night Um I'm just gonna Chill by the fire for a few hours really It's not too much more to film here in The In the night time now I've kind of done What I needed to got the shelter up got The fire going cooked the MRE the case Of just enjoying it by the fire now it's Getting dark early now in the winter so It's uh yeah just making the most of Those daylight hours while you while you

Have them Well it's nine o'clock now The squeaky tree is still going Wind's still there That's going to be really annoying that Tree I can tell Not the sort of sound that will lull me Off to sleep the fire's still smiling Away I'm just chucking the old stick on There obviously I don't have a saw Or acts so firewood wise I'm just Snapping up fairly up that that bigger Diameter is about as big as I can snap I can go bigger but it's just yeah it Ends up being a massive long piece so Just me snapping up about that so I'm Having to feed it really often Um in terms of layers I've got a lot of Layers on so I've got a Merino wool base Layer long sleeve thermal layer Uh another long sleeve just regular Cotton top over the top of that than This hoodie and then this jacket and I've got a woolly hat as well because I Don't want to get cold at night Um but yeah I'm sleeping fully clothed Obviously if it does get cold I'm going To fold down this blanket And uh Yeah just just fold it down and keep Warming it that way because I don't Think it's due to rain There's some Leaf rustling it's that Time of year

Where you just hear things Anyway folks I'm gonna call it a night I'm not gonna waffle on all night Call it a night Hopefully get some sleep if the squeaky Tree doesn't keep going catch you in the Morning I actually um kicked out the guy ropes And the posts in the middle post And just brought the blanket down Just over the top of me and then this Morning as I turned the camera on I've Just Propped it back up but I'm gonna get a quick fire going And cook up the rest Of the breakfast MRE which is out of Date Nice to be back in the woods though Camping Haven't done a Camping Episode for a Long time folks So it's good Finally not greasy Cacao on polvo Oh we've got another stable that I've Just lit a fire Dried fruit I'm guessing cereals Dry Cereal more chewing gum or a toothbrush That's handy for breakfast more MRE Matches condensed milk I'm guessing Condenser Creamer biscuit chocolate yes please oh Look at that loads of biscuits

For a dippy tea Tostada Oh it's like a cereal muesli Type thing Um be honest it's nice enough dry Looks decent Don't care if that's out of date I'd like to give you a toothbrush and Toothpaste it's quite a nice touch Um I haven't seen that Much before at the moment The breakfast is quite simple there's no Big Like warm Warm meal in this one like you can get In some MRE breakfasts You know like full English breakfast and Things like that there's none of that There seems to be a distinct lack of tea And I know that's really British of me But I haven't seen any tea bags yet in This Spanish one Into the hot chocolate With not loads of water because I'm Running out I'm super pleased with the wool blanket It performed Like I expected it to the oil skin just Shed the rain last night it's now really Heavy but I'll link to this in the Description to my friend Tim Um it's basically a wool blanket on Steroids but it's heavy duty uh but it's Worth it you know for colder months like

This and where it's got these rivets and Pop pop rivets it can act as a sleeping Bag as well so it's really versatile I Like it tend to use it in the winter Months where I'm not doing massive hikes And uh yeah very pleased let's pack it Up Well I'm all packed up hope you guys Enjoyed the episode something a little Bit different look it's not a full-on Survival challenge I had some MREs I had Some food with me uh it was just a nice Minimal gear uh camping trip I really Enjoyed it thankfully the weather wasn't Too bad we did get a fair bit of rain in The night but it was just more for a Prolonged period rather than really Heavy I hope you've enjoyed it thank you For watching this far if you already Have I do appreciate it if you enjoyed The video feel free to hit the Subscribe Button there's plenty of this type of Content on my channel and there's more To come and also thanks to our sponsor Nordvpn don't forget to head to Nordvpn.com forward slash ta Outdoors to Get your exclusive deal there I do Really appreciate you guys watching and I will catch you in the next episode

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