5 Secret Tips on how to get better at Archery!

By | October 31, 2022

Hey guys my name is Lily and today I Want to show you how you can become more Accurate with your recurve bow stay Tuned Okay so you have bought your first bow And You want to start shooting your beginner Maybe you've shot the ball for half a Year but you're not getting better so What's the problem Now the problem first of all is that a Lot of people they Are buying balls which are too strong For them So in my case I'm shooting a 35 pound Bow but if I would start with archery I would get like a 25 pound bow Because If you start with a boat that is too Heavy too strong for you Then your form will be miserable so First it's important that you perfect Your form And that only is possible if the bow is Not too strong okay next what is really Important is that you start from a very Close distance to the Target Because this way it's easier To see your mistakes and also to hit the Target correctly And once you're satisfied with your Grouping you can move further away but It's no good if you start at far Distances because this this just doesn't

Make sense so first you want to start At a distance which is really really Close to the Target If you're grouping you can pull the Errors and move further away Foreign This method will also help you To estimate distances better And at some point in time at some Distance The errors will start falling down so Then you have to eventually aim higher And higher Okay so once you're satisfied with your Grouping at Um horizontal like elevations Then it's time to move on to targets Which are either lower or much higher Than you So here for example there's a Target And it's quite deep here so I try to Shoot it and shooting at an angle is Completely different Then shooting horizontally it's it's so Much like different that you will be Surprised So usually when you're shooting High You want to shoot lower So it's like shooting At 15 meters instead of 10 meters So small targets are really hard to hit And this is where practicing comes in Okay next comes a Target which is really Far away

Uh I believe it's 32 meters so this is a Distance which I'm not comfortable with Anymore When it comes to hunting So in a Real like survival situation or hunting Situation I would always try to come Closer within maybe 20 meters 20 yards Something like that but a Target which Is this far away Is there's a lot of risk that you can Shoot the animal ill and that's Something that we don't want So recently I have switched to heavier Tips 145 grain but they are not really good For far distances because At some point like after 25 meters The arrow is falling down like this and Then it's really hard to estimate where You should aim So this is why In a survival situation I would come Closer to the Target and not shoot from Here but still I want to show you Um how my performance is at this Distance Foreign Too high Yeah it's not easy Finally okay so the first two arrows Were too high and then The third one Was still okay so it was still in the

Kill Zone so yeah that's something that I'm not comfortable with with my new Tips now I have been shooting at this Target for a couple of years now and With lighter tips I'm better at this Target at this distance but the thing is I want to have more tip weight on my Arrows to make sure that I have Penetration and this is why I'm choosing heavier tips okay the next Target is super far away again it's like 40 meters from here I hit it oh my God oh my God lucky Also what is Changing while you're training with your Bow is that you are getting stronger Which means that your muscles are going To grow but also The bone structure of your shoulders is Changing so you will become a little bit Wider in frame and that means that you Will draw the bow farther back if you're Trained with the bow and this will Result in shots that are too high as Opposed to the time when you were Untrained Okay next I want to give you the Ultimate Pro tip so If you're using you know hunting tips You want to make sure that you get the Same weight in practicing tips So if your hunting tips are about 150 Grains Then you are practicing tips should also

Be that heavy if your hunting tips are 100 grains then your practicing tips Should also be 100 grains and this is Important for consistency Foreign Foreign Last but not least I would like to talk About Mrs And I just missed my first shot and that Really sucks But the most important thing is to find Out why you have missed acknowledge it And then change it and then forget about It because otherwise You will get really demotivated and Nobody's perfect so everybody is going To miss sooner or later even if you're a Really good Archer Okay so the last tip that I want to give You for today is that if you want to Have at least one white feta Fletching On your era but also you want to have a White knock because the thing is that Only if you are seeing your aerofly You're going to get better at it so it's Important that you can see the error This is why I have put on two white Fletching and a white knock because with That it's easily to be seen and I've had blank errors with black knocks And almost completely black feathers and Then you cannot see your arrow anymore It's really crazy even in broad daylight So make sure

That you at least have one white feather On your arrow okay guys so this is the Archery lesson for today and I hope that You like this video if you did then Please leave a like and maybe a comment And maybe subscribe to my channel if you Want to see more archery videos like This stay tuned to the next time

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