A Cabin in the Woods, Roof, Windows | Building an Off Grid Log Cabin Alone in the Wilderness, Ep22

By | October 31, 2022

[Music] So [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Too [Music] Everybody welcome back to the cabin Before you watch this video just want to Let you know that on my other channel Sean james if you go over there Same release date there will be a video With the Really detailed walk through on the Cabin So how i'm laying it out inside what it Looks like inside right now And What the entire property is laid out Like just a whole bunch of information About how I chose the cabin site the orientation How the other buildings are going to be Around it and how they are now And what i have coming up after i finish This Including the additions that go on to The cabin anyway there's always a link In the description below There's a link at the Bottom or top right hand side of the Screen top or bottom my personal Picture like

Avatar That takes you to that channel or And also if you just search sean james Myself reliance there's sean james the Singer um his youtube channel might come Up first but Give him a listen and then head over and Watch that video where i explain Everything anyway back to the video Thanks So So Uh So So Cool So [Music] So [Applause] So So So So So [Applause] Ah So [Music] So So [Applause] [Applause] So

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