America WILL Lose WW3… This Is Why!

By | October 31, 2022

Foreign Thanks for tuning in if you ever Wondered like how how it was going to End Um I have the answer tonight things like Equity inclusion gender these type of Words will be our demise it will be the Reason why America will no longer exist Um Tonight we're gonna be talking about a Few different things and Essentially the America will not would Not win a World War III okay and this is Not something I made up this is actually From the Heritage index of U.S military Strength that finds that the U.S Military is rated as weak okay this is Something uh the Heritage Foundation They create a report that has ranked in The U.S military's week and this is the First time in the annual history's Assessment in nine years that it's Ranked it being weak So uh Here's a tweet they put out And this conservative think tanks 2023 Index of US military strength warned That the force is at a growing risk of Not being able to meet the demands of Defending America's vital natural National interests and we're gonna go Through you see the Tweet here of these Various different uh groups here Different branches and and groupings

We'll uh discuss those Further it is ranked It's rated as weak relative to the force Needed to defend National interest on a Global stage against actual challenges In the world as it is rather than as we Would wish it to be Uh so it's not like making it it comes Up with you know What the potential of combat being with Other countries and and how we would you Know essentially defend or make it Through that Excited years of sustained use Underfunding poorly defined priorities Wildly shifting security policies Exceeding poor discipline and program Execution in a profound lack of Seriousness across National Security Establishments You know some some friends and the um That's been in the intelligence game and They always say that like you would be Shocked and you you should be terrified And these these guys live a different Lifestyle like The the the lifestyle you live the the Bubble you live in they don't live in That and it it really confirms To me what they say what they always say Is is that if you knew and our most Highest levels You would be terrified Because it's dysfunction

There is no intelligence in the Intelligence Community Um but things like critical race Theory LGBT trans these gender games kicking Out all the military members that Actually had balls because they wouldn't Take the Hokey Pokey is is led us to This place guys wokeness wokeness kills Everything I think Trump said that what Did he say what was the actual uh let me Know in the comments what he said Everything goes to I think Being the wokest isn't going to help you Win the 100 meter dash right Um it's not going to help you win the Football game and I'm saying this I'm Being facetious but it's it's worrying About people's feelings and undermining What it truly takes to win and that's What's handicapping uh someone will lead Us to our destruction right you're going To see essentially wrong collapse before Our eyes Um The Heritage Foundation said the index Assesses the ease of operating in key Regions regional political stability and The presence of U.S military and Condition of key infrastructure the Condition the condition of the US Military's power in terms of Uh capacity of operations for Missions So they highlighted acts from Russia China or Korea and Iran because that's

The the pot that's getting started right Now the index under the U.S must be able To defend its interest in more than one Region at a time so taking on multiple Opponents right no matter how much it Desires that the world be a simpler less Threatening place the Heritage Foundation added that in a report based On the ability of the military to defeat Two major competitors approximally and Simultaneously If you remember two days ago I talked About this before the Harris Foundation I said we wouldn't make it through and I Said let me know in your comments so Again the think tank said it Acknowledges that without a dramatic Change in circumstances administrations Will allocate uh funds to domestic Programs ultimately an evaluation of Each military branch found the Marine Corps was the strongest while the Air Force was very weak And you see again here it was worse in The Air Force which gets a very weak Rating okay and that that is coming from Aging aircraft very poor pilot training And retention remember how I just said That this guy that was messaging back And forth about what he should do and I Said dude I can't tell you what you can Do he was a pilot fighter pilot I was Like I can't tell you what you can do uh What you should do you can only make a

Decision I don't want to be the reason Why you're in your career but I was like If it was me I wouldn't take it and he Wound up getting out like literally Millions of dollars to train this cat And he had to leave because he wouldn't Get the Hokey Pokey like like like what In the world anyway Aging aircraft along with that They have uh Produced an Air Force that would Struggle greatly the the Heritage Foundation said against a pure Competitor even so someone who is who Was on the same playing field as us we Would we would struggle greatly a pilot Shortage continues to play to service And the current generation of Pilots Those who have been actively flying for The past seven years has never Experienced a healthy rate of Operational uh flying they said because Fighter pilots flew less than 10 hours a Month on average in 2021 10 hours a Month Up to 8.7 in 2020. but still far below The 200 hours a year which is the Minimum needed to be proficient against Formal opponents apparently this is from Experienced Pilots are saying this The Navy and space force were also rate Ranked week And the Army was ranked as margin A year right so

And the U.S is still an edge over Beijing in these fast attack boats but The shipbuilding industry has shrunk Amid waning demand and I I'm sure the That little uh that cold that hit the U.S a few years ago probably didn't help With manufacturing Um so maintenance delays backlogs the Result of the fleet being uh the fleet Being ran too hard because they're not Getting taken care of Um the materials aren't there the parts Aren't there uh on a typical day in June Roughly one-third of the 298 ship fleet Was deployed double average of the Cold War So the army let's move on that Army is Shrinking not by choice but Um about priorities because they can't Recruit enough soldiers nearly 20 000 Short this fiscal year 2022. why do you Think nobody wants to go into the woke Army they don't want to be in there they Go in there and get indoctrinated and Trust me let me let me tell you I Promise you Ask any young servicemen they're Probably left us they probably have done Been indoctrinated into the program They're leftists right because they take These young impressionable kids And make them woke Um but trust me they're getting Indoctrinated

Very seriously ask any young troop if You have any kids that are in the Military just ask them what they're Learning you you'll probably get an Argue argument with them over at Thanksgiving they're going to tell you How Um you know Orange man bad and all these sort of Things So The Marines scored better in the indexes The only Branch articulating executing a Plan to change reorganize for war in the Pacific for a concept known as Force Design 2030 by the but the Marines are Slimming down to Bare Bones 21 infantry Battalions from 27 as recently as 20 uh 2011. Mission success for Marines Depends on new amphibious ship that the Navy may not be able to deliver the Other thing about the Marine Corps which You would which you may not understand And my time in there is that there is a There's a Heritage there's a culture in The Marine Corps you know obviously you Have a lot of Pricks that stay in that That ruin uh a lot of Marines and push Them out but uh and that's actually what Had me you know actually even stay in Because I was like I gotta I got at Least I got to try to save the day but It just got to be too much for me too You know uh because somebody so many

Pricks that that stay in and wind up Getting up or you know upper leadership Uh but the Marine Corps the Ideology there is much different I Promise you any Marines can admit to it Like That's why the Marines are getting the Most resistance against the Hokey Pokey You know the Marines don't play Typically you know they they don't go Along with it you know Um So let's talk about the U.S nuclear Capability which was treated as a Separate entity was found to be strong But trending towards marginal or weak do You know why that is because Joe Biden Was elected president because Trump was Fixing 50 years worth of mess that was Set in his lap believe it or not our our Nuclear program was a freaking disaster Before Donald Trump say what you will About the man he tried to fix it I got a Clip here that was uh leaked or whatever To CNN but here you go he's talking About it We have stuff that you haven't even seen Or heard about we have stuff that I have Built a weapon system that nobody's ever Had in this country before we have stuff That you haven't even seen or heard About we have stuff that Putin and she Have never heard about before Getting along with Russia is a good

Thing it's a bad thing all right Especially because they have 1 332 nuclear Warheads The man's blunt Um so yeah he was trying to fix it And then shut it down Meanwhile we're on The cusp of world war three Um and now we're training towards Marginal marginal week the Heritage Report concluded That the military Is at risk of not being able to meet the Demands of a single Major Regional conflict A single one Russia China North Korea we would struggle with One of these cats Iran I mean we would Struggling with one While also operating elsewhere noting That modernization programs suffering That they have been reductions in the Size of military units well why is that Why have I have a great article that's Coming next this is going to blow Your freaking mind okay so go ahead and Tune in strap in well let's wait a Second get get let everybody sit down Get your coffee poured This article right here this is Mind-blowing right here guys I couldn't believe what I saw it This is military times this is serious

This is this is not a joke the future of Special Operations may look different Than the global war on terrorism Aesthetic that we come to know the days Of the Burly bearded dude in Oakleys as The space of Special Operations may be Waning like we seriously We seriously are worried about the image Of the Special Operations community Versus Mission success This is this is serious it's not this is Not a joke this is serious like dude sat Down in a room And said you know what We're just we're not very inclusive guys We need we need to get some you know Some equity in here some some some Non-gender bias they really sat down and Talked about this and it Special Operations Community destroyed Let me let me continue Special Operations forces need a Different Focus oh our focus in in Warfighting anymore that Who's worried about that we've got to Worry about looking like you know we're We're uh woke you know Marxism socialism Then he's a different Focus that I wrote Their strategy plans and policy for Special Operations Central Command said Monday that look may have helped recruit A certain type of service member Army Lieutenant Colonel Katie crom said During the new America future security

Forum this is Katie Crum right here this Is the lieutenant colonel that thought You know what we need to just get get Affirmative action in the military in Our special operations Community she's The daughter of a she's a military brat Very entitled woman I try to get on her Instagram but she's private She said during the new America future Security forum Uh they're going to make a complete Overhaul of our Special Operations Command she said I kind of went back to What we feel about the posters and the Stamps Or The Branding of Special Operations You know the night vision goggles and The operator with all the gear going Into it and she said and I thought you Know that's not what we need to be Advertising fully right now for us now This is quotes these are direct quotes Guys this is this is not a joke this is Serious Well there is a place for door kicking Aesthetics she says the people in the Mindset and the creativity that we're Trying to recruit right now is much Different than that we don't want Hammers she's saying part of that might Look more like a focus of the Civil Affairs and psychological operations Parts of Socom The organizations that do more of the

Hearts and minds work So we're not worried about you know Shooting bad guys We're worried about hearts and Minds She said uh before conflicts get to the Point where operators are are going After high value targets in the middle Of the night what does she think we're Going to give everybody hugs and keep The war from happening is that what she Thinks Mark fellas thank you buddy Nelson Skinner thanks Nelson says the Marines are the Beast That is why Obama defunded them because They did not put up with their bull Exactly yeah you know historically even Like when I was in like they would they Would try to destroy the Marine Corps With budgeting literally they try to Because Marines usually don't put up With it Hence why also the Navy Seals and Navy Seals were given the most resistant Those in the Marines were getting the Most recent identity on it the most Resistance for the Hokey Pokey and they Crushed her budgets Tim says the new focus is cosmetology And spec ops yeah yeah man Aldo rain says It's Not Special Forces Anymore or special gender Mark fellows thanks man soft men soft Men soft women win battles yeah

So uh thanks guys So they're going to say that the other Part of would could reflect socom's Recent commitment to diversity Because that's important that's more Important than fighting bad guys and Winning and keeping us from from being Put in cages right Recent commitment to diversity and Inclusion which most notably aims to Recruit more women and minorities in sof Organizations But I think it's difficult for them to Promote and bring on talent that looks Different than them Chrome said of existing leadership who Came up not only in the time of the Burly bearded operator but in time where Comet deployments meant more than any Other measure of Skiller leadership It freaking should it's called Experiencing warfighting This this this woman right here they Need to kick her out of the military We're going to be in cages guys China's Going to have us there Um they're not going to be worrying About your bull crap they're not going To carry the color of your skin We're all going to be in the same prison Camps together right they're not going To care Um they're not they're not going to care When you go up saying well I'm I'm

Non-binary they're not going to cure You'll be stuffed in the same cage Right beside the Maga guy you hate When some so she goes on when someone is Taken time Out of their deployment churn to further Their education or to take a position Outside the prescribed pipeline it just Doesn't compute somehow in these Selection and promotion boards she said In in Special Operations is a is a a Combat Uh MOS okay meaning that's their job Would you not want someone to actually Go do the job To get the experience from actually Doing it then someone teaching you in a Classroom how to do it it's kind of like When you go to college anybody's been to College you know when you go to college And you learn all this stuff and it Really doesn't matter until you get to Your job and you're like oh that was a Waste of four years I mean unless you're like something very Technical that you need that education But most people's College you're like That was waste time So Chrome offered her fellow panel Participants as an example she says the Discussion was moderated by joint Special Operations University president Retired Colonel Isaiah Wilson who is Black and included Indian American

Marine major Akil ER and army Captain Shea Haver one of the first women to Graduate Ranger school we already heard About her they let her go through she Didn't she didn't meet the requirements Um that's the inside scoop though Anyway She goes on Go look at you should go look at this Ladies Um Instagram or talk to her She goes on to say hold on let me I'm Busting up the thing And to continue To feed that diversity is so calm hold On I gotta get this I lost my place sorry I gotta pull it all the way out sorry Don't worry I got some better stuff for You after that you're gonna be blown Away She says and to continue to feed that Diversity in the way Socom recruits will Have to look different that should Include writing reading speaking problem Problem solving skills Chrome said as Well as grueling fiscal requirements So we're worried about them writing and These sort of things that that's that's What we're worried about not about Shooting bad guys We're so worried about this nonsense Anyhow

Wokeness will be the dismantling of the Special Operations forces guys is coming Um it will they will destroy it and say Bye-bye to it Basically they're applying affirmative Action hiring to our tip of the spear Um and we know how that works out Not the most qualified person we're Putting people basing off of their uh Ethnicity right not who's Who's best suited to do this job by Meeting you know these are certain Requirements or standards you know I I'll be the first one to say we let lack Standards in the global war on terrorism That's why a lot of Special Operations Special Operations uh Special Operations Community got killed because they Probably shouldn't have been in there Anyway because we loosened the standards Guys got in shouldn't have been there Got killed Um and and now we're doing it because of Inclusion they needed did it before Because they needed special operators to Do certain missions now is because They're going to have people totally not Fit for the job But This is pretty alarming to China we are On the cusp of this guys like this is This is not some conspiracy theory like This is this is happening and you're Going to live in it it's it's coming to

A neighborhood near you China is now actually hiring this Shouldn't this should be a start warning For you China is getting British Pilots The United Kingdom has a knowledge Reports that China has been recruiting Retired British military Pilots with Large sums of money in order to share Their expertise with the Chinese Air Force pilots in a brief statement the United Kingdom defense Ministry said When former UK military Pilots provide Training to the people's Liberation Army Of China it clearly arose the UK's Defense Advantage we are taking Obviously they're they're they're Preparing to to annihilate nato in uh America The UK did say we're taking immediate Steps of the tier and penalize this Activity the ministry said that those Soldiers who may have traveled to China Could face prosecution when pressed on How the military would stop polish from Traveling to China in the future the Ministry said we were taking decisive Steps to stop Chinese recruitment Schemes attempting to head hunt Serving former UK Armed Forces Pilots to Train people's Liberation Army Personnel In the People's Republic of China the Ministry did not confirm how many Pilots Have uh traveled to China to teach the

Chinese soldiers but independent Reporting suggests 30 former military Pilots had already been recruited these Pilots served in various branches Including the British wrath Royal Air Force Um seven of the pilots had been Identified experienced flying with the Euro Fighter typhoon the Harrier jaguar And tornado aircrafts currently none of The uh identified Pilots at China Recruited have operated the fifth Generation f-35s the most advanced and Expensive aircraft in the rafts Fleet China has been paying Pilots up to 270 000 a year to consult and train Pilots The UK defense Ministry says that the Chinese are Keen to learn about British And Western tactics and procedures Obviously we're on the cusp of fighting Them and I I would I would want to know How many American Pilots they've gotten Over there because I'm sure they Probably have Offering large sums of money con Probably like a contractor job They go over there and they're now Teaching them how to beat America So the United Kingdom has no legal Mechanisms to prevent retired policy From accepting training contracts from China though the government has Indicated that this will change soon Well the thing is is that a lot of you

Know China's making allies with a lot of Other countries so they could conduct This training in another region where It's not going to be picked up on a Passport per se they may go to uh one One of Venezuela you know I think uh How we were talking about a few months Ago China is setting up shop down there So the pilots go to a Contracting job in Venezuela American Pilots fighter pilots they go Down there there and pay 300 Grand a Year they go down there and train these Pilots where they just happen to be Chinese They're not uniform there's train them That's probably already happening I Would not doubt it I would not doubt it They said this right here this guy's bad So it went from Orange man bad to this Guy's bed Right Let that sink in Dudes like this that go put into work Based off his Him meeting a standard now is and Because he has tons of operational Experience oh he's a bad guy we want More inclusive we want you know maybe Some trans Because that wins worse Right Your skin color may win a war no this is Freaking nonsense

Um Some people you know will say that I Speak They're like shut up talking about this Kind of stuff man you're going to speak It into existence Um I can't speak anything to existence I Don't have that kind of power what I'm Speaking is already in existence It just hadn't happened yet but it will Happen There's no doubt in my mind we're Getting too far to add to too close to The edge you know it's Too many things happening at one time And America is extremely weak hence why Joe Biden was placed in this position Probably it's going to happen within Before he's out of presidency why Because him and Kamala are jokes or Puppets there's no real leadership in America and and they're single-handedly Trying to destroy America even Democrats Are saying what is going on I showed Last night they're like what is going on You know Um I would say you know with that obviously Be prepared you never know what's going To happen you're not going to be able to Go fight China all who knows you might Have to fight him in the streets of your Own neighborhood so always be prepared

Always have a plan always have people Um Foreign Nelson said I agree he's talking About this guy said he he doesn't like One bad dude yeah yeah different Different context though that's right Someone get someone said going out get Me on Alex Jones Show I got how many how Many people are viewing right now all Y'all go email Alex Jones and tell him To have me on his show That he he Eye contact is not going to reply to me But if I have you know there's 1600 Viewers right now that go emailed Alex Jones to say we need to have Jack on There But but the thing is guys be you know Get get a network if you don't have one Join our tribe I keep I keep telling you It's a great place great Network we have I think 900 people in there we have People of the country and we're working On a global networks I think it's very Important we have other people that's Been messaging me wanting to join from Other countries we need a Global Network Little bit This is so awful no we will love your Tribe a little bit as a tribe member Um a lot of these guys here are Nelson's A tribe member Mark's a tribe member a Lot of these folks here are try members Tom

Um so they love the tribe they can tell You how good the tribe is We have it broke down by region by state Go join guys and if you go join Immediately and you want this shirt you Get a discount code immediately it'll Show up in the community section or stay Frosty shirt We have a few left so go snag one before We sell out we won't be making them Again this year But join the tribe getting the community And uh try members I'm going to put up a Video just for tribe here in a moment Just to talk about some things some uh Some some in-house business but You never know what's going to happen You know I mean you have no idea you may have Need someone to lean on you may need to Have people you can trust There's no Way to uh Predict what's going to happen so when When you're in that position you have to Plan for every contingency right so What's up guys Tim Tim's a tri member here He's saying we need Colorado members so We need some more colors so if you're in Colorado join Colorado we've got guys Already scheduling meetups as well Um and uh Um my uh members can my moderator's got

A kilo and Z they can put down we we got A few sex we need I think it's like four Six we need some members in to head that That uh place up and uh if you would Just go check out uh post that in the Comments mods if you will and then you Can see where we need people so if You're in that region you can go help Head that group up be great Um but we never know what's going to Happen but Community trumps everything At Trump skill Trump's gear Community is The most important thing right join our Tribe if you join a commander level you Get a free uh uh hour I think hour and a Half instructional video off the cuff Two you can go watch it and you get the Discount so uh you can join up at any Level uh and at every level gets the Sure discount and the try members also Get uh we're gonna do discounts on Products uh usually with new products We're gonna give them a discount so that Way you're getting your money back you Know and a lot of people say why do you Have the paywall there with two reasons One to keep out dirt bags because people Don't like to give you money if they Don't like you and the other thing is to Support what we're doing this is we're Not doing a charity this is that we it Costs money to run what we do and it's a Way to support survival Uh mountain man saying a Canadian Squad

Yeah we need to have a Canadian Squad if We don't already have that tab built we Can get that tab built and get that Network growing Anyhow guys very scary stuff let me know Your thoughts on this I mean the the Heritage Foundation saying our military Is weak we're weak we had the Marine Corps but you know how many marines are In America like 170 000. you know they're not going to be Able to win they're not going to take They may they may you know Well they say you only have the same Like one of like the Spartans you send One marine and uh you know when they Need help you just send one of them one Of us one of us uh to go save the day But anyway Marines may be able to do it but Um and also how they're destroying our Special operations Community I I saw That coming I I mean I knew it was Coming just I think a lot of it came from the Hokey Pokey deal I also seen them calling uh The Special Operations right-wing extremists So I knew this this was coming guys I Saw them actually say I forgot which uh SF group it was but they tried to say That they were they were right-wing Extremists and terrorists or something a Few weeks ago and they were like

Searching their cars and just crazy Nonsense crazy nonsense serious uh try Member as well Thanks everybody for the super chats Leave the comments let me know what your Thoughts are Um as far as that make sure you go join The tribe the links below it says join The tribe hitting that link sign up for Whatever membership level you want like I said Um you can go for the bottom you can get The commander level which immediately Give you uh video a social video worth The amount of the membership and then You'll get the link to join our Community anyhow guys stay frosty Stratton and dangerous take care

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