Are They Trying to STARVE US?!

By | October 17, 2022



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Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] What's going on guys black Scout Survival Late Night Live thanks for Tuning in I'm sure a lot of you thought We got canceled banned or something like That I was actually just on a little Vacation so uh I plan to film some Things but then I just decided not to You know filming However many videos we film a week for Three four five a week I just thought You know it'd be good to take a little Break I mean obviously put a little a Few videos last week but not like normal Obviously we missed some things some Happenings in the world which I'm sure Most of you have probably seen you know They came out and said that basically That uh Pfizer never tested the vaccine Against uh you know stopping Transmission Um so all that was a lie Um they were fine to uh you know Penalize Alex Jones for telling a Saying an opinion but whenever they Outright lie you know these mandate what Were all these people kicked out of the Military for now is just the question You know just a lot of this kind of Nonsense but Speaking of that you know if you're

Curious about our younger generation how They feel about America How they Um I guess the Outlook of our future I'm Going to show you real quick a little Snapshot Um real quick go ahead and uh roll the Film 911 I'm asking the younger generation Does this state still hold significance To you do you still think it's important Nobody cares about it like our age uh Because like a lot of us understand like The reality behind what happened and how Much like we did to other countries that Like not like deserve but like deserve What happened like 9 11. uh obviously Like uh like supports all the families And When he said no one cares like I had the Urge to Football punt his head but everybody Like that pass and like it's super it's A tragic event but the amount of We've done to other countries like the Younger generation doesn't care because We all like hate the military we hate America Hate the military hate America and if You're a Democrat You have more in common with this guy Than the rest of us you're like the crop Top The the feminine Behavior this is this

Is who this is who your ally is right Here if you're a Democrat you're a Leftist whatever this is your they hate He says he hates America And hates our military And this is the general consensus with a Lot of our youth unfortunately you know They're being indoctrinated and Every where you turn In the whole hate America Um is is what this is about you know That's part of the plan because Globalism you have to get rid of Traditionalism right um so and we're Going to talk more about that in a Second but I found this very odd I hadn't heard Anybody talking about this but I I saw It on our local news as a matter of fact And I thought it would bring it up Because it's it's pretty stunning and it Kind of just brings everything uh full Circle for me but the Alaska snow crab Season canceled as officials Investigated disappearance of estimated One billion crabs Yes you heard that Right a disappearance of estimated 1 Billion crabs well Um what they're going to say is that in A major blow to America's Seafood Industry the Alaska Department of Fish And Game has for the first time in the State of History canceled The winter snowcraft season and the

Bering Sea due to their falling numbers While restaurant menus will suffer Scientists worry that the sudden Population plunge means for the health And uh or ecosystem what is this already Sounding like to you guys can you can You tell me real quick in the the Comment where where we're going with This Yeah it's it's pretty simple but anyway They say an estimated one billion crops Have mysteriously mysteriously Disappeared And uh In the past two years said officials Says that Mark said 90 drop in Population So the immediate point is to climate Change that's what I was wanting you to Answer Um obviously everything's uh now climate Change including People's Health people Are apparently suffering heart attacks For no we have high school athletes Suffering heart attacks and they're Blaming it on climate change so you know Whatever that may be it could be Something could it be something else you Know and I'm not making light of high School kids dying but the fact of the Matter in athletes bodybuilders you name It I mean football players professional Football players go look at just go look At the massive surge in professional

Athletes that have just died From some kind of cardiac issues but Anyway uh get back on topic here According to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration Alaska is the fastest warming state in The country And it's losing billions and tons of ice Each year Critical for crabs that need cold water To survive Environmental conditions are changing Rapidly they say we've seen warm Conditions in the Bering Sea the last Couple of years and we're seeing the Response in a cold adaptive species so It's pretty obvious that it is connected Obviously that's what they're going to Say because I'm going to get to in a Second but is they're saying that uh They're going to say it is a canary in a Coal mine for other species that need Cold water But what I'm getting to guys is this Will be the new pandemic okay uh the the Climate change We saw project Veritas when he uh went And had someone go undercover and was Talking to CNN an anchor and they said Yeah the next evolution is climate Change I showed a a video from Ian Where Don Lemon tried to blame Ian on Climate change when it's like we never Had hurricanes before

Um And that guy put him in his place but The thing is is the food shortages first We we've we've had food shortages in Certain areas not everywhere yet but Apparently it's still rolling out but Some cities counties more uh Cities I think are being hit versus Rural areas uh most shelves on the rural Areas have been pretty stock but I had Been getting pictures over the past few Months from people in cities and just You know wiped out no meat certain Certain uh Brands like they're not even Producing the stuff anymore and so But Could the next Echelon be Global Starvation that's the question I I think That really will be the next next big Move Um And and you can say They can say almost because of climate Change or is it not because you Bill Gates owns the majority of the Farmland In the U.S and the Chinese right after Him Um they brought up all the U.S Farmland They're shutting it down they're Shutting it down and building Um Solar panel farms in its place Um The USDA are making Farmers throw away

Food you know we've seen Farmers Actually come out and say that dumping Milk doing all these sort of things Um that they produce two call shortages And obviously it's Russia Russia Russia It's always that is either Trump or Russia rush Russia is always the Boogeyman in the closet that's you know The cause of this gas prices going up They say it's Russia food no food oh It's because the Ukraine war with Russia Um these sort of things but they it's Not that it couldn't be that the USDA Wants you to register your small Backyard garden right now because that's What they're wanting you to do Um or the FDA making it illegal for you To vaccinate your own animals Um and why are they doing this they do This to destroy Independence because What is the Opposition and Independence is Dependence they want dependence they Want so that means they have to destroy Independence and how do you do that stop Farms Small farms stop backyard gardens Register them like you register they Want to register guns Um and you can't vaccinate animals right So it obviously hurts the production Growth of the animals they die off These sort of things But that's why I think a lot of the

First part of this Scope of what they've been doing was Destroy small business why because this Small business or is Independence right You have Independence you don't have to Listen you don't you can be you can't be Canceled no one can tell you what to do You can do whatever you want because You're in a penny you're making your own Money you don't have to depend on Someone writing a paycheck who could Fire you based off your beliefs Um But kova did that covert actually Destroyed a lot of small business right And now we're destroying small business Do you know go ahead and comment real Quick before I move forward let me let Me see if you guys know are you keeping Up yeah I think 30 of small business is Gone I think somebody's uh said that in The comments and that's absolutely true And I think it's actually more than that But but what it is now is inflation Inflation is destroying small business So this is this is a multi-faceted plan Guys this is this is pretty chest this Isn't this isn't Checkers these are These moves are being made right The other thing is that small business Whether you believe it or not are the Biggest threat to people like Jeff Bezos Walmart because a lot of people Understand to keep the local economy

Rolling to support small business so They do that and you may think well how Does you know Uh ant Tina's you know Meat Market Hurting Walmart well when there's 10 000 And Tina's meat markets yeah it puts a Hurt on them right And usually people who shop small Business Shop whoa they're very loyal to that Movement right but the thing is is that If you look at what's happening the Inflation A lot of small businesses are pricing Ourselves out of business I mean I'm I'm Even seeing it uh with within ourselves Uh you know you see the Patriot look at The Patriots in the comments the Patriots in our comments that that will Raise hell about you know that our Prices are too high well I'm sorry dude We can't compete with Amazon we don't Have Jeff Bezos buying power we don't Have Walmart buying power right trying To produce things in America is much More expensive it's much it costs much More to pay someone you know 12 to 20 an Hour to make something versus Walmart Paying someone uh you know 0.005 cents To make something an hour so In China and a sweatshop somewhere but The thing is is that you know our Patriots will say oh you're ripping us

Off I'm gonna go buy my my stuff from Walmart you know or whatever the prices Are too high But the fact of the matter is it's like I'm friends with other guys in this Industry that are small businesses and a Lot of us are just trying to survive Right now we're trying to make it the Next two years we're hoping we can make It Um You know but I think it's really part of The grand scheme right they're trying to Push people out of Independence right It's not even about the money they want The dependence whenever you have to Depend on them You know they they've done that to get Votes so you look at the black community Where they push this type of stuff they Take Dad out the home put him in prison For minor infractions Joe Biden and Kamala was famous for doing that Now Mom has the kids Who's going to support us oh don't worry We're going to give you everything you Need just make sure you vote Democrat For the rest of your life and every Generation after you vote Democrat it's Part of their game plan it's part of the Strategy we're not dumb and if you don't Believe me you can go look at Google Dixiecrats and see what they did to to

Try to uh fix them losing elections Um But if you You look our conscience being ran by a Puppet in Chief and this goes on to the Weakness of America but look listen to Him here guys Holy Rosary great school across from a Claymont Fire Hall And all my buddies that came either Became a firefighter a cool car Holy Rosary great school across first of all I barely understand what he says in the Very beginning of this listen again I went to a little school called holy Rosie grade school across the Claymont Fire Hall and all my buddies that came Either became a firefighter a cop or a Priest I wouldn't qualify for your name So here I am but uh I wasn't qualified to be a a policeman Fireman or a priest so look here I here I am running the country right into the Ground You know I said that yeah that's funny So he said he's not qualified obviously Yeah we know that we can see buddy You're not qualified to do anything Um so but here he goes on to say another Clip Nobody knows Sean where he went to School at nobody couldn't understand What he was saying Um

Mr Skylight thanks buddy yeah I just Actually talked about Bill Gates Um about saying there's going to be Upcoming Civil War two weeks ago you can Check out that video Here he is listen to this right here This is very disturbing here Why does he always eating ice cream Bella [Music] Well let me turn that up So you can hear what he just said [Music] I'm not concerned about the Cincinnati I'm concerned about the rest of the World He says I'm not concerned about the Strength of the dollar I'm concerned About the rest of the world What in the freaking world is the President saying he doesn't care about The strength of the dollar he cares About the rest of the work only a Globalist That's looking for a totalitarian Government would say something like that He says our economy is strong as hell in In who's who's who's fact checking that Conversations worldwide worse off Everywhere else in the United States so The problem is for lack of accounted Growth That's a worldwide inflation that's Consequences

There is not worldwide inflation Joe This guy's an idiot I mean he really Isn't and this is going to lead into the Next part of the video hey thanks Dakota Thanks John DC appreciate you guys man Um He's going to leave us right into World War III and we're going to talk about That next it's coming next I want to Stop real quick before we go further I Want to show you a new shirt design we Came out with Someone recommended this and so we did It I thought it was a cool great idea Anyhow the front of the shirt the front Of the shirt is not as cool as the back But let me show you the front shirt stay Frosty strapped in dangerous boom in the Back of the shirt we got our version of Frosty stay Frosty All right guys this is this shirt logo Was designed by our good friend over There at 1110 design mat over there if You have any any design needs the dude Is a genius he does all of our graphics And stuff like that Um for our shirts and and our packaging Great guy go hit him up on Instagram 1110 design he actually a couple people A couple viewers have actually got stuff Done thrown too he's amazing anyway he He designed this Stay Frosty and we Always have

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I had to be at later that evening back Home so I had to drive back to my Cameraman and I told mookie I said hey Man can I get your number because I Gotta roll out right now I said I want To go buy all these slings and he takes Me there to John and says hey this is uh John you know this is I don't know if John knew who I was he He said he did and then uh he gave me The sling I tried to buy it and he said I could have anything I want I was like No man I just want to buy the sling Great dude and go support his company I've got some of his gear actually a Buddy of mine just got me one year in Jet pool uh mad uh cases I love it I Just he just got it for me so Great work over there go follow that Dude go follow his YouTube channel he's Got a YouTube channel he does a lot of Lives and stuff too go follow him great Guy Yeah SOLO money exchange like what he's Saying though is is They they want to take they want there's No extra money being made up they got to Take yours right So going on with the weakness of Joe Biden World War III Russia bluntly Warned the further meddling by Western Powers In Ukraine would sparked the World War III this is a nuclear one they say and

Uh See if I can find the apps to Tab here that's that's not it And says this will be catastrophic for All of mankind you know and and so so This is the thing obviously they're Posturing a lot of countries are Posturing right now but I do think I do Think there's something coming of this Because China warns of security to its Citizens to leave Ukraine uh this Actually happened this weekend So they're warning for their citizens to Leave Ukraine let's just sit right here No that's the Stitch Yep evacuate now trying to tell citizens To leave Ukraine amid nuclear fears China called on a citizen stealing Ukraine to strengthen security Precautions and Evacuate the country Given the severe security situation with Ukraine on Saturday obviously Russia China are allies they know something That we don't know And uh this Is obviously alarming because maybe it's Coming I mean they're saying amid Nuclear fears it's not something hidden You know there it's in plain sight maybe This is part of the posture I have this Part of the psyopsis China is helping Russia to scura America I mean I Actually read an article today that was

Saying that President Chi because he Just got reelected for his third term Which was actually he put into law Because it usually is a two-term Presidency there Um Presidency dictatorship And so He's in his third term but during that In an article they were saying he is the Strongest leader in the world like They're moving into first place guys in A in a at a rapid pace and I think Honestly Joe Biden's cool with it Everyone's cool with it because they Want this move to be the totalitarian Government they're actually we're saying That President XI is the only one that Can stop the Ukraine and Russia War So they're they're posturing him to take Over right so anyway the appeal that was Made by foreign minister of China's Embassy in Ukraine in the news release Was begging their people to leave Ukraine Um they said that their Embassy will Assist and organizing and evacuating and Transfer Personnel in need those in Ukraine should contact the embassy as Soon as possible and register their Personal information they want to do That because they want to keep ties on Their people anyway but people who Volunteer evacuate and transfer by

Themselves are asked to report to the The Diplomatic mission The other the other thing about this Though is that a bunch of other Countries also are asking For their uh folks to leave You got Serbia so this this was actually Eight other countries that reportedly Joined China in inviting their citizens To evacuate Ukraine in the past few days And this was actually roll into the Weekend so it was sorry I don't know why This is up there The other countries came in behind China Serbia Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Turkmistan I can't even pronounce his Names any Belarus and Egypt and a few Others that I can't pronounce There are also unconfirmed reports that Kazakhstan has closest Embassy in the Ukraine capital of Kiev so these moves Are being made obviously there's Something going going on that we don't Know or it's some kind of psyop that They're playing together to try to Intimidate America which is a very valid Possibility The what I think in my opinion is this Is going to lead to World War III at Some point I don't think there's no way Around it I just don't see that Happening Um but I think the globe is doing a slow Ball I don't think it's going to be

Something instant I don't think it's Going to happen next week possibly could But I think it's a slow ball and Everybody's trying to see what moves Each other's making America is not making any obviously We're worried about sinning man we just Sent a sign another package for another 575 million dollars to Ukraine this I Think Friday so we're just pouring money In and obviously It's a money transfer scheme there right Countries are posturing against the U.S And NATO seeing just how many buttons They can push and expose our weakness Um Then China is also getting involved because I Said Chi Just had you know been re-elected it's Funny re-elected but she warns against Foreign interference in Taiwan says China will never promise to renounce Force So president XI said that China reserves The option of taking all measures and This is a quote all messages necessary Against interference by outside forces On the issue of Taiwan in a wide-ranging Speech Sunday she spoke firmly about China's resolve for reunification with The self-governed island which Beijing Considers part of its territory I think That's funny because they're making it

Seem like oh we're just going to be Peaceful and you know just you know Basically take back over the country But he was speaking at the opening Ceremony of the ruling Communist Party Of China's 20th National National Congress held once every five years we Will continue to strive for peaceful Reunification this is his quote with the Greatest sincerity and utmost effort I'm Sure bro She said in Chinese according to an Official translation but we will never Promise to renounce the use of force and We reserve the option Of taking all measures necessary This is directed solely at the Interference by outside forces and a few Separatists seeking taiwan's Independence he said emphasizing that Resolving the Taiwan question is a Matter for Chinese to resolve So that's actually direct quote that's Coming from him You know the thing is they're building An anti NATO alliance that's what's happening Right now and this is the thing it's an Odd thing because some of these guys are Not really You know they don't have the same belief Systems but you know your your enemy of An enemy as a friend you know that Saying that's that's basically what's

Happening with these other countries These groups of people they don't have Nothing in common other than they hate Us Um and when there's enough of them it's Going to be an issue and obviously we See even amongst NATO we have people That have problems with us so Johan thanks buddy The real Dave mg thanks man So the the question lies with with this Formation you know we have NATO China Tension over Ukraine flares at Conference in Iceland They would not call the the Chinese Would not call out or condemn the Russian invasion And Chinese Diplomat says root calls Must be taken into account what is he Saying there America that's what they're Saying they're saying this proxy war And then Can the U.S take on China and Iran and Russia all at once probably not What do you think that's that's what I'll leave you on I want to know in the Comments do you think we could take all These countries at one at one time with Our weekend military weak leadership we Just kicked out probably ever about all The all the good military and and the The rest of them are about to be uh they Have 30 or 60 days left because they Won't take the juice

Um what do you think could we take them All let me know in the comments in the Weekend State what we're worried about We're worried about calling Muslims White supremacists at this point in time Because Muslim parents who oppose Teaching pornography to children have Become the new face of the far away That's what we're worried about here in America guys anyhow I want to know your Comments let me know in in the comments Below could we fight all these countries At once With our military and we can say in Where the weak leadership let me know I Want to know your thoughts comment like Share and all that sort of stuff use the Code If you're a tri member to go get the Shirt if not go get the shirt they're on Sale now and if you're a tribe if you're Not a tri member you want to be a try Member join our Network get the inside Scoop on things network with like-minded Individuals The links Below in the description Anyhow guys remember to stay frosty Strapped and dangerous take care

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