Backcountry Camping with my New Dog. American Made Axe. Tipi Tent. Testing BUSHCRAFT/CAMPING GEAR.

By | October 31, 2022

[Music] Good boy [Applause] Hey my goodness [Applause] Hey good boy What are you doing What are you doing Hey buddy How are you folks You know wolfgang are out here What's up big boy And we're uh this is our third camp out Together i'm gonna test out a few A few new pieces of gear We portaged in here Uh about 500 meters and triple carried So he got a little bit of a walk in Which is nice We got a steak to cook I'm gonna go try my hand out some Fishing later on see if we can feed him Some of that i have a new axe A new lightweight pyramid tent And a couple other pieces of gear a new Backpack from malcolm this should be a Fun trip Wolf such a good dog This is my new backpack from the hidden Woodsman my buddy malcolm makes these he Lives in the states in the midwest And uh he's been making these for a long Time really good guy Um yeah so let's dive in see what we

Have in this pack and Just really briefly and then we'll go Through a little bit more later on i'm Going to set up my shelter now so in This side pocket i have my whole shelter Or potentially so this is a dd No dd makes hammocks right so they make This super light dd pyramid tent i would Say that this is a good mid grade or Sorry mid weight mid-size mid-grade type Um pyramid tent as opposed to like a Kefaru or like a lux which would be like On the higher end or the lower end of That this is a real i've never used it But i know from my experience dd is a Solid brand and they're about mid weight On the on the weight but there the Prices reflect that this is a really Good uh economical price Anyways That's all i have in that one pouch on The side You can see when i open it up That i've got a new axe it's got an axe Ma axe carrier there this is a council Tool axe It's actually really really nice i just Got it in the other day came super sharp Out of the box And uh i like the shape i like the Profile i like to handle everything All of these things you can find at Robinette outfitters guys i'm going to Be testing a lot of things out now that

I have on my new store robin at If you didn't know but all these things Are there available i have High-end brand niche brand stuff all Tested by others mostly by me but i am Going to be testing out some more stuff So you can see it anyways that's that On this side i have some dog food and my Food so i'm going to give him some just Cause he's been such a good boy come Here big guy Good boy Oh yeah yeah yeah you act like you're Starved Freaking ate a marrow bone on the way Here All right here we go That's good here go find some there you Go come on go find Dude i threw them here look watch Go Okay let's set up the shelter i do have An optional Bug net that goes inside the shelter so It kind of doubles the size of it but i Don't think it's necessary it's late August it's a bit breezy it's gonna be Chilly tonight so i think we're gonna Try to get away without it but i brought It just to show you guys anyway so That's the bug net itself and this is The actual tent So yeah let's get this uh

This bad boy set up The one thing about this shelter is that You either have to hang it Like suspend it with a piece of paracord And tie it up like that or cut your own Pole or bring your own pole with it i'm Opting to cut my own pole this time so Let's head into the woods and try to Find a suitable pull So i'm looking for a thin enough piece Because i don't want to be too big to Take up too much room i'm looking for a Dead piece too so i don't have to cut Anything live and in true Joe fashion i've only brought the axe no Saw this time especially because i Wanted to test it out There you are what you doing big boy i Want to test the axe out more than Anything and the good way to do that is To use it without a saw So Voter how to complement it We'll find a piece here Oh here we go this is perfect right here I'm not sure how long it needs to be yet As i've not even set the tent up again In true joe fashion But I'll just take I'll probably take the middle part so It's not too fat and not too weak at the Top either Wherever it wants to break easily

Right there Okay and then i'll It can't be longer than that so i'll cut It there Oh sorry bud one one there you go big Guy So council council tools obviously made In the states says it's from 1886. this Is a nice uh i'll tell you the exact Model i have here once we get back to Camp i don't know but this is usa on it It's so new it's got the sticker it's Got a pretty slick handle it's shaped uh Canted backwards i like it i like it a Lot I haven't used it though so let's Take that for with a grain of salt let's See i like the profile watch out big boy Dude you go you gotta move though Because i can't With you there it's hard to Go on Back back back Anyway We'll take this piece back And uh Make sure that we plenty We'll do plenty Well like i said i just got this tags Are still on it and everything i left Them on on purpose so i could tell you More info about it i'm real bad for Remembering things if you didn't know So

This is right off the bat It's a rip stop it's lightweight Nice color with the green And these pegs are pretty slick too Actually i'll show you them in a second Here Drop them all over the place So i assume you have to peg it in first Like every other tp tent There is a door So i'll try to face that towards the Fire Where the fire will be Yeah these are slick spikes Eggs This could potentially be a new tripping Tent for myself and wolf Seeing has how it's a good weight a good Size And uh yeah i don't know we'll see how It holds up It's got to be way too tall I'll cut it down to like Cut it down to here See how that works out We're going to have to round it out and Everything so we'll go over To the chopping log Nice Okay so we gotta really I do have a pocket knife or a belt knife I mean You can round this out with that a Little bit better but

Do want to try to Make it as round as possible with this You know off all the pokeys Wow that's sharp I've had a council tool Axes before And they have not come this sharp out of The box i've had to sharpen We'll see have to ask them This is a standard or what I think that'd be great if it was Hi big boy But she did win Come on Hi good boy All right So this is pretty rounded out We'll go uh See how it fits Okay you want one ah Go get it He's still learning you Know see how she goes I like the fact that there's a zipper Here makes it easier There is a Uh Reinforced Like pocket up here where the the Stick's gonna go there's also a loop Where you put your hiking pole to stick It in And then on top there's a loop where you Can hang it like from a limb of a tree

Or a piece of paracord or what have you What have you So i think i'm going to loosen up the Stakes a little bit first Because i don't want to stretch this out Too bad So we're just going to go bring it in a Touch Here Maybe back here Okay let's see now Okay So i got some adjusting to do for sure But Not too bad Oh actually pretty bad looks real Bad i've set it up like this for now There's some more tie outs with like Uh Cord locks and stuff to get it more Tight we'll see in a little bit how that Goes but uh for now i'm happy with this I'm just gonna get this one in And i'll show you inside i got a couple Things to do with it still So it is longer Uh Like it's not completely symmetrical It's longer than it is round so It helps for sleeping One can go up like that Pretty cool look in there like that Plenty long to lay in Me here the dog there

Both got lots of room And then also This side can come out Have it completely open It's got these toggles and Loops To hold everything together we're back And then really got got a nice big open Shelter which is really cool Uh this time of year Nice Nice And again like i said you can set this Up with a piece of paracord over a limb Or something along those lines Paracord run between two trees whatever Or how you can pull or stick Pretty versatile Here's the pegs pretty cool the orange i Like that a lot They're rounded off On the corners Simple Uh rectangular almost i like them send You a lot of them too There's a vent here pretty big one with Bug net in it so i want to use that Tonight It comes with these cord lock Lines like i mentioned we're just going To attach it A little bit of a loop Bring both ends through Joe's your uncle

She's on there Hoping to find some dead hardwood but Can't pass up something like this It's about as uh seasoned as they come Weather really doesn't know what it Wants to do Super hot for a little bit clouds right Over super windy Anyway no i missed it i missed it Nice clean cut Collected some of this uh it's all soft Wood basically Dead cedar dead pine but That's all i have access to right at This second if i hop in the canoe After i can probably go head up onto Shore and Head up into the hills for the hardwood Where it likes to grow but For Now this is it I do have a steak to cook i'm cooking it On the coals So that's My Desire for hardwood This one's A pretty decent size Around i wonder if we can split it like How it is Help if you hit it Joe Three quarters of the way Something

Yeah it feels like it's gonna rain Rain gear joe rainier Silliest guy no Reindeer This axe is nice You can really choke up on it too i Imagine you can make some decent Shavings with it Yeah those would ignite with a fire Steel No question No question bud Anyway I'll split up some wood you know i'm Gonna sit here and split up some wood And uh Pray for the rain to hold out [Music] That'll be good kindly So This is weighted very nicely It's like a good mid-range you wouldn't Want to be doing it this size Chopping like this with a full-sized axe Or even a boy's axe gets Taxing after a while And anything Smaller than this it's hard it can still Do it But it's hard to get the job done Regardless of which way you're using it Anyway It's working out pretty Good again

This way See my back leg is away So if i like glance It's not gonna Get me That's the The hope and the idea anyway Okay so once it's broken or cut all the Way around you can just Do one of those You boy Got some fat wood here too So Use the old knife make some shavings got A battle lure Here i've never had one before i test This out a little bit This is my secret place i don't tell Anyone about and i found by myself and It's crown land and everything for a few Years now i've wanted to kind of clean Up the wet the website clean up the Website you know make a little bit Clean up the campsite so this has been Down the whole time i've been here it's A tree obviously that stood for a long Time that's what i'm chopping on and This is like an offshoot of it and these This stuff just looks unkept you know What i mean so i thought maybe i'll test The axe out a little bit more and try to Clean this mess up there's some For sure some stuff that i can use for Kindling even though it has leaves on it

There we go i can use that for kindling But for the most part i'm just cleaning It up and getting Uh getting some more room In the campsite in the website give me Some more room in the website you know So Anyway Just uh Something to do here And test the axe out and improve The area How about that you know He's easy you know just give him a Merrell bone Laying the pines call it good Oh that's a good one to get rid of I'll probably use some of these cedar Bows in my tent tonight There's extra bedding And we'll get rid of in the bush Tomorrow Go Push these shoes off me like Pushing them branching pushing them Twigs pushing them all off me like Cleaned up Axed out Leveled up Campsite Website website Oh that looks so much better now That's all cut off there i can get rid Of

That cleaned up Nice good view of the lake No impedance Impedance Said a word This is a stout Knife that's for sure Wouldn't be concerned about The tip or anything like that Let's see if we can Ah nope Do it down here a bit more There we go Nothing Doing Every knife has their own little Thing they want to make curls with the Way they want to do it this one the Blades kind of tipped up Let's see about having it tipped down [Music] Oh there we go Just a bad spot in the wood Anyways These will definitely catch a flame so Do this for a bit Uh and then cook up the steak it's Almost five This guy's happy with his marrow bone so I'm having a good time it feels like an Old timey trip man trying out New axe new saw oh sorry new axe new Knife New uh

Tent Got my new pup with me Not a car in the world just over there Enjoying it oh yeah Look at these bad boys Tip up it is you know just the tip up And then everything's good Considering i don't uh Have any bug screen or i'm not gonna put A bug screen up tonight this cedar will Help get rid of the bugs for me tonight Any more Than there would be or any more so than I already Yep Can't speak Anyway i'm going to use these uh cedars For Wolf and he can lay on top of them And uh that's kind of nice for him So He's a husky you know he's a husky you Don't really need much for them and it's Not even winter time Let's uh Let's sneak this back down That's what we'll do let's get into the Meat and potatoes This backpack there's not much left Speaking of potatoes huh Segway is unbelievable So no twig stove On this trip but instead i've got a pot Full of stuff

Will has been growing vegetables and Tons of stuff this year she's super into It so We got uh some olive oil some salt and Pepper some steak spice some butter but The piazza resists almost like these Small potatoes bro Small potato small potatoes we used to Watch that with their kids small Potatoes Anyways some are like Two like not even an inch long There's enough there and a shallot So we'll have that tonight in some tin Foil probably Yeah and some tinfoil for sure Um we got his dog food we got a wool Blanket on the bottom The old trusty hat and glasses The innards that you already saw Water filter A puffy Even in the summer i bring a puppy it Doesn't take up much room at all and It's just if you don't have it you're Going to need it sometimes i switched Out my possibles pouch for a little one More little but vibrant green as opposed To od green or camouflage and put some Orange tie outs on the sides i think That's a good idea Excuse me i've got things in here like Extra paracord First aid

Some nun Tabs atos can't go without the noons Um just odds and ends flashlight Headlamp Anyway Sometimes i'll carry like spare Batteries and whatnot in there too I got a sleeping bag a little tiny baby Sleeping bag so we'll see what what i Need to do because i got the the uh wool Blanket too hi blood What are you done eating your bone now Are you done eating that mirror bone bro Oh thank you for the raw beef kitchens Thank you for the rugby kisses Nope Not for you not yet I got a little fishing tackle kit We'll get out after supper probably I've got oh butt wipe I got a chair i have a chair i forgot And what else a sleeping pad That's all that's in there and then i Got what's up in Here you know another little poachy Battery So That's everything we'll get the wool Blanket off I love malcolm's packs i always have They're just built for exactly what i Want and the wool blanket is for this Kind of trip I'm not going to take this on a big

Canoe trip you know what i mean although I did canoe in here this is more of a Bushcraft daypack like overnight type Romping around the woods type thing Although it is low enough where you Could use it as a portage pack so a lot Of packs ride high and it will hit on The on the yoke this is rides very low And wide Low and wide That's everything it's everything i have Here In this guy Go play oh my god boy oh my good boy I know Need some help look up buddy Let's see Let's see how i can help you oh look at All the marrow Look at all the freaking marrow by Yeah pull that out They go there you go Pull it out Here There you go good boy How else may i be of service wolfie Geez dude Your dog right you are this dog you have Canine Abilities There you go big boys push it out for You oh the gelatinous Marrow is dripping on to me Once my

Revolutionary spence Which I don't know if you know But we're the only north american dealer For revolution race Thanks there wolf for uh the segway Boom all right that's about it eh that's About all the Gelatinous mess oh no wait wait wait Wait here's some more gelatinous Goo Gelatinous good news Such a nice spot A little cloudy today Touch on the cloudy side no rain though Yeah I told you no already You're not allowed to have that I know you want it And i'll probably give you some After i'm done eating it but You can't just take it man What are you doing Just eating rock tripe It's a good source of uh nothing You know Northern soup bob No what are you doing i told you know About 15 times man how much more food i Brought you raw meat brought you bones You know just relax man just relax Oh my gosh it smells good bud leave it Like you know i'm gonna give you a piece Of it too so just freaking take it down

A notch you got no you've got dog food I brought you marrow bones You're gonna have some of this just Relax Be a good boy Okay just be a good dog Okay i think that season's enough huh What do you think Enough for your liking there wolf Wolf pack wolf gang Wolfenstein potatoes are in they've got To be almost done by now I just rigged up this little no man this Quick little uh cooking system we'll see If she works I'm gonna go Got this maple i'm gonna go in the steak Out the steak no Well Back in the stake Uh Shoot that's a bad spot but anyway So we've got it on there like that Bring down a touch And then i got these cross pieces that I'm going to butterfly in Like this And down Much easier than working with a fish There's no uh rough skin And i wonder if i should do it from this Side now yeah i should do it from Opposite sides of the stick that way it Lays properly and that's basically what

We got we're just gonna Put that over top of the fire something On the back For a little while And we'll call it good I want there Right about there What Are you looking for bud Who's chilling out or what Put down Okay something's happening Wolf is like you dude What are you doing silly hey what are You doing Wow those clouds eh Hmm No rain though you know Way in the forecast No Yoink Okay Uh Steak i will lean up against here For a hot minute i guess and we'll get These potatoes on that to see what see What we're working with you need to stay Back oh yeah crispy bits and all Perfect Perfect Half and half salt and pepper All right Nice Good you guys ever watch the greatest

Showman it's autumn's favorite movie Um It was her birthday yesterday She was turned four We're listening to the soundtrack And watching the movie and let me tell You Hugh jackman is a better actor than he Is a singer You know i'm gonna give the doggy some Even though he's Spoiled and Already he's got So much meat but Oh wow Wow Yeah The jim baird method is legit surprise Surprise right The guy doesn't know what he's talking About they're all never done nothing So The Um Where's the spice bullet i think it's Called this is a miniature one i got two Of them This one just holds two but salt on the Cut ends Of a freshly cooked steak Is right up there you know with like a Good scotch Or a good dog you know Good dog

Let's give a wolf a piece That tastes so good How's that You like it Is that good Was that good Lots of good comments about wolf thank You A couple comments asking about tripper I've already made a video about it They unfortunately passed you can go Look at it it's an update video says it In the title Tripper's gone Um Yeah anyways let's i don't really want To talk about that But he's a good boy Really happy with him Starting to get a little husky like Derpy husky I'll be training them we'll be taking With the trainers doing more than i can Do by myself but it's pretty good I was hoping that this wind would die Down tonight It's 6 30 Hoping by tonight maybe like seven O'clock eight o'clock Die down a bit And get out and fish Maybe collect some more firewood Be nice to get him a fish he really Really enjoys eating fish so

I'll wait to feed him his supper And see how that goes but why are you Leaning away why are you doing it i got Food for him regardless so Little baby potatoes I love this spot I feel rejuvenated with wolf i really do It's a huge thing for me Sure you guys understand All that steak and potatoes was beyond Delicious I fed him Probably more than i should have Anyway i've got the last little bit cut Up here into small pieces For him That much nice little handful i'm gonna Mix it with his kibble I'm gonna put it in this bone And Let him be nope be occupied for a little While trying to dig it out Helps him a little bit with problem Solving and it's Good time killer And i think they'll enjoy it So instead it's like the same thing as a Kong right you can do this with a kong But it's just with the marrow bone Instead i get to just get these at the Grocery store someplace i got my steak Today It's um They call them soup bones but

Anyway That's packed full and he can enjoy that For a bit can we be good Oh that's a good set There you go Good boy Well wolf he's got his spot he likes Over by that tree for some reason This is this is your jam in here big guy I'll share this will blanket with you And everything watch out The cuter they are the higher pitch my Voice goes you know It's not even Not even something i can control Yeah it's certainly solid in the middle Here The outside he's gone to crap I can relate All right let's see if we can just Kind of push her over Damn Anti-climactic joe Mm-hmm I'm about to go Uh fish for a couple hours but i figured I'd get this piece on Let's go there's a nice good fire now i Don't want to die down So this axe is good enough to use one Hand As you can see Quite powerful Two-handed as

All well Now we'll have a good fire Waiting for us when we get back come on Good dog Good doggy Still using the Food Lure him but he's doing well Hiccups Pretty freaking epic sunset over here Man I'm not even upset about the no fish Wolfy probably is but hulk he smokes Look at this This is all right folks This is all right He doesn't seem to care too much Actually you know Only wax in there Magic folks just magical here I might go run up to this portage here And go right up and down a couple times With him It's just after eight and then we'll be Back probably at the camp by nine I would assume just to burn out some Energy not that he needs it but I gotta pee anyway so Maybe we'll do that All right well Got some coals at least We'll get that Back into a fire in no time Well

That's almost burned out So am i It's about time to go to bed This gets killed Yeah Let's go crawl in the tent No rush Such a good dog what a good dog he is Like just laying on this wool blanket a Lot of care in the world I'm uh i'm still blowing this thing up But look at him Just checking it out Boy This is not too shabby at all Boy All right well we're gonna turn in A little bit Wish us luck oh Hear the rain A little pitter patter on the roof That's crazy we came in bed Five minutes ago not even Zero chance of rain Rain's picking up [Applause] Good boy Good morning buddy Good morning everybody Me I was in good sleep Pretty foggy or what Pretty foggy doggy Good boy

Slept on all my clothes last night and My puppy jacket um There's certainly no bugs I was happy for the cold for that reason But man that was the first chilly night Summer really is over it's kids start School any day now And uh Yeah this is just like It's almost september 1st here Well I like to let the air out of my pad While i'm sitting on it Gives a little extra oomph He's such a good dog he just slept in Here he didn't try to he could have Crawled out underneath if he wanted to Or something but Anyways Time to get up So much fog hey good boy What do you say boy Wow Pretty good boy Want some breakfast bud hi I'll get you some food here what i mean Hi good boy Hi you're having fun eh Oh my god boy There you are hey there you are This is my new bear proof system The old convenience store Plastic bag Five feet

On a limb Next to the Trunk Is your food in there Yeah it is No no no no Hey Relax There you are just relax Sit Hey buddy Sit there you go Good world man Throwing stuff down at me buddy Here Sit Hey there you go You're so excited for food I swear we feed them All right well that was about two cups Of food buddy so you're good there Oh there you go Whoa what are you doing What are you doing What are you doing huh hoping oh my Goodness oh my god Cover duck talking cover Oh my goodness Hey watch the camera though You done now okay That was fun while it lasted hey that Was fun while it lasted Big boy Can i please uh

Do a little blanket now You're on top of the There you go Two dogs but i only break one of this oh No no no that's nice for you to do that I'm folding this up okay i'm full Hold it up 2022 i rolled up the husky watch out Okay A little bit of condensation in there But that's how it is with tents with um You know Not much mesh there is that one mesh Pocket there and if i was um More confident in wolf's Willingness or ability to stay with me If the tent was open i would have kept The doors open but again this is our Third night out Uh And we're not on an island or anything Like that so i don't want them to wander Off get lured out by any Anything but later on down the road I won't have to worry about that too Much And i probably don't know either but Anyways then we can leave the door open In weather like this And there won't be any condensation yeah You can't go on can't go on there won't Be any conversation with the door open But either way it happens on certain Tents and it's not a deal breaker just

That's how it is I wanted to check out how the The top held up where the pole was Sticking into it Yeah it looks totally fine No like abrasions or anything But then again the wind did die down Pretty good yesterday not like it was Rubbing or anything so All good I'm gonna stuff this Into the stuff sack as opposed to Rolling it because That's The way i like to do it you know It actually is better for it it creates Less memory Like if you roll something the same way Every time it's going to create creases And memory and stuff i don't know that It matters But anyways just something to think of And that's To me Quicker And easier especially if you're doing it Every day on the move Than rolling something up specifically Like i have to with that little blanket To make it fit underneath in the rolls They're in the roll Doing a bunch of stakes like i said A couple of different guy lines So i can tie on later if i'm so inclined

But If not you can leave all that at home And save weight by cutting your own Stakes and using no Guidelines obviously you saw me use the Pole So really like that can be your full Shelter if that you're not If you don't need bug a bug net And if you do it's Maybe Almost double this Anyway Pretty good trip we think mr uh Wolfenstein It's really good let's go trip your dog I'm gonna get going I'm gonna see a friend of mine He's white and he's floofy i love him Because he's just wolfy Derpy der pusky Lots of noises hey big guy [Applause] Good dog I ditched the canoe back there Carried about half the way But I'm winded So i'm gonna come back for it He's like what do you do that What do you live in [Applause] We're gonna shut the ac off holy smokes Oh mr wolfy

No kisses this time man you got your Bone again so Tell people goodbye All right guys hope you enjoyed it Excuse me thank you for watching see you Soon on the next one God why'd you leave the camera That doesn't make any fun Just uh Throw out this one piece of gear dog

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