Best Recurve Bow for under 100 USD?!

By | October 31, 2022

Foreign [Laughter] [Music] Hey guys my name is Lily and today I Want to make a video about the best bowl That you can get as a beginner and don't Get me wrong there are many really good Bows out there but there's one that I Can recommend in particular So for this video today I have ordered The trusty and well-known samixh Let's check out what's in the content of This box and why I think that this is Maybe the best bow for beginners but Also for people who are Advanced tutors So the thing that happened to me was When I started bone arrow shooting is That I bought one bow I shot it for a Couple of years then I bought the next One and then Um I bought a couple of more and I Always thought no This is not as good as the old one that I had so sometimes you don't need Something better something really Expensive Um I know people they run around with 2 000 Euro balls it's not a choke so Um as long as the bowl shoots accurate You don't need to spend a lot of money In order to gain accuracy so today I Want to show you this bow here which is By the company semic and samik makes Really good bows they are South Koreans

And they know their stuff because they Are really good archers I'm not Affiliated with the semic company Unfortunately I would love them as my Sponsor but I'm not so I bought this Phone with my own money and now let's go And check it out and actually I went Ahead and I bought three different sets Of Limbs these ones are 30 pounds 35 and 40. now 40 is the Um legal limit of hunting in Canada so If you're in Canada you need at least 40 Pounds but for starting so if you're a Beginner I would not start with this Weight because it's really like heavy And I would start with 30 pounds For men So if you are like a woman I would even Start the war with 25 pounds Um and that's because if you start too Strong then your form won't be that Great so first you have to Perfection Your form and that's only possible if You're usable which is not too heavy so You want to use a bow which has a light Draw weight and this way you can first Internalize the form and then later on You work your way up to 35 into 40 and To even more poundage if you are that Strong Okay so these are the limbs And one of those limbs they cost uh only 45 Euros so it's really cheap And here we have it this is the same

Exage Riser and it's beautiful Look at this wood it's really beautiful You have some dark gray at the back and At the front and then also Some Wooden color In between and it's also laminated which Makes it really strong and this bowl Will not break easily okay now also what I really like about the Riser is that It's a proper Riser with all kinds of Mounting holes here for example you can Mount A air arrest then also here you can Mount Some sides if you want to and then here This hole you can add a stabilizer or a Hand Loop or both So you have a lot of options because a Lot of folds they don't have these Mounting holes and then you can only Shoot them bare now my favorite way is To shoot them there but I know many People who want to have an air rest or Some sides or something else on the bow And this bow gives you the option So now let's put on the airlins with 35 Pounds because this is the draw weight That I'm shooting right now now I can Tell you right away that some of the Screws are going to be rusting it's Going to be these black ones and also The hole here And this screw or hole is also going to

Rust so what you want to do is you want To Take some polystorm And spray all of the holes Okay next you want to take some copper Paste And you want to smear it into the hole Here this is important so in case your Bow gets wet which can happen That the screws are not rusting Because otherwise you won't get out the Screws anymore And then you cannot take down the bow That would really suck So make sure you use a little bit of This copper paste and I really swear on That with copper paste You won't get any rust So the link that has specs on it the Name and The bow length and also the pounds this Is usually put onto the downward side of The bow I'm gonna take one of the bolts And screw it in and the great thing is That you can screw in this bow the limbs Without using any hex key So that's a big plus for when it comes To survival because in a survival Situation you might lose your hex key And then you cannot take down a bow that Would really suck so this kind of fold This one here this is worth gold for a Survival situation and in terms of

Survival that's a big plus all right so I have screwed down the lip now let's Check if we have some play which is Important Thank you So the bow has A minimal amount of play which is almost Nothing And if you have some play you want to Correct that and honestly this is not a Big mistake because most Bowls have a Play The problem is with the play that If the limp moves then the Um bow is going to make a sound while Shooting and for survivable You want to have a bow which is silent Of course now to reduce the play I Always take some sort of clothing here I Have some This is some plastic clothing this won't Rot if it's getting wet It's really thin so I will try to use This for Um inside of here but first we need to Cut out the right shape [Applause] So everything that sticks out at the Side here you can cut away with an Exacto knife Okay So this is it for this side Next thing what I want to add is some Kind of leather here because if you take

A carbon arrow and if you let it Glide Over a wood like this It's going to make the sound and that's The sound you will hear when you draw The bow And it's a little bit loud it's not too Loud but it really sucks honestly So if you cool some leather into here Then you will reduce the sound Now you can also glue some leather at The window at the side but I would wait With that because first you have to Shoot the bow and if it's shooting Straight I would not add something to The side here because otherwise the Arrow will get a kick to the side so Make sure that first you shoot the bow a Couple of times and then you can decide If you want to add a thin strip of layer Here so now I want to glue on a piece of Leather onto the shelf and this is what You have to do before you set the knock Point because if you raise the Shelf you Also have to raise the knock point Foreign This piece of leather to the shelf of The bowl And now I'm going to use some super glue To glue it down and make sure you use Enough of it because if you are shooting Like arrows it can be that this Edge Will lift up with the time so make sure That you glue down all of the edges Especially the one at front

Alright guys so if you leave the bowl Like this it's going to make a little Bit of sound and the sound will come From the bow string clinging onto the Limp every time you're taking a shot so It's going to make Sounds like this and you're going to Hear it and to dampen that sound you can Take a simple piece of Velcro Which is about eight and a half Centimeters long and two centimeters Wide And you want to take this piece And you want to glue it on right Underneath this Notch here this is very Hanging the bow string right and right Underneath this piece of velcro starts Okay And then you take some super glue and we Do it on the limp Okay so now we have successfully Um pulled on the velcro and also I would Like you to know that the same exage Um was not the only hunting bow that was Produced by the company samik So what I have here is my personal bow And this is the samik sht it's almost Identical to the same exage it just has Darker wood and the Riser is a little Bit longer like one inch or so So this is the bow that I've shot for The last 12 years and I've always come Back to this bow because it's the most Accurate

Um the The limbs are a little bit different at The semic sht but all in all it's pretty Much the same bow I would love to Recommend this bow the thing is that This bow is not in production anymore So the same exage is the only boat that You can get from now now the reason why I'm shooting this bow here is because It's a little bit shorter it only has 60 Inches in length this one has 62 inches Um and I think 60 inches fits me better But Accuracy wise both of these balls they Are pretty much the same but if you are A man With longer hands then I would Definitely recommend that you take the Same exage yeah before we can string the Bow I also want to put on some fur for The string silences and usually I take My ruler and I set them like right here at Um about 14 centimeters From the end So just Untwist the string open it up and now I Take my fur I stick it through Like this and then I just Lock in the fur And now I wrap around The string silencer like this So we are going down the string now Towards the middle okay now I'm coming

To an end and here I open up the string Again I separate the brown from the Black And this is Where I put through the end Of the string silencer and then I just Lock this in again this is how you can Put on your string Salita Without losing it okay so now I'm at my Favorite bow range and now I want to Show you how to properly string this bow It takes a loop of the bow string put it Around the limp which is on bottom then I take my bow Stringer and here I have The small cap and I put it right over The ends where I have Used the bow string already and now I Take this Loop And put it around the outer limb Okay now I want to check my brace height And it's far Far too low so it should be around here I always shoot my balls with 20.5 Centimeters which is 8 inches and 1 8. So this is my desired brace height so Now I got to twist the bow string to Make it shorter Okay now it's time to set a knock point Push it down all the way to the Shelf And usually I set my knock Point really High if it's too high I can always take Off the knock Point again and reset it Okay and now that the ball is strong we Can apply some wax to the bow string and

This wax will increase the longevity of The bow string and If you're unstring the bow it will keep It together It's not untwisting that much So it's always good if you use some bags On your bow string and this wax here is Beeswax but you can also get other Oil-based waxes Um I just like to keep it natural and This is why I'm using beeswax okay I Haven't shot the bow for one month Because I didn't have the time so now It's the first time that I'm shooting This bow and also it's the first time in A month that I shot any other ball let's See how it works out So it's always good if you start at a Very close distance and then you work Your way far away because that's the Best way to learn how to shoot a bow and Also it's the best way to adjust to a New bow Foreign Foreign All of these arrows are deadly Um But I have to say it's also easy to Shoot big game at shorter distances So with smaller like with a squirrel I only would have hit two out of five Errors So it's easier to shoot bigger animals Bigger games than small game that's

Pretty self-explaining why And I gotta say this bow shoots exactly The same as my other body semic sht so It's super accurate Foreign Foreign Hunting bow hunting recurve Um I gotta say for 100 Euros which is Now 100. It's amazing Um it's amazing it's egg red it's cheap It's high quality The rice is high quality it's laminated Wood usually if you buy other cheaper Products from China you will get One piece Rises which are not laminated So they are not going to be as strong as This riser Um so it's perfect it's a perfect Survivable you don't need hex keys to Get off the limbs and it's super silent Super Um robust also fiberglass is An old technology it's super sturdy Super strong You will not rip this off easily But it's a little bit slower than carbon Limbs now I can completely understand if Somebody says they want carbon limbs Because of the speed of the error I have To say that for me for myself I've learned how to shoot both On both like these with slower limbs Um and that's why I am used to it so I

Don't want to relearn another bow now And actually I have to say that once I Tried a carbon bow it was great but I Was always too high because I'm not used To Um such high aerospits so Carbon is another thing that you have to Think about if you want to start putting The arrow shooting but I think Fiberglass is just fine and super sturdy All right so I will try to find this bow On Amazon I cannot guarantee it but yeah I think it's one of the best balls and It's not only for beginners but also for Advanced Shooters you don't have to Switch out this ball you can shoot it Forever and that's because it's really Accurate and also what I've observed is That the limbs If you [Music] Um String the ball correctly They will stay like this the entire Lifetime of the bowl so I've shot my Ball for over 10 years now I think it's 13 years I'm not sure and With my limbs they are always straight With adipose I have observed that Sometimes the limbs are twisting So Fiberglass is the way to go sturdy limbs Is the way to go and especially the Company semic makes really good products

Alright so I really want to thank you For watching um it's never too late to Start bone arrow shooting it's a great Sport and great hobby so if you're Interested in both in the arrows this is A ball that I can highly highly Recommend

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