Black Militia Leader in PRISON

By | November 15, 2022



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[Music] What's going on guys black Scout Survival Late Night Live thanks for Tuning in Um we're going to talk about some uh Nfac it's been a minute we still love Videos about these guys Um but before that let's let's talk About some uh other hot topics Moderna and Pfizer will investigate Whether coveted vaccines can cause Long-term health issues Isn't it reassuring that they're doing It now after the millions of Americans Got it or people around the world got it Like don't you think they should have Conducted these tests uh you know up Front before I don't know I wouldn't feel good too Good if I got the Hokey Pokey Um you know right about now especially With these kind of headlines and then uh Did you guys see this right here The US men's soccer team changes Crest To lgbtq Colors logo for Qatar World Cup So the American flag is now the lgbtq Flag No longer just red stripes United States Redesigns his Crest with rainbow colors Ahead of World Cup at Qatar it's now Blue USA the lgbtq plus color Stripes Below so it's not just the standard Rainbow flag it's got the uh the Q Plus Colors in there as well

Yeah that's the world we're living in Guys wait they'll probably make the American flag like that soon as well Um So let's talk about uh Grandmaster J and Fac Um John Johnson is uh his name uh he went By Grandmaster Jay He assumed the Persona of Grandmaster Jay he was actually an I.T guy from Ohio Former Army soldier he had gotten in Some trouble he got demoted promoted Back up National Guard all that sort of Thing Um but he started a black militia group And you know we had some back and forth Me and Grandmaster Jay for quite some Time uh made a bunch of videos about him He would talk about me on his morning Mentals he would make videos mention me And things like that there's a few other People he was going back and forth with It's not not just me but You know Started if you guys remember in Stone Mountain Georgia he went down there and That was like the first meet up and uh You know had the arm militia movement There and basically were calling out any Uh White supremacists Um I'll show a video clip here of an Interview he had done uh real quick Man former musician and army veteran

John Grandmaster Jay Johnson is the Movement growing by Leaps and Bounds we Met with him outside of Cincinnati where He says another new chapter is now in The works the nfac stands for the not Effing around Coalition what's behind The name the nfac was born out of the Last four years under the Trump Administration the deterioration of Racial relations in this country it Means that you're preparing yourself to Defend yourselves while the group style Echoes the Black Panther Party of the 1960s their goals are distinct focusing On defense with the ultimate goal of a Black ethno State what makes us so Different is that our goal is our own Government our own country a place where We can determine our own future is Violence an option to reach your goals The United States was built I want you to notice they're outside Wearing masks Never forget this On violence being an option violence Should be the last option extremism Experts say the group is distinct from Far Now one thing I did like you said there He said that America was found in all Violence so a lot of people forget that Um even though I don't agree with Um a lot of this guy's ideology Obviously I do agree with that statement

I also agree with his um you know first Amendment second amendment rights and Things like that and and being armed Obviously whether I like your Um you know stance or not I think all Americans should have the right to bear Arms and uh you know I'm unlike a lot of YouTubers and guys you know I'm I'm I'm Very Pro Um firearm I think that anything beyond Shall not be infringe is is uh Infringement Um you know I think that you know felons Not being on Firearms uh things like you Know the the Brady act all these sort of Things I think those are all Infringement on constitutional rights in My opinion and uh yeah that's my opinion A lot of people aren't going to agree With me on that but you know I don't Care Um I think everyone should be able to Defend themselves so Right militias they have not risen to The level of concern of say the three Percenters The Oath Keepers they have Not engaged in violence in fact in most Of their pre of their demonstrations They have in fact coordinated their Activities with police when you talk About January 6 and we saw those rioters Stormed the capital what do you say to Critics who say you're no different from Them they're extremists your extremists

Show me Where we have done those things they've Killed people they've disrespected the Government to the point where they have Invaded its sacred Halls Mentioned is that he just said like he Wants his own government you know they Don't respect the government but then He's sitting here playing into the Leftist plot Of You know oh yeah they the sacred Halls You know talking about January 6th I Mean uh he's just trying to play into That leftists where we've done those Things because we have done none of them We were allowed rare access to one of Their training sites at a secret Location in rural Georgia we are now Driving to the nfac training facility we Spoke to one member who chose to go by The code name shy to protect her Anonymity this one is the handgun Correct yes and then what do you guys do Next we are going to the area where we Practice our Primary Weapons firing why Did you decide to join this movement It's for the cause black people we need To learn how to defend it this is Definitely one way to do it do you all I Mean have normal jobs you work in all Different sectors absolutely we're Business owners we're doctors lawyers Where your everyday person anywhere from

Walmart to the corporate sector what are You all training for we're training for Self-defense a response to show they Won't be scared or unprotected any Longer So yeah um you know that that was the Interview I remember when that came out He was very excited about that but uh You know you know one thing she you know The lady said in that black people Should defend themselves all people you Know no matter the color should you know How to defend themselves I mean we are Americans who come from a warrior Culture and uh you know I don't disagree With that and and you know the thing is Is that like like yeah we're going to Get to some of his ideology that I 100 Disagree with hands down I don't have a problem with the dude Making a militia don't have a problem With a dude owner Firearms I don't have A dude Um with the dude having uh you know Using his first minute right to protest I don't I don't have a problem with These things but the some of the some of The rhetoric he used the hateful racist Rhetoric I didn't have a problem with Um I was well that was playing because I've already seen that video I saw this Comment here and I'm going to mention Some tribe members here in a minute just Uh some of the tribe real quick but uh

MBR NB roachable Maybe Um he said dude pissed off his handlers And they railroaded him the funny thing That you mentioned that is the fact that That He did apparently have handlers Um apparently this was some kind of like Glowy government plot because two of his Like main guys when they you know I Guess defected left the nfac they Contacted me as well as the other couple Guys making videos and I talked to one Of them one of his main guys And he was talking about that There was a meeting with some white guys They would give him money you know the Immediate like Chili's Applebee's and Stuff like that the Wendy's Um and he would get payments you know um From these guys you know and uh it was Uh very odd the guy thought you know Um and he said what he believed in these These Guys these white guys were giving Money were federal agents you know and Uh The other thing is you know trying to Recall back but you know Grandmaster Jay And some of his videos would say things That would uh you know be very Weird you know as far as things he'd say About who he was funded by you know Sometimes he'd say he was funded by the Russians or you know different things Like that but Um I definitely do think

He went off track I think he was Probably paid maybe it was George Soros Federal agents Undercovers you never Know but what I truly believe is that Whatever his intent was his his job he Was given he went off the tracks and They had to reel him in I think this These type of things probably happened a Lot Um with uh you know the feds and these Sort of things I I just do because I Even said early on that I was like They're going to get this guy because One he had a lot of power he'd get a lot Of people together like that's one thing This dude could get a lot of people with Firearms together I've not seen anybody Else do this sort of thing Um and don't I'm not trying to you know Give this dude accolades or anything but It's truthful yeah you've seen anybody Up be able to get that many people Together with Firearms right Um so Anyway before we go further I just Wanted to comment on that Um And uh let me just highlight a couple Tri members we've got to try we'll talk About that in uh Barry goat Tim Moore we Got issues chocolate thunder Creek Bait Therapy good to see you guys here Buffett Barbie Buffet Barbie Um Sarah black

Uh we got issues good to see how you try Members here Sirius J pass Good to show you guys here Um Anyhow Nfac had a lot of things going on they Had one of the main guys that went by The name ozone He shot a police officer in Florida and This was after uh Grandmaster Jay had Got charged And we'll get to his charts in just a Second but after he got charged And ozone shot a police officer police Officer wanted him dying And uh he actually fled from Florida to Georgia to their training site right and Apparently they're trying to hide him But someone told ratted on him Um and uh he got arrested and in my Opinion because after as we go further In this video I believe Jay ratted on Him to try to get a lesser sentence Which which he wound up doing so my Opinion that's what I think happened Obviously they're not Going to put some kind of plea deal Out there for the world to see Um but I think that's probably what happened You know nfac was also notorious for Shooting each other these protests so You you get a bunch of people together But they had no idea what they were

Doing Firearms right there was multiple Times I think three instances where People have been shot Um you know three different events where People have been shot so from my Understanding how it went is that you Would go to you know they would put out On social media Instagram Facebook all Sort of things When the meetings will be the protests Will be Jay Grandmaster J would call get a Permit to uh have a protest there all The people go there that have a check-in Booth you show up there and then so they Weren't a real militia because nobody Was you know they'd have random people Just show up and they get a bracelet and Now you're part of the the group and so As they're waiting in line people get Shot you know that because they don't Know anything about Firearms so But yeah there's some things that happen So Anyway Jay's 59 years old right and um Sorry he's from Cincinnati not Ohio He was sentenced to 86 months in prison Since prison this week for his actions During the Kentucky Derby Um you know they called the nfac they're Not effing around [ __ ] around Coalition he was at Definitely [ __ ] around at the Kentucky Derby hence why he's in this

Mess but uh he was accused of pointing His uh rifle at two federally deputized Officers in downtown Louisville Um and the thing is is that there were ATF and FBI agents there as well So yeah somebody mentioned the bolt Clothes he did the thing where he Slapped the the gun uh his AR-15 down Sending that bolt home I said see boom It'd go off you know so we know that That doesn't happen because the firing Pin But so he pointed the rifle at two Task Force officers who were on the rooftop Basically shined his light I think I got A photo of it I do not He shot his light on his rifle and I saw Him do this if you go back and watch Some of those videos that I did just go Watch all these old videos are good They're they're fun but he would shine Like I said show one of them was the Training their training video out in the Woods and he's shining the the rifle Like pointing it at people like shining The light on people like why he's Talking to him Um incredible stuff right So then if I see in a couple other Groups because they had little Fringe Groups pop up after this during this Time and uh they were all conducting a Protest at the Kentucky Derby

Um But It was in it was for Brianna Taylor's Death Um back in May a federal jury convicted Johnson one count of assaulting Resisting and impeding law enforcement In one count of brandishing a firearm in Relation to a crime of violence 86 Months sentence was a little more than The minimum allowed under federal law he Was actually facing up to 27 years so he Got the minimum just the hair of the Minimum when he was facing 27 years That's why I believe he is the one who Told where ozone was for the plea deal Right I mean this was a character look at him I mean he looks like a super villain From uh you know some kind of like Marvel movie or something uh And he would always wear the you see That vest he's got on there that's That's like a paintball vest I'm gonna show you real quick the the Video footage from the trial and stuff Johnson better known as Grand Master Jay In May a federal jury convicted the Leader of the black militia group on two Counts of assault in a federal Task Force officer and brandishing a firearm During the Brianna Taylor protest in 2020 Wednesday Johnson was sentenced to 86 months in prison the judge dismissed

The first count of assaulting a federal Task Force officer which would have Brought a higher sentence of up to 20 Years I believe that that this sentence Is a reflection of the federal Judiciary Beginning to send a message legal expert Larry Wilder says he believes the Sentence for Johnson coincides with Federal What he's about to say is that the the Sentence is due to January 6th I don't Believe that I believe guys in freaking January 6 are going to be in jail longer Than than uh Grandmaster Jay here Jury convicted the leader of the black Militia group on two counts of assault In a federal Task Force officer and Brandishing a firearm during the Brianna Taylor protest and 2020 Wednesday Johnson was sentenced to 86 months in prison the judge dismissed The first count of assaulting a federal Task Force officer which would have Brought a higher sentence of up to 20 Years I believe that that this sentence Is a reflection of the federal Judiciary Beginning to send a message legal expert Larry Wilder says he believes the Sentence for Johnson coincides with Federal judges cracking down after January 6. I think it's a kind of a Don't bring your guns You know I I truly think that that the Judges are sentencing people in the

Messages don't become violent don't be In a place where violence can become the You know it becomes incendiary just Moments after Johnson was sentenced the Same protesters returned to the steps With a different message they Miscarriage of Justice and Louisville The Commonwealth of Kentucky has taken Place and quite frankly it's an Embarrassment To all of our Humanity Now Johnson was facing up to 27 years So yeah um He so he'll have three years of Supervised release after completing his Seven year sentence I mean seduce going To be uh well into his uh 60s by the Time he gets out Um you know he he spoke last year to uh Complex and he said that the nfac's Mission Was to establish an infrastructure that Can assist in being the framework of a Community self-policing and protection Of our own communities and our race you Know uh he's definitely a like a Sociopath narcissist Um he said we live in a world where Racism is appearing to rarest ugly head Again the way it did back in the Jim Crow days uh we didn't create that it Recreated itself so it proved to be Fertile ground for the creation of the Nfac the same way it was fertile ground

Fertile sorry I don't know what I'm Saying it that way fertile ground in the 60s to create the Black Panthers So with that Um I like I said I think he cut a deal I I don't know how he got out of 26 he got Freaking seven years out of 27 I mean That's that's phenomenal uh you the the January 6 folks probably won't even see Trial Till by the time Grandmaster Jay Gets out I mean how they're holding These people uh politically like hostage But anyway Grandmaster Jay the sociopath Narcissist narcissist he actually wrote A letter to all hip-hop Um and I'm gonna read it to you real Quick He says Children of the most high Yahweh Now what you have to understand is Before I keep going Grandmaster Jay is a Black Hebrew is alike and that is a Racist organization I'm going to talk About it towards the end but anyway Um so that's that's why he's talking in This this manner Children are the most high Yahweh Keepers of the knowledge of the past Great great civilization that has been And will be be again I bid you peace Unity and love the silence that you have Been forced to endure by the removal of The voice of facts so he's saying that Now it's silence because He was the voice of facts the power of

Feeling and the mood of morning mentals Is the testimony of the resilience and Strength of you as United threat to Those who could not destroy you or Replace you the potential you possess Was awakened by your unification all Around the world by the teachings and Relevation relevant Revelations revealed The greatest long-term threat To the middle prison you have been kept In for the last five thousand years is What I became for the reason they Imprisoned me just as I said they would But not before I planted the seed an Entire generation of new kings queens Philosophers Warriors and Proclaimers of The truth like karma is a bill that must Always be paid these seeds will grow up Produce walking talking fruit that will Be knocking down Doors 15 to 20 years so That you hear this dude like he is a Literal sociopath he's basically saying That he has built an entire generation And for the next 15 15 or 20 years They'll be walking talking fruit that he Has produced talking about people He goes on this is true my impact on the Children is well documented and I love You all my little ones however today I'm Sending this message to all of you to be Encouraged every great leader Revolutionary and Prophet has sat where I sit now People fear what they cannot understand

But they fear what they can even more But everything in the earth's realm is a Temporary situation So dudes saying just like every great Leader revolutionary Prophet you know so He's saying basically he's that Foreign he goes on and says even life so While I'm being kept hearing the lines Then the fiery furnace the pit of pain Do not fret leave the pity party do not Take up resonance in the land of defeat And said prepare your mind and use your Third eye to look forward to the day I Return look forward to the fruit of all Lessons and labors of love coming your Way look forward to the greatest Celebration in unity formation the world Has ever seen look forward to the day Grandmaster Jay returns until then keep Me alive in your hearts Minds memories And episodes of facts over feeling Morning mentals and something else Interviews article pictures and personal Interactions and per person and in Spirit I am always with you in spirit Like the song says someday we'll be Together so keep your feet on the ground And your head to the sky love you Unconditionally Saddam all praises to The most high Grand Master Jay So yeah that was his letter you know and I just wanted to read it you know Because it is uh an absolute Absolutely absolute you know nut job I

Mean he thinks he's like freaking Gandhi Or something he thinks he's uh George Washington he really does he's he's a Psychopath so Like I said I I get I agree with First Amendment Second Amendment getting being In a militia having uh Firearms you know I agree with all those sort of things But the big thing is he was a racist he He hated white people And it comes it stems from being a Black Hebrew Israelite and so that's a Religion a cult this isn't it's uh it's Really a cult and um it was actually Founded by former slaves during the late 1800s Um who were also Freemasons the two guys That created the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement were William crowdy and Frank Cherry they were both Freemasons Um And what they believe is and you've Heard this rhetoric from people like Nick Cannon Um Kanye West even said it other day but They believe black people are the true Jews and that whites are destined to be Killed or made slaves for the Hebrew Israelites after the Messiah returns They also believe that Jesus was a black Man And America's America and its allies Will soon be judged so they believe These things now

If you like listen to these teachings And what is being said And you can see that the persons that Crafted this cold a little about history Um theology And geography right they were uneducated Whoever made this religion these two Guys they were uneducated because the Things that they put in the religion Doesn't make sense if you know geography History and Theology of the Bible Um But understand during this time they Were slaves obviously you're going to Probably wish bad things for your Oppressors too Um so hence why they probably made the Religion because they probably wanted These bad things right but again you Know um I think I see more and more I See a billboard the other day about this Black people like Hebrew Israelite Movement is growing Traction if you are you know coming into This religion You can easily Stud it and realize it's false right if You went to school and you at least went Through fifth or sixth grade you should Know that doesn't make sense So uh anyway And they don't believe Jesus Christ is The uh they don't believe Jesus Christ Is the son of God

So which is a huge problem and uh Obviously Jesus is the savior so Uh it just doesn't make sense Anyway uh I just wanted to bring that up today Because we know we've done a ton of Videos about Uh nfac and Grandmaster Jan and uh in The past and I said when he got arrested Nfac's over and all the nfac guys are Still following me and still like Trolling the videos and they're like Nfaces never over yeah yeah it's dead It's gone it's gone you ain't heard or Seen anything of it it's vanished right Because he was he was uh a cult leader Right once you cut the hell snake is Gone I knew like I said in the videos Before it was gonna happen And um Because dude had power let's just be Honest he'd get a large group of people People together with firearms the Government don't like that you know they It wouldn't matter if he had appointed That rifle light Or not they were going to get him for Something the tax evasion I mean Something was coming you know so And says it's Jesus white no Jesus isn't White either do you know geography buddy Like people he's not black women you Must be saying he's white no he's not White either

Um anyway study your geography study the Bible go look on a map and see what People look like from that area right Yeah olive skin there we go But uh it's one of these people Yeah there we go Jesus is not a white man read the Bible Like these people that say this like all Your white shoes they're no no we read The Bible where you should too you know But uh anyway guys I just want to give You that update do me a favor just go Back and watch the old nfac videos if You're new to the channel you came after That uh era it was like two years ago it Was actually probably one of the funnest Times on YouTube the back and forth Between uh me and Grandmaster Jay I'm Sure the other guys had fun too you know It was actually some rivalry in in the Game you know but uh anyway Do me a favor comment on the video man We have been getting Shadow banned like Crazy I mean there's only a thousands Some odd people watching right now Um usually we have a few thousand people Aren't getting notified we're getting um You know comments people saying they're Not getting notified until two days Later Um things like that so please help with The shadow ban and it's it's crazy man You know like they'll allow the guy that Was uh shooting up the subway to make

All kinds of racist videos he wasn't Shadow banned but they'll Shadow ban Anybody that says anything about Joe Biden you know Or Democratic party Um you don't want to miss tomorrow's Video that we're going to talk about Something pretty wow Pretty incriminating something I Mentioned the other night but Um we got some more Intel on it so it's Gonna be good Anyhow guys as always thanks for Watching make go join the tribe I'm Going to say that to you go join our Tribe it's uh popping over there we got Members joining every week we got State Groups broke down all over the place uh You know pretty pretty heavy in some Areas we need more people in some of the Blue areas obviously but Join up we'd love to see you over there Meet like-minded people like so we Schedule meetups in different areas and Uh you know get to know like-minded People don't make a network before it's Too late anyhow guys please go comment On the video like all that sort of thing And as always remember to stay frosty Stay strapped and stay dangerous take Care

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