Building a Solar Powered Garden Shed with my Daughter @Emily Aisling

By | November 11, 2022

Over the summer, my daughter Emily Aisling and I built a garden shed on top of the root cellar to store gardening tools and to preserve and store food from the garden. To power the freezer, freeze dryer and future greenhouse, we install a Renogy Lycan solar generator with four 320w solar panels, a system we can easily expand if our energy needs increase.
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Here are the specs on the Lycan system;
Dimension:32.9 x 20.0 x 28.5 inch / 835 x 508 x 724 mm
Weight:264.6 lbs. / 120 kg Expansion Capability:19.2KWh
Protection Rating:IP55 Bluetooth Range:82 ft. / 25 m
Cooling Method:Fan Self Consumption:25W (Power Saving Mode)
Operating Temperature Range:14°F~122°F / -10°C~50°C
Operating Relative Humidity Range:5%~95% Installation Environment:Indoor/Outdoor
Battery Type:Lithium Iron Phosphate Rated AC Output Voltage:120VAC
Nominal Battery Voltage:48VDC Rated AC Output Frequency:50Hz/60Hz (Adjustable)
Rated Battery Capacity:100Ah Rated Output Power:3500W
Rated Battery Energy:4.8KWh Peak AC Output Power:7000W
Cycle Life:4500 Cycles (80% DOD, 80% EOL, 0.2C, 25°C)
Rated AC Input Voltage:110VAC/120VAC Solar MPPT Voltage Range:60VDC~115VDC
Rated AC Input Frequency:50Hz/60Hz Maximum Solar Input Power:4400W
Maximum AC Bypass Current:20A Maximum Battery Charge Current (Solar):80A
Maximum Battery Charge Current (AC):40A Maximum Battery Charge Current (Total):100A
Solar Input Voltage Range:60VDC~145VDC

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Thank you [Music] Come on Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] All right Fire it up I'm finally using this To put this back in the summer and Before Emily and I actually built this Shed So the shed is sitting on top of that Cellar that we or that I dug in and Built was that two years ago now a year And a half Yeah year and a half I think ago I Dug this seller out With the plans of actually building a Workshop here and change their minds Completely With what happened at the old property So free free jig the entire plan and the Homestead so this became the Garden area Well it's always the forest garden but Became just a garden area growing area And food storage So a big vegetable garden right there Orchard right here behind us both Forest Here and over there full of acorns other And beech nuts and then this shed is Storing the all the pots and the growing

Materials and everything growing medium For stirring Plants next to them over the winter And for that reason we fully insulated These walls Have to install the window and the Window and the door still which I think I'm going to do that probably next week As the weather changes but being fully Insulated with a good window and a good Door Means that we can actually heat the Space fairly easily and I think we are Going to do that this year Depending on like when we start seeds For example I mean so this thing here The Lycan is being run off the four Panels on the roof which are about 1280 Watts you know three or four or 320 watt Panels feeding into this live cam this Has uh 248 volt batteries Now back in the back of it And it's providing well that's a 20 amp Outlet and I have a 30 amp outlet right Here And this is a 20 amp input so we'll hook Up a wire so that we can charge this Thing in the winter if we drain all the Power out of it and there's not enough Sun to charge it uh so we'll hook up a Generator permanently the gas power Generator so that I can kind of fire That up and have it already ready to Charge immediately up we also need a

Fire but Um the third the ac3m outlet what I'm Doing is mounting this Sort of it's like a It's like a disconnect and a service That will feed a 60 amp panel that I'm Going to mount up here the reason I'm Putting that much power is that this Freezer is going to go downstairs down Into the cellar as soon as we get a door Built for the front of the cellar that's Going to keep the temperature a lot more Stable down below so we'll have Um like feed fairly even temperature Which is going to be well above zero Well about freezing so that's you know What's kind of Irrelevant for the winter But in the summer we want that cooler Space down there so the freezer is not Working overtime so that's going down Below and then up here we'll put the Freeze dryer so we'll have a platform Here at the freeze starter can run Because it's quite loud and it's nice to Have it in its own building and again if It's generating heat which it does you Can and this being fully insulated we Can actually run it in here And have the temperature about right for Doing that freeze dry and this thing Will run that it's actually surprising How much how little power of the freezer I use it surprisingly that this thing Can easily provide that so

For that reason because we're gonna have Multiple Like this has one AC of the front plug On it so what I need is to have several So by having a sub panel we go over to Emily and I run ran the wires down to The sellers there's this there's an Outlet down there to plug this in and There's uh I think two lights and then In here we'll have at least one light And we have sockets three sockets in Here so we can plug whatever in charging Or a heat lamp or whatever whatever we Need to power in here and then Eventually the plan is to put a green That was just out from the shed right Here at the back of the garden another Sort of just a rectangular green juice And that would need some power like Lights and maybe a circulating pump for Waters you know we're having put this Through it's pace is really for a winter Yet or for a full year which I'm excited To do but um and I did run some power Tools and stuff off of it of course Performed perfectly and that's a lot of Panels to supply this so I think it's Going to work out well for us I'm going To put all the specs for this thing down In the description below so you can Really get a feel for what it can do and What it can power Um I'm not utilizing it like it said to Its maximum potential of course right

Now because it's not hooked up to Everything but once I get that the sub Panel on the uh it's really good for Backup really is what it's good for is To hook it up to your house have this Thing fully charged because it charges Actually pretty fast so you can charge It with the AC like with your grid power Or your solar power and have that on Standby so that if you lose your power In your house you just fire it up Through a transfer switch like this into Your main circuit breaker or panel And then you can run whatever you've Isolated for running in your house so Being 30 amp we've had one in the past Where you can hook up a generator but I Think it was a 60 amp this being 30 Wouldn't run quite as many appliances But you just choose what you want to run Like let's say blow around your furnace And your well pump or something like That that this would be perfect for Doing that plus some essential lights And ignition switches maybe for for any Heating source so perfect for a backup That's really what I see this thing as Being really ideal for being on Wheels Being portable being powerful enough to Store A fair bit of energy without taking up a Huge amount of space but also not Needing to know much about Electricity or solar powered electricity

Just have this power bank ready to go All the time so that's the biggest Advantage I would say to it for me Because we don't have power here this Makes um Sensa to have this redundancy because in The main cabin I have the full Reggie System for again a 48 volt system it's Very similar actually the power storage As this because I'm not using that much Power I don't use that much power Anymore Um but I just I'm going to hook up a few Extra panels at four there now I'm going To put two more so that I have a little Bit more storage and probably get at Least one more battery especially for Like winter And same thing I'll have a generator Hooked up to that one as well so I have The two systems redundancy they're also Far enough apart that I couldn't use Them both in one system anyway but this Being power I could always take this and Plug it in and add this power to the Cabin if necessary or to the workshop Saw the technical stuff is on the Display and I also have it on an app on My phone so I can actually monitor this And actually control it from the phone Which of course a lot of things have run By apps like that now but it is Convenient I'm not typically one to use All of the technology but especially as

I try to you know offload some of the Online stuff that I'm doing This is not the most efficient freezer Of the three that we're running for that We're running but being so small it Doesn't use much power it's um Really mostly from game and Kelly's Food So We're going fast so this is all Pork fat that's going to get rendered Down this winter and then I've got you Know Some deer meat for Cali trimming she Gets all the termins I got these whole Quarters here Too cold to hang them so I think what I'm going to do is when I shot the deer This year so I think what I'll do is I might prosecuted I'd like hear it hang It or smoke it smoke them whole I've got Four of them like that still plus all The trimmings so I think Yeah I'll show you that later but I Think it might just get hung in the Cellar with some air circulation so I'm Gonna get this closed up and refreeze Again [Music]

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