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Hey folks how are you joe here today is A very special video I'm going to introduce you formally To the pup Named wolf My wolf pup Wolf wolf is a shepherd husky mix Both of his parents were shepherd husky Mixes so both of them were a mixed breed Neither of his none of his siblings Looked like him at all he was the only One with erect ears the only one with This light coloration and the only one This thin He was the runt he's now about 14 or 15 Weeks old And he's a really really good dog Hey folks how are you joe here a lot of You know who i am already i've been Producing outdoor content for well over A decade and after thousands of hours in The wilderness i've been able to Experience just about every brand Product and type of gear you can imagine Everything is getting faster and cheaper Right now finding the gear that will Weather the elements for true Bushcrafters outdoors people backpackers Canoeists anything you could think of It's tough so that's why i launched my Brand new store robin at outfitters Now robinette outfitters Rubbing at outfit is more than just a Store it's a place where you can go to

Get blog posts find the best info on Bushcraft On gear things that you have had been Asking me questions about for years you Can also find the best and highest Quality gear that you won't need to Replace we carry shelters knives Footwear backpacks clothing and Everything in between from brands that i Trust that i've used and have Relationships personally From big big brands to small smaller Niche brands The purchasing from our shop is not only Going to get you the gear that you love It's going to help continue this Creation of videos that you've seen for Well over a decade so head out to robin Outfitters to check out our selection we Look forward to earning your business And also you're gonna get a five percent Discount off your first order oh my god Thanks guys Well we just had an almost three hour Drive here He's really good in the car but he needs To burn some energy so i'm gonna go pull Up to this shady spot under a tree here Have some lunch And have him run around a bit before we Hop back in the boat He's a good dog but he's still a pup he Needs to Burn that energy off hey big boy

This looks like a perfect spot going Super lightweight with this trip i don't Have any a chair or anything so we'll Just chill under this pine tree on the Rock looks nice and cool Big pine tree Okay go buddy free dog Go Go Nope nope No You gotta learn your manners still big Boy That's a good set we got some salami Some cheese curds and some hot sauce I've been giving him Uh his food Also some jerky Right now i'm gonna give him some Garbage Milk bone Yeah good boy I didn't name wolf wolf's name was Already wolf uh when i got him at about 10 weeks and it suited him and i didn't Want to change it after that long so Wolf it is the kids call him wolfy Autumn is convinced it's her dog He's a real good boy All right we may have packed in a big Old marrow bone for the boy to Chew on in the in the canoe we have uh About 13 or 14 kilometers of paddling Before any portages

And then there's about five kilometers Of portages between three broken up Between three or four cars So he'll be in the canoe for quite a bit This morning or actually this afternoon Now But He will be able to burn his energy out On those ports I just needed Something to keep his mind And body busy in the canoe For those 13 clicks beforehand Again he's only like 14 weeks This is his second trip He's growing big The vet said he between Anywhere between 60 and 70 pounds i'm Hoping between 50 and 60 but by the size Of his paws He's looking to be Uh scout size he look he actually Reminds me a whole lot of scout Will said the same thing We really love him he's a super awesome Dog already There you can see the white quartzite Mountains that killarney is famous for These mountains are older than the rocky Mountain chain just wore down over time And that i believe is the last or one of The last cottages we're gonna see We've got a nice tailwind This guy's happy

This guy's happy I'm gonna pedal all day Now you can really see the contours the Mountain chain up there Starting to look like killarney Well I had to stop here for a little swim Trying to cool down a bit Wolfie fell in the water he does the Same thing as cooper he just rolls Around after he gets out of the water Which is super cool I'm going to jump in again See if i can get this guy to come in With me You want to come in the water boy Come on come on You could do it Yeah Bro I roo He talks a lot because the husky Come on Anyways we're teaching him to say i love You Come on wolf What are you doing big boy Come on He's not sure yet Well at least he fell in and cooled down A bit I guess we're gonna get going Oh he's in the canoe he just jumped in The freaking canoe oh my goodness what a

Good boy All right Try and make our way out of here i can't Believe you just jumped in the canoe It's time to go i guess you know Well his tailwind is sure a blessing Today I'm just hoping that tomorrow On my way back out i'm doing a loop Linear loop like not a linear but length Turn come back the same way basically Just Parallel to this length I'm hoping that the wind is not coming From the same direction because there Will be a Long slog all day out Whereas today it's just You know pointer straight and hold on Type thing I am paddling but if i stopped I would still be moving I don't imagine we'll be at cam until About five tonight it's almost two now So He's chilling out he dropped his bone in The water it's gone i tried to recover It with no luck But he's passed out So we'll be at the first portage pretty Soon And um Still have quite a bit of Paddling and portaging after that but

I'm excited to get there because there Has been none so far I'm ready to get out of the boat to my Last trip The wabakimi was Heavy you know double carry A bunch of weight and everything this Trip i feel like going fast Seems like every year i Get that feeling after doing a big Long Heavy trip i want to do a short fast Quick trip so Light trip So that's what this is with old Wolfenstein And [Applause] I'm excited man he's a good dog He's so excited you don't understand how Apprehensive i was i was so apprehensive About getting a new dog after tripper That i put two separate deposits down on Two separate dogs for 500 each and Walked away from both of those and went And saw a third dog And didn't put any money on down on that One but Finally when wolf came around It made sense and it was cheap if Anybody's been looking right now in Canada you could you can attest to this Puppies are not cheap right now like Thousands of dollars i got him for 350

Bucks which is unheard of i think i got Scout for 250 Back like You know like 15 years ago 17 years ago So Anyways He's a mutt that's exactly what i wanted Exactly the same colors i wanted a light Colored dog with pointy ears This guy fits the bill i looked at uh Australian shepherds australian cattle Dogs what else did i look at Oh man tons of mixes some doodles But The shepherd husky mix man he's a he's a Resilient dog and he's uh Exactly what i was looking for i'm sure He's gonna be a great dog uh already had Him to a session of training We're doing uh lots of work together And I honestly couldn't be happier you guys It's such a relief I felt so bad after tripper i really did Like i didn't even know if i should get A dog honestly god man like he was going Like Early early early this year maybe like January february and it's august now and I've been looking for a few months I had that feeling a few months ago i Was like okay time to get a dog started Looking like i said Just lots of craziness but

I think i waited out for the right one He's such a good boy i love him i really Do All right here we go First portage of the trip Mr wolfie's already ready to go I'm gonna try to single carry Ah this is a 1600 meter All right wolf let's Go come on big boy Hey wolf you're supposed to keep up with Me man Come on Wolf come Oh take your sweet time big guy Dad good boy Come on Oh 1600 meters No joke There he goes Boy Keep it moving big boy Keep it moving big boy Good boy no move Dude you got to keep going Oh my gosh There's a real pretty section here Looks like there's a sign up here that Says killarney provincial park i think I'm just entering the park boundaries Now Whereas before i was on Crown land

Just keeps going Yeah there's the sign there Pilarney provincial park nice Look at that little guy Not a care in the world hey wolf Out of care in the world Wait till you get your own backpack bud Yeah get a drink buddy Good boy Good boy [Music] Oh yeah beauty Beauty skyline here [Music] Look at the contours Tons of water bugs All over the place but look at this look At this view Super super pretty contours all white Quartz I rock if there's anyone here that was The biggest portage he's ever been on The only other portage he's been was Like 80 80 meters And that was uh one of the bigger ones I've been on this year but it was pretty Straightforward pretty flat so it was Okay All right one of them says it's the Steepest in the park the 1400 the last One i have today says it's the steepest One in the park and killarney's known For some steep port hushes

What do you think the guy You lost your bone in the water eh bud Boom right in that water And now what would i Have some clear water here No fishing allowed in this lake But i can fish on the lake that i'm uh Camped on Murray So Yeah we'll see if we can grab a fish or Not And uh oh good boy we're not gonna eat It either way but this guy can Get used to it i might feed it to him if It's small enough he likes raw fish Quite a bit Part husky you know So i don't have to worry about him being Warm or cold because he's got this Shepherd double coat he's got the the Husky coat for the cold if anything i Have to worry about him being too warm Then too cold so it'll be good camping It's good because where i live it's like Cold eight months out of the year so I might even be able to train him to Pull a sled who knows but He's uh He's just gonna be my buddy regardless This is exactly what i think of when i Think of killarney This exact scene right here Beauty

Pushed along here pretty quickly Not paddling at all This guy is uh Taking shelter under the shade of me What little shade i throw you know throw That shade joe oh that [ __ ] Headed right to that hill I'm hoping i'm not walking over top of It She's a toasty one folks No word of a lie Oh This guy I think he likes me i think he likes me Too Oh what do you think bud You ready to go do this 2k portage or what No Where's all your pissing vinegar dude Come on I'm winded and i just uh Carried it 20 meters Up the hill Some canoes down there so I'm not too sure People are camped on that lake and They're just out here for a hike or What's going on but I got a couple lakes to go before my Lake so This is the biggest one of the trip Go ahead All right

Good boy go on You're a wild man wolf you're wild man Seems to have been having fun he's on a Scent or something He's running ahead for the first time I saw two sets of people already on this Trail It was Three canoes back there but Who knows Well i gotta say this is a first for me We're at the end of the portage there's A bunch of canoes like i showed you And that's weird too but then i heard Some music and i was like is there a Cabin or a camper on here Listen to this It's coming from this canoe It's locked up there's gear under it [Music] Here What What Okay This lake is super clear Probably one of colony's dead lakes Look at that those logs are 10 feet down easy Beautiful Just clear This would be great swimming hey Hey buddy This is carmichael lake is to the best Of my knowledge

However blue this water is showing up i Swear it's is equally or more blue in Person this has got to be one of the Dead lakes From the i think from sudbury From the uh nickel factories i could be Wrong about that but i think so That's why there's a lot of no fishing Lakes here in killarney but it makes for A real pretty lake Void of life Especially with those white quartzite Hills in the back Picture right there Yeah this is all downhill for all joe I could see it would be sleeping Problems coming the other way Definitely Yeah you got it [Music] Yep Good boy He is going to make a wonderful Camping companion and that's all i've Ever wanted Good boy Doing a good job bud Well this doesn't make any sense Unless barely anybody comes down here Ever There we go Maybe i was just on a shortcut Gotta be getting near the end of it now So far it's been pretty

Straightforward I didn't see anybody on this trail I wonder why Holy crap Be careful dude Oh man this is steep Even going down it takes some finessing You're good Go ahead Keep going buddy go You're good man [Music] [Music] Good good boy I think i see the end there buddy did You find it Hey found the lake bud Good boy Let's go this way He's going right down to the water He's pooped he's dog tired he had a big Day Got a campsite just up there Unfortunately some other people are on This lake as well and I booked that site behind me i believe You can book by the numbers i it's what I think i did anyways and then they took It but i might be wrong maybe you can't Maybe it's just the lake but regardless I'm okay with this I'm good for stopping today it's uh 5 30 a pretty good time It's a nice breeze and there's some

Shade at the campsite so that's that's All i need All right cool Going Well let's go see what we got here big Guy Hmm Okay it opens up a bit oh yeah yeah We're good There's plenty of room Plenty of room I'm happy with this yes Perfect Big old fire pit Lots of spots back there for my tent Wow that's a ridiculous fairy pit Actually Come here but oh is my good boy Who's my good boy Go check it out man Get a feel for the place This feels good It's not your time for food i already Fed you i'll give you some food in a Little bit Yeah we've been using our new freeze Dryer at home our harvest right freeze Dryer now these look a little banged up Because they're in my pack and it's been A couple days but these are actually Gumbers believe it or not And we freeze-dried gummy bears you may Say why because you can It fluffs them up it changes the taste a

Bit and uh One Look i can break this into three pieces And it seems like i'm eating three gummy Bears So so flavorful When it gets wet it gets chewy So we did these gummy bears We did Skittles That's what skittles turn out to look Like Super flavorful Very lightweight Again no real purpose just for fun But i do have Chicken gumbo Uh supper That will made and we Freeze dried So I'm gonna try that tonight this will be The first meal that we've freeze-dried That i'm gonna try I better give this guy something [Applause] Good boy Oh we also did these uh cereal bars they Broke up but this is milk in it this is A chocolate almond milk with Cheerios All i have to do is add a little bit of Water and it's just gonna be the same Thing as having a

Bowl of cereal out here hopefully that Works out we'll see they were in bar Form but it crushed again in my backpack No biggie You Um Good boy Oh big stretches Was a big stretchy boy Hey we'll try and scrounge up some Firewood And we'll see if we can walk through There's a portage trail near here maybe We can meet up with the portage trail And And get a little firewood Come on bud Let's go come on Good boy Here's the pooper Good boy Good boy come on Go find some wood buddy Gotta find some wood Come on He's freaking launched himself All right One of these maple shoots has got to be Dead Just one that's all i need Careful bud Oh that looks promising There we go slick That's exactly what i want i only got

This small little silky gomboy That's a nice dead piece right there Actually it's the top of a tree that Fell off Perfect i'm going to take a couple Pieces of this [Music] Hey Sorry buddy That's not good All right Watch out big guy Dude What a good spot to see it [Applause] All right Plenty of wood for me For us plenty went for us wolf Good boy Watch how good this dog is as soon as he Sees me he'll go he waits for me And he saw him coming Now he's gonna go And then he's gonna wait for me again Or he's gonna go the wrong way You wanna go check out the beach We can go whoa there he goes come on Let's go this way Look at the zombies Look at the zoomies Hey boy Boy Let's go let's go come on Oh there's the trail before dog

Dirt nice and easy Beat up old canoe there This is a pretty Pretty little spot Pretty muddy little spot You saw a frog Keep that brother What you doing Lover frogs Vibrant leopard frogs So this is a portage here but it's not The one that i need It's weird that there's no signs on These ones at all Anyways um look at this whole cannon It's been like riveted together oh look At that old Cover of a oh That's razor sharp Tin can look at this it's like siding They put like Siding on it to cover it up She's a beast He's just chasing frogs there's no idea I'm way over here he's like Way Over there Hey wolfie what you doing That's cool i want them to be able to be Independent And not need to be attached to me Better that way He sure does not seem to care i'm gonna Get this wood bring it back to camp then

I'll go back and find him [Applause] I'm starving He's still over there oh man He's looking for me There he is hi Over here hey come here Good boy there's some toilet paper over There that i really don't want you to Get into nope That's nasty Oh my god What the heck man how much [ __ ] Toilet paper do you need All right let's stay away from that Nope Come on This way One Yeah that's good boy Hey a snake [Applause] Huh It's part moose i heard This wolf is part moves Oh feel free to stay i'm gonna go cook Just get on your eyebrows buddy Eyelashes there you go There you go Chicken down plains august 16th We freeze-dried it There we go No it's just one minute man where's your Turn

Oh yes it smells delicious actually no So it's got the Oxygen absorber and mylar bags you could Really cook it in there if you wanted to Check this out Chicken Uh corn Dumplings Um Carrots other things what's wrong buddy Is your foot okay There you go you good Anyway I think i'm just going to add a little Bit of water at a time that's why i'm Doing nope that's why i'm doing here Should be good Oh piss [Music] Nope Let that sit for a second See what that looks like Hey good boy Hey good boy All right let's see how this Reconstituted I didn't really even use that much water You can still see how much i have left It doesn't look like that much food i Don't know how to judge portioning it Out yet It looks like about three quarters as Much as i could eat But so let's see we got

This is a dumpling here With Peas and corn and shredded chicken We'll see if the dumpling came back like That'll be a good test for it's bread Right like I know in the dehydrator it probably Would have been weird It's crazy it kept its form And came back to bread like dumplings Tastes good everything's rehydrated And like it took a fraction of the time And i didn't have to cook it i just put Boiling water in it I think i'm sold oh that's hot buddy Super good like i said i wish i had Pepper What a very nice night it's cool get Cooled right down there's a little bit Of a breeze Not too much where it makes it hard to Paddle Puppy's sleeping in front of me i got a Line in the water hoping to catch a fish And uh maybe cook it up for wolf Share it with them We'll see That uh supper was amazing and i was Right i could ate about a quarter more Three quarters it was about three Quarters of a meal for me out here but It was Super super good tasted exactly like Goodwill makes it a home

Excuse me That is the jam i got a few more of Those at home and then i can't remember What she's making next roast i think Please He legit looks like he's smiling Look like he smiles good point Good boy It's a sand hill crane buddy Can you see sand hill crane Oh here it comes This is a normal thing buddy these Things happen What a good boy you are Super intense or something over there Just caught a pretty decent sized bass And my gopro messed up And He got a little scared of it This is the same guy that ate a bass Head last night after emerald caught one We cleaned it and he just ate the head But This this bass was pretty lively Pretty pretty lively so you got a little Timid That's okay I got two actually the first one Smaller and he got off but This is a good cast we'll get one on This cast here He was once a dog from around the Watch them follow it up Okay this cast

Get one on This castle Okay i got a decent fighter Whoa That's no joke Pass Oh It's a hog That's a hog oh my goodness Holy crap That's a good size fish That's a big Fish Big old bass Wow Pretty good fish in here i'm surprised Reading kalani no no don't it's not the Lure he's thinking it's the lure that's It's not the lure bro it's the fish that We're after This is not for you Yeah don't worry about it then Another one on Here not as big Pretty feisty Maybe we'll eat this one You want to eat this one bud This is a good eater for us okay let's Eat this one He concurs Good boy wolfie There you go Bud nothing to be scared of just Something tasty

Oh you really like that fish head Not scared of it anymore Good boy I'd say this was a successful day He's ko'd The fat belly Full of dog food and fish head Good boy I only brought the gopro on this trip Because i knew i was going to do a lot Of portaging today Um and unfortunately it's just no good In the low light but anyway Tomorrow's a pretty relatively easy day I did all the portaging i had to do Today Um Just the way it worked out with with Booking a a lake and everything so I just booked this last night last Minute last night I'm gonna go to bed and uh we'll see What happens in the morning Good morning big boy Did you have a good sleep eat Adorable sleepers He started the night out down at my feet And he ended up right next to me Oh no no careful did that careful the Screen big bud Care for this screen big buddy Okay Oh okay let's let you over here Good boy

It's like Six o'clock Six in the morning Had a good night's sleep I'm gonna get up and eat my cereal Stoked about that stoked oh good he did Too Sit Good Hand feeding him Just to create more of a bond I have been using Kibble as treats training as well Quite a bit and i'll start weaning that Down Pretty soon He's got some stuff down pretty good Stuff wait [Applause] Don't play drops on [ __ ] Back walk back Sit Good sit wait Come Wait Drop something again sit Wolf sit Wait Now my eyes i'm keeping eye contact with Them looking away keeping eye contact oh I waited and i was talking he's still Puppy come here Good boy so i just put him back into a Sit

Good wait Come Good Good boy Started a little fire just to get rid of The mosquitoes Packed down camp already I'm just going to get my cereal into me Oh and it's a sweet sunrise too Sweet sunrise too Coo Okay i used No heat at all No warm water just straight filtered Cold water And not that much of it and it's been Maybe a minute So the milk you can powder the milk by Itself and just have powdered milk as Well This seems convenient All right let's try Pretty good Onion cheerios Almond milk and flax seeds The milk is very milky It's not watery at all The cheerios taste like 99 normal This is a win Breakfasts are always a weird thing for Me i hate oatmeal now i've done it too Much Sometimes you need a quick breakfast i Don't want to eat bars granola or

Whatever sometimes you don't have enough Time to make bacon or scrambled eggs Whatever the case may be this will be a Good alternative to my oatmeal Damn Extremely cheap Okay Seven o'clock now I'm just gonna Go to the spot where i caught a few bass Last night And take a couple casts Sun's coming up behind me Should be a good day there's a little Bit of a headwind but That's okay it'll keep the heat down for Me i think In this cool little creek right now Very narrow The water's pretty short pretty shallow As well You know Here here i thought he was coming over Here to explore Meanwhile he's rolling and stuff bro Stop rolling and stuff what do you roll Oh dead fish all right well i guess you Can roll on dead fish [Applause] Just some dead fish you know Oh biggie You're really oh it stinks oh you are Really a wild man all right let's go Stinky no no more rolling in stank stank

Stank stank stank let's go You got a sniffer on you don't you We're on a beaver dam here Stay you wait in the vote Is there a second one This is actually smaller than the first Nope wait And he did real good on the first one You wait wait lately Please Yes yes yes yes yes good Good place Good boy Not as flawless as the first one But that's all right you're good boy Good boy Let's do this snoring Using my foot as a pillow You guys i'm not joking i love this guy Already I was so apprehensive because of tripper I feel the same way about this guy that I did about scope Which i never really had with tripper It was always weird it was always a Weird relationship from day one I feel so bad about that Getting him was one of the biggest Mistakes of my life It was right after scout pass and i was Just so like Just needed a buddy and i always Always wanted a duchy and i should have Waited for a better breeder

Anyway It's part of my life now But this guy is as well As you can see I think we're gonna get along We just stopped for a little break here On an island come I'm leaving come on Come on [Music] He's so chill he's so very chill Good boy Good boy wolf I think he's comfy All right come on Come on we're here Come Yep yep come on yes yes good There we go there we go we're all done Back at the widgoa lodge Where i parked You did a woof job you did a good job Big boy All right say thanks folks for watching We'll see lots more of this guy Some more of this guy But i'm sure you'll be more excited About this guy I know i am uh [Music] Did you have a fun time I love you You're a good boy

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