Camping in Thunderstorms, Heavy Winds and Rain.

By | October 31, 2022

Good morning Slept pretty good last night Quite a bit of mosquitoes around this Morning like normal in the mornings and At night Um we're just getting ready Getting packed up and stuff This Barrel has been come has come in Very handy Super happy with it I got not too much Food left we only have tonight and Tomorrow night But enough food still and plenty of room Now in my buck in my Barrel let me put Things that I might need quickly instead Of trying to get on my big bag like my Rain jacket today because it's uh pretty Overcast But then it creates up room in my Bigger bag And it gets it lighter so I got my shrut Farms beets you know the true Farms beet Mints Fruit Farms bed and breakfast you know And I've been able to put my cook gear In that Barrel as well not have to worry About it in my big bag so I kind of like It Even if I wanted I could stick my ax in There Try and even out the the weight between My big bag and my Barrel Morning ritual of Spraying down with muscle

I like to spray it on my hat And instant Relief for a little while I was hoping to run this but there's no Way Check it out That's certainly above our skill set so Happy to Portage Best one yet Yeah I did pretty good in my last one Too God dang It Bobby Propane is my hobby on the board again Walking on land I could be paddling What that's how it goes When you're with this for him He wants to walk across the little hand Again This thing is a beast It's on a heavy Any kind of elevation immediately I have To slow right down [Music] There we go all right well let me know What the deal is there is a deal Right a little bit about 15 feet Good Line Stay straight I got it Foreign Overboard because well I don't have one To throw so you might as well throw it I Said all right I'll throw mine over and Then uh

Within like I don't know what two Minutes I even got a oh and then we lost them Right at the bowl Rubbing salt And my salty Well we're on our last Big So you're rubbing off on me You guys screw three more times Well here we are Hmm Well Joe and I have just completed We're done we're done We're on the uh the biggest lake we've Been on this is wabakimi Lake And there's an expanse in front of us It's the most we've seen Uh Vista wise since we started Really see there's not too many Contours Around it's pretty pretty flat Sandy soils helps with bugs you know But uh we're just making our way down to A series of campsites did you see the One down there it says good at the very Bottom or big uh it's too big yeah you Want to head for that one right yeah Somewhere in the middle and whatever but Oh we got another couple hours or so but We're all done with the Rapids now Lots of fun What do you think about the rapids Kyle I liked it because we didn't dump in any Of them yet still had hey

Dumb bro And we still had fun you're right Scared around all that rescue equipment There's zero reason yeah well safety Kyle freaking strikes again you know Cautious Kyle and danger Joe over here Gruesome If you had all blue Where do we go I don't know just go Straight yeah I don't know just go Straight this is what my spotter says Just go I don't know just go But yeah we but hey by the grace of God Did you die wait but did you die though Yeah I know touche touche Great trip great trip so we might be uh Finding our campsite here in the next Couple hours like I said And uh yeah She relaxes Other words that mean things we have the Wind at our back thank the Lord because We've done another five minutes we Thought that it was gonna be against us Kyle's saying wait five minutes and it Might change so We're working around a Bend or some Craziness Anyway This has been our life for the past five Days How has yours been Oh portaging work and work Uh at the beginning of this trip when we

Were planning on doing it I told Kyle Man we can do this thing but I can't Carry the canoe I know I can't he's like Yeah no problem like there's not a lot Of Portage or whatever I'll carry it I Can I know I can carry out like all Right cool thanks man and then like he Did the first one and as soon as he did The first one like as he's looking up I Say if you can't carry it the whole way Just let me know and I'll freaking Drop breakout or whatever switch out and Then just from then on we switched on Left and right without or on and off Without even really talking about it and It worked out Um I was able by the end was able to Pick it up easier than the beginning at The beginning I'd probably failed three Times try and get up and Kyle had to Help me next time it failed once and Then got it up and then I was getting it Up every time after that I didn't have To help me get it up anymore I could see your head shaking when I was Saying it your exactly I'm all your Little Alan Grant freaking life will Find a way Safari tube cat not too safari hat Safari that's what I'm calling this is a Safari too It's the old Canadian Safari too Anyway Don't go into the long grass you know

What's going on Kyle Oh yeah probably 20 minutes at least Redesigned fishing poles and how you Hate GoPros it will never buy support Their company again but maybe you'll Wait till the 11 comes out and get that One all in the same breath yeah So Joe just came up with a new word for My hat or new saying I'm going to use This for now and it's called a Sakari Tube Oh surprise Safari too he was making fun Of me because It looks so great So what So great I can't talk this trip my Narration skills just this time oh yeah Just this trip all the other ones You kept calling it wah bikini for the Longest time yeah Just wait till you watch it back Card this morning And uh It's it's doing a different type of Messing up now nice the best kind I was Never buying a GoPro [Music] Thank you It's a day early Look how fast you drop there slow oh Like a glove We're gonna hit some crosswind here it's Gonna it looks like a river it's moving So fast

Thank you I went through this pretty little tight Area here Trying to fight I can't Foreign What's happening today All day today ah just now basically well So right now we've come to Camp it's a Lovely Camp it's very wide open spacious Full of blueberries this Camp has the Most blueberries of any Camp we've had Thus far pretty good And uh we're just watching the clouds Move Um I'm wondering if it's going to Downpour thunder or lightning it is Thundering quite a bit Yeah in the Distance not like on top of us thank Goodness but uh yeah I'm just chilling 3 40 in the afternoon and it feels like The sun just went yeah it looked pretty Dark it looks pretty dark [Music] Thank you Well I want to do some more food I got a couple of things I think oh wow it's got some dirt right Here just a couple just a little bit Dirt right there So I have this black pepper salami it's Really good okay you're a little close Okay thank you trying to tell the camera What I'm doing it's not really

Functional but this this is what I'm Actually excited about this is really Good Joe doesn't like this so more for Me but that's fine uh this is Gouda I'm A big gouda fan this is uh clarina Vintage 36 month age just made Netherlands Gouda nothing but the best it's pretty Good and it's not terribly expensive I Think this brick was Okay it's 19 a pound maybe maybe it's Not it's not the cheapest man but Okay Joe and I have very differing opinions On what good cheese tastes like I think it's great it's crunchy give me That baby Bell bro If you've watched any of your videos From a while ago no is there a big Difference I'm certain those damage for myself yeah Go back and watch one of our first Videos yeah it was scary yeah How long ago was it would have been 10 Years ago yeah For some though man I picture on Facebook of friends from high school [Music] That's been thundering and threatening To rain for quite some time so it's Starting to rain now I don't know if It'll last or not Go hang out on the hammock for a bit Foreign

Lots of thunder Well I'm gonna have to look at the weather And see if this is going to keep up or What we might want to bail out tomorrow If that's the case I don't want to be Stranded here again with Kyle I'll look on the cell phone or on the Inreach here in a bit Rain's picking up It's picking up Foreign Bikini form It's cleared up Pretty nice out Still windy But uh not raining 6 30 now I think I'm gonna get up we'll See what Kyle's doing And uh maybe make some supper We're doing up some foods I got a Beef stew By happy Yak it's just on simmer right Now it's got a Summer for like maybe one more minute And then I'm gonna cover it up And it'll sit for 12 to 15. All right first bite no no no no no no Oh my God The beef Nope Nope Nope you're not happy with your ass huh

I am an unhappy Yak right now I am going To yak Unhappily Foreign Well it's not a great evening to just go Fishing I would say Relaxing is not a word I would be using It's a little windy Yeah you've got about 20 paddle strokes And then one cast Your lure would go the other way that You cast it the birds are basically Stationary right now Freaking uh ferried over yeah And then abandoned that I don't know Just battle harder straight just go Straight well we're gonna make them out Most of this night it's gonna be our Last night we are getting picked up Tomorrow so uh chill out until it starts To freaking dump on us We're trading retreating Oh it's almost eight in the morning our Plane's gonna be here for around 11 or Noon we have a few kilometer paddle into The wind so we're gonna head Olay Get some rollers out here Oh buddy All right let's keep howling Foreign These are the biggest ways we've been Dealing with on the whole trip biggest Lake so it makes sense windiest day uh

We're just tucked in this little Bay for Protection and a little bit of uh relief My heart was pounding and my arms were Shot so We need going again downhill down to the Campsite called Stonehenge where we're Going to wait for our plane to pick us Up Right now swells sideways It's hard It's a black sky It's reminiscent of Woodland Caribou Kyle No I don't oh Okay Well the sky's uh darkening And we're getting Woodland Caribou Vibes Here We'll see if this is a stranded round Too I am too a little bit here and there But Hot Exactly back in here cool I left Protected We're getting we're getting close uh Some land here we're gonna pull over and Reassess and maybe we'll be able to just Wait here for the uh the plane because Where we're supposed to get picked up is Right over there but It's a lot of a lot of wind and a lot of Paddling a lot of waves Planes coming in we have to be on the Water to get it so we're just dealing

With these choppy ass waves man we're Taking water out and everything You can do it buddy Don't leave us He's coming he's bouncing around Okay we gotta go over there I guess Okay oh Kyle's going up in the air a couple feet Here He's not really built for it It's more of a ground dweller Here we go Robbie Belle Oh my God Some big old waves boys and girls check It out Oh My just up there Um I think it's his so he can he can worry About it Yeah my arm was done Foreign

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