Campout with my New Dog-The ULTIMATE 10×10 Tarp Shelter Setup and Bacon over the Fire – Fall Colors

By | October 31, 2022

Foreign Hey folks how are you doing Joe here Come out with Mr Wolf Road on a fall overnight Bushcraft camp And Camp under a tarp have a fun time Wolf and I are gonna hike about an hour Back into the bush here and while we're On the way I want to talk to you about Some of the gear I've chose to bring on This trip Where do you get this Joe is a question I get all the time where do you get this Gear Well for the longest time I never Had a really good answer not a singular Place I would shop at different websites And I would send people to different Websites to get the gear that they Needed for different Outdoor Pursuits The problem with this is a lot of those Places also carry low quality Mass-produced gear stuff that you end up Using once or twice and then it'll break So last month we dropped my new website Robin at Outfitters that took about a Year behind the scenes work I'm really Proud of it I'm really proud of the gear Selection that we have on it and the Quality of it just a month in the Feedback on our offerings and customer Support has been amazing when I set out To build Robinette Outfitters I wanted To create a place for you to find the Highest and curated gear that you can Treat as an investment something is

Going to stand the test of time and That's exactly what we've built knives Tarps saws tents cooking gear anything On Robinette Outfitters are things I Either use have tested or talk about in My videos As I mentioned earlier we'll be sleeping Under a tarp on this trip and you can Find a range of the tarps on Robinette Outfitters we've got Etowah DD hammocks And Aqua Quest We also have a ton of super durable Waterproof clothing from Revolution Race So to find anything you see in this Video and plus tons more head over to Oh man I love the fall look at this It's gorgeous Gorgeous Oh we're here we didn't walk for quite An hour maybe a half hour 45 minutes but We're here and I figured that this is a Good spot there's Maples around there's Some conifers there's a big open spot Area here for a fire and uh for a couple Of feet to run around like a silly boy So we're gonna get set up worked up a Little bit of warmth here Took the coat off it's a pretty slick Setup this is my Gregory pack it's only A 45 liter pack it's more of a Backpacking what do you see Squirrel making noise more of a Backpacking stuff pack but you can see

You can rig it up for however you want So I've got the side clips this one Doesn't come undone it just loosens or Tightens so that was in there solid you Could see it then I got my silky uh big Boy And on underneath we've got a solid Connection with the wool blanket and Because we're using the tarp so I'm Going to sleep in front of the fire I do Have a sleeping bag to put under a small One but I always like to use the wool Blanket just to protect my stuff and This is gonna I'm gonna share this with Wolfie It's going down to zero Celsius today So this is all Pretty slick on backpacks nowadays never Used to have these things I always used To have to put on my own It's funny looking through the camera Here it looks all green but The colors are popping right now it's Like probably Peak colors on the outside Of the forest but it always takes a Little while for the Younger leaves the younger trees to Change the colors I'm gonna go between This tree here And this one gives me a big space Big open spot in front for a fire as Well but there's a lot of debris in the Way

We got to get rid of Rotten wood Rotten old Aspen A good boy huh Talk about a non-reactive dog let's hope Let's Help Watch out Good boy there you go there you go All right I'm gonna get my shelter out Now I'm gonna use my old school etawah Bushcraft USA tarp Foreign So a 10 by 10 tarp and a five by seven Tarp which We're gonna set up a really cool Um tarp shelter with the ultimate tarp Shelter I would wager to set I spent Five nights in a shelter just like this Exactly with this same tarps uh in the Winter time with Ken and Kyle that got Real cold So in here I've got paracord and other Cord this is not paracore this is like Smaller Tighter stuff this is perfect here we've Got our 5×7 And our Old Beast Old Faithful 10 by 10. I'm just tying Top Line hitches Hotline For snitches Okay I'm Gonna Leave It relatively loose Right now And we're gonna go with our 10 by 10

First so Here's a corner One tab up One tab up Right there and then you're gonna go up One more set I believe So you have two tabs And there are two tabs the second tab Up Is on your paracord right there's where We're at now I've just broken a stick to Use as a toggle nothing fancy Foreign For now I take a loop And put it through the tab And then stick the toggle in there Foreign This is good because you can move the Tarp around with the toggles so again We're going to go on a diagonal and Maybe I did it wrong I might have been On the front the first maybe it should Have been on the first tab but no big Deal we can fix that if we need to I'm Gonna go to the end And I believe two tabs again Yeah right about here they want to shake It out So I'm gonna go ahead and make some Legit steaks here this is how I really Like to do the pegs sometimes it doesn't Work out the the way it grows and stuff But you can see and put it through the

Hole Holds it down here So again I think it's this Peg here we're gonna try this one first Some nice soil here it should stick Right in Maybe not Okay As it's going to be What are you working at no no don't bark It's just a tree squeaking bud Hey You're gonna be okay All right we're getting there Not very warm actually after you stop Walking Oh All right Here's where it really adds to it So I'm going to attach The tabs to the same toggles That the other tarp is attached to Mm-hmm I'm going to attempt to do that At least So I want to need a Piece of paracord you go from there to There Let's get that in there Tie this on Couple overhands And then this here We can just cinch back up like maybe or

Like a Tut line hitch type thing that's Going to stay on there Okay okay It might be a little lopsided you know Don't uh Don't blame me I'm a little upside of Myself so that's going to get pegged Down to the ground as well and then We're gonna have like a wall you know With a whole wall in here Right it's all set up you can see got Basically a wall there the entrance here And a little bit of an entrance there so Lots of ventilation And then if you wanted extra protection And pull this down and Peg it out in Front Like this and what that's going to do For you really like today it's it's Overkill you know especially if I want To have a fire in front which I can Still do but I'll move this away and I'll show you all that too but For the winter time if you didn't want To carry like some big heavy tent this Would suffice you know I mean you're Very protected in here Just like that It's all open you have a fire no problem I'm gonna go around try to find another Rock smooth like this it's back down the Other side I gotta get firewood and I'm really Hungry

All right Oh sorry buddy you're okay come here I Bopped him in the Noggin bopped him in The dog again Good boy All right so I've just been collecting These off the ground and We're dead standing there good old oak And uh Whatever hardwood but I found something Really cool let's go check it out we got Bopped into Noggin hey a rubber So here we are in October now Halloween season and I believe that this Is called the witch's broom I'm not Mistaken So it's a growth form of a spruce Look it looks completely different than The rest of it around and it will make For great kindly that's the old witch Double mine Take your bro And there you have it it's all nice and Dead and dry so should be a good Piece of kind ones Some beautiful pair of rabbit put some Rabbit up here Also a down Balsam fur So I can use that for some sort of Insulation from the ground Sheet stuff We just had root rot It's not a ton but it's something I have A sleeping pad as well so it's not a big

Deal maybe even for uh Wolfie Yellow Birch stick to the Elegance Great for starting fires And impressing your friends with Latin Now if you can use it but hula White wolf Iera I'm not trying to like Peel it just pull it off so it doesn't Hurt the tree so much or at all this Wood is Oak it's super dense It's very very good inside Got the silky today like I said I might have wanted the agua for this But This works Decent anyways [Music] You hear how dry it is What are you doing What are you doing [Music] What are you doing Zoomy's last like three seconds Okay I remember It's so weird tucks his tail and hops Around like a little weirdo Okay [Music] Thank you [Music] I don't think that I'll need to fire for Warms tonight I have my blanket and my

Sleeping bag so I want to set it a bit farther apart That way I can shut that too make use of What I've made so I want to say probably Around here I'll start it Here over here I'm gonna get some logs on the ground First Just to uh build it up there's some Uh Not as great logs that were near the Bottom Pieces of the wood that were near the Bottom of the lugs So we'll use that for the base For the Ace of Base where the base is Base All right Call that good And then I was gonna run and get some Kindle I Can get this thing going before too long I want to get some pictures and video While uh will it still bright out Actually I got that You know what I think I'll just split Some of this down we'll call it good Some Choice pieces in here this one look At that gotta love the natural Chuck That's what we use Along with this bad boy Looks like a good log with chopping log Nope We'll be stealing my sticks bro watch

Out man go on go Foreign Plenty There we go Hey buddy All right well I didn't prepare this Burst park at all I'll show you the Reason I like yellow birds so much Because this was white and tough to a Lot of preparation to it to get to take A spark not a lot but some Wolf movement no don't eat Hey boy okay you want that want that Cookie Crazy All right This is my feather stick Knife it's called the feather stick back Up back All right I'm not even really trying I'm just Throwing them from above I bet you that Would catch Boom it caught went out but normally I Would plant it in there like I bet you Watch Put it in spark it And fire pretty quickly But I bet you that I could just spark it From above And get it to go Might take a little bit more The sparkle cool down in the air before It reaches it

Whereas if you plant it it won't but There we go All right let's get that witch's broom On there Did you hear that Will was that you Hey that's my uh microphone Will's Family it just has a running joke that She's a witch that uh like her young Niece the first kid in the family Actually was convinced and this is like Will's Mom and Dad saying like it's not Me making this up it's like her family Family now I have to go along with it You know what I mean so anyways quite Quite amusing We love her she's a saint I swear Uh no matter what her family tells you All right so That's good nice and Uh substantial fire I'm gonna cut the Rest of this wood up but quite a bit Here and I haven't even really cut down Any trees this is all stuff I just found Either leaning on other ones or laying Down but I know from experience of wood That looks like this is usually a choice Even if the outside looks like a like It's too weather Test it out like this is A solid solid wolf Solid solid gold Oh nothing like getting it all at once There big guy

I don't know it's it's right here man This is the thing here right here Right Joe Rogan it up boil that stuff down Here Oh boy I pulled it back Uh in the back I stretch this all out I'm pretty happy that the way this looks And feels Well you can see how you can mess around With it like I could tie this up high if I wanted to I don't even know if you can See what I'm doing now holy smokes Tie this up high Of a different look to a different feel Different usage but from our purpose This is fine and I'm going to lay with My head kind of poking out here a little Turtle head you know Well Play like this still covered and then See the fire There's a natural little slant out for My for like a pillow type thing And wolf has like an enormous you could Fit three dogs in here or you know like Two people Two Joe sized people oh What is it Everything's okay dude Buddy it's nothing But squirrels I can see them we'll get Them if you want

You're gonna make it I promise Foreign Just kind of keep track of my stuff it's Getting a little on the dark side here So most of my stuff To be able to keep track of on here Easily Easily he says like that Accentuating that easy Toggles can be used for everything Look at that so then I think I'm gonna take uh Wolfie out Next week for two nights do a Two-nighter out in the bush somewhere It's supposed to be pretty nice weather So See how that goes Come on Too low So we just Finish the old girl up Perhaps he was around a couple more Times Try not to put it right in the fire You know And then You have A pretty decent seat He's all tripped out by the birds We'll see everything's okay I promise Big boy Nope No it's not you don't hear that Dirt

Okay good boy Just thinking I'm gonna scrape some Coals to the side and I'll start cooking My sausages now while I uh prepare The rest of the potatoes just so that They might be done In similar time frame We've got to clean this Grill off anyway So I'll just burn it off for now These two are from the greatest Grocery store on Earth he knows Pinos Oh yeah They're doing something up there nice What's up Well I'm thinking this is close to done If not done Peppers are looking nice and grilled As well as the sausages I just got to Check on the potatoes Oh it smells good I didn't have any seasoning with me I Didn't bring any seasoning with me so I'm happy to have the garlic And the onions Oh boy Oh steamy steamy side Done Cool okay I'm sure the food's done Those green peppers smell so good No no No Oh That one got a little flashy

Foreign [Music] A little monster bro Watch out buddy this is not for you This is not oh yeah Nope Some mustard like mustard Weirdo all right Oh Heavenly Oh I'm so smoky you know Cooking on Oak is a luxury up here The wind switched Well guys this has turned out to be Pretty enjoyable day Above getting in the forest This time of year Like I said the colors Temperature no bugs Just very good memories of Being out in this type of weather That has a slight jalapeno taste Not spice at all It's a very good Very good green pepper Anyway This is the same tarp I used When Scout and I did my biggest video Ever in Windsor Over at Bushcraft came with my dog So very long ago This Trump's been through a lot I'm gonna cut some more firewood as soon As I'm done eating we'll get a big fire

Going I got a bunch of real hardwood Here still and then uh yeah I'm just Gonna chill up by the fire tonight Maybe I'll tell you a story or two Just relax and enjoy the night with the Dog So YouTube changed my life guys We went from Never knowing anything but living Paycheck to paycheck both of us working To Being able to help out family and Friends you know what I mean and that's The most important thing to me Um and none of this would have happened Without you guys and this would have Happened without YouTube then this would Happen without me plugging away for Years and years and years and a lot of Favor and luck And I just lately I've been feeling very Appreciative And really looking back on things you Know a lot of These past 15 years has been dedicated To just YouTube right just to getting Out and making videos and that's what my Life has been pretty hectic man I'm Pretty pretty fast Pretty like Because everything is always revolving Our own videos and when the next video Is out

Where I'm gonna go for the next shoot And Sponsors and Drama and Everything that is involved with being A personality on the internet Um And life has kind of passed me by If I'm being honest with you My kids are grown Emerald's 10 . I always groan is it overdue my kids Are growing Emerald's 10 Autumn is four Autumn's in School now guys we moved up here When autumn was six weeks old five weeks Old And she's four now she's in school it's Crazy I can see time pass with my children Aging I've done a couple shows Potentially more in the works Started the Bushcraft or Robin Outfitter Sorry we started robbing the Outfitters Very very proud of that They've gone through a couple dogs I miss my family my my kids miss my Family We haven't been home to Windsor in a While I think moving forward I'm going to treat YouTube as a job nine To five job type thing and I'm gonna go

Out dedicate maybe two to three days a Week and getting a video out and spend The rest at home with my family And not worry about so much about Traveling to different locations and Stuff just focus on maybe some more Skill videos this time of year and Stand a little bit closer around Doing still a couple night hours and Nighters and a couple overnighters Together and taking the dog and Building things and having a lot of fun Outdoors doing YouTube stuff but Still Being around so that I can be home for Things taking the kids to karate and Dance and Spending the weekends with them when They're off school things like that I I've too often Put my family on a back burner To do YouTube And it's not really about the excitement And like The getting out there and everything is Just this is what I have to do So those guys take second place And I don't want to do that anymore You can't get back to time That's pretty important it's very Important to me Nothing will change with the YouTube

Channel If anything it'll get more regimented But Just do want to like dedicate time Towards that so that the rest of the Time it can be With the family We're very happy where we are now It took us a while to get used to it Full hour drive into the City and one Way But things are getting better we're Starting to know people I can upload From home now The kids are in all sorts of programs Wills making friends It's good it's a good life the only Problem is we're we're far from home and There's some issues at home you know Windsor being home but Oh Uncle Justin opened up that border For for us non-vaxxers so I'll be able To drive through uh Through the states to get home which is Six hours instead of 12 so that makes Things a lot easier and I can go home And help out and see everybody I need to See and things like that so Mr Wolf he's fitting in real well Love them He's a good boy well yeah you are crate Trained Within three hours of getting them Crazy

Anyways Life Is Good Guys life is very Good and I hope that you all have uh Are having good lives right now as well You know you guys Are what keep me going you guys are what Allowed me to do this And I uh I'm gonna do it until I can't Anymore I'm gonna do until nobody wants To watch anymore so It's wild When I was growing up man there wasn't An option to be a YouTuber you know kids Would be like oh I want to be a Policeman a fireman a doctor A taxi driver whatever the case may be Now it's like oh I want to be a YouTuber And that's what I am I was ashamed of it for a long time Going to the woods and shooting videos Growing up it seem weird No nobody bats an eye at it Crazy What's really funny is when I get the Comment why don't you go get a real job Joe it's like Tell me you wouldn't switch places tell Me you would quit this to go work a nine To five I'm not putting anybody down I'm Not like belittling anything believe me I come from nothing I come from this I Come from this dirt right here Foreign Here But

Why would I do that I'm My Own Boss and I make good money to Camp and do what I want to do why would I go get off quote unquote real job work For the quote unquote man for less money That doesn't make any sense Get your hat on straight bye All right big guy you gotta get up Get up hey boy Foreign Buddy come There you go come on lay down Good boy Lay down oh yeah good doggy good doggy Oh we're gonna head to bed guys get all Squared away in here Probably take a little while but that's What we're doing Foreign That's my That's my super bay where are you going Well if you come back Come Yeah good boy here Lay down Yes good boy down Here Oh Well This is a pretty comfy setup if I do say So myself I'm warm enough Oh he's got that blanket to lay on as Well as I do as a

Ground sheet I can see the fire out there Which is really just Embers now But This is perfect this is a perfect night No wind Very sheltered in here Which is exactly what I wanted Yeah good boy All right folks We'll see in the morning we'll cook up Some food for breakfast and uh We'll hang out a little bit have a tea But this is enough for tonight I'm beat And I will see you guys in the morning Good night Legit legit story Good morning Sun's coming up Slept good Fire's completely out I already tried But uh We're gonna get it going again here Quick we both slept good Wolfy's such a Good dog man he uh every time I woke up To pee and then when I woke up in the Morning he was there right next to me Other than ripping through my freaking Uh zpax tent He's been great while we're camping And at home Stand Come

Good Boy here you go See there's so much room I have in there It's like a tent It's like a tent if you don't need Screen protection from Bugs Thin bacon there's this thin bacon Nonsense Uneven bacon Lord expectation Man this is going to be so good it's Super smoky it's all Oak Look at that Like the amount of smoke coming off off There I found this rock last night uh Right Here Rolled it over I think I like this spot I might keep it Um keep coming back to it build Something maybe but we'll see but Anyways that rock will be there As a marker and as a little bit of a Wind break and heat reflector again look At the smoke look at the smoke coming Off that all Oak smoke bro Oh my gosh All right I'm combating flames and Uneven cooking bacon but we're gonna get It done we're gonna get it done That is burnt it's just super smoked I Promise Soft still ow and hot Okay I've had to uh pull the coals out Quite a bit these are almost done these

Are done This guy is wanting some There's some more of that Let's see let's try this That's lovely Whoa a little course be in the middle Oh so smoky it's so good You like that How's that hey Okay These are all done Oh my God it's so good It's so good From anybody There's enough heat in there Pick up another batch I'll probably do That Oh man So very good Bacon hands bacon hands here look my Hands clean oh yeah cleaners It is the day is long Oh Got one Got one Is my favorite right there Freaking Soft and Slippery bacon smoky Super good [Applause] Well will that lasts that Beacon's Cooking up Start tearing down camp

Again Pretty slick setup guys this would be Good for the rain too Um also You can set up different shelters right Like different types of shelters with This with Harvest hey no wolf It's not just this that's what the the Beauty of a tarp it's super versatile Right you can set up a teepee shelter With it an A-frame this a plow point Just the possibilities are endless right I always love camping in front of Underneath the tarp if I can Again the only time really that you need A bug screen On a tent Or anything is In bug season that's the only thing That's keeping out it's not keeping out Any kind of wildlife or anything like That anyway to each their own and I like The screen A lot of the times it feels comfortable It feels more homely in there but This is good this is a Bushcrafty style bacon stealing dog I told you no I told you not to be Dominican yet wait No eating bacons He's a good boy you know Just needs a little bit more manners It's a little bit more man Just a little bit more

Manners or Doggers Healthy Nope all right good boy Oh you like that Okay well everything's packed up except For the stuff that I don't consider like Making the pack into like more of a Bushcraft style pack or using it in that Uh use so again the bottom bottom of the Pack like normally it's all tight Tightened Neat and tidy tight but if you loosen up The straps it fits the Italian wool Blanket Perfectly I've been using that thing for Years I honestly couldn't tell you where To get one I wish I could I think this Was a surplus item I'll tell you where to get everything Else Like this So if you can find one I would say jump On that Italian Little blanket Because it fits perfectly so so like It's warm it's got a tight weave and it You can roll it up and do a pretty small Package it's not light you know I mean It's a little blanket but It fits on this small 45 liter Backpacking backpack pretty nicely If you can do that on there it fits on Malcolm's and Woodson packs great But uh anyway

So that's on there And get everything inside so look you Can see like she's on that thing And it's about the same width it's Pretty nice So Side I get my titanium cup And my Nalgene and that's my cook kit Basically my full cook kit for this trip Other than the grill And I didn't even bring a lid for the Cup it works fine but obviously a lid Will if it is more efficient Did you just do that Did you just Huh I wonder if that was on camera there's a Couple pieces of bacon left And now there's not and the Package is in the fire Did you do that you had to have done That right Anyways And then to secure my saw and ax it's Pretty easy as well the saw goes in First And my lanyard I tied We'll go In the clip right And then I don't want this in the pocket I want It to hang down And I should have done that clip Up So the first secure

Point of secure it is there Pulling up secure and then Down here like I said yesterday it Doesn't really unattach it just tightens So you can really Reef that down because She's on there Foreign And then the gloves for the Aesthetics Of it all Just be clipped On the outside as well Oh he's just banging that on my GoPro Sweet And then you got all your snacks and Whatever in the top your rain cover Whatever you need to get to easily Dog leash Then it's all still a pretty neat Package what I like to do sometimes is Put my sit pad right in this front Pocket here Watch out buddy I know there's lots of Smoke but you created it Right in here Or like a puppy or a wind shirt But that's that Pretty neat tidy package there I like it I'm gonna have to do something with this Fireworks Creaking That's it but Okay let's go big boy come on

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