Can Elon Musk and Tulsi Gabbard Be TRUSTED?

By | November 4, 2022



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Foreign [Music] [Music] What's going on guys bless gal survival Late Night Live thanks for tuning in and Uh short answer is no don't trust Anybody I don't even trust your own Mama I'm just kidding anyhow Um we're gonna do a news dump again Tonight so a lot of different things um You know we're mixing up a little bit Doing kind of what we used to do just Drop a bunch of news bombs on you of Various things that's happening Um you know some of these items are you Know kind of Snippets and you just can't Even fill up a whole video would be it'd Be literally you know two minutes Um time and and I like I think news Dumps for me is good because a lot of You guys are on a busy schedule you want To get everything in one swoop instead I Haven't go out there and search it out Hopefully if you're following me you Trust um that I actually do my research Now and uh Anyway let's get into it so Tulsi Gabbard obviously former Democrat she um Basically in my opinion got pushed out Of the Democrat Party because she was a Moderate Um you know she's she was very anti-2a Uh which was a big problem with her you Know there's a big uh

Being a veteran and all and you know Veterans supporting her yet she's Against she was against uh the Second Amendment however just like a lot of People the reason why the Red Wave is Coming is because a lot of moderate Democrats are not not down with the new Wokey Extremists that that has now become the Democratic party where they're just Pushing all kinds of agendas you know uh Muted mutilation of genitalia of Children uh grooming all these sort of Things they're not down with it regular People are not down with that you know Not everybody is an extremist so She you know you saw her on the news Occasionally and on Fox quite a bit with Tucker Carlson and she would you know Basically Be you know stating things that the Normal person would be like yeah I agree With you however Democrats kind of Pushed her away which what what choice Does she have but to leave the Democrat Party right so anyway she left the Democrat Party I think two weeks ago now But today she's actually or the past Couple days I think yesterday and today She's actually posted some things here Um she's she's posted some Pro 2A stuff Which is pretty incredible Um most like right here this is on Instagram account most gun related

Crimes are committed by criminals using Stolen guns so taking guns away from law Abiding Americans is useless to make our Streets safer we need to enforce Existing gun laws and get violent repeat Criminals off our streets with stiff Penalties for crimes involving guns so I Agree with that segment somewhat but I Honestly think we need to have less gun Laws I think less gun laws would Actually equal A safer area I'm I believe in the Constitution and uh You know the right to bear arms shot me A friend she's already been in fringed Things like the Brady Act Um National Firearms all these sort of Things ATF I think all these things are Infringement of uh gun rights that's my Opinion you may disagree Um but I'm I'm someone of an extremist On that front I also believe that felons Should be on Firearms after you you Serve your time you do your deal you Should have the right to defend yourself You know I would hate to know that Someone made some mistake uh you know 10 20 years ago and now they're married With Children and they cannot defend Themselves they can't even have a Firearm in the home so I know a lot of guntubers are not like That all Law Abiding Citizen well when The laws are unconstitutional then you

Know that's my opinion anyway she also Posted we the second knowledge is our God-given right to bear arms to defend Ourselves and loved ones from those who Usually who do uh those who Do us Bali harm as well as protect us From our country from those in power With authoritarian Tendencies who may be Tempted to try and take away our Freedoms which well that's what we're Looking That's what they are looking down the Barrel of right now anyway I think it's good obviously um I would Never you know say just go ahead and Jump in but again like I said the other Week Is that sometimes you can't choose your Eye loss you know obviously she's taking This stance it's pretty strong as a lot Of people uh would not do that out of The gate so maybe she has converted Maybe she's got a better understanding Of the Constitution you know but Kyle Will tell because it could be one of Those things where she just got pushed Out and maybe she's looking you know she Wants to stay in politics and she's got To go where she's going to fit in right Now it's a Republican party Um or maybe independent or something I Don't know but obviously she was not Meshing well with the new wokie democrat Party and so she really had no choice

Obviously So anyway you know we'll see time will Tell but I do like where it's heading uh I think Um there is potential weather you know But it but again she's a politician Um you know she she was part of the World economic Forum young leaders So how much can you trust her can you Really trust a politician or someone who Wants to make a crowd of politics I Personally don't ever trust a career Politician but anyway it's better than What we what she was obviously Anti-firearms so Let's talk about Paul Pelosi again You know they painted uh the poppy David Depopy as some right-wing extremists Went into Um looking for Nancy Pelosi similar to The January 6th that's what they're Painting you know they're coming in the Midterms are struggling they're like we Need to do something Um you know but we all know the real Story behind this we already talked About it however one interesting fact is Is the dude is a illegal immigrant he's Here illegally check this out Legally here in the United States NBC Bay area's Chris Sanchez joins us from The Newsroom with the details all that Suspect who allegedly beat Paul Pelosi With a hammer is a Canadian national who

Was in the U.S undocumented I want to Show you some new video we just got into Our Newsroom this morning of house Speaker Nancy Pelosi leaving her home Where that suspect allegedly beat her 82 Year old husband with that hammer Paul Pelosi remains in the hospital after Several surgeries for a fractured skull And injuries to his right arm and hand Now we have confirmed with the Department of Homeland Security that David de Pap arrived in the United States in March of 2008 through the San Ysidro Crossing in San Diego as a Canadian citizen he was allowed to come Into the U.S for a visit as a temporary Visitor without a Visa for a stay of up To six months but that was 14 years ago Now ice immigrations Customs Enforcement Lodged an immigration detainer shortly After to Pap's arrest asking that they Be notified ahead of of any potential Release the pap is being held in jail Without bail on Federal and State felony Charges for his alleged beating of Paul Pelosi after breaking into the hope So I'm just not going to buy into the Bill and flag flying LGBT flag flying in Front of his house and uh selling him Bracelets out of a storage unit and a Legal immigrant that he's uh some kind Of Extreme conservative extremist you know Man I'm not buying it guys uh they're

You know nobody else should either You're Stop Believing on the news is Peddling Russian hoax I mean collusion Just everything they say is pretty much A lie right Um anyway Okay On the front of the global you know we Got things are really heating up Nuclear keeps on coming up like It's it's like you know wanting to come Out the box and uh so anyway North Korea Um talk about them again you know we Just talked about them last night but so While speaking at the Pentagon South Korea's defense minister Lee Zhang Soup said any nuclear attack by North Korea will lead to the end of Kim Jong-un regime I'll get him Tell it now a firm that any nuclear Attack by the dprk including the use of Tactical nuclear weapons is unacceptable And result in the end of Kim Jong-un Regime by the overwhelming and decisive Response of the alliance It's a little like it better if he would Have just stopped it'd been it'd been Funnier in my opinion if he would have Stopped at it would be the end of Kim Jong-un instead of Kim Jong-un regime Anyway you know he's he's talking about That North Korea you know launched Approximately 27 ballistic missiles in The last 48 hour North Korea says their

Actions are due to the large joints U.S And South Korean military exercises Being conducted obviously they're They're pissed about it and uh the Pentagon and South Korea have vowed to Continue large-scale exercises and Definitely following North Korea's Action obviously they're just trying to Bully Kim Jong-un was trying to bully uh South Korea United States by this right Um the U.S is actually going to deploy More nuclear-capable assets to the Grand Peninsula Um Just in case So that's what's that's what's uh They're preparing for they're sending Them over there right uh real quick Mike The dad Crosby thank you man she said You're saying talking about Tulsi Gabbard she needs to be watched but what Better place to watch than from The Cider that's right that's right at least He's not an actual enemy at this point Right Joseph Barlow thinks but he says words Are words actions speak louder Then words and D speak for themselves I Agree man but I do think you know Posting something on social media Wherever she's had she's been in the Democrat uh party and probably has a lot Of democrat followers Is strong it can help flip people that

Were maybe on the fence so we'll see but Anyway guys things are definitely Heating up everywhere you know just keep Your preps in order you know physical Mental uh you know food these sort of Things diesel I've been I said that last Month and I was actually hitting there's A lot of shortages across the country Already happening So just keep your things in order but Also look guys at the end of the day Like be prepared don't be paranoid still Live your life and uh you know mentally You can't you can't be focused on The bad things all the time obviously It's there but be prepared it's kind of Like being scared during a car accident Every day with and not going to not I'm Not gonna drive my car because of it Right still over your life So let's talk about Elon Musk right so I Don't know what to think about Elon Musk At this point to be honest with you Because You know there were things looking good You know he's someone doing some battle But to me it's just not doing enough and He's also questionable questionable Things and he's not doing things that I Probably would do Um Elon Musk has definitely put himself In in a target of the Biden Administration I mean they're wanting to Look into Twitter

Um Democrats as a whole leftist Um you know they're they're they've got A Target on him he's put a Target on Himself so so to me it almost seems like Maybe he's trying to cower back down a Little bit that could be wrong but For one why is Donald Trump not back on Twitter That would have been the biggest Ultimate Fu uh to to the people opposing Him you know and Elon has tweeted About Banned Twitter accounts not being Allowed back on the platform for at Least a few more weeks meaning that Donald Trump won't be back Before the midterm elections which that Would be like why wait till after the Midterm elections this could give this Could give the left Democrat Party a lot More leverage if we don't get people Like project Veritas back uh Donald Trump and and a ton of other Conservative users of the platform you Know it it puts it in their favor so Like why wait why wait till after the Midterm you know Musk Tweeted let me get it tweet up here And that's not the one He tweeted that the platform for Violating Twitter rules won't be allowed Back until we have a clear process for

Doing so And also said he talked to Civil Society Leaders like the presidents of the NAACP In color of change about how the Platform will combat hate and harassment And enforce its election Integrity Policies You see to me man that's a little on the Lefty side uh you you know the thing is Is that I just I'm not buying The the white supremacy thing and I'm Just not buying I don't see it I mean I'm a white guy and I don't see it Um you know I mean I'd be the first one To admit I'm I'm not I'm I'm I'm I can call wrong you know when Something's wrong and uh I don't buy it I don't see it I don't I don't see the Nonsense these people spout off so to Even kind of make it seem like that's Happening on Twitter I haven't seen it If anything I've seen white hate on Twitter Um you know so I I don't buy that I Don't understand this Um and you know combat hate harassment It doesn't doesn't make sense it's just Kind of leftist and then talk about Election Integrity Integrity policies There's only one uh way that goes which Is the Democrat Party uh in my opinion That's I mean from what we see you know Who pushes against doing audits uh Democrat Party they don't want audits

Done on the election process so what Does that mean Um Musk let me see if this is the right one Yeah so that's a second most privilege Said that Trump's Twitter Suspension was a morally bad decision And foolish to the extreme and said he Would reverse the ban however he's still Not right But Trump said that he won't return to Twitter but I mean he suspect that will Change Um you know That uh a podcaster named Chris stigall Asked Trump about Twitter on Tuesday Trump promoted true social obviously Because he's got a stake in it well Wouldn't he but saying he likes the way It works a lot better personally I don't Care for True social I've been on there I'm on there but it's just man it's like Stone Age it's like it's like you're one Facebook you know and maybe it'll get Better Um but but it's so slow You know the algorithm Sucks you know you don't get fed what You want to see get fed nonsense you Don't I think just the more money needs To be put into it uh my opinion but uh I don't spend any time there it does it Doesn't grasp me You know

Uh Theo van thanks buddy Americans Forgotten the face of his father no Doubt bro So Theo van is a moderator over there in Our uh Tribe too good guy so y'all go over There and get get in the try we'll talk About that again but uh so anyway Trump said that I don't lose anything In other words you know we had to They want to put me on very badly they Called and they want me to go back on But if I go back on there what would I What would happen to truth I don't know But the answer is I'm not doing it I Won't go back on Trump also criticized musk for spending A lot of money on buying something that Has tremendous you know number of fake Accounts and Bots and all of this stuff So we we do know that that was true uh Elon Musk kind of like you know made him Put their cards out there there was a Lot of ball accounts fake accounts you Know basically inflating the users And Getting people to uh you are trying to Get more money out of out of him Essentially Um He says these news dumps are solid but I Think the discussion with cyber SEC Professor he said be prepared for false Flag amp shutting down grid we blame no

Russian Demps I mean that would actually Be a good point man I've actually Considered that myself Um because Uh EMP is something much Miner than like You know it's not maybe going to cause Loss of life and other gentlemen here Are K thank you man he's asking about a Liberty Church I'm not sure brother I'm Not sure Just whenever we put something out buy It because it may not be back for quite A while that's how it goes man Um we're a small business so we're Trying to stay afloat in this inflation Era Elon Musk is also standing by this Is this is a very disturbing thing to me Yo Roth this this guy right here he's Standing by Yo Roth right here As Twitter's head of safety and Integrity he's a notorious left-wing Employee with a history of fiery Political tweets Who previously acquainted members of the Trump Administration to noxis So with the Takeover Elon Musk has said That he's standing by Joel Ross As Twitter's head of Integrity he said That Um Attention was drawn to Roth after musk Tweeted Elite screenshots of a Conversation was involved in with musk Claims proves that the company lawyers

And Boards misled him about the Platforms metrics so basically he was a Snitch Saying that uh that Twitter did have a Bunch of Bot accounts and so he snitched To Elon so he he basically bought his Way into this position Um so Musk like I said before had Previously claimed that Twitter hid the Number of fake users on the platform Causing the company to be overvalued but Agreed to honor the earlier pledge about The social media Network at 44 billion Because it has incredible potential so You see you see y'all here Um This this should have been the first guy Uh he was fired you know or at least the Fourth guy But he was quick to defend him right so This is Joel and him and his Husband Right there Musk was quick to defend him stating That we've all made questionable tweets Me more than most but I want to be clear That I support y'all my sense is that he Has a high integrity And we are all entitled to our political Beliefs many others including author and Podcast hosts catherd were quick to Point that Roth had been accused of Being extremely biased against Conservative users and has referred a

Member of the Trump Administration as as Actual Nazis Um so yeah I mean I mean the dude is Obviously extremely biased you know I Hadn't met a I hadn't met a a left Winger that is like chill you know They're all kind of Wild Um you know extremists and they hate Conservatives I can't see him being oh Yeah we're gonna I'm Gonna Keep It on The level no I can't see that he'll be Banning people conservatives and Everything else John DC thanks sir Um Now we'll say there's a few things that I do like about him man this video must Be getting shadow man we have no Audience at this point in time weird Usually we get about have about 2 000 if You want at one time we've only got 700. Weird anyway Um a couple things he's done right He's put in a monthly pay service where You have you can pay eight dollars to Get the blue check basically you know The blue check was previously held for Hollywood uh you know in Elites Politicians and things like that and Basically that that my voice is better Than yours you know Um but And and you know Twitter's a really long Time I mean because I got a blue check

Here on uh YouTube Facebook and all that Kind of stuff but uh it doesn't mean Anything who cares Um but but people do on Twitter because It makes it seem like you know your your Voice is better than the peasants Um and so musk basically said that that Was demoralizing to the public which I Agree get rid of all that nonsense get Rid of the blue checks But um AOC made a snorky tweet because Basically anyone can pay eight dollars a Month and have a blue check so basically It means blue check is nothing someone Who pays for it So AOC says LMAO Had a billionaire earnestly trying to Sell people on the idea that quote Unquote free speech is actually eight Dollars a month with a subscription plan What's funny though is that she she he's Not saying that Anyone can use the platform for free You're paying eight dollars for the blue Check But Elon sweeps back and says your Feedback is appreciated now pay your Eight dollars I thought that was pretty Hilarious he lit her up you know But uh he also fact-checked the White House So the White House who tried to lie About seniors are getting the biggest Increase in their social security check

In 10 years through present body's Leadership And it was fact check which is awesome This is the first time The left has been fact checked the White House immediately deleted the tweet this Evens the playing field a bit and Kareem Jean-Pierre the White House speaker as She came and said well it's just because We did not uh lay it out correctly but Everything was true there yeah okay so Hopefully that does happen they start Fact checking the leftists because only Can servers get back checked I got fact Checked all the time and the more you Get fact check the more you get Shadow Banned and all these sort of things Right and the fact Checkers all left us You know what I mean like Snopes and all These other things all left is PolitiFact every one of these guys But The other good thing is so three things Right now that that's good about him is That Elon Musk reportedly plans to lay Off half of the Twitter staff around 3 700 people and a cost-cuzzy measure that Will be announced Friday and basically These are probably tons of leftists so You know Go get a job somewhere else Where you can't have control of free Speech Um

But you know I do think it's I I don't Think it can be trust at this point to Be honest with you I mean it's just it's Just too much Back and forth yeah he's a good Combatant but uh you know gotta watch Him I think the biggest thing is that if he Brings Trump back because that's that Will give him the to get him the most Fire from the public if he does that Then he has balls if he doesn't do it he Doesn't have any So the other you know kind of Piggybacking on this that it was Reported that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security actually were having Routine meetings With Facebook Reddit Wikipedia Twitter To regulate misinformation right now What they call misinformation is things That go against by an Administration Democrat Party You know children's genital mutilation Things like that men can have babies Um Censorship on a wide range of topics Including the withdrawal from Afghanistan you know if you talk about That I got flagged on that on YouTube Um coronavirus obviously you can't say Anything about that and then racial Justice um so the Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt actually filed a

Lawsuit against the Biden and that Alleges the government collusion with Big Tech to suppress America's First Amendment rights according to the Material the DHS plans to Target allege Misinformation around origins of coven Which just came out that we were all Right it was in the lab in Wuhan being Made weaponized we it just came out you Know the Senate hearing just basically Stated this it was in Vanity Fair Um vaccines right uh racial Justice U.S Withdrawal from Afghanistan basically Anything the leftists have done and uh U.S support for Ukraine It also revealed that the official Process for the government to flag this Information to Facebook so the Government could begin to flag this Information so the Biden Administration Can flag what they deem as Misinformation basically anything that Goes goes against them so if the GOP Takes back the majority next week they Had better spend the next two years Taking I mean getting this nailed down You know I was calling you know Tim Scott All these guys and said this during During Trump admin and said look man Y'all got to handle this social media Thing this is your biggest threat Do they listen no They they said they they were going to

They're going to fight they're going to Do this But they didn't do anything They didn't do anything about it you Know And it's gonna it's gonna make them lose Big time Uh if they don't fix it I mean we're Talking about the fate of America I Believe uh hinges on this and Trump Tries to assign an executive order on it Um however nobody pushed it through Nobody tried to you know enforce it Um which is unfortunate because he he Saw the writing on the wall Um but if it doesn't Whatever the overlords whether that be The the wokies The dams Big Tech They will be in charge from here on out You know Um the power free speech is is critical Guys our forefathers knew that and uh It's necessary Because if it's regulated it can be very Dangerous right you're painting Narratives look how pumped up people Were I mean they're burning down Businesses You know and and rioty and stuff they're Pumped up by the media right I mean it Can get bad I mean Civil War type stuff And

We were on the verge of that And quite possibly still are Um but people are Gullible you know they follow like you Talk to a leftist man and see what they Believe they go go down the list they Believe every Single thing of this set you know Russia Collusion hoax Um you know men can have babies yeah you Name it I mean all of it they just agree With it right This is absolute nonsense but you know Next week is going to be big make sure You go out and voting and I know a lot Of people believe what the demons want To believe oh yeah my vote's not going To count that's why they want you to Believe because they want you to set Home You need to go vote and make sure you Check Let's go look at everybody you vote And very important your local school Boards right Look at those people and make sure They're conservative you know because Even in my area dude I'm in the south We have we have liberals running like Legitimate like using words like Equity Gender and I mean like nonsense like That like It's it's it's like cancer spreading Everywhere right so you've got to go

Make sure that don't just go just don't Go Mark names because you have no idea What you could be doing because I know a Lot of people do that they'll just go Down and Mark names oh yeah Republican Because there's one Republican one in my Area that said they're they're cool with All that right well you're not a Republican you're just running as a Republican you're not a conservative Right So be serious about that right Um anyway the other thing is is that Being look out Trump and DeSantis will Probably be going at each other's throes Apparently they've all already kind of Shared some back and forth because I Think They're going to be running against one Another so they're going to be Competition so you're going to see that Be careful because it's going to try to Split up The the Republicans I mean that's what It That would be the best move for the dams Is to try to split up the Republicans so Just be on the lookout for that Guys Marines we got Marines here join The tribe absolutely we've got a lot of Marines in the tribe Um I love to see fellow Marines there Um and all service members we've got Guys I mean we got super special ops

Guys All the way down to your your you know Your your local guys that that you know I think we got like you know welders you Know construction I mean Guys that know how to do things I don't Know how to do and that's what the Biggest thing about our tribe is is that We want people from all walks of life Because like I said last night everybody Brings value right it's like If I was to create a team right for the End of the world it wouldn't be a bunch Of you know former military guy spec op Guys because we all do the same things Like I want Medics I want mechanic I Want a welder You know very dentist you know just People from all walks of life because They could be beneficial you know I mean And it could be something even you just Have a hobby as that that could could Save the team's life you know something That you may know how to do from a hobby You did maybe you play with chemistry Sets and you know chemistry who knows Join our tribe and men and women both we Have women there as well Lots of them actually blown away and a Lot of them are very squared away it's a Place where you know you can be around Like-minded people Get to know your area we have broken up By state as well so you can talk to the

General Group which is about thousand Members And then state right now so if you want To just talk in your local state area we Also have meetups going on across the Country we have video chats Um things like that everybody gets in on The group and chat with each other Um watch parties or everybody watches The late night lives together and we Always have a chat after Late Night Live So if you join up you can get in there And get our Late Night Live Chat talk to Us afterwards but uh I'd love to have You in there after the rest of the tribe Wood you can see the tribe members here Everybody with the various different um Either Slide the the black Scout um Pirate Flag the black Scout Mountain Scene or the various crests those are People that are in the tribe so And uh anyway guys thanks so much for Tuning in let me know your thoughts on All these can you believe you can trust Tulsi and Elon are there other things That I hadn't seen that they've done Well or they that you don't trust them Because of right let me know in the Comments and as always thanks for Watching black Scout survival stay Frosty strapped and dangerous take care Join the tribe always either

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