Catering Burlington

Catering Burlington

It is possible to reduce the initial budget of the catering service. The easiest way is by asking the caterer to find loopholes that will reduce the costs. The best value of money will include the best possible foods and services.

How to reduce the fees of catering in Burlington

Limit the cocktail portions

You can adjust the number of appetizers during the cocktail hour. Serving a cocktail along with the food, is adequate for most people. The caterer will know which one should have a more significant reduction. 

Serving appetizers on the table instead of setting a passing style is a better way of minimizing the portion. These styles can include serving fresh fruits, dips, and crudités. Parlato's team will control the exact proportion for each person, instead of letting people decide their ideal sizes. This method will reduce the overall amount consumed. 

Fewer choices at dinner

The catering bill will go higher when you increase the options at dinner. Stick to a few options for the same type of food. You can choose fish and chicken for the meat section and two choices for gluten-free dishes.

You can opt for the fancy recipe that has a minimal number of ingredients instead of many different types. A right caterer may offer one choice for every different diet plan. You may get away with one entrée choice if you work with an experienced catering company. 

Minimize the courses

You can serve a salad or soup as a starter and follow with entrée and dessert. The appetizers may be enough to satisfy guests for a short event. You can skip salad at dinner when you serve it during the cocktail hour. Alternatively, a fancy salad serving can play a big part in reducing the cost of the main dishes. 

Change the timing

An event at dinner is pricier than one at brunch or dinner. This case is because people eat and drink small portions during the day. You can save on the bar bill by changing the time of the event hosting. It is best to serve brunch if you do not mind hosting the event during the mid-morning. 

Serve seasonal dishes

In-season foods cost less than out-of-season foods. Parlato’s Catering knows the best places to get the best ingredients of catering in Burlington at a reasonable price. The chef can pick vegetables that can help you reduce the shopping budget by a significant difference. The chef also may suggest alternatives that are equally delicious and less expensive. 

Different bar setting

  • Choose one or two signature drinks and include other affordable options. The bartender will have more leeway in choosing different types of beverages.
  • A cash bar is an excellent alternative to a limited bar.
  • Another option to limit the cost of catering in Burlington is closing the bar an hour before the official end of the event
  • Skip the champagne. The guests will not find it inconveniencing if they can toast to their drink of choice at the bar.


Catering Burlington

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