Cheap Geiger Counters on Amazon – Only 1 is Worth it!

By | October 31, 2022

Hey guys my name is Lily and today I Want to make the promised video so in One of my last videos I promised to test Out some cheap gank accounters which you Can buy for 100 or less on Amazon And yeah unfortunately now because of Insane World politics we are as close to Nuclear Uh War as we have ever been in history So I believe that a Ganga counter is Probably the most important prep right Now And even if you're not getting it for Nuclear war Um I think it's nice to have one because We have a lot of nuclear power plants in The world and you know with Murphy's Law Things are going to happen so we already Had Channel Bill and Fukushima and I Think it's only a matter of time until There will be another accident or might Be one who knows so I'd rather want to Be prepared and sorry now the question Of this video is is it really important To buy such a expensive geiger counter Or can you get away with one of the Cheaper ones and that is the video topic Of the day I'm not sponsored by any of These products Uh Prince so I bought all of these gang Accountants myself and we are going to Compare it to the really expensive fund By the company gamma's card And yeah first I want to show you each

Of the Geiger counters we will discuss The cost and the properties of the Geiger counters and then we will test it Out with a real radioactive Source okay So these are the Geiger counters that I've bought And I made sure that I chose models Which are available on Amazon us but Also on Amazon in Germany okay I want to Start this review with the first geiger Counter this is the pr6 model which cost Me 80 Euros and it claims to be able to Detect some beta and gamma radiation So that's really important you always Want to have better end gamma because Gamma alone is not enough and then it Says it has a geiger Muller tube and That's really important so you only want To get ganker counters with a giga Miller tube it also seems to be a Dulcimeter which is a great feature But today we are going to focus on the Detection itself So let's open up the box of the pr6 It says it can detect beta gamma and X-rays okay it's only can detect Um radiation up to 100 micro sieverts Per hour so that's not um really good Funny Welcome Model br6 version 3.0 Key description This key is from youth particle sound And alarm sound

The play key is for average reset retest And this is light on or off Okay here you can see the Current radiation 0.1 so that's a normal background Radiation this is that you have anywhere On the ground And then here Um you can see a graph Of what the device is measuring which is Great so I really like that and then Also here you have the accumulated micro Sievers per hour so this is basically The Um display for the dosimeter okay so First uh I want to measure the radiation With the gas card and then we compare The value with the other cheaper Geiger Counters so just for your information This is the box that the gamma Scout Comes in It gives you a very detailed description And the great thing about this Giga Counter is that it cannot only measure Beta and gamma but it also can measure Alpha radiation So here you can see different settings I can choose beta and gamma radiation Or I can go to the next window which is Gamma radiation only or if I go to the Very right Tube is completely open And this is also going to measure Alpha Radiation now to make a good comparison

With the other Geiger counters I'm going To set this geiger counter to bit and Gamma radiation because the other Devices that I want to test today also Only can't detect beta and gamma Radiation to make a fair comparison we Want to have the same setting here on This geiger counter okay so what I have Here in my bank is a radioactive watch Which I found on a flea market in Vienna So back in the 1920s they were producing Luminescent paints which happen to be Really active so these watches are kind Of dangerous Um but I'm lucky that I have one now Because now I can test my Giga counter Okay so now I want to measure the Radioactivity of the Swatch from Different distances so I want to measure The radioactivity as close as possible To the watch then also from 10 Centimeters from 20 30 and 40. okay so Now I'm far away from watch and You can see the normal background Reading of both of the Geiger counters Is now 0.1 micro Sievers per hour so that's Actually pretty Accurate for this one okay now let's Start the test okay 40 centimeters is Too far away it doesn't do oh It detects a little bit of radiation But almost nothing I don't think it Makes sense to do a test from here so

Let's start at 30 30 centimeters from The Watch Okay now it's detecting a little bit of Radiation We have 0.16 microsievets now we go to 20 Centimeters So here we have 0.18 over nine Hello 0.2 now 0.2 now let's go to 10 centimeters Okay at 10 centimeters I get 0.78 ish So it jumps around a little bit So let's write down 0.75 okay now let's go to zero directly On the watch right now That's um this plastic bag in between The watch and the geiger counter Last time I got 25 microceverts let's See how much we get today okay so Because Um it's not detecting alpha particles Only beta and Karma this is why I only Get 18 or 20 micro sieverts Okay so this was the gamma's card and Now we will compare the values to the Um pr6 geiger counter okay we will start At 40 centimeters again So that's zero point One five Okay now we get even less than before That's funny

So yeah Sometimes the Geiger counters they go up And down let's come closer to 20 Centimeters Okay it doesn't seem to detect anything Namaste gamma Scout we got 0.2 at 20 Centimeters Now we're still at 0.1 oh now it's going Up maybe it's just slower 0.16 Okay let's come closer again 10 centimeters This was when we had 0.75 at the gamma's card I try to Use it like this maybe it's Detecting more radiation now the Radiation increases so now we have 0.36 Seven eight nine okay now it's giving us An alarm That was at 0.5 Micro Sievers per hour let's see if we Can change the sound Okay it seems as if Um 0.5 ish Is what we get at 10 centimeters Yeah and now let's come as close as Possible to the sensor let's see maybe Like this Okay I have to turn around the camera so You can read this We get one point Seven micro C bets right now okay so the Highest value that I got was two micro

Sievements 2.0 At this distance the gamma Scout gave us 17.5 219 microcivas so that's quite a Different okay the next skagger counter That I want to test is the one that I Got for 86 euros It says radiation detector It says it's going to measure x-rays Beta and gamma rays let's see This is called NR 750. Okay so at 40 centimeters I get a Reading of 0.12 that's the normal Background radiation again Now let's go to 30 centimeters 24 even oh 0.3 Okay That's the highest we got So far Now let's move on to 20 centimeters Again 0.47 Okay now it's giving me an alarm It was acting pretty quickly so that's Good there was not a lot of delay or lag Now we are at 10 centimeters And we get 0 point 9 . so the highest did I Got was one micro C build that's pretty Good The gamma Scout had 0.75 and now let's Come as close as possible to the watch

Okay unfortunately It does not clamp up so the reading Still says 1.2 at the highest [Applause] Do it like this [Applause] Oh now we are oh my God it's going up Now Oh my God look at that 10 mic receiver That's 11. Yes 15. 16. 17 18 19. Wow 21.9 was the highest reading that we got 21.9 so that's pretty good so that means It's also measuring the better radiation Just try to figure out where the geiger Miller tube is but it seems to be on the Left side so here I get the highest Reading So that was really really good Um this Gaga counter gave us Almost the same reading as the gamma's Card But it only cost Like Um 80 Euros Wow I'm really surprised and impressed I can definitely recommend this model It is reacting quickly much more quickly Than this one here

Um Yeah that's that's pretty good now I Still want to try this one again and I Want to set it on the watch like this And then I want to see if the reading Increases because maybe The sensor is somewhere in the middle And then I just want to check again if We really only get like Um two micro sieverts out of this one So the hairs that I got was about seven Micro sieverts with this pr6 Radiation detector So that's much lower than the value that We got from the gamma Scout which was Between 17 and 19 micro sieverts So here we have seven or six point four Right now So this kind of counter I don't know what's up with this one but It seems to Like React more slowly And also it's not measuring Maybe all of the better radiation So that's quite a difference from To what we got with the gamma Scout Yeah I got the same value as before now I'm measuring 18 Microsieverts so So yeah it really seems as if this Device is slower in reaction and also It's not measuring all of the radiation Um

It's still working though so you can Still detect radiation but not as like Good as with this one So yeah I gotta say that I'm really Impressed with this uh geiger counter I Think it's amazing it's reacting super Fast and also it detected even more Radiation than the gamma's card so this Is definitely a device that I can Recommend uh really good and it's Important that you measure the radiation Somewhere here at the left side And here I got the most out of the Device Okay so yeah I'm really impressed by this geiger Counter the next Giga counter that I Want to show you is this one It cost me 103 euros Now let's check it out Okay unfortunately this device is not Working I don't know what's wrong Let's open up this kind of counter and Find out what the problem is maybe we Can see something A contact or Add a mistake error So here we can also see that the guy Gambler tube is on the left side so Let's quickly open up this geiger Counter Okay so the orange one is completely Different it seems to have a more Complicated circuit and it also has a

Bigger Tube so this is the orange one the NR 750 it has a huge gargamilla tube m4011 2022 it's from this year even So this one is massive and it's also At the left side of the geiger counter So this is why I got a lot of reading Here it seems to have a little bit of a More complicated circuit than this one Unfortunately this device is not working I cannot see any mistake with the Contact also so I cannot repair this Thing I'm going to send it back to Amazon Yeah while we add it I also want to open Up this Giga counter so this is the Br6 Okay So this seems to have the same Gage Miller tube as the other one but it's Covered with some kind of plastic so Maybe this cover is the reason Why we did not detect as much radiation Because this is some very thick plastic And Um I will try to cut this off now Okay now this kind of Miller tube has a Different name But it looks the same as the other one Here This one is called J321 beta gamma X r h 2022 zero

Interesting Now this one is the smallest one here Unfortunately I cannot test it because The geiger counter does not work Yeah so unfortunately I have to send This back to Amazon it's broken I definitely want to have my 103 Euros Back okay at last I want to test this Geiger counter which is the model FS 600 It cost 102 euros on Amazon It also says it can detect x-rays beta And gamma radiation Okay so this is by the company bozian This also has a giga Miller tube which Is protected with a shrink tube Okay let's quickly do a test with this Geiger counter and then we will see what The radiation is Okay at least this one is working but Before we test this one at first Want to do another test with the white One I want to see if we detect more Radiation now because I have cut off the Plastic Now what I've noticed is That the case of the geiger counter is Really thick in my opinion it's Unnecessary thick because the geiger Miller tube sits here But then there's like one and a half Centimeters of space Which is not used so I cannot even come Close enough to the watch to have the Same distance as with this one

So I think that's that's not good when It comes to the case And you want to come as close as Possible to the radioactive object with Your Geiger Miller tube of course Okay now let's do the test again I will take the watch like this put it Directly On the geiger counter Let's see if we get more than A couple of micro sieverts Okay the last time We had seven micro sivats Now we have 6.4 Let's see if it's more if I hold it like This Yeah unfortunately that did not solve The problem it really seems as if this White geiger counter is not as good as The others but now let's try out this One here the fs 600. Okay between 40 and 30 there's not a lot of Difference we have 0.13 Um and one four Of radiation Let's go to 20. let's go to 10. This is almost not reacting So we are at 10 centimeters and we only Have a slightly higher value than before The gamma Scout at this distance already Had 0.75 So that's not good Now let's come closer

Oh my God this device is even more bad Than the white one We only have 0.35 micro C valves per hour Two micro sieverts 2.6 This is really bad Even the right device is better than This one Oh my God don't buy this I also wouldn't Buy this here Um I definitely would buy this one Because this gave me almost the same Readings as the gamma Scout in fact I Could not spot any difference And this only cost 85 Euros so I will Give back both of these devices This is the only one that I'm going to Keep Because it's really worth it It gives really accurate readings it Reacts fast And for this Price It's amazing I can Definitely recommend the nr750 by the Company booty Buy And this here is just trash this is the Greatest trash that I've ever seen And this is a little bit better trash But also not good so if ever you guys I Would grab this geiger counter Immediately Um because I feel that after this review They might double the price But get this device I can highly

Recommend it to you it's the best it's Really really good so this one is going To go into my EDC And this one is going to go into my fair Day cage which I want to show you right Now So this is my Faraday cage in here I Keep a small power bank and a solar Panel And this is where I also keep my gamma's Card All right guys so this is it for today I Really want to thank you for watching And if you want to see more videos like This then make sure that you're Subscribing to my channel stay tuned

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