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Foreign Thanks for tuning in Um you know you've heard this saying not All heroes wear capes Well here's a New York police officer Here Check out her uh holster there Tell me how well she's going to be able To draw that pistol in a fire fight Why let me know in the comments why in The world Anyone wear a pistol like this anyway I Thought that was funny nothing to do With the video but Um that that'd be the person to become To save you so that's why it's important To stay strapped I also got some videos Towards the end that I think you really Need to see stay tuned for that because Just like having a strap on you Definitely situation Awareness Day Frosty stay strong stay dangerous where We talk about those things as well We have our tribe members here good to See you guys and if you're not part of The tribe definitely I encourage you to Go do that the link below it says join The tribe it's it's hard for people to Grasp this join the tribe you click that Link you determine what monthly Membership you want to have grunt Scout Or Commando and then you'll get a link To our server or private server and then You can network with people all over the

Country we have people in every state we Have experts in various fields People promoted for most of life that All had the same Mission as us okay and You'll meet friends where people are Having get-togethers meetups training Camping whatever Maybe just want to have a friend right Some people have said it's a God saying Because they have a friend now they have Friends you know so anyway you just Asking the tri members try members uh Speak up in the comments let everybody Know just how much he loves Trump Uh like this guy here uh I'm sorry lady Here but uh Buffet Barbie part of the Tribe said the Oklahoma's has a meet-up Schedule so there you go Um anyhow let's talk about the serious Business tonight China China's China is is working for Um Global dominance and they are making Waves that they they are making moves And people you know when we talk about This kind of stuff people will Immediately say it's conspiracy Theorists like this is their goal like No question this isn't like you know These folks that when you talk about These things I think you're you're you Know a tenfold hat like this is a Serious business right and if you have Kids like your kids are going to live You don't have to live in this right and

The people that say this is a conspiracy Theorist you're going to be putting Together iPhones while eating a playful Of crickets is what's going to happen so Get your head out of the sand and start Paying attention once the world's going What is going on I'm being talked about China is Establishing police stations in New York City The Chinese government has established Overseas police service stations to keep Track of its citizens abroad including One in New York and three in Toronto Old Toronto and and if you if you wonder Why Toronto well it's you know Justin Trudeau he he loves the Chinese Here government allows China to open up Police stations in Canada to monitor Chinese Nationals Here's a video real quick of of uh Justin Talking about how much he loves China And their dictatorship Then referred to China there's a level Of uh admiration I actually have for China they're yeah basic dictatorship is Allowed admiration for China other basic Dictatorship following them uh to Actually turn their economy around on a Dime and say we need to go green as fast As we need to start you know investing In soil I can promise you going green as Fast as will not turn your economy

Around on a dime Justin you can blow That smoke up somebody else's I mean There is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about of Having a dictatorship that he could do Everything he wanted And he also desires to do everything he Wants you're going to see that in a Second The federal government Has invoked the emergencies act to Supplement provincial and territorial Capacity to address the blockades and Occupations the police will be given More tools to restore order in places Where public assemblies can constitute Illegal and dangerous activities these Tools include strengthening their Ability to impose fines or imprisonment As of today Why why no one in Canada has a screen Fixed bayonet [ __ ] I'm still confused a Bank or other financial service provider Will be able to immediately freeze or Suspend an account without a court order Federal government Institute without a Court order I.E freezing your money your Assets because they're naming you a Terrorist institutions will have a new Broad authority to share relevant Information with banks and other Financial service providers we are Broadening the scope of Canada's Anti-money laundering laundering and

Terrorist financing rules so that they Cover crowdfunding platforms and the Payment service providers they use Government overreach Is coming coming your your county near You so this report that was released um This actually this news just came out About the the China uh having police Stations here it just came out but it's It's like hadn't been touched by the Media they're keeping it quiet but this Report that was released last month Right there's been 110 overseas stations That are used to help the Chinese Communist Party by cracking down on all Types of illegal criminal activities Involving overseas Chinese it's always Safety first that's how they always Present this stuff always for your Safety right this is this is part of the Concept of takeover we're doing this for Your safety just come into this Camp We're going to feed you a lot of bad Stuff out here Just like leave him there right we got Food it's crickets but you'll you'll be Fine right So the main criminal activities that the That are monitored by the CCP surrogates Are fraud in telecommunications fraud According to the report it goes on to Say that from April 2021 Um till July 2022 the Chinese authorities

Claimed that 230 Thousand Chinese Nationals have been Successively successfully Persuaded to return to China to face Criminal Proceedings for their actions persuaded Now are you curious how they persuade Let's let's talk about that Typical methods used to ensure that Their citizens return involved Intimidating and imprisoning criminal Targets families Justin Trudeau said Communist China good dictatorship Uh I got a lot of respect or having CCP Proxies threaten the Target online or in Person To and get them to volunteer returns so So this goon squad comes to you they Threaten you online and they come to you Face to face And threaten you to voluntarily return Right So the stations were partly established In various countries in order to handle Quote unquote administrative duties Such as reviewing driver's licenses the Report said that China that China United Front organizations have used these Stations to police actions of the Chinese There was one example A report that says that CCP has a Cambodia office right and that that uh

Cambodia is listed as one of the nine Forbidden countries for Chinese Nationals to live uh and due to its high Incidences of fraud so they're not Wanting to let their their Chinese Nationalists go there because there's Still a lot of fraud for your safety for Your safety just put your mask on right Just put your mask on for your safety Take take this injection it's okay the Chinese woman uh running this restaurant In Cambodia was contacted by the Authorities to return to China in March According to the report the woman said She was not committing any fraud and was Just doing business in the country Chinese officials didn't warn her in May She would be put on a telecon suspect List And that they would cut off water and Power to her mother's home If she didn't return Her mother's home was also spray painted With the term House of Telecom fraud So they sent the Goon Squad up there to Mark up the house right The report also cites Chinese media Reports where other fraud suspects had Relatives homes spray painted with Shameful messages and had their power Supplies cut off as well The report says that the tactics Deprives the rights of these Chinese Nationals to be considered innocent

Until proven otherwise guilty and the Right to a fair trial it also Institute Guilty By Association paradigms so Mother's guilty because the the daughter Is Um suspected of a crime right but not Convicted So it's Chinese China's anti-telecom and Online fraud will go in a into effect in December and gives the CCP greater Authority to pursue fraud cases Committed by Chinese citizens overseas So they are very emboldened to say you Know what screw it we're just going to Go ahead and start policing our own People in our country John DC thanks buddy You know but you know this is is fitting Now this is even happening Because if it's the concerns of of the Them conducting Espionage on us right And they have been doing that We've heard that they're building Towers near our uh nuclear where our Nuclear weapons are built that could Potentially be spying they're building Them uh you know near Air Force bases They have places in Washington DC Uh that that could be used for spine They have all these places where they're Just taking over they're very bold So then it you know um The Chinese Espionage cyber programs Pose a major Counter Intelligence threat

The Senate report warns yeah no dog guys You're just now getting this I forgot it Was just proud month and doing the BLM Stuff and all these other things you're Too busy doing the social justice that You forgot about trying to keep America Safe Um the heavily redacted report by the Senate select committee on intelligence Wars at the U.S government Central Counterintelligence agency and other Components are ill-equip and poorly Structured to counter growing foreign Spy threats So the foreign intelligence agents and Hackers from China Russia Iran North Korea and others are engaged in Obtaining secrets in technology of both U.S government agencies and private Sector with Little Resistance from our Counterintelligence agencies This that's what the report is stating But one threat stands above all others Report outlines several ways China in Particular is gathering secrets and Information in the United States the Operations range from traditional Approaches such as planting spies in Intelligence and efficient defense Agencies and newer methods uh two newer Methods of cyber and Espionage from Computer networks China's spies also are Targeting agencies not involved in National Security such as private

Sectors business and Academia probably Like things like Tesla Jeff Bezos blue Origin these sort of things that get Technology they're just admitted to Having uh spies and intelligence Sectors and defense agencies So we are filled up from top to the Bottom with these Chinese spies like It's known this is this is not something That they're they're guessing they're Saying that they know this is happening Um [Music] They're also go on to say that Chinese Intelligence is also engaged in covert Influence operations that support its Other Spa operations obviously a lot of This woke stuff that you're seeing Online that's trying to disrupt the Country and get people all Focus getting People thinking that all Races hate each Other Um people hate people because uh gender And all these sort of things is constant Or pushing these narratives on people That are just like trying to watch TV And every time they turn on TV they've Got LGBT in their face That's that's what this is it's trying To disrupt just the traditional normal Day-to-day life right and this just Makes it easier to divide a country but People fall for this stuff people get Very in this stuff you look at my video

Where I'm talking about Kanye West I'm Gonna mention Kanye then uh but talk About Kanye people are very upset in the Comments you know and and just Bewildered that you know saying that White lives matter too like apparently They don't but Kanye says they do Um so anyway They're also targeting University Researchers for technology and know how To also Um is is also a key to their plan Obviously that's easy that's those are Pretty easy Jeffrey thank you buddy it's Jefferson I appreciate that It's very easy to enter you know get Into a lot of these other things these Private sector things they also get Um You know information through various Platforms Tick Tock these sort of things Um So it goes on to say that China is Approaching parity with the United States that means equal being equal to Us Um in gross domestic product and certain Elements of his military power I would Almost even say they are with only with Us now And within a year they're going to Surpass us I think within a year they're Going to surpass us are they going to go Dominant take over within a year I I

Hope not I don't I don't think that but I would say at least five years like We're going to see a very different America unless something drastic happens Unless we get someone in power that has Balls Um and and cares more about trying Sorry I don't know what happened there I Went black Um but anyway the key America has a Country is what I was saying and not Care about money like these Democrat Politicians so the United States over The past 40 years has also become Interdependent with China unlike past Adversary so so you or we didn't need Them but we do need China we need China As much as China needs us so we are We're stuck right uh China Seeks to First displace the United States as the region of power in East Asia and then to eventually displace the United States as the global Power the report said Um the confrontation with China Is Unlike the Cold War sent off with the Soviet Union which was both military and Ideological the current robbery with China is being waged through economic Technological military diplomatic and Ideological spectrums Thanks Ross performance this is exactly Right he's saying this is how you take a

Country without even firing a shot Exactly this is this is what we're going To get to in a second just I'm glad you Hit that right there you hit that right There when I'm about to talk about it The Chinese intelligence States here are Also using Gray Zone Warrior Um below the level of armed conflict If you were this is a report said and if You remember you might watch the video About a year ago I talked about this I Said China was using Gray Zone Warfare And people people went in the comments You're full of it you have no idea what You're talking about well I'm just I'm Ahead of the game have been I have been Ahead of the game every time it turns Around I say something then or then our Uh our defense agencies or our Intelligations wind up saying it like They're figuring out well after I Figured it out I was saying that I lost Like 400 subscribers that night I Remember that I said yeah we're in Gray's on warfare where China they're Like you're full you're clickbait Clickbait yeah it happens every time Right But I said this was happening and uh but Don't think for a second that they don't Have Assets in elected positions because I'm sure they do probably all the way to The top I'll be all the way to Joe

Budden Thanks buddy Yeah Submarine Fleet Thanks Nelson appreciate it but brother Good to see all my tribe members here Some of the Tim Jesus matters so all lives matter Simple yep Wes versus China and America Is the prize your stream has been kind Of glitchy tonight Yeah man it has been I noticed I saw Myself cut out at one point which is Crazy but yeah uh Tim thanks man good to See all your Tri members here and Absolutely all lives do matter which I Don't know why that's a problem to say That to to not say that means that you Don't think a laws matter right every Life matters black white every Everyone's life matters except for Pedophiles Um but Speaking of that uh we'll talk about Kanye West for just a moment He uh dropped us today another video That I had a lot of people up uproar People were actually unfollowing me Because weird weird why were we Following me to begin with if you if you Didn't like me just talking about like The truce of Life why are you following Me anyway Kanye West says here's my Latest response when people ask me why I

Made a t that says white lives matter Dot dot dot they do of course they do Why why is it a problem to say White Lives saying White lives matter does not Mean no one else's life matters either Right But to get upset about it means to you That it is a problem that white lives do Matter right you could be a potential Racist yourself right Um so it's odd it's just the odd thing Um Kanye went on to say some other Things let me see this for a minute um Kanye's not alone and black academics Here talking about that he agrees with The views supported by um you know Kanye West at BLM and everyone knew it was a Scam obviously billing was a scam and That's the sad thing like a lot of People fell for a lot of money was Donated to these folks and they were Taking the money and spending their own Sales I mean some were being indicted as We speak like it was a scam like it did Not support the black community at all It did not it did not save black lives It enriched a few black lives it took Advantage of people losing their lives So Um anyway oh yeah here here's a Justin Trudeau said he admired China's Dictatorship right Amazing So then let's go on more more Kanye

Stuff real quick I got some video clips Don't don't leave me yet uh here's Here's kind of going off he says I want To let everybody know there was a Fashion show because his shirt basically Took over Um the whole the whole internet like Everybody's which he succeeded in Breaking the internet with it but I want You to count on he said because you're All effing program sheep So that's what that's what he's getting To remember my t-shirt that took all the Attention because all your programmed Sheep exactly I also thought it was Funny he says but I'm sure John Legend Still wants a pair of some other some Kind of boots or whatever and then said Justin get your girl before I get mad And so he's talking about Justin Bieber Um that loser because uh his wife right Here The daughter of the the guy who shot the Woman on the set and killed him Haley Bieber joins Gigi Hadid and Defending Gabrielle karifa Johnson after Kanye West's criticism And so he told Justin he better get his Girl I like that I like that a lot So anyway Let's get to some videos real quick But I'm glad Kanye clapped back at all Those folks you know quit being sheep

Because he is right here by sheep Everybody she the world is filled with Sheep and it's not even just Democrats will see uh you know quote Unquote Patriots that are cheap I see Guys in comments flipping out because You know guys Super Chat me right or or Or uh like me saying support Kanye Support people put their neck out like We're the guys like on the front line With the Shields and the swords and We're running towards the group and Those are the Patriots that are sitting There saying oh yeah screw that guy let Him get killed like instead of Supporting the people that are putting Their neck on the line right it's it's Mind-boggling these people exist that They think they're Patriots like you're Literally attacking people who are Standing up putting their neckline all Your click bait well how come every one Of my videos are just getting freaking Demonetized right losing subscribers Every day you know what I mean but I'm Doing this for clickbaits right it's Wild it's wild that people will act like This right but thanks to everybody who Does stick around and support I do Appreciation everybody that joined the Tribe you are the real ones I appreciate You guys So uh anyway before I get those clips Too real quick because one of my buddies

Just launched a product and I ain't paid By him or anything I just like his work Uh Chimbutu bracelets I'm a big bracelet Fan I don't know if you've ever noticed Like in every video though for for the Freaking 20 years I'd wear bracelets but Anyway he came out with a military line And that's how initially Um found his work I purchased some of His military line and he and I became Friends his name's Ruben you know Shimbutu he's uh awesome guy anyway he's Got a military collection I got some a Discount code actually we've got I got a New one that's black Scout fifth flat Scout 15 off so you can buy some Bracelet but this is the military Collection which I like so it's military Colors and give them to your friends and Stuff I give them to some of my friends My wife and my kids wear shinbutu braces And I do too but it came out with some New ones that I really like They actually launched this week Um but anyways his charms so his regular Charms are these uh Power pose Charms here and there this so let me see If I can get it in here I'm talking About braces don't worry I'm gonna talk About some good stuff in just a second So don't worry about whether they're the The typical color but anyway came out With these that are precious metals here

They have stones in the middle and this One's a cobra weave and I twisted but This one's a gold Gold plated but it's over 925 Silver and This one's 925 Silver I don't know if You can see that yeah there you go but It's got stalls inside of it he's really Proud about it he's a friend of mine Um a true friend so if you are into Bracelets you want to wear something Like I do and I'm going to pick him up Links below codes below he's a good Friend of mine I like to help people That I'm friends with so Go look him up all right let's talk About Frosty Stratton and danger it's uh Real quick Speaking of jewelry check this video out Hurry up Okay Thank you How come a man just sat like he didn't Get robbed at gunpoint right he doesn't Even act like he got robbed at gunpoint So anyway let me go back uh just for a Second so let me just go through this if I can go through this let me take the Just sound off All right guys so this thing you're Sitting in your car you're you're just You know on your phone not paying Attention this is the thing phones will Get you killed guys you're not paying Attention he's got earbuds in too you

See that air pods so you can't even hear Anything maybe Um but he's he's so hyper focused on his Phone and he's sitting not it's not it Unless you're inside your house with a Locked door like your situation where it Should be on fire okay But you see so this guy comes up he's Got a badge on his name obviously a fake Badges and a mask I want you to notice That anyone at this point going forward Has a mask on look at them very Suspiciously okay because there's no Reason you need to be wearing a mask Anymore people are using this every Criminal video I see these days they're Wearing masks too Cover their identity right but he's Wearing this badge just to give him that Split Second for the guy to roll this Window down don't roll your freaking Window down So you see him like Lean Forward guys Lane's Forks he thinks it's a cop And now he can't even think now because That that Split Second he thought he was A cop took all of his ooda Loop and Threw it in the trash can And obviously he knows he must have some Kind of expensive watch on because he Immediately tells him to give him the Watch So what would I've done this situation I Would have pulled out how to put out the

Heater and blast him is what I've done I Wouldn't even care we'd have been a Firefight or yeah obviously his car is Not in drive I drove away I might would Have tried to grab the barrel but that Would be a huge a huge if a huge if I'd Have to be in this situation and know if I could get it done or not I might grab The barrel point away from me then pull My heater and smoking right there on and Leave him on the ground Anyway Dude do that like can't get robbed I Mean that he was so calm after after the Fact it's crazy I mean I think he may Have just had such a huge adrenaline Dump that he was trying to figure it out What had happened all right here's Another one Yeah I'd have definitely drove someone Just said I drove and turned around oh Yeah I don't if if I wouldn't have I'd Have got my stuff back for sure for sure Obviously he knew what he was doing like There was nobody around so nobody's got A video recording me so you know that's How to be anyway this is from a house Okay let's go and watch this one That was fine I can use my car breakdown And y'all was the only one that got a Light on we don't we don't sorry All right you notice my man in the back Right here has a mask on Like why do you got a mask on outside in

The middle of night your girl don't have A mask on okay number one indicator Don't open up the door for nobody I'm Going I'm going to go ahead and get and Spill the Beans what I don't open up the Door people don't know especially at Night sorry And if they got masks and hoodies on the Big negative [Music] You did hear the person inside say he's Got a gun So uh I know he said get the gun he's Telling someone else to get the gun so But anyway do not open the door for People Let's say you see you see how quick this Went down quick how quick this went down And and they'll use some story hey my Car broke down you got a phone I can use Everybody's got a cell phone take that Somewhere else everybody everybody's got A cell phone these days I want to hear That you know what I mean They had to call the heat so I wouldn't Answer the door without a heater just Seriously I wouldn't have done it Actually the other day I had somebody Follow me you know that's when I even Post my vehicle online anymore so people Don't recognize me I get recognized Sometimes I've never had anybody had any Kind of way towards me though you know People may say something online they'll

Never say nothing to my face but uh Anyway I had somebody followed me for no No apparent reason I have no idea why They were Um but uh so what I did was I took uh Took a route you know trying to see if They were still following me I took a Weird Direction and then I pulled in Behind this industrial building and and Flipped my car around because I mean if I'm gonna get I'm from if I'm if I'm Gonna hit him with a strap I don't want Cameras around you know because there's Only one store to tell and so I think They caught on to what was about to go Down and so uh they they took off like I've never seen a bat out of hell so Quick I mean they knew because I spun my Truck around I done got out the seat Belt got the heater out you know like They spun out so quick it was they was About to get it they was about to get it They didn't know you know But anyway don't try to don't try to Mess with me I'll tell you The your parents be trying to figure out Uh what picture put in your big obituary Anyway I do appreciate you guys hanging out me Tonight go hit up my friends uhutu man Go support my man over there uh also do Want to mention something three years Ago uh we we stopped three years ago but Before that we came out of product me

And Mark from Centerline systems Um this is something called a Concealment wallet that hadn't been back In three years A lot of my old followers Probably recognize this people have been Hounding us to make them again they were All USA materials made here in the USA Has an ulti clip if you're familiar with Ulti clip it's something that um people Make for holsters but we designed this To be an inside the waistband wallet so You can put this in clip it inside your Waistband so it's not coming off you're Not losing your wallet you're not you're Not getting pickpocketed you're not Losing this we really designed this for Like um overseas As a backup wallet or To carry um escaping evasion or Survival Equipment inside here So it's a clam shell open design you've Got two card slots here or you can put a Lockpick card in there or whatever put Lock pick in here or whatever put lock Picks in here but this says uh uh Elastic material so you can put a house Key money whatever and if you want to Run like a traditional wallet because a Lot of people will do that Um just open that up and sludge your you Know dollar bills in there and close it Up and you got a like a regular wallet We got this in black and multicam Is great if you're like on vacation and

I'm not even saying out the country but It's just on vacation you're wearing a Surf Source or something you can clip That in you clip on your pants so that Way you've got if you don't have pockets Especially if you're a runner a lot of Girls are actually buying these a while Back uh when we're selling them because They were they were putting their house Key and their ID and stuff in there when They would go on their runs in the Morning the veteran owned companies me And Mark are both veterans always I work With other veterans all USA made Materials hand stitched here in the US Even with American-made needles that's How serious we are about that stuff so They're online they're back up If you're into that so anyway if you Need that if you want to run you know if You need to run if I if I'm running I'm Going to have that on there actually I Carry a belly band now with a pistol in There in case I got the you know have Somebody want to play games but uh Anyway guys I do appreciate you having Me do me a favor go uh comment on the Video once it's posted help me fight the Algorithm will be getting nailed to the Wall with this stuff and uh like and Join the tribe we'd love to see you over There we always have a late night live Chat After we'll go over there sometimes We get on video chat too I was actually

In there on the video chat the other day Um with those guys after a late night Live so just go over there join our Community our Network you never know When you might need somebody that you Can trust anyhow guys remember stay Frosty stay strapped stay dangerous and Never trust anybody that's got a mask on Take

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