Cowboy Trail Beans and Corn Bread

By | October 31, 2022

Good morning guys i'm dave canterbury With self-reliance outfitters in the Pathfinder school i just got back from The pathfinder gathering yesterday we Had 250 plus people there was an amazing Event if you missed the pathfinder Gathering 2022 here in vinton county Ohio we'll have another one in 2023 that Was probably our 12th or 13th gathering We skipped a couple years due to covid But we're back on track now at a new Venue Three days of nothing but classes Hanging around campfires Talking to students talking to people Doing challenges doing raffles doing Giveaways we just had a great time so Check out pathfinder gathering on our Website for information about that the 2022 stuff is probably still there 2023 Will go up probably not too far ahead of The christmas holiday so that you can Buy tickets On sale at that point So we'll probably eat a little bit of Breakfast while we are cooking these Trail beans because it's a little bit of A process we need to make some bacon Ahead of the curve so while we got that Bacon and that bacon grease no reason Not to fry up a couple eggs and swipe a Couple pieces of bacon we put the rest Of it in the beans we'll be ready to Rock and roll so stay with me guys we're

Going to bounce around a little bit but We're going to get it done we're talking Two three hours of prep time to get this Done if we do cornbread so let's get Started All right so first things first I've got a Dutch oven lid heating up over there We're going to use to cook this on and We've got some nice Butcher shop thick cut bacon here we're Gonna use We're not gonna need all of this We're gonna cook Quite a bit of it at least half of it i Got about a pound here i cook about half Of this and see where we end up we may Put more in there before it's over with Hey you know what let's just cook it all Back fire We'll just cook all of it and get it Done So what i'm going to do is i'm just Going to take out a butcher knife here And cut all of this In half Just easier to get it in the pan that Way We'll take over we'll get this Dutch oven lit heated up and we're going To cook in that Okay so one little thing that you can do If you're just carrying a dutch oven you Can actually use the top lid of that

Dutch oven as a pan Just flip it upside down and it gives You a deep skillet The problem is gonna be handling that Thing if you've got a pair of gloves for Your dutch oven anyway it's not that Hard just to scoop that thing off Of a fire if you're using it in an open Fire situation But for camp stove like this in a base Camp or an outfitters camp It's Perfect for that because it saves you From dirtying multiple things because You're gonna be using the literature Anyway Now you can see that Lid works perfect for this we're gonna Cook some eggs in here in a minute too I've already flipped these but i just Want to show you these are kind of my Favorite Pair of tongs just these old-fashioned Ones like grandma used to use Get right underneath that stuff flip it Right over It works perfect Just slide it right underneath that Stuff just like that boom I love The fair tongue They're available on amazon and they're Cheap All right we need to cook this bacon

Anyway For our beans So we'll get this out of here now we got All this bacon grease in here and might As well cook up a couple eggs it's not Gonna hurt anything we've got a good Coating Baking grease on the bottom of that We're gonna use some of that In our main meal anyway for now Ain't no sense of not popping a couple Eggs Sticking them in there All right Secret to this is flipping this grease Up on top of the egg And then you don't have to flip it [Applause] And that will Cook the top of your egg for you And you can just cook it as much as you Want to I prefer my Yolks a little soft And it doesn't take long at all To cook eggs like that Put them right over here with the bacon Let them cool down Now while we've got that lid on We also Need to cook up some hamburgers Ain't gonna hurt anything to cook that In the bacon grease At all

It's going to absorb that baked grease In the burger when we do that Do this while our breakfast cooling down Here We got plenty of depth of this lid to Cook it in the lid Or we could cook it in the pot but we've Already got the grease in here it's Already hot Stove top's already on Might as well just cook while we're at It And transfer it straight to the dutch Oven when we're done With the other things that we're going To mix in Just get the meat cooked first Or at least browned anyway doesn't have To be cooked i said all the way through But definitely have some brown Okay so now we're going to turn this Heat off this bad boy And we're going to get rid of 90 of this Grease And put our hamburger Somewhere for a few minutes To sit while we're prepping everything Else we're going to eat our breakfast While that's happening I generally speaking when i'm eating Breakfast on the fly it's exactly that Finger food And this is uh Pretty much exactly how we eat at the

Pathfinder school Our campmaster cooks it up for breakfast For everybody Throws it out on a plate somewhere and The instructors just finger fitted it Until they're full go back to work Oh Cool piece of bacon couple eggs Ready to get back after Okay so we got our bacon cooked we got Our beef cooked now for our trail beans We still need A few other things so we're gonna get us An onion here Get this outside skin off of this dude Chop them up good Okay Jalapeno peppers see what we got here Well we got a ton of seeds in it there Okay Okay The next step here we're going to take Two cans of bush's bust brown sugar Hickory baked beans Get them bad boys open up Let's pour it in Okay So we got Two cans of beans in here Now I'm gonna put our onions and peppers in There Then We put our ground beef in there

That towel's gonna be washed you All right Ground beef Mix that all up real good Then We're gonna bring some bacon over here Now we're just gonna Break this bacon up and shred it in There just like this Again we used a pound of bacon i ate a Couple pieces for breakfast but It was thick cut bacon From butcher shop You don't want this too small you want These to be pretty chunky in there You're trying to get a good hearty Bean dish out of this it's Good on the trail Has a standalone meal With maybe some bread like cornbread You want chunks of meat in there And we use a pound of ground beef as Well So a pound of bacon pound of ground beef Now we're gonna mix that in there again Hickory brown sugar masterpiece Barbecue sauce Whole bottle It wouldn't hurt anything to fill this Bottle halfway up and rinse it with Water And then put that in as well I filled that bottle half full of water I'm gonna shake it around and that's

Gonna add the extra water i need Let's clean that barbecue sauce out and Not waste any oven Now we're gonna mix this in good All right i've got some actual Ohio honey here I'm not really measuring anything I'm just putting a couple full dippers In there Letting it run off All right last thing is A good ample amount of garlic salt Gotta have pepper We're just gonna grind this thing up Over this thing For about a minute For half a minute Now this Needs to sit on Fire On coals Or on a burner on low heat For a good hour And we'll look at it you'll be able to Tell when it's done it'll be bubbling And look beautiful All right step three Cornbread So We're gonna crack an egg in a Bowl here We're going to use About a Tablespoon of

Vegetable oil That in We're going to Take some of this Good homemade butter that we got from The other day which is Got a lot of buttermilk in it Take a good healthy amount of that It's probably Almost a cup right there Then Get this kind of mixed up Get a whisk on that real quick That whisked up Real good Just like that Egg mixed in good Get all that off the whisk And then we'll start to mix in Some cornmeal or corn flour excuse me Now Before we put corn flour in here Secret ingredient Tablespoon of sugar Get some nice sweet cornbread We'll open up a bag of martha white's Self-rising cornmeal here so we don't Have to cornmeal mix we don't have to Mess around too much with All the extras Baking powder sodas all that stuff And we'll Just take Two

Three heaping tablespoons first i'll Start to cut that in Start to get that cut in with a fork Here real good See what we're at Now if we add any other liquid to this We would add milk or water Because we Could have used buttermilk in this but Because buttermilk is kind of a Byproduct of heavy cream we made this Butter We used a lot of loose Homemade butter there which is going to Be mostly buttermilk and butter which is Going to make these things taste Absolutely delicious All right as i'm putting water in here I'm going Tablespoons at a time not cups at a time You can see that a couple tablespoons of Water added out Get that mixed up real good We don't want this thing to be runny but We don't have to be like we got to roll It out either Pretty good right there As far as cornbread batter goes Now we're gonna take a smaller dutch Oven here We're gonna grease the inside of this Dude really good with some lard just That's gonna keep anything from sticking To our dutch oven just like this

And i'm just going to kind of spread This out In the bottom of this dutch oven and Make sure it's kind of an even thickness In there Just like that Pretty good That's pretty good right there Right so we're sitting at about a half An hour now on this stuff You can see This is really starting to bubble up now Stirring it about every 15 minutes a Good idea Now we're just trying to Simmer this thing pretty good so that we Cook all the vegetables well And so that we release some of the Liquid and steam and thicken it up a Little bit And that thing is going to be awesome Now Just back on here we'll take a look at Our Take a look at our cornbread over here About 20 minutes into our cornbread i Can see a little brown around the edge But i don't see too many bubbles on the Top yet And i'll show you how to check that Cornbread to see if it's done what we're Trying to do now is put enough heat in There to avoid To cook it but not burn the bottom we

Want it brown but we don't want it burnt So we're just controlling our heat real Well and checking it and going from There Now this corn bed is what we really want To watch We got brown around the edges And if i touch the top you see i left a Fingerprint in it right there when i Touched it it doesn't do that anymore Now i'm going to stick my fork in there And pull my fork out And see if my fork's coming out wet or Dry It looks like it's coming out dry So that's pretty good I'm gonna take a Little bit of butter here and i'm gonna Butter the top of this cornbread While it's still in here just like this With a brush Then i'm going to show you a trick We buttered the top of that cornbread Now what we're going to do is we're Going to take this dutch oven or take a Pair of heavy gloves And we're going to flip this dude Straight over and kind of shake it on The way down Just like this We're going to put it on there like that For five minutes Just to brown that top Okay at this point we're going to take

Our Heat and turn it off Take our touch out and turn it right Back upside right side up Pull the lid off and look at our Cornbread Make sure everything looks good Make sure it's nice and done fluffy yep Looks pretty good Now we're just going to kind of let that Sit for a few minutes And hold heat While we're getting the rest of our Trail beans done We've got the lid off of that now Letting it thicken up Got about another 15 minutes on that and It's gonna be good to go Well there's really nothing left now but To See how she tastes Let's give us a big spoonful of this And uh Coast a piece of cornbread off of here Spread this little butter on that Cornbread There we go the cornbread is so flaky It's falling apart That stuff is awesome I can't wait to try these beans Okay this is uh cola Another big rooster on the front Strong cola taste it says made with pure

Cane sugar that's my kind of pop right There Oh yeah That dude's good All right i'm gonna put this cornbread Right in my pan here Got some bacon I see some beef and beans And i see some jalapeno It's hot Wow Really good though Hot and awesome Let me get a good taste now and cool Down a little bit Yeah That's really really good Man that's good Big old chunk of bacon right there Man So good Have some more of that That is awesome Man And even though there's a lot of Jalapenos in there it's really not hot It's got a little bit of a kick in the End But you can definitely the barbecue Flavor the sweet man so good golly Man that's good All right guys well i just want to let You know i appreciate you joining me out Here today for this video on how to make

Cowboy trail beans and cornbread in a Dutch oven i appreciate everything you Do for my school for my family for my Business all of our sponsor instructors Affiliates and friends and i'll be back With another video in this series as Soon as i can guys thanks I'm getting back to it man That's good

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