Draft Dodging!!

By | October 11, 2022



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Foreign What's going on guys blaskow survival Late Night Live thanks for tuning in and Uh you know whenever you turn 18 years Old a lot of you guys probably remember Going up to unless you didn't listen to Military you don't have to do this but If you you have to go there to the post Office and go ahead and sign up for the Draft well Trans men don't have to now right so Um Very very disturbing and why are they Even talking about this is because we're In the cusp of World War III and I'm Going to talk about that later in the Episode tonight as well under the Joe Biden Administration transgender women Who are born as a male must register for Selective Services draft if you didn't Know which provides the Department of Defense with troops in the event of a Military draft transgender men so so Women who I'm sorry men who transgender Into female have to go sign up for the Draft okay but and so women don't have To sign up for the draft just FYI uh but A trans woman has to sign up for the Draft trans men who are born female do Not have to register for slave of Service which while this policy has been Established before Biden took office the Body Administration has not changed the Standard so now

They're saying a trans man so start out As a girl turned into a man doesn't have To sign up for the draft now Why are there not protests for this well You can't have your cake and eat it too Right because that's what they're Wanting they they're like yeah I want to Be a man I want to be identified a man As a man but whenever it's time to go to War No no no no no no hold up hold up I Don't I don't want to do that do you not See the hypocrisy as constant hypocrisy Where these leftist marks as socialist Ideologies there's always it's always Hypocrisy it's amazing that people even Fall for this mess but um so anyway According to the service system website Nearly all male U.S citizens and male Immigrants Who are 18 through 25 are required to Register with still a disservice this Website states that all biological males Must register for the draft including U.S citizens immigrants who are born Male and have changed their gender to Female So you can't get out for saying you're Trans man going to a woman which If that was the case against everybody You know pulling that car they didn't Want to go to war Um The website also notes that individuals

Who are born female and have changed Their gender to male do not have to Register and I got a clip of the Website here Will Scroll through it the policy came to Light after selective Services official Twitter account posted That appearance if your son is the only Son and the last male in your family to Carry on your family name he is still Required to register For Selective Service So you can see this website here I'm Going to blow this up real quick so you Can see this portion here So You know like the Saving Private Ryan Where they went out looking for Private Ryan Um because he was the last male yeah Unfortunately that doesn't That's not the play anymore all right so That's the official website so this was Posted on Twitter parents if your son is The only son and the last male in your Family to carry on the family name he Must go sign up for the draft So they're they're going to start Killing lineages in this world war three That zelenski is about to pop off for us So anyway this came to be like why People got in an uproar is because They're like hold up so my son my last Surviving son

Um to carry on the family name has to go To service but a trans Trans men don't have to you know Anyhow so people on Twitter they took The Twitter flipping out you know and They were simple uh saying that my son's A girl now so we're good let me see this Is the one Yeah my son's a girl now so we good Right so people people were flipping out Here here's a for purposes of SSS like Service my son will identify as a girl Starting with his 18th birthday Checkmate fascist Right so uh People are happy about it so they go on To say though that while Biden admin Still treats transgender women as males When it comes to the currently male 1 Military draft they also voiced for Support and including women in the draft Look you're not being supporting you're Not treating things fairly because if These people identify as a man That act like a man right Because I guarantee you the quickest way I was actually telling my wife the other Day there is this this one out there This um I'm not going to where it was Just in case you're watching the video Anyway I said I bet that if I walk up And said hey yo you got a problem They're gonna say oh hold on woman we You're not identified as one are you

Know what I mean so it's it's always When the the situation suits them right Um so While the uh but the thing is is that I Just don't know whether it's not protest For this if if Trans men want to be treated as men then They should be they should have to go Sign up for Selective Service especially If your last and only son Has to go right with your surviving it Is crazy is it not crazy anyway Last year the White House said it Supports including all women in the Draft around the same time the house and Said armed services committee leaders Agreed to remove a provision requiring Women to register for service because They actually put that in the National Defense authorization act but took it Out because listen these senators and Stuff they're like no you can send you Can send the the you know the kids out You know from uh the Farms from the Projects from the trailer parks whatever Don't send our Rich Elites right I'll Send those little girls off the war That's why they did that you know So uh they made a song about that didn't They they're back at Vietnam uh the Admin supports section 513 they say the Registration requirement for all Citizens which further ensures a Military service that is fair and just

And they said that uh You know they were gonna work towards That they're not going to work towards That this is all about getting your cake And eat it too that's what this is about But anyhow they just tweeted this the Other day About the your last surviving side I'm Sorry this is funny your last surviving Son has to go it's not from slow Source Why this comes out probably because We're in the custom world war three and If this has happened 18 25 military Major age males are going you're going To go fight with zelinski Um and so uh Why are we we're talking about this Let's talk about this so We talk about the bridge attack right if You're just catch up to speed the bridge Blowing up from Russia To Crimea Here's another shot right here This was on the seventh and then the Bridge after explosion eight So Putin was not very happy about this And he sent a Roger strikes in a 10 Ukrainian cities cities uh Today last night and uh so far Leavenworth killed eight of them Downtown Kiev Um 64 wounded 75 missiles were fired 41 Of them were neutralized by air defenses Um

But he publicly publicly came out and Said he did this in response to the Bridge being blown up because obviously It put his put him out of commission to To move troops and vehicles and Ammunition all this sort of stuff So the real alarming thing that came up Today though Top Russian official claimed to Sky News Or Arabia you're not seeing this in American News you're not talking about This that's why I tell you all the time I go searching everywhere in foreign News and outlets and everything to try To find this information Ukraine is seeking to obtain a nuclear Weapon A claim that Ukraine has previously Denied This comes after a security council Meeting with Putin In multiple brief statements the head of Uh Dumas foreign relation committee told Sky News Arabia that Ukraine regime is Seeking a nuclear weapon and we seek to Prevent the Ukraine regime from Acquiring weapons of mass destruction This official told this official did not Provide any evidence or additional info Which I don't even think they why would You have to I mean obviously it would be Nice for everybody to see that but if They do have this information why would They share it with the public

Um The official also commented on Russia Strikes in Ukraine saying that today's Strikes in Ukraine aren't response to The Ukrainian attacks on the Crimean Bridge and the aim of the uh strikes is To protect Russian civilians from Ukrainian attacks we will respond Appropriately to Ukraine attacks on Russia so If there is any truth to Ukraine Getting a weapon of mass destruction Also had to be a huge problem They're not supposed to have nuclear Weapons they're not authorized to I Guess you can do whatever you want to But per the you know nuclear agreements And stuff like that you know Kim Jong-un Does whatever he wants but It would send us in in World War III I Mean who knows we're giving it to him Who knows at this point we're giving Them everything Um it's kind of like I saw this video Right here Soros let me play this video Before Ukraine became independent of uh Russia Um and the foundation has been uh Functioning ever since it was run past The first person who was very deeply Involved in Ukraine And and death Biden he had a lot more Patience than I had in in trying to Convert

Poroshenko into a Democratic leader but The opportunity uh To generate a United Ukraine uh getting It right is uh is within your grasp and We want to be your uh your partner your Friend in the project we wanna So yeah Their sorrows talking about Ukraine on Things he was trying to do there and Then Biden Biden's doing things there I Mean he's even admitting and we know how How big impact Soros has on trying to Destabilize countries destroy countries And then uh he even says Joe Biden by Name Joe Biden has lost the dealings in Ukraine hence why we're risking an Armageddon uh because of it you know the Thing is is that Um I don't I don't think that any Country should just get bulldozed or you Know treated poorly however that I would Always caution you to be careful what The news says right and and what they're Telling you because a lot of times these Are cultivated narratives that they want To try to get in a An emotional response from you I mean It's happened to me before and it's Ultimately what led me to going into These type of videos I did not do any of These type of videos before I did only Survival and technical stuff until one Day I was watching

Uh president Trump speak and once his uh Speech was over It cut the NBC In the reporter Low summarizing the speech and saying Completely wrong stuff adding stuff and I was like whoa whoa hold on what is That what he said That was the day that the light switch Flipped for me Um and and it's not like I was not like A she I didn't even pay attention to the News and watching anything care Um just you know cared about I guess What everybody else cares about So that was the day that I was like Yeah I gotta pay more attention I Started doing more research on Everything that I saw to come up with All kinds of just lies narratives uh you Know and I went back in history and and Figuring out why certain things were Done certain ways and we were told Certain things and all of it a lot of it Is all a narrative I don't trust Anything the media says so I don't watch The media even even quote unquote right Wing media I mean you know a lot of People are big fans of Fox News however I seen them defend George Soros on there Many times I've seen them attack good Guys on there they have Democrats on There all the time they have uh Bruce Jenner on there so yeah you know and I

Just don't watch them I'm not saying They don't have good people on there I Just don't watch them I don't watch any Of these people I want go to Alternative Media Source I go researching myself I Look at foreign news because foreign News have has no reason to try to Sugarcoat anything for Americans that Was like whenever the hunter Biden uh Scandal broke with a laptop two years Ago I actually had some folks in Japan That had sent me some news that they had Seen some some viewers of mine some Subscribers sent me some links to some News and I'd seen they had the videos at Photos and all these sort of things and It was Zero reporting within the United States Um going fishing tanks but he's saying Keep my eye on Haiti just seeing news Today that U.S sending Special Forces to Haiti to train their hand-picked grouped Overthrow the current leader And we do that kind of stuff all the Time too we are always using our uh Military or intelligence agencies to Topple foreign countries for their good But if you ever look at notice every Time we take a dictator out who really Wasn't that bad compared to what the After effect was like you'd prefer at Least a dictator were keeping people in Check we lead them into the wild west Where they're just doing whatever and

Killing beating women you know and all Kinds of stuff Sergeant Rock says get your preps Together absolutely brother and Sergeant Rock is part of the tribe and I want to Talk a little bit about Tribes about Community for a moment Because a solo uh post let's say I see This post a lot I see people say this Same thing the same mindset and it's Disturbing that people believe this Because it's absolutely not true but Um people were one guy said yeah I don't Need to join a tribe I'm more of a lone Wolf lone wolfs will be the people that Survive that's absolutely untrue I'm not Saying there's not outliers and there May be one ones twosies However Very uh brilliant man that trained uh Trained under Uh Kevin Reeve is his name And he would always say that Skill Trump's gear so a lot of people Are fascinated by gear equipment which I Am totally geared to all that good stuff Like gear shouldn't should enhance my Capabilities it shouldn't be my Capabilities you sell these survival YouTubers or complete jokes Um even the ones that like came up During the time that I started like and They had no survival training no Survival knowledge and they're doing Survival gear videos like you absolutely

Know nothing about solving you never had Training how are you even I don't even Know what certain you watched on TV Shows you know you have no skill set you Would rely completely on gear that's When you see them go out in the woods it Would carry a a a complete backpack full Of gear to go do a survival video Or so I like gear it should enhance your Capabilities right it should not be your Capabilities enhance it right it's kind Of having night vision night vision is Great it's a huge forced multiplier But could I Go do work without night vision Absolutely Right I could I could go do work without It I I mean one of my first from the Military uh you know night vision was Very spotty until you got Corporal or Above right so you should learn to shoot In the dark anyway using tracers and Stuff like that but uh Yeah Rocco says join the trial for less Than one cup of coffee that's right Buddy one cup of coffee will get you in The tribe easy day So anyway people will say that I'd Rather be a lone wolf I'd rather be a Rambo these sort of things Gear enhances Skill set right it doesn't dictate Mission it's just there to enhance to Guide you in your mission right

So After that Skilled Trump's gear right so skill Will Trump gear so you can take a guy who Knows a lot about Gear has a bunch of gear take a lot of Guy that knows a lot about a certain Subject let's say welding We put it in any field if we want to This young kid has a the best welding Equipment He doesn't know how to weld we take a Welder who has old crappy equipment he Will out weld This kit with the best right so skill Trunks gear Right you know what Trump's skill though Community Will always Trump skill So if you take a Navy SEAL Give him a gun take him out there then You take 10 guys They're getting a gunfight they're going To kill the Navy Right we see we've seen that sort of Things happen in Afghanistan right so Community being outnumbered right we saw The Special Forces uh Green Berets that Were killed in Africa uh two or three Years ago Outnumbered they were killed highly Strained guys Had the state of our equipment these Guys had old Russian uh AKs they killed

Him like his community right thing about Community is you should have people with Different resources different Backgrounds Different knowledge right so you want to Have Community you want to have a Network okay John thanks buddy what's so much people Complain about the content don't go out Go somewhere else it's free here it's Free nobody's nobody's charging anything To watch I hate people that complain About free stuff like she gets smacked Mama didn't whip that behind enough I'll Do it though if essential Mom and Daddy Fail I'll do it I'll whoop you anyway Um Networks loyalty right loyalty is hard To find right that Community we Encourage that in our tribe if you don't Have one I'm not saying that if you have One and it's great if you do have one Because you your guys can link it with Our guys right but our loyalty you the Tribe members will tell you we have a Immense loyalty a a big I mean it's crazy like it's just it's Just a big connection huge loyalty and People look out for each other already I Mean we've had people that needed money And and people get taken care of people Need this or that you know Loyalty is hard to find in this world But the lone soldier Rambo stuff is dead

When something goes wrong you want your Boys around you right And um Finding those type of people that are in The same mindset as you is the issue It's hard to do that hence why I started The tribe I got tired of waiting and I Know this other guy similar to me Started one but he just did it to make Money and and and you know turn the Names into the feds I sorted it because I I saw that things are not good I mean We could potentially being World War III We don't know what's coming right but Things aren't good And If I just could not like I I sort of Black Scout to be knowledge transfer To help people to guide people and I Just could not wait any longer For you know nothing nothing to do Nothing In the case an event happens right Things are bad like and if you and I see All P people sell the time that comes Like things aren't bad everything's Great I don't know where you're living At what kind of life I mean you got Going on things are not good now I'm not Saying personally in your everyday life Like at your house your wife your kids Your job whatever yeah those may be Great right you're the Jiu Jitsu gym and Hang out with your buddies you're

Looking everything is good that's fine You can what you can control what I'm Talking about is the things we cannot Control Inflation gas Zielinsky starting the World War III on Us So all these sort of things yeah Aldo Right here saying networking is like Having on the ground railroad Another try remember here you see the Tribe all the trial there's nobody in The tribe that's not going to sit here And talk about how great it is ask any Trial member we started a network we Wanted to like-minded people I thought How can I get people together that I Want around me these are the people These are these are the people I want Around me now Look we've had guys we had To boot like it happens like there's Guys in in their Knuckleheads Maybe A little glowy we get them out of there Like we don't play right we have enough People and we have enough our own Internal spies to get you out of there Right So we don't plan that you don't have to Worry about any of that none of that Stuff's going down there like we are Dedicated to building a network building A community and we want it worldwide I Had some guy email me the other day from Europe we were looking to build

Groups across the world because we Understand this isn't just an American Thing this is a world thing like the the World economic Forum the elites the Whatever the whatever this weird stuff Is that's going on to this totalitarian Government it's happening everywhere we Saw during the lockdowns in Australia Where people are put in these in these Huts where they you know couldn't even Go out on the front porch of it to drink Coffee Canada I mean is is is is Horrible right they were arresting People for not wearing masks not putting This uh chemical in your body you know What I mean uh punishing you if you Don't kicking you out kicking you out of Your job people losing their jobs people Getting kidnap the military all these Sort of things we've seen this like Things are not good like so if you are Saying if you're one of those ones that Say oh like life is great You're an idiot wake up right Anyhow guys I don't want to keep any More I'm saying that what I want is if you're Like us Join our tribe join our Network We want you there we need you there we Need people people Community the bigger we are the stronger We are right so join links below and uh Let me know your thoughts about

How can you have your your cake and eat It too right about the uh trans military Draft deal let me know let me know your Thoughts anyhow guys as always thanks For tuning in hanging out with me and uh Stay frosty strapped and dangerous Go join the tribe try members comment in The comment section about how the tribe Is anybody asked question please answer It for him and uh thanks guys take care

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