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[Music] thank you [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] meet this we are live welcome back to archaics I would like to say that we're well rested after some well-needed time off Jason's been busy though man I never stop let's do that audio check how we doing can you hear us we gotta wait on the delay from the time we say it to the time it actually it's squirrel snipers so does Phoenix protocol I see we got all the models Derek auction writer welcome this is first live well we hope you we don't leave you disappointed we'll try our best so for those of you who have been anxiously awaiting our long overdue live streams that we try to do once a week or every other week um for one Jason never stops uh Jason Goes full speed I like my beauty rest because I hardly ever get it uh I like my time off but for some reason that doesn't apply to Jason he he has two speeds uh fast and go that's it true story um I've never I've never once for those of you who don't know me and Jason live very close to each other right outside this window is his fence to his property um I go over there quite a bit and I've never once gone over there and he was resting not once damn you're right man that never I'm always doing something it did I've gone over there 10 11 o'clock at night and he's still always up doing something uh working on his failorn doing artwork making charts uh doing something with this Library always always it exhausts me but we do have several announcements uh coins for those of you who ordered your coins they will be in soon um as soon as they come in we'll package them up send them out to you they do get shipped from overseas so it does take a little while um I thought we did a pretty good job of letting everyone know that when you pre-order them it's still it's going to take a while for them to get in we aren't taking more coin orders at this moment we will let everyone know we'll uh make an announcement on here we'll post it on Facebook and let everyone know when we're doing coins again I know we haven't decided yet if we're making a new one or if we're going to keep the classic original but we have uh we've been having a lot going on behind the scenes archaics.tv for those of you who have gone to check it out um the under construction version is viewable if you go to it but that is nothing like what's going to be aired um Jason has been working with some people that have been really hammering away at perfecting it it's going to be awesome uh yes there is a membership fee for that but that's y'all should understand the reasoning behind that if you have an issue oh or kx's uh Jason always said the information is going to be free yeah everything on YouTube is always going to be free but there's just some things we can't say on YouTube and in order to keep our freedom of spirits to where we can talk about whatever we want we have to have our own platform and it's not free and everything that we want that channel to do um is it's not cheap there are ways we could make it cheap but we don't want to do that and we figured 552 a month is doable for the majority of people if you don't end up subscribing to that channel don't worry we're still going to be putting out uh YouTube videos but just know that PG-13 versions right we already have a long list of categories and subject matter that we're going to cover I can't name they're they're so controversial that I can't even tell you the list of the subject matter I can't even post it on Facebook just know that it it's juicy stuff and it's so controversial that we can't even tell you the the list of the subject matter um so Jason is well it came up with the idea to announce to you guys that we're going to open up inquiries for any of you you could just be Josh Moe in your living room did you have to use Shmo I did it Rhymes it's like a tiny hit colloquial Schmo well so be it smells like the sanitized version of schmuck yes Yvette Hamilton 552 that's a phoenix number Jason we it was going to be uh a different number but you know Jason's got to have his archaics uh Phoenix related numbers um anyway so it doesn't matter if you have a huge Channel a small Channel or no Channel if you want to do a podcast Zoom call or an interview of some kind for the new archaic TV channel in the description box you'll see that we started a new Gmail account archaics inquiries at gmail.com send your idea there and explain what and why you want to discuss and just be advised don't just come up with the topic you want to hear about and want to be interviewed you're going to have to be knowledgeable about it um Jason is going to scrutinize everything that you bring to the table it's going to be a legit interview so if you just see something on the news and be like ooh we should talk about that and then you come up on the interview it's only your fault if Jason makes you look stupid because you're not knowledgeable on the material so please be knowledgeable and somewhat educated on the subject matter that you inquire about but we are going to start a running list um I'm expecting there to be many looking at my email inboxes um there are hundreds of emails I haven't even opened yet because it's just so many so this new email uh archaics inquiries at gmail.com when you send your inquiry in don't be kind of pushed away or feel neglected if we don't get to you for a while there's going to be a long list and the reason for that is we want to keep it long we want to keep it relevant we want to always have more material coming in um and also don't get your feelings hurt if someone already brought that subject matter to the table and we already selected them for the interview so there's that you can uh if you didn't catch it it's in the description box and make sure you send it to that email if you send it to any of the other emails it's going to be ignored um petradella says Matt looks so sure luck more than usual I get a lot of Sherlock and uh I'll be watching today um what's his name Sean Connery like Sean Connery I don't see it like I don't maybe the eyes but other than that I don't I don't know I thought you would Ranger see that 138 in there so in summary it's not just it's not just going to be be me Big John Justin Matt myself we'll be engaging in many dialogues on topics we have never even approached on YouTube before uh and this whole video here is not an advertisement we're just giving you updates real quick before I start this video but um for those who do not have their own platforms you don't have a podcast you're not you don't have a YouTube channel but you have something that you think is of value to other people I have no problem talking to you for five minutes eight minutes 18 minutes or 35 minutes or you know me I'm long-winded too I find somebody who really knows their stuff and can educate people and I can pull more information out of them or they can pull information out of me we'll go two and a half three hours so there there are no rules here there's no rules on what we talk about there's no rules on what we say or how we say it or how we express ourselves there will be no there will be uh no rules on on how long a video is because I'm not going to allow them to be longer than necessary so some of the videos are going to be very short and to the point and others are going to be long long some of them are going to be Socratic dialogues or I'm asking questions I'm not saying anything I'm just asking all the questions to make you internally reach the same conclusions that I come come to so oh that's what we're going to do it's going to be it's gonna be a blast but I have a few announcements and he's already touched he's already touched up on the uh the we had to order a lot of coins they do come from overseas and we were told around the uh May 5th to 8th right it's somewhere around there the May 5th the 8th is when they're expecting us to receive our package and once we receive them that's it everybody would get theirs and then we're going to decide if we're gonna We're not gonna do pre-orders again we did that because we only ordered 50 coins from the beginning and took them to the Meetup so uh the next time we'll just order coins and then once we have them in our possession we'll open up orders so uh I got a lot of books Lately from Jay Hart really nice collection all the same volumes very impressive thank you Jay for your continued support of archaics uh you're definitely you have definitely added to the archaic's library significantly and I appreciate that as well as Donna abelman Donna abelman just recently sent me two packages of books but it's not the first time she's done it and uh oh yeah her her husband has scribbled on an envelope after she had sealed a personal card to me and uh yeah her husband says my wife doesn't know I'm doing this but man she would so get a kick out if you gave her a shout out about all these books she sends so I hope you're listening Donna and uh I do I do thank you because because those books are fascinating uh you guys have not seen the new library yet I have not shown it but uh there is a new library it's very secure uh it's uh all all the books from the 1800s are in one and I keep giving you a number but on a weekly basis that number goes up and it's about to go up exponentially because I'm in a couple of days I'm gonna be attending uh an estate sale went on but somebody that that listens to archaics uh put aside over 200 books from the 1800s up to about 1912 and before they got rid of those books they're allowing me to come visit their date and pick through them the ones I want so um I may I may choose them all and maybe I'm probably I'm gonna give them some cash um but I can't pass up on that opportunity it very well it very well could almost double the size of the archaics library so you'll see you'll see those in in videos as well um let's see you'll see the new library pretty quick it's a lot of books and they're they're from 1801.

I have I have a few from 1801 1803 1805 1807 and then they go all the way up till 1912. 1912 is pretty pretty much my cut off although I do collect a few real valuable ones that go up to 1945 but I do not consider anything published after the Nuremberg trials as having any educational value whatsoever we're going to get to that in this video so uh let's see Martin lidke uh lead key excuse me Martin leadkey you guys know Welsh brother one of one of the first in the truther movement he's in the chat right now oh is he yeah well hey Martin how you doing we did a pretty good video together but we also have a mutual friend and uh me I just hug her but I heard a rumor that Martin does a whole lot more and uh she's gonna help him get to Texas oh he just said I'm going to donate all my 1800s books to rkx wow that's amazing Martin Well we'd already talked about having you in the studio right here sitting in between Matt and I uh as soon as you get to Texas next month because uh we definitely have a lot of things to talk about for those who don't know Martin you know 10 years ago YouTube was a very different place and there weren't a lot of people talking about tartaria and mud floods and Flat Earth Concepts and all that Martin Leakey was one of the Pioneers as a matter of fact matter of fact people came behind him like John Levy who I like I really like John Levy's material so he's one of he's one of the first so we're gonna we welcome him into the archaics community and with open arms and our mutual friend Cheryl you guys know Cheryl she made the first archaics Meetup happen and she just came back from the UK as well she spent some time with Martin so uh we'll be uh excited to see him here in Texas totally different world here in Texas Martin oh and it's uh someone's creeping in so um oh yeah I don't know if you've ever been to Texas summer before yeah people from the UK come to Texas during the summertime they they they buy chairs and they put them by air AC units yeah yeah let's see this is uh what we're in the third sweatiest City in the nation yeah it gets hot I used to work in this I used to build build flagstone patios koi ponds I used to work in this 110 degrees outside I'd be in a in an oil and gas pipe yard at the Vulcan facility or or a Splendora uh pipe and gas you know I used to work in this I don't think I could do it today but I was doing it three years ago but uh so also my buddy so matter of fact soldiers talked to Martin leaky and uh here's Soul luckman's book for those of you who don't know uh soul and I about a year ago came into contact through somebody else because they had told him that I had cited one of his books in two of my earlier videos I don't know who so I didn't know at the time Who Sold Luckman was I just know that I read a very good book called conscious healing and in that book I had cited material that Soul was citing from scientific books and reports about The palindromic nature of DNA sequencing and how geneticists found this forward and backward patterning in genes and I was using that to illustrate that the microcosm in the macrocosm were exactly the same in that the isometric phenomenon of forward and backward unfolding the unfolding of events forward and backward in time which I call isometric projections is no different than the sequencing we find in the human DNA so that's how soul lookman and I came into contact I cited him and somebody told him and then he started listening to archanges videos and he contacted me and then we did several video videos together he sent me this book the Angels dictionary as soon as I saw the title I already knew I already knew that this was basically a parody or a spin-off of the devil's dictionary because it's in my bibliography those of you who have downloaded my free bibliography off podia the 1300 books by which I derived my education in prison you know with the devil's dictionary by Ambrose beerus is one of those books uh you know I value it it's a it's re it's satirical it's witty it's real real sarcastic but he takes real words and gives you sarcastic definitions for those words but those the sarcastic definitions are really what the words mean anyway Soul did the same thing in here like uh page 115 predictive programming is a noun it's when they tell us they are going to shaft us right before they screw us so I thought that was pretty good there's hundreds of them in here but this is so lookman's book books back here silent weapons for quiet Wars I'm sorry my brothers but we can't even talk about that book on YouTube but we will on our cakes.tv Isaac Morris sent us his book Unity Theory we will be discussing that we will definitely be definitely be be be doing a deep dive into Busan bark sex symbols and the stars I have highly recommended this book to many people and many of you have ordered it and read it yourself but this book goes into real depth about calendar systems ancient mythology mythology reinterpreting The Legends in the in the fables and and basically giving us a more accurate view of world history it's one of the books I read it's about 100 years old but it's one of the books I read when I was in prison kind of opened my eyes uh John Keel our haunted Planet we'll be talking about that on YouTube I'm going to read you whole passages passages out of that book because I know that some of you are going to be absolutely astonished by things that have been witnessed and seen and discovered right here in the United States of America by the U.S military so built before the flood that is my one of my favorite authors you guys already know Hans Bellamy oh and by the way thank you all who was it wasn't Jay Hart it was Donna ableman thank you Donna abelman for actually finding an original Edition a hundred years old by Hans Bellamy and it's a Hans Bellamy book that I cannot find on PDF and you found an old hard copy thank you very much for sending that to me I was like a little kid yesterday when I was tearing into that box thank you so and then I have this one here in time this was donated to uh the end times Prophecies of coming changes but these are just a few they're just for they're just just to show you right now you guys already know it's uh uh we have Justin Justin is now on a special project downloading literally I'm not this is not an exaggeration he is literally downloading thousands of PDF books from the late 1600s 1700s and 1800s all the way up to about 1912.

um we're going to be going through some of those as well I don't have enough time in my life to go through all all my PDF library but I'm gonna I'm gonna cherry pick some of the more fascinating texts but I'm putting together a massive PDF library that everybody's going to have free access to I'm going to make sure you guys all have everybody can download what they want to download in that so there's a lot of services online that'll make you pay for it and then you go through there and and download whatever your subscription is I'm not going to do that I'm acquiring all these PDFs we're going to have an archaic Online Library where you can just go in there and download all of them that you want you'll never be able in your lifetime to read all of them remember guys it took me 26 years to data mine not just read data mining takes a long time 300 non-fiction reference books on on history in the ancient world so oh it takes a long time to to to really read and gain uh just basically acquire or real working knowledge of of a non-fiction book it's not like Fiction it's not like Harry Potter where you can read it in one sitting you got the story you're done it's not like that non-fiction books you got to digest you're going to love the next book monkey the next book monkey deal will be within a few days I'm gonna release it I've already finished the book from the 1860s when a scientist in the 1860s took all the same data that the establishment was using to build their Narrative of ice ages and Glaciers he took the same data and showed what they weren't showing and then shows you what the geological evidence really shows the whole book is about that the world looks the way it looks today because of massive flooding that happened about three to four different times and you recorded human history this book is fantastic I'm gonna I'm I'm gonna release that in two or three days that's the next book monkey book monkey deal so having said all that you got anything else yeah have you read um the hermetics cabalian the three initiates I I have read the cabalion I have read um uh Corpus for medical and I it's a whole whole collection of books I'm reading the three initiates right now and last night last night it was on uh mentalism I think and um because this was that they they claim that the teachers of her Medics go all the way back uh prior ancient Egypt and I don't think it's actually described how far back it goes but it says that the mysticism the mystical teachers of the time uh taught through hermetics to the Egyptian Mystics but there was one small little sentence in there that I read that it said the universe is an illusion from the all and I'm like they said it 33 000 years ago you just described the similacrum my brother I thought that was interesting I wanted to share that with you guys that's awesome totally that's totally awesome yeah um well a really good book to get into if you want to get into the Hermetic stuff is is the Divine pie mender and once you read the Divine pie Mander I would go into like Corpus for medical and yeah that's it's a really good body of it'll open up your mind to a whole new way of interpreting reality okay let's see all right I can't keep up with the chat that's why you're here brother I'm uh I am copying and pasting those questions cool so if you have something you want to get answered um obviously we're going to wait till the end of the the talk to get into them um put them in all caps your KX vets already know the drill put them in all caps if you're just saying hi or just making a comment in the chat keep it normal uh case settings uh save the all caps for questions please um a lot of you are really clever and it's very helpful before your question you actually put the word question that helps out a lot too but I'm not gonna recommend that I'm not gonna ask that all of you do that but if you have a question uh like John Cuda um I already have your question uh saved so put them in all caps and they'll go on the list and we'll get to them in order um and we I won't say we I I don't show favoritism when it comes to your questions I've been accused of that but that's only because if somebody drops a hundred dollars and asks a question they're gonna get to the front of the list um and some of you may think that's not fair for the ones who can't afford to throw in a hundred dollars I understand that but All Things Considered if you donate money for a question you're going to move to the the front of the list um but we usually get to almost all your questions unless the question is redundant or irrelevant or has already been asked and answered in the presentation and here come the question so I'm going to shut up start copying and pasting all right so a quick recap on the the only link we have below is an email and it's for those of you who have your own channels your own podcasts we're starting with the paranormis I'm talking about outside of archaics in archaics we have already started recording videos for arcades.tv but as far as outside our Zoom calls and podcasts talking about deep stuff having fun cutting it up we're starting with the paranormis but uh anybody we have ever been on YouTube before or or or even others it doesn't matter you guys use that email right there even if you don't have a platform and you just have something that you can contribute you know I'm not talking about somebody who's just going to get on there and ask me a bunch of questions because I'm very I'm very politely just gonna say hey man you didn't you didn't come to the table you know with what you what we asked you for I'm gonna have to let you go I'm gonna go to the next person next email so this is that's what it's about because we're gonna we're gonna get some information out there but meanwhile Tucker Carlson you've all heard the news and I'm not going to sit here and tell you what happened to the man because you already know and I don't even care couldn't couldn't give it I don't give a damn about CNN now or Fox so Tucker Carlson said something really interesting though kind of makes kind of makes me wonder if uh some of his people might be listening to archaics of course I'm not taking credit for anything Tucker Carlson said it's just it's just a coincidence but the man the man was was was showed up on somebody else's show after he had he had been uh ousted from whatever you know his little his little pedestal as the last the last conservative hero I don't know but Tucker Carlson whose answer was very interesting and he said he said listen whatever you do in life do not throw away your hardback books do not throw away your history books he and the the host of the show asked him yeah well you know we well it's a good thing to keep books you know keep our stuff and Tucker was was adamant he said he says we were all told a lie when they brought the internet to the public we were all made to believe that information was going to be at our fingertips and that we were going to have all the information we needed we can go in any direction we needed but it was all untrue Tucker Carlson said the exact same thing I've been telling you guys the internet were from the beginning was all about the control of information yeah there's a lot to be learned but listen this is this is the phenomenon that people have come across when they come across archaics many people have come to the archaics channel listen to 10 15 20 minutes of a video Hit That Wall of cognitive dissonance because nothing here comports with anything they have ever been raised to believe all these wild internet theories they don't make sense and and and they're chasing people are just jumping from Theory to Theory to Theory and nothing really just grabs a hold of them they're all very interesting but they all kind of lead to Nowhere very few people are applying logic logic trains and and trying to figure out you know the chain of custody on data and information and trying to turn data points into data sets then they come to archaics and they find that all this has been done for them they just have to be patient and get through the presentations and it is so alien to anything that they have ever come in contact with things they have never heard many people go away for the simple fact is you're the only one in the world talking about the Phoenix phenomenon it got to be untrue you made that [ __ ] up they don't want to look at the sources they don't want to see how far the sources go back how how prolific they are how many hundreds and hundreds of data points had to get put together for just one data set but the Phoenix phenomenon is supported by multitudes of data sets so and it's not only the Phoenix phenomenon there's many other topics that that we discuss in archaics and they're all interrelated these how this holography is actually the framework of of ancient and modern calendars and how calendars aren't what we think they are so how all these calendars were brought into existence in retrospect and there are none none that actually started on their year one date now they're all started way later and then backdated to an approximate date when when the people employing that calendar believed a certain event occurred and ordinarily it's a certain event that is entirely hearsay so okay the archaic's platform here you know this channel it has secured it has secured the ire of of many other YouTubers not just YouTubers there's there's quite a quite a few on Reddit and bit shoot that don't don't like archaics either and this is understandable it's uh nobody in the Galactic Federation likes likes you know this data and more and more people are going to be coming into contact with the archaic's material because we're spreading our internet our footprint we're spreading out and I'm not not going to back down becoming more and more aggressive the more we hear the idiocy that's being promoted across all these platforms there's no call for it so I'm just I'm just putting people on notice that if you're promoting an idea concept or theory that you are unable to support then you need to be aware because I'm I may just reach out and you may you may be the next person I just go ahead and dissect because if nobody is going to publicly challenge me on the Phoenix phenomena I've been calling people out for a long time now hey man you know what somebody needs to come forward I don't care if it's a whole panel of people all come together and write a thesis as to why the Phoenix phenomenon is untrue and that I made it all up then please I will publish that on my channel I and then I will give answer I'll wait about a month or so I'll let people read it all I'll I'll let it get up full play and then I will give answer but I'm telling you the entire YouTube Escape and internet is absolutely full of garbage research and this was the full intent of the creation of the internet itself it's a control mechanism and that control mechanism is is the same thing charity excuse me it's the same thing that Charles Hoy Fort warned us about it is when the government throws a lot of variables out there and they know many of them are interesting and they have imaginative individuals in government in these think tanks and they come up with these Concepts and sometimes other Concepts and theories are created to support the ones that have already been put out there this is all by Design in every every decade more and more of these theories are are promoted and put out and sometimes individuals not connected to government they put out some interesting theories and stuff and then government operatives Empower them then all of a sudden you find out damn how is this little troll here who has some weird idea all of a sudden funding all these trips to all these exotic places where he can go talk about them when he's got almost hardly no subs and no view viewership who's paying for all that all of a sudden when he started putting out all this stuff and attacking people this goes on on platforms everywhere the control the control systems are threatened by individuals that come around and are able to examine a premise in be in into expose its falsity it's very easy to do and it's very easy to do simply by asking the right questions we don't need to do a lot of research every Theory promoted across YouTube and all these other platforms can simply be be be scrutinized by asking the right questions and when those promoting those ideas Concepts and theories cannot answer you know in a sufficient way that a reasonable Trier of fact would be able to agree that it's just hearsay it's make believe it's fantasy it's just it's like believing in seven thousand invisible cloaked ships of the Galactic Federation just waiting on Trump's call they're just waiting they've been in orbit since 2020 they're just up there floating around hiding behind the moon waiting waiting for Donald Trump to give them that signal the bat signal so they can go so they can go into full full-scale drop ships drop shuttles uh Independence Day all over again yeah this is yeah you don't see Galactic Federation stuff is starting to get kind of kind of Fade Away on YouTube or they've all blocked me and I no longer see any of their videos I used to see their videos all the time until I started mentioning them then also I think maybe all those hosts of those channels probably started blocking me and now I just don't see any of their videos pop up anymore but it's a ridiculous Theory it's adult fantasy and it's something that you need to divorce yourself from if this is anything that you've entertained so I've received emails from a few of the palladians that are part of the Galactic Federation this is a true story take that for what you will yeah there's one of them that just vehemently attacks me uh uh I don't even care but uh yeah it's it's some of these some of these theories are just so ridiculous and attacking attacking someone personally you know is is is far beyond what is necessary if you want to critique their Theory but this this is what goes on people have their egos invested in the very things they promote on these platforms and uh it's it's not necessary so it's uh one of the things we're moving forward that we're going to do it was actually uh Justin's idea the 1902 database yeah he brought that up yes it's all we had to get together everybody in the archaics team we all we all went to Barry's place we had a barbecue and we had well we did a video and and all just basically we're bouncing ideas and giving progress reports because we're all involved in different projects everybody has their assignments this past you know since the Meetup and going into the into this month everybody's just working on different projects and one of the things that came up that I that I want to do is a 1902 archive we're going to set it up on a website somewhere I don't know where maybe it's going to be mine it's going to be it's going to be interactive but there's too much data on 1902 we cannot ignore it my emails alone have hundreds of images and PDFs of newspapers that people all over the world have sent me in the past two years ever since my 1900 my three 1902 videos were released now I got like seven or eight 1902 videos but uh so much that no one would really believe it until they saw it because on a national and then on an international level the newspapers almost omitted any references to anything unusual happening in 1902 and yet a lot of the archives from 1902 are missing as I've demonstrated on in my videos however on a local level people have been flooding my email with all kinds of pictures and PDFs of what of what was recorded in the small gazettes in the little newspapers that they have Micro microfish copies of of what happened in their community in 1902.

someone else brought to my attention how unusual it is that across the United States there are all these old cemeteries and there's all these old headstones and many of them Focus on the years 1890 to 1902 and they have few few headstones from prior to 1890 and few after 1902 as if that 12-year period was particularly gruesome to the point where so many people died they just buried them in clusters I don't know but it but it was brought to my attention I think it's very interesting it's something we're going to explore but all but yeah it's Tucker Carlson's comment is very real so I was impressed by listening to it he's absolutely right he's absolutely right the internet this is this is the value of the archaic's research I know a lot of my newer listeners here have never heard me say this because it's been a while it's been a while but all my archaics veterans know my first 300 videos I used to hammer it into you guys you have to remember all my published books all my unpublished books my free my free and paid for PDFs of research my whole Super PAC all my research notes every video on archaics everything not one single data point taken from an internet source remember guys always the original books and reports and that's the value of archaics this is why what you find in archaics when I am describing historical events like 1347.

You've heard every theory in the world you guys have heard every theory in the world before I ever even got out of prison before I ever started a YouTube channel you guys were already exposed to every theory in the world as to what the great Black Death plague really was you were and then you watch an archaic video and you hear something totally new in the archaics video you hear that the historians of the day in 1350 1352 1370s the people that were alive during the Great Black Death plague they don't agree with what the modern historians after World War II say happened in the great because after the Nuremberg trials all the references to the great Black Death plagues say the same thing they say that infected rats on ships from China in India entered the European ports in the plague spread like wildfire from the coast to the interior that is not what the historical record says in the 14th Century A.D in the 1300s those historians said that all over Europe people saw strange cigar-shaped objects floating through the sky and out of their bellies they issued forth a putrid Mist in that mystical whole Community sick deep in the interior of Europe not on the coastal cities in ports no and in other in in other eyewitness reports cigars shape objects appeared in the sky and their bellies opened and out of their bellies fell to the ground the chopped up decomposed putrid body parts and Bones of all different kinds of forest animals as if as if something scooped up a whole bunch of forest animals in one area compress them in a chamber chopped them up like a blender and then let them putrify for weeks in that's in that contained environment and then when it was sufficiently poisoned enough who turned it into a mist and sprayed Europe or or dumped dumped the plague-borne body parts all over a forest area near a town this is the historical record this is what you heard from archaics and over and over and over and over I have provided many many examples in my earlier videos as to what what you heard on the internet is not what was known in the historical record prior to the Nuremberg trials the Publications after the Nuremberg trials are fundamentally different to what was published before um we'll take another case in point many of you are familiar with the 1908 tunguska blast explosion that you were told was a bolide now a bolide can be a comet it can be an asteroid it could be a meteorite but that's not what it was but this is what you're told in all all the ancient Mysteries books all the modern Mysteries books all yeah all the Unsolved Mysteries all across the ancient alien Spectra everything tells you that this was uh some type of natural object that came in and just detonated and blew up but that's not what the eyewitnesses saw the eyewitnesses eyewitness reports from Russia are explicit many people saw this object and they watched as this object detonated into a bright light and then dimmed to a low light and then traveled for a while then it changed directions twice before it found one of the most remote areas in all of Siberia before it detonated almost as if it's specifically tried to stay away from all thickly populated areas this is what the eyewitness reports were this is what the Russian scientists collected but it's not what's what's reported after World War II the histories are different but in 1908 that's what was seen eyewitness reports it changed Direction no asteroid no bow light of any material no Comet could ever enter our atmosphere and change directions not once but twice and basically Target the area that it wanted to detonate yeah that's not didn't happen you've heard of King Mithra deities of pontus one of my early videos the the poison King doesn't make any sense he's about to do what every other country in the world wanted to do he wanted to Humble the Romans he was about to do it everything was going in his favor he had already succeeded in one of the greatest massacres of Roman citizens and slave owners the world had ever seen it shocked the Roman Empire he became number the number one enemy of the Roman uh uh Republic at the time of the Roman Republic mithridates of pontus the kingdom of pontus on a Black Sea Mithra deities IV he was called the poison King yeah he did that and he did it without an army and when he finally had an army joined by tigranese of Armenia and many others besides all kinds of armies from cultures from the Black Sea that the Romans knew very little about he had massive amount of Army and as soon as he's about to meet the legions of the Romans and he's about to hand them their asses something falls from the sky and detonates between both armies it is not the first time it happened the Chinese had the similar reports and so do the syrians guys there's something that guides human affairs and if it doesn't want something to happen it creates a situation this is what you find over and over and over in the archaic's presentations and I understand many of you have not gone back and watched my earlier videos and that's okay that's okay but it's in those earlier videos where I show you a whole different series of events that was recorded by the people of the time and not in the history books published after World War II it's totally different Tucker Carlson is not wrong in 1989 when they commercialized the Internet by 1990 and 91 they were uploading a tremendous amount of data to the internet but they very carefully uploaded what they wanted the public to know and they were very very uh generous with allowing the private sector to upload all the material for which they knew was false but they wanted that falsity promoted yeah one of one of them is the whole Alien Invasion idea so any all the X-Files type material was uploaded to the internet everything all the all the fox Mulder type material X-Files anything dealing with aliens uh being a presence in the world anything dealing with UFO abductions and all that the government loved that stuff and they let people's imaginations run wild they love the series V they love the movies Independence Day throughout the whole lifetime of the internet as the internet becomes more and more prolific and more and more people begin to uh uh engage in it all these wild theories are are exploding in the in the controllers they love it because it's all misdirection but in the archaics research you see a totally different fundamental you see a totally different series of events unfolding and that is is that a very ancient human hating race is living in our underworld and their technologically advanced and they share that technology with the controllers of human Empires on the surface from time to time when it suits their needs and they are the ones that allow for the propagation of the false idea of Alien Invasion or alien species coming through our atmosphere because we're in a containment field and there's nothing going in and out that the internet has gone has done a fantastic job showing CGI images that are computer or basically computer gym generated images of what telescopes are claiming to see in the in the color spectrum like the Hubble telescope and and all these other observatories all around the world all these images go through CGI filters before we're allowed to see them him for a long time many of us fell prey to that and we believed in all that but now now most of us are are coming on board with the idea that we're in like a Dyson shill containment field and that the sky is not real at all it's exhibited more than enough phenomena in the last 500 years to demonstrate its falsity that it is a multi-tiered hologram that is able to produce phenomena that we perceive as real when it's not in the internet has pushed all these theories of Alien Invasion and alien abduction when the abductions are real the implants are real believe me guys I got videos about Dr Stephen Greer the implants are real I have read and seen his research and the and the videos of him removing those implants and how they act with sentience and how they have these armored bio sacks that actually actually move away from the scalpel with intelligence yeah guys it's crazy and then people and then the human abduction phenomenon the Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1962 begins to be promoted and then 19 well and then before that 1947 the controllers needed to Stage UFO crashes to perpetuate the idea that aliens are coming from space in the skies it was all Bs every bit of that was staged the whole Area 51 deal all that material came from the underworld they've been down there all along they're trapped here too and then my my dark realities video this has Disturbed many people I even redid it I digitally remastered that video and then now it's an old video too I've done so many videos since then but for those who who haven't who haven't listened to it I encourage you to go back and and listen to Dark realities remastered and I'm giving you basically the holography of our world explaining to you exactly where you are and what's going on it's all in one video dark reality is remastered so Tucker Carlson reveals reveals a shocking truth keep your old books because they're the only thing that's real internet total control of information remember guys I've already told you I found and I've showed you I have found a few instances where the books after World War II don't say the same thing as the books prior to World War II Tucker Carlson's not lying internet was designed to control information not to disseminate it I mean think about it every time Jason releases a video if the word of Nuna or anunnakis in it what does Wikipedia do YouTube put the wiki oh a Wiki link yeah they're always trying to control the narrative trying to control the information they like to put those tags under there because for because the collective when they come across those videos they see that tag under the video and automatically dismiss it as [ __ ] that's why it's there that's why they put those there it's like it's like it's like a stop sign you don't need to see nothing here it's all [ __ ] and they move on that's the intent Tucker Carlson wasn't wrong the internet was designed to control the flow of information and that and it's done a fantastic job of creating Theory after Theory after Theory after Theory to keep people busy so they don't ever just stop and start researching things that are pre-World War II man you know what I just want to get some I want to go into a library I want to go through the card catalog I'm going to find all the books that are that are from the 1910s and 20s and I want to see what they got to say say about world history and all that and compared to what you find on the internet good luck finding them though I got a hell of a collision but you're right you go to the I've been to almost every bookstore in this part of Texas yeah and it's anything before 1960 is almost impossible you're really fine you're right they're they're phasing them out there's no doubt there's no doubt so what this is cut hwmo Liberty said Wikipedia not Wikipedia that's pretty good I've been ignoring my coffee so this is why oh old dirty David yes there's about four different people that are archiving videos two of them are on the archaics team and then there's two people out there that I know of that are that are recording every single video uh that we put out and podcasts with other people there's no risk of losing them all yeah the channel just disappears we will have 100 of all the archaic videos old and new on the arcakes.com or orcakes.tv site one of them yeah there's no risk no risk wow Carrie Ann flatter my local library doesn't have any books older than 1970 unless it is a classic I'd say hey that's so true it's becoming true everywhere yeah that's Dolly Parton ta spy that's Dolly Parton you know she's real popular for beautiful voice Dolly Parton Gotta Love dolly let's see so this this raises this also raises a really less 99 thank you guys appreciate that you know we're gonna put it all in good use hell pretty soon we'll need it for gas oh listen I understand the backlash I do understand why I have been so vehemently attacked it's not because of my criminal history it's not even it's not even because of the specifics of my criminal history I was 17 years old 33 years ago that's not really why I understand why I have been so vehemently attacked by some people and they haven't stopped and that's cool but the material that has been amassed freely given to you in our KX and backed up in many published books in over 200 articles it completely nullifies many things people were raised to believe or things that they have spent their life the last 20 25 years researching the internet pulling all this data from the Internet only to find out that they have spent a quarter to half of their life putting together something that is absolutely false so they have no they lash out and I get that I get that so I'm not even really mad sometimes I just encourage my my haters and my Trolls but but I get that I would be I would be pissed too so so I would uh this is the value I'm gonna go to the Q a pretty quick but this is the value Tucker Carlson is what inspired this video it's it's what he said in that interview he says keep your old books because it's the only it's the only thing that's really real yeah total admission that the entire internet is full of falsified information crazy don't get me wrong there's good things to be found there are but ordinarily it was individuals doing research of older things that uploaded them to the internet the controllers didn't but the controllers do a really good job like try to do a Google search on on anything that you really want to research oh my God all the sponsored stuff comes up first and then the Google supported stuff comes up first but you got to remember who owns Google same person you know Google owns YouTube same people yeah gotta understand they've been doing this for a long time a long time that's why I love these old books and that's why I'm going to keep on I'm going to keep on oh you just got to go chat Cadillac dark reality is remastered all you have to do is go to the search bar on archaic's channel and put dark realities remastered it will pop up simple as that go to the search bar on the channel and it will pop up so yeah it's a this is the value of archaics guys it's not just another weird theory that pops up the arcades veterans already know I got more I have more fact Checkers than any other channel on YouTube there is no other channel on YouTube that gets so many people fact checking fact checking sending me emails saying hey man I need the source hey I need this other websites popping up just putting out our case material putting out our case material because it's so different people people like I said the majority of people that come to our case they leave they leave for whatever reasons I and and that's cool a lot of them like Wendy Flores come back and then they stay here and they totally immerse themselves in and they get it and they get it so having said all that I'm gonna tell you now we're about to hit our second wind and what I mean is is this little 450 videos it's a good start but we're going into some deep stuff now more cylindrical isometrics more predictions go deeper into the predictions employing some of the new discoveries on Wave diffusion that that we have found when looking at these predictions uh yeah there's in for archanges.tv we're also going to be going deeper too well we're going we're going to we're going to explore why the world is the way the world is and how it got to this point and what started really happening in 2020 as opposed to what we we were told was happening everything my friends is a cover story so let's start that q a guys and just remember that's the value of our cakes if you ever talk about our cakes with friends or family if you ever try to get listen you have to understand archaics has done something few others have ever done we may not be the only ones but from the very beginning you had my guarantee that you get all your data from old books and original books and sources and reports you do not get anything cold from the internet and that's what sets our KX apart that's why this these data points in these data sets are unassailable so still looking for those critics guys Graham Hancock you're invited to critique so other than that let's get that all let's get that q a done I might have rant it a little too long today no you're still good you didn't even go an hour really yeah getting gas left in the tank you got some time let's just answer questions all right oh yeah the chat's insane today like they are really participating it's not a bad thing I enjoy it it's just it's a lot of comments dirty oh I gotta I do have to say one thing Let me refresh because I might put my foot in my mouth nope nope 753 likes but we got 1600 people watching I know y'all can help me out Matt kubas bowling in Conroe Texas hey Matt kubas I'll soon be passing by man oh please send me an email tonight I'll check my emails we need to get together last time we went to San Diego uh I was I was in a hurry in your area but I will be very close to your area this time because we're going to an estate sale with a lot of old books and it's pretty close to you that's Matt kubus I see Don hard Pamela Swann Michael JJ Recon did you give a shout out to our moderators no I didn't know I can't believe doing announcements for sure yeah it's it's Jahara Lee Crow Rising did you give a shout out I'm doing it now oh that's convenient yeah man as soon as I remembered it I got on you maybe I should have done it Don Hart Pamela Swan JJ Recon Michael Matt cubas they're in thick today um Crow Rising Phoenix protocol four jacks uh and you members to comp Compass concrete Crystal Aggie domery 10 roll man there's a lot of green names today Jamie Robbins good Mr C uh real Faith Peggy Rhonda jeez man I've haven't seen this many green names in the chat before all's Royal members yeah I know I'm aware all right guys let's see um I'm done with all my announcements oh I want to share one thing okay so trippy here isn't here is a perfect example of the type of censorship that I document and although it's not a good example it's intriguing because I showed you guys the original to this picture the original to this picture is by Robert Munch and it's 1893.

and it's just so unusual because it depicts something unusual happening the sky is red and somebody is screaming the painting is called the screaming but what I'm going to show you is a modern rendition done in 3D and that's the problem because nowhere in this rendition does this artist making money off this piece ever sight Robert Munch from 1893. to me that's I have an issue with that this is it this picture here is a rendition in 3D see we got the lighting is terrible in here so it shows the scream tilted up and down like back yeah there you go because it's in 3D it's really weird but this is a real this is just a rendition of the original the original 1893 is really it's spooky when you look at it's just real spooky and they tried to get this effect in this one this is 3D but the 3d effect just doesn't really show good on the camera but it's 3D yeah I wish we had the original to show but they've all seen it they've all seen anybody anybody could Google it and you can see a picture instantly of the scream 1893 painting it's famous very Phoenix phenomenon looking Sky all red all red so oh yeah oh you know what on camera you can't even see the 3d effect I moved it you can a little bit can you yeah I was viewing it on the uh okay streaming software thank you for those donations guys really appreciate that I just saw another one the entire period from 1890 to 18 to 1902 is 12 years and yes it is significant it it is the the events of that time period was a major shift in the entire world and In 1902 they just Unleashed you guys arcade's veterans you already know I'm not gonna I'm not gonna beat y'all up with 1902 anymore not not in this video so let's get let's get this q a done all right rent at your leisure but there are a lot of questions um so these two kind of tie into each other someone said that they can't buy the subscription to our KX TV the button's not working it's because it's it's not operational yet we explained at the beginning of this that's just a a under construction type hold on the side itself um and then 2178 Paradigm says when is archaics going to be in operation that's that's for you yeah that's a hard one it's going to be this month uh as far as far as the it goes the I.T Guru that Barry got to to put together the whole platform or has already notified us that he's ready to push the button the problem is is we don't have all the content ready yet so this is what's happening John and I are going to Albuquerque New Mexico to an estate sale and we're going to go through those 200 Old books and I might I might buy them all if I have the money I don't know if I can afford it I don't know exactly what they're asking so uh then after that you guys know that somebody donated the money last month to get that rare book from San Diego that's six hundred dollars that shows the architectural schematics of all the ancient mystery sites around the world and somebody had traveled around the world and surveyed all these ancient sites and it's amazing it's almost as if somebody wanted to prepare a future generation to rebuild all these amazing ancient ruins sites uh that book is 600 on eBay and there was another copy in San Diego uh that somebody had walked in the book tree and given it to Paul Tice and told them the value of it tell them to look it up and and my publisher offered it to me first and then I mentioned it to you guys in a video in that night somebody donated the 600 I've already paid for that book now so we need to drive to San Diego and go pick it up but equally so in San Diego there's a glass case I'm supposed to go look at inside that glass case is a whole bunch more old books and I've been given first pick at those as well I don't know what the asking price is yet so I just don't know I'm probably uh personally I've never done it because I take offense at it but I see other YouTubers do fundraisers and all that I've never done one but I may do one in San Diego live next week um and I might I may do it just to be able to buy all these old books and add them to the archaics library I'm still indecisive about it uh I you know sometimes it's just my ego gets in the way I don't mind people donating when I know they're in the position to do it they just fundraisers have a real bad taste in my mouth I don't know I'll figure it out I just know this I've already put it out there in my mind that I'm going to get whatever I need to get and I'm going to bring it back and I'm going to add it to the archaics library and I'm going to do YouTube videos on it I've already made my made up my mind and I've already made up my mind that John's going with me and we're going to drive and all that's done in my mind it's already done it's already in my informed field and then here in the next couple of days I'm going to start moving in that direction so I'm pretty sure I don't know how it's going to happen that I will come back with the very books that I need to add to the library so it's all it's already it's already done deal I just got to do it so that's the answer to that question oh well but but oh I said all that to explain while we're driving we're going to be doing the five or six archaics on the road videos we need to start archanges.tv because that'll take care of that channel to start it and then the other channels archaic's uncensored and we've already started that one and then archaic's uh hot mic which is ones we need to build up so this month what we should be done with all the videos it's going to be several of them we're talking about 20-something videos to start our case.tv and then every week we'll upload one or two one or two one or two every single week after after on our kicks.tv but we're never gonna slow down on on YouTube we're going to continue continue with our YouTube stuff I told you guys on YouTube alone I've always got 500 more videos in me I see you looking at me out of my peripheral vision this is from John Cuda could you see any benefit in recreating Vapor canopy conditions man okay you're um okay the question infers that that you're of the position that we have the technology to do that or if you're just entertaining like hyperbole um that's a hard one because I don't know what how he's coming at that with do you think we have the technology to do that or I I'm on board with the Phoenix the Phoenix does it through volcanism so I don't I don't know where's that question at the top could you see any benefit and recreate I'm just going to answer it simple as possible the benefit to the to the return of a vapor canopy if one is biological there's there's going to be a boon in human longevity the ability rapid healing uh probably mnemonic enhancement there's the increase in atmospheric pressure the increase in oxygen in the air the increase in the nitrogen and the soil every bit of this is going to be to our to our advantage the elimination of toxins in the soil there's going to be a lot of advantages to a vapor canopy however when I say advantages I'm talking about all biology so not only humans will receive that boon but spiders scorpions arachnids insects bees wasps beetles aphid aphids fleas termites they will all grow to much bigger larger sizes and be stronger and live longer and and actually many insects could be could be a a stable food source in the future when amphibians and reptiles and mammilia grow to sizes that make them almost on you're unable to hunt unable to even because you don't understand we're talking about total infrastructure collapse in the future so um if nobody's manufacturing bullets then guns aren't really going to do anybody any good and it's not like all guns shoot the same Munitions yeah if you have a weapon that shoots 223s and 20 years after an infrastructure collapse you can't find any more 223s but you've got a warehouse full of 5.56's it's not going to do you any good shotgun shells were gone if you have a shotgun yeah you will always have to have the right Munitions with the right weapon and uh and the weapons the seals on weapons go out all web weapons don't last forever either so I don't know the benefits the benefits to uh to the vapor canopy in biology yeah they're real they're real but but I'm not I mean there's a whole lot of things that are vapor canopy that may it may not even be a part of our existence like cancers there may be all kinds of of different uh because this is one thing that's very unique and we don't really talk about this in archaics much uh it hasn't really come up but oh oh the ancient world did not seem to know disease they didn't these these cancers and things and things that really affect us today the ancient world didn't know these things when I say ancient world I'm talking about second third fourth millennium BC we don't have those references in cuneiform we don't have those we don't have those stories in the traditions we just don't have it we have starvation we have cannibalism we have people getting maimed uh toxins poisons Venoms we have all that things produced by nature or or manufactured by men Barbed arrows stuck in different poisons and all that these things were the problems of the ancient world and surgery is not new for those of you who don't know trepening goes back thousands of years they did surgery on skulls like if somebody was bludgeoned on their head or had an accident and fell off a horse and their brain was swelling they could save them by cutting a cube out of their skull to relieve the pressure yeah it's called tripping and they did that or treatmenting they had done that and we have found the skeletons and we have found the skulls and we see the rounded mended bone showing that the Ephesian cartilage buildup shows that these people after surgery thousands of years ago still lived a long life so under a vapor canopy you would have a return of those type of conditions yes yes this is from jh this has been asked many times what role do animals play in the simulation are they conscious or part of our fantasy well I would never be able to prove yea or nay on the topic of animals because we interact with them we believe they have a modicum of intelligence they're they're empathic they respond to us emotionally we can never know if that's pure programming or if it's real I would like to think that they are a a sentient being meaning that they have a soul that's on the outside of the construct and that they are they too are growing there's no there's nowhere in I mean there's no one to ever say that we ourselves did not begin as they are we could have begun as a much more primitive soul we could have we could have evolved from the Animal Kingdom uh like you know in Soul form way before we took on a human Avatar and then once we entered the human Avatar realm we remained humans the same thing applies for when we leave here will we be human in another construct or something greater and yet will that greatness be will it Paul in comparison to something even more Majestic in a far future similacrum experience where we're living life Sims out in a totally different holography in a totally different historical routines and subroutines and edits and resets yeah we just don't know this is something that is pure speculation it was nothing you know there was never these type of questions I would never be able to assert with any confidence uh what the answer would be about animals I suspect that they have souls and I suspect that that means that who knows 200 life sins into the future that dog that I love right now may be a human we got one from Merrell is God the game master in this video game simulation or is it just another human like you and me oh I believe that question merits two answers and and I don't believe that these answers Conflict at all I believe that the oversoul is basically the the grand architect master of all the similacrums but I equally believe that we are inside a simulation right now an ancestor stimulation right now that is 100 of human manufacture and that we are experiencing our own technology but from the inside and that's why there are so many anomalies and so many things that don't make sense this is why we are in a containment field but I do believe on the outside of this simulated construct there is humans and they worship an oversoul and there is a very close relationship between the the Creator and the created we just don't feel it that way because we're not in the real world we're in the photo negative of a real reality so everything here is almost the exact opposite of how it should be back up to the top from Joshua cook Jason what do you know about Gazoo gal spell that g-a-l-z-u yup galzoo and he took me back he took me back to uh zechariah's kitchen with that one uh I'm gonna tell you right now that I don't know if galzoo is an actual demon in the cuneiform uh syllabares in the cuneiform text uh if if galzoo is an actual name if galsu is a pronoun like lilum I'm gonna have to say that there's a missing component to the word galsu I think galzoo it's something else Andrew galzu it's something else that's attached to galzoo I do not believe galsu is an independent pronoun unto itself there's a missing element here I believe I believe Zechariah sitchin used the word galzu in the uh the book of Inky and the Book of Inky is really effed a lot of people up because they think it's real they think it's true they think they think the book of enki uh is the actual his history but what it is is Zechariah sitch and Cherry Picked about 400 different cuneiform fragments and you put this story together that he called the book of enki but nowhere in all the cuneiform ticks is the story in the book of Inky found he put that together let me give you an example if I was to take every individual character in Grimm's Fairy Tales and I was to put them in one story just one narrative all the different characters and Grimm's Fairy Tales were in one single story in 3 500 years later I published that story and called it the book of Grimm somebody would research those things and do cross-referencing and they would actually believe some of these things because there's elements in the book of grim that have been found in the Grimm's Fairy Tales so that would be evidence alone to them that this this was real but it's not Zechariah sitchin did you know no service and how he uh it basically employed creative license to put all these things together no not on board position I'm sorry I'm a sitching Critic and I have many many videos that go into why I'm a sitchin Critic in most of the most of my criticism is chronologically based you know killing me with these names gotta make me say wacky tobacci wacky tobacci wacky tobacc he asks have you ever or would you ever speak on the catacombs of course I would speak on them but I'm not qualified I haven't really done the necessary research to go in the direction that you're inquiring about and and what I mean is I know why you're asking about the catacombs that they're they are mysterious and that they may be something other than what we're told they are and I'm on board with that but this is this is a this is more the domain of John Levy and others like him I'm just I haven't really done the research on the catacombs now I will say this I may do it real quick because somebody donated the 1801 version I have all the volumes to Edward Gibbons Decline and fall of the Roman Empire I cannot believe it I just mentioned it in the video a couple weeks ago just mentioned how valuable that series of books were I read them in prison but I read modern I read a modern like like 1930 uh something editions of that to to get the 1801 editions I have them and they're in such good condition it's amazing they're now a part of the archaics library I'm going to show them to you in a video but he talks about that the catacombs and I'm so I need to look into that I'm glad you asked that question but but for now I'm gonna I'm going to have to say I'm unqualified to go any further until I've done some research on it this next one's from Green diesel please speak on Beltane okay Mayday green diesel just that name just reminded me of something ask me that in a minute grindle dark I forgot to mention you on this list thank thank you for the the material you sent me a CD of music to listen to and a book oh a matter of fact it's not the first time that you reached out excuse me you had reached out to me so you go by the name of grindel dark so I'm definitely going to look into that check out that music what was that a green diesel please speak on Beltane and he put Mayday the OB OSS celebration a lot of people um defeat listen the Phoenix phenomenon it's a it's mid-may it's you know it's it's the it's the beginning of May that uh I'm Excuse me it's the middle of May that the Phoenix phenomenon occurs that period of time is attached to a European folklore and traditions the maypole you know some people say mayday belting and all that but remember guys the calendar has been shifted two months remember September October November and December are not the ninth 10th and or they're not the 7th 8th 9th and 10th month but that's how they're named septia 7 octos 8 Novi 9 Desi 10.

So in our calendar today the last four months or not the seventh eighth ninth and 10th they are the 9th 10th 11th and 12th months there's been a shift the ancient new year was the beginning of March it was the beginning of March guys so this places this places the Phoenix phenomenon on the ancient calendar as being the second month it would be March April May yeah it was two two and a half months into the calendar so all I'm all two and a half months into into the old New Year is where we have these unusual festivals and even in the Satanic holidays we have these sacrificial dates uh basically uh employing what was called substitute substitute what was it substitute uh the law of substitution it's when in ancient times they knew that a certain disaster would occur on a certain date because it always happened with regularity so they would pick someone who was gonna be the substitute aka the scapegoat and they would lay all the sins of the people on this victim and then they would sacrifice this victim in hopes that the predicted encyclical disasters did not occur well yeah I don't know much about Beltane other than the it's absolute origin comes from the Mediterranean and then it only it's only a later Edition into the uh European and and uh British Isles this one's from fairies of Venus fairies of Venus if the simulation broke and every soul freed what do you believe we would see um if the simulation broke I believe that your real eyes would open and that you're probably in a room with four or four to you know four to six other bodies lying in stasis who are probably hooked up to some type of devices to make sure your vital signs are okay and there's probably one 10 one tenant attendant that comes in and checks everybody's monitors and screens and I believe that as soon as this simulation collapses you'll just open up your eyes be where you are and your memories will be intact and you will get up and remember who you really are and you will sit up and you'll see other people you're in the simulation with and you will realize holy [ __ ] it's only been eight and a half hours and I just live through 91 lifetimes yeah the time dilation is real I believe that once technology entered into our reality it's absolute proof that technology is in every reality next questions from two trees did you hear the upper atmosphere moisturizer increased 10 percent after the recent volcano eruption I did not hear that but that right there is evidence evidence of what I have been conveying for the past three years and not only not only I but but one of my videos I cite four different books from the 1920s 30s 50s and 70s about the return of the vapor canopy yeah this isn't something I made up guys There's real science behind this and it's attached to volcanoes and the Phoenix throughout history is the main agitator that makes the most volcanoes go off at the same time and and for what this may what this man just said in a in a in a comment is evidence of what I've been telling you he just said that the moisture content in the atmosphere increased because of recent volcanic activity yeah guys that's amazing it's amazing doesn't take much to create a vapor canopy because once that Vapor canopy is there it's going to be there for a while before something causes it to collapse and when it does you get another great flood this is from Yvette Hamilton Jason do you think all the continents were connected during the vapor canopy oh yes I believe you could walk I believe there's huge areas you could walk I mean think about it I have a video where I show the evidence that the ancient dravidians of India walked to Northern Australia and then after the collapse of the vapor canopy that area of the world flooded out when it flooded out there was no way to get back so 4500 years later the dravidians of Northern uh I mean the dravidians of Southern India maintain their culture over thousands of years slight deviations and changes but the peop the dravidians that were isolated in Northern Australia spread out through Australia because they're trapped there now there was no way back to India and they they devolved into the Australian Bushmen they lost their culture but the ancient dravidian artifacts have been found in Australia and the fact that they look very very similar and they're basically the only two peoples in the world that even look that way you know yeah so I have a pretty good video about that oh that similarity but yes I do believe that there was areas all over the world I mean that's this is what we get when this is what the archeology shows we know that the ancient city Basalt city of matalanen in in the Isle of Yap way out in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific was not built half submerged under the Pacific we know that the 550-something statues of Moya the gigantic heads on Easter Island could have never been built on an island the size of Easter Island today it must have been much bigger connected to a much bigger uh chain of islands we know that the traditions of the people of Micronesia in melonesia in Polynesia in Oceana are very specific that all of their Islands used to be bigger and some of the smaller Islands were giant Islands yeah from a canoe in a canoe at one time they could cross the entire Pacific yeah there was no voyages by land it was just canoe hopping it was just island hopping all the way from the Asia to the Americas can't do that today but back then they say you could so yeah during the vapor Cannon during the vapor canopy all the moisture was in the app was in the mesosphere when all the moisture was in the mesosphere Antarctica had no ice no snow there was more land there was more land in the Pacific there was more land in the Mediterranean there was more land in the Atlantic all these area all these areas were traversable there are underground ruins everywhere there's 300 Stone cities underwater in the Mediterranean alone and now human places of human occupation and ancient shorelines have now been detected in underwater in the Black Sea taking the just these few things into consideration just these few things there's so much more to consider like the ruins of Japan the ruins off India the ruins off off the UK listen there's so many things to consider if we just take just these things to consider the vapor canopy pulls the moisture into the into the mesosphere which domes over the world's thick thick it's like a lens at night it magnifies the Stars it keeps the atmosphere it builds atmospheric pressure it pulls the moisture off the surface of the world so there's only small seas in Lakes everywhere then there comes a Tipping Point when the mesosphere can no longer maintain that integrity and it collapses when it does you get 40 to 130 days worth of rain it flood the whole world floods but the whole world isn't flooded a lot of areas are still they're survivors everywhere so when that collapse occurs the atmospheric pressure drops the oxygen intake is it it diminishes tremendously so mammals are the survivors and reptiles and amphibians have to have to stop growing to large sizes because they don't have the oxygen anymore plants no longer have the uh the the the carbon monoxide and the nitrogen they've no longer have the things they need so they grow to the to the sizes we know them today when this happens the poles whatever it doesn't matter if you're a flat earther or or whatever the polar extremities now acquire the ice packs rapidly the snow they're not doing that now less than an inch of snow happens in the Arctic in the Antarctic now a year because those areas are not are not humid they're very very dry so we have wrapped the the polls rapidly get buried it's not like the uniformitarians say in the glaciologist and and those who promote the whole bogus Ice Age theories which are totally untrue none of that's true guys this this whole Ice Age theory was built on a whole bunch of false premises that totally ignore ignore the vapor canopy techniques but what I find interesting is one of the greatest proofs in the 1800s that the Ice Ages were real was the fact that woolly mammoths and Woolly rhinoceroses are among the hundreds of millions of life forms that are found packed in the permafrost frozen solid it must have been cold back then because we found him in ice it must have been cold back then because they're covered in hair guys if you know anything about anything whatsoever about mammalian biology you will know that among the hairiest creatures in the entire world are all in jungles and deserts yeah guys nothing these people have told us is true about these ice ages it's all Bs and now we have we have all kinds of biologists that have come forth in the last 30 years publishing all these reports that the hair on the woolly mammoths actually cooled them what did they need to be cooled for if they're already in the Arctic so yeah guys none of it makes sense the Tulips undigested tulips on their mouths the mushrooms that have been found in their hoofs that are frozen yeah none of it makes sense guys they were living in a very warm climate when suddenly there were frozen solid so the uh all that all that tangent from what a vapor canopy question that was you gotta you gotta keep up because um I'm already way past that I have no idea man all right we need to move on we got a lot of questions yeah there's we're not going to be able to get to all of them there's there's no way we're gonna do our best but uh I still got 30 or 40 on the list and let's go not even all of them made it on here ludicrous speed so uh Merrell asked another one you've surmised that human haters interfere when we are about to overcome the controllers what keeps the haters to just take us all out forever that's a good question keeping the haters that's a good question Merrell and the answer to that question is some of my evidence that we have a benefactor I have said this over and over I feel that my life is Charmed I feel that there are many incidents that I have suffered through that I should have never lived through I have a benefactor something was making sure that I was where I needed to be when I needed to be there to do whatever it was I needed to do or learn and now in my life I am conveying all these experiences and conveying all this information and yet no one's put a bullet in my face what I mean is there's people telling the truth in the world and they're not being punished for it because we have a benefactor there is a benefactor Force there is opposition to the construct there there can be no other way of looking at it because the people who are in control already control 100 of our lives through information information uh uh dissemination through finances when the same people own all the media they own all the banks they own all the financial institutions they own all the Scholastic and educational institutions when when a when the controllers already control 99 of everything that can be controlled the very fact that there are people who are not controlled means that there's another Force operative that's behind the scenes and that there are rules that have to be played by this is the only thing that makes sense to me that the controllers in order to maintain their control must play by a certain Playbook and if they deviate then others are given their positions of control and they are eliminated they now they now become cannibalized into the very system by which they they have been ruling nothing else makes sense to me because there's too much opposition in the world there's too much good in the world that still resists the construct and for that good to Prevail for that good to thrive you know I'll just use myself as an example for the archaic's message to reach so many people who resonate with it and I'm just one person Martin lipke's another you know there's so many other autodidactic Campbell I like him he's another you know Logan of decodes your reality he's another I'm just naming YouTuber YouTubers but there's many people across many platforms there's many people like you in your own community that have done the same thing because any time that you're involved in waking up another Soul then you are given the spiritual reward for the whole it doesn't matter if you only played a small part you're still given the reward for the whole yeah guys anything that I have involved myself in all in helping others and doing things that power comes from something beyond me it has to or it would have been quelled a long time ago we're not in we're not in a conventional War we're in an info War we're in an informational War when certain variables are thrown out and we fall victim to things when we make the wrong choices but when we decide to move forward fearlessly there is something Fearless that helps us that's the only way I can answer that because if anything else was true there would be no people like you and I in the world we wouldn't exist the controllers would already have everything but that's not what we find we find good in the world we find spiritual people we find spiritual communities that we can engage in and so we find a benefactor Force like I said it's the only only way I can make sense of that from Messianic Druid How could a water canopy be recreated I think he means Vapor canopy it means Vapor canopy it's volcanism I've got many videos about it a whole bunch of volcanoes spew that Ash block out that solar light we have we have a a layer of the atmosphere called the mesosphere it's full of water droplets it will hold that volcanic ash in pumice but at the exact same time another element is required because the mesosphere is very thick and that Ash will only layer the bottom of it on the outside of that would be Cosmic dust this red dust that has high organic compounds in it that is deposited every 138 years by the Phoenix phenomenon when those are happening at the same time a vapor canopy can appear this is from oh flow what is the original meaning and significance of the word amen I don't know but in in Egyptian men mean Stone uh and uh I believe it could have been I mean almond in the old Semitic means you know hidden a secret uh men just m-e-n in the Egyptian was Stone uh this may be an origin you know the stone the builders rejected or or he is the head of the corner of the Chief Cornerstone I don't know I really don't know what the original she's asking the meaning and significance of the word almond I just know that at the at the end of different prayers or or assertions in the biblical material every once in a while like in the Psalms you'll see almond there now we are told from the Jewish uh scribes that it was just a way to to clear out a statement like and may it be so amen amen and may it be so that's what that's what we're told but almond was an ancient Egyptian deity he is one of the oldest pre-ordoad he is not created he was he was the first principal the hidden God he was amen so I don't really don't know like I said it has multiple meanings for different cultures and time periods well before the I guess I won't say the introduction but prior to amen being popularly used a lot of esoteric and occult I'll say communities and any derivative of that would complete theirs with a version of what you just said so moted B okay oh yeah I didn't know that I mean that goes from the hermetics all the way to the Freemasons next question is from the great falling away if Inky built the Great Pyramid then what is the purpose of the other two you my friend have not listened to the Giza playlist the Lost secrets of Giza because had you have listened to those older videos you would have had to answer to that question I will dignify you with a abbreviated answer right now but I am telling you that the Great Pyramid of what it contains is so valuable as a template of the architecture of the holography itself it was so well hidden in for so long because the other two pyramids are decoys and from the beginning everybody thought the whole complex was the focus and it's not need to watch those videos and see those ancient citations in what has been known by prior Generations about that there's only one true pyramid in the entire world all the others are false even the second pyramid which looks to you in photographs to be the same size is not it's nowhere near the size of the actual Great Pyramid because it's on a raised Limestone Plateau platform and it's very cleverly concealed that's right my friends only one pyramid in the world from barfling Arcane what other deities can you tie Inky to oh I mean over thousands of years as cultures change and they they change their uh um identities all that we have in the Native American tradition Traditions there's many different trickster Gods but it's all Inky uh in the in the north Icelandic uh in the northern European it's Loki um but Inky Loki I think it's white rabbit oh in the story of smoking mirror I believe there's an appearance of avinki in the ancient Sumerian text just like there's two Enochs in the Book of Genesis in the in the near Eastern records of the pre-flood World there are also two dimuzis [Music] um yeah but and and the person of Enoch being being enki that's not even a hard sell I mean there's so many parallels between them uh I had one of my videos goes into all the Sumerian data that we have about a knowledge of the Great Pyramid and what it was yeah I have a video about that it's deep it goes I go into break down the Sumerian terms and show you guys these people knew about the Great Pyramid and they knew it was far away and all yeah you know here's here's where a lot of the disinformation comes people re people read these books about the Sumerian or the modern books about Sumerian interpretations like Zechariah sitchin and and uh there's a lot a lot of them that came out in the 70s 80s 90s thousands even today but they're not reading Maureen Gallery Kovacs they're not they're not reading Samuel Noah Kramer they're not reading George Smith they're not reading Thor hired doll they're not reading the people who actually knew what the Sumerians were talking about they're reading all this new new Ancient Aliens interpret interpreted material which is very different the cuneiform texts sound very different when they're read from a perspective of somebody who's trying to push an ancient aliens narrative but when you read them from their original perspectives and you listen to the original sumerologist Kramer all these people who knew what they were talking about when they were translating these records you will find a totally different story unfolding about what was going on in the people who were called a Nuna who were later demonized by the Babylonians and called Anunnaki they didn't come from the sky at all so this person Inky was just human and the pictures of him show a human and I don't know why these ancient alien theorists don't get that it shows bearded tall humans Among Us among the people of Sumer but the Sumerians themselves were what they were smooth-skinned people of short stature and they venerated these anuna who were Tall Bearded round eyed this is why the statues of these people of the anunna and Annunaki are goggle-eyed because it's the exact same thing that people of the Far East do when they're representing Caucasians when they show caucasians in their art they always show them with big eyes and when westerners show Asiatic people oriental people in their art they show them us with squinted eyes they show them sled eyes it's always in the artwork and over it's basically it's basically an exaggeration of the features we find this in the Sumerian in the statues all these Sumerian statues that describe the annuna and all these Sumerian gods shows on it shows them they use lapis lazuzi lazuli for their for the eyes which is a Blue Mineral compound they always put lapis lazuli in their eyes to show blue eyes and they show these long beards guys that's not an alien that's a human and so it's all yeah I mean even the very fat even the very fact even from the Ancient Aliens context the very fact that the anuna could actually interbreed with the normal stock humans shows that we're only dealing with humans we're not dealing with anything Supernatural we're not dealing with Fallen Angels we're not dealing with any of that any of that stuff man that was that was created way later and is not in the original records all the religionist Babylonian origin crap that was made up after that the guy Enoch is the Jewish version of that guy but the Jewish version wasn't written until over a thousand years way after that history was already pretty much dead and it was only red and old Babylonian libraries another question this is from Steven seagura have you seen the first episode of Westworld where the director of the park asked the humanoid robot how many interactions Dolores had since they last met and she said 138.

wow Stephen that's a good one I know who Steven is I've seen I've seen Stephen a few times in different different areas it's been a while since I watched the Westworld I've never seen Westworld don't know anything about it oh but that's a very interesting uh number to throw out there I'm the the show and movie guy I have to convince him to watch certain things and half the time I won't even say half ninety percent of the time he doesn't he's too busy but if you if you have stuff that's uh movie or show related and you want to discuss it you can email me I'm I'm always watching that stuff tying stuff in I'm watching Utopia right now Don Hart said Westworld is a mind for me it is it is it's uh it's it's pretty original I enjoyed it I've never seen it um Ian sharp asked what is Pandora's Box well it was originally Pandora's vase I talked about that in two prior videos all the evils in the world were in there when she let it out Only Hope remained inside hold on I go I actually did a I actually did a video on the identity and the histories of the Titans because that's Vapor canopy history and I go into the detail about the Pandora's Box and its connection to the Great Pyramid and the sarcophagus the empty the empty box in the pyramid so that's not we don't have enough time to go into that that detail here but but you can Google Pandora's vase in the older Traditions will pop up you can read those has nothing to Pandora's Box was a late a late creation so it was originally a vase Utopias disturbing AF yeah for modern times watching right now yeah Utopia movie No it's it's a show and it's funny because we only have a couple questions left so I'll make this short it's a it basically portrays the how do I say it without triggering YouTube um the whole situation that happened the last few years the whole uh health issue yeah um it it adds a A New Perspective on that and it turns into a conspiracy theory but what's funny is before every episode there's a a notice a warning that this is fiction do not take this seriously because they put so much information in it damn you want to try that world ball whirlpool uh when can we expect something significant or world changing to happen soon I really wouldn't know that I mean things happen all the time the only thing for this year that I'm really I'm really seeing that I believe something fundamental is going to be changed about the internet or I.T in general and it may be already happening it's a the chat gbt phenomenon the Takeover of AI systems on the Internet is it it's there are changes to Google going on it's I really don't know I'm trying to follow it I got some people I'm in contact with it we're following these things but there's some there's some really weird stuff happening too exactly with what he just said about um Microsoft and and Elon Musk company I forgot what it was uh they're actually experimenting with nanotechnologies that have something to do with covid and vaccines and I can't remember what it was I'm looking into it now I sent you I sent you a screenshot today uh we're not going to discuss it but if you want to pull out your phones and do a Google Search right now look up um I can't blow up my phone look up moderna and IBM just look that up you're welcome yeah that's right moderna and IBM some major news there uh and it's pretty scary but it's only scary for the collective it's uh that's something to to look into so yeah major major events listen guys that man they call Biden is not Biden there's no way any any of you can do any of you can do your own little search and look at actual photos of what Biden's ears inside of his jaw look like in the 1970s 80s 90s all the way up to about 2017 2018.

Look at them and then look at the look at the guy now playing Biden look at the year it's so obvious and with that comment our kicks just got kicked off of YouTube No but oh yeah but you're just welcoming me with open arms yeah whatever man all right we got two left you ready we're out of time but we'll knock these two out actually just one the other one's kind of a joke just from Justin Michael Rossi what's your thoughts on blavatsky's seven root races Theory when I read plavaski I read uh that's a huge book what was that book I read I can't believe I can't remember the name of it I can't remember the name of it it's uh I just didn't know I'm not a bulaski fan I I do not like books I do not like books that do not have bibliographies I do not like books that to me I feel like you're making the information up based off past materials that you have read and you've just put this you put all this together I don't like the fact that she sites all yogis yogis that are in the Himalayan Mountains and secret libraries and all listen that's all good that's all that I mean that's all good you may as well have told me that you channeled all the material because it's the same thing to me it's all it's all creative license so you know I'm not I'm not on board with uh though I just not on board with blavatsky's origin now the actual seven root races deal I don't know if it comports to something like the Maya the Mayan popovu I would be on board with it but I haven't done a comparative analysis to know that yet because in the Mayan popovu we have a ancient Mayan manuscript that survived that explains how all the races came into being and how the gods had created a race put them in a world they they lived out whatever they did and whatever for whatever reason each race didn't do what it was expected to them so they started over but they didn't quite do away with the former race they just built a new one and put it in that world kind of kind of interesting though this is the Mayan purple vu so I don't know I'd have to compare them I'm going to say right now that I don't have an opinion on blevance oh the secret Doctrine that's right the I think it was the secret doctrine that was the book I read I don't know I just it's a without being able to chase the source materials there's no chain of custody without a chain of custody then I have to I have to trust that Helena blavatsky got the secrets of the universe in the world from some old guy in India who has access to or Tibet to has access to secret libraries that cannot be verified and cannot be studied and cannot be visited we just have to take it on faith I says this is the same thing that I'm going to have to take on faith like orantia the book of ranchia this is the same thing I'm gonna have to take on faith with the Galactic Federation it's the same thing I'm gonna have to take on faith with like the Ancient Aliens deal if you I mean it's re I can't do it I can't do it I would never be able to entertain all that as factual and yet also produce all the archaic's data I would be a total hypocrite I can't do it all right we are two hours and three minutes wow felt like a lot longer than that it actually it felt a little shorter for me probably because you've been busier than me I've had some time off um a man this comment chat section was on fire today awesome it's been a while since we did this this format live yeah this is the I mean but we've had significantly more people in the chat before but it's I don't think it's ever been this busy and I think there were only two turds two or three turds this time oh there's always a couple turds per thousand yeah man all right guys as always I would apologize if we didn't get to your questions limited on time um we can't just go on forever I mean I guess we could but we're not going to make a habit of making 17 hour long videos um but if your question was important you wanted to get answered put it in the comments after the video is published I know I'm beating a dead horse to say this every time but uh Jason goes through these videos for several weeks after the videos published and uh he'll chat with you answer your questions um I mean if you're a turd you're gonna get reciprocated as a turd so just beware um but that's all I got um I got something else real quick one hit that like button before on your way out also he just said that I don't do 17 hour videos but what you can expect because we have a member of the archaics team who has the entire Phoenix playlist 81 videos and he is going through each video and he is chopping off every intro every shout out every every outro in every unrelated tangent that doesn't have to have to do with the Phoenix phenomenon and with this with this huge collection of pieces of videos that are nothing about the Phoenix phenomenon we're going to put together like a six hour presentation yeah this is for people who want to just put on our cakes and just leave it on in the whole entire video it will go six or seven hours on nothing but the Phoenix phenomenon and all all the BS Parts extra stuff are going to be edited out so it's just pure Phoenix phenomenon whole history of the world in 138 year segments and it's going to be it's going to be long we're doing that with the Phoenix playlist right now the next playlist we're gonna do with it do that because you guys have requested it we're we're doing the Immortals playlist same way so you can have eight hour video where you can just go to sleep and you can listen to all the positivity from The Immortals playlist then we'll then we'll do whatever playlist you guys suggest next all right I'm done now all right guys well um I hope you enjoyed that I always enjoy hanging out and reading all your comments every single one of them I can't say that I I can't some of them some of them slip by but um it gets to the point uh so many of you that are in every one of these uh Community chats like I sort of feel like I'm kind of getting to know some of you um I always enjoy it but um you know stay positive keep that positivity make it contagious um I hope you guys are as excited about rkxtv premiering as I am it's going to be some good stuff how does Pamela do it woohoo no no it's drawn out O's oh woohoo yeah that's crazy but guys I enjoyed the time with you thanks for stopping by and as always keep breaking free [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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