Everything Was Great Until The Adrenalin Wore Off

By | November 1, 2022

It was all good when I had the Adrenaline going but now I've sat here In the cold now I can't I think I may Crack my rib the old man's showing up I Crashed I just woded up so hard at the LA about level 15. wait a minute is it My son who's grammatic or my husband What happened to people Of course I gotta put a shirt on it's Not stretchy [Music] I'll take the split off You put the left the left arm on first So that way we pull it around do you Want your vest instead no I want It's more important to look cool than The Than anything right comes first Um Jack make sure you listen to your Mother not your father Well to be fair when the people are Going in the mud paint you said that's The worst form of peer pressure Getting muddy here we go Oh show everyone your hands Jack what Happens with your hands I got a little blistered so I got one Two this entire finger is torn up that's Like another three See and then I've got one two three here And one two Put it on your hands yeah I've got like wait can you raise your Arms up

It starts hurting really bad about this I've been struggling a little bit to Reach things I got the sewing machine like going on There hey can I uh You want me to give you some jokes Can you give me some ibuprofen instead Thank you Put the Tylenol some morphine is it cold In here or is it just me So Mrs Debbie is the real star she Provided Hot meals for the whole race team And was supported me at every Loop so That means you never slept more than What three hours With a sick child with with the heat Wheel with the boss baby As well as Peter people couldn't have Done it without Peter so you guys know Strawberry you guys know nothing about You okay being in a video We can edit out and Peter how much sleep Did you get minutes or did you counted Minutes or hours [Music] Minutes yeah that's me too I even Regretted going to sleep because I was So comfortable laying in bed at 3am like So Glorious if I go to sleep in my next Waking moment's gonna be on that bike [Music] What'd you do to your nose You got your pretty face it looks like

You cut your nose did I This isn't this sport is not for wussies Are you tired He's got the thousand yard steer yeah I've seen the horrors of a 24-hour race All right let's see if you can get your Boots off I can get my boots off let's See it I don't know if I'm opening a peanut Butter can or a pickle jar Ed You're using both arms So I think it's safe to say you're not Driving home I'm driving home Nothing better [Music] Should I help you or just video you Remember what this word is called it's Called Scarlet Scarlet that's what it Means is it's Swedish for it enjoying Other people's Misfortune or suffering After you've been married as long as we Have you can just laugh right baby you Can either laugh or cry I'll tell you I'd say that would you say 3 8 3 A.M was The Darkest Hour To 2 33 a.m between between two and I Would say between two and five was The Darkest Hour how about when when we were Uh about 10 and a half hours in and Peter looks at me and goes we've still Got an hour and 20 into our house and he

And I were like I'm glad you didn't mention that when I Came in I would have just quit right There I didn't even look at my clock Intentionally I put a piece of tape over It so I couldn't see it because I just Didn't even want to know the bad news I Wanted to hope that it was going to be Daylight at any moment It was not Do you need help baby nope I got it I see you got full range of use of your Left arm Make me laugh yeah like something Stabbing me in my lung My liver is definitely punctured no I Have a question how are you gonna be at Home am I gonna have to wait hand and Foot on you no No it couldn't be worse than the broken Leg [Music] [Laughter] Well I cannot it's hard to expect any Sympathy when you sign up for this it's Not not like You were saving lives or anything Another week I got some kind of nasty Stomach flu and I was growing up and Just a terrible way and Captain's like Well you just have a man flu or Something like that no I'm throwing up

I'm still terrible These women give no sympathy I think That when a man gets sick it's twice as Bad It feels twice as bad as when a woman Woman gets sick because our nerves are Closer to the skin I can tell why you have a male Channel My superpower is the justification Machine Nothing's off the table Should I not show who's taking off your Pants That's probably a indignity put it on Video huh You got your Spanx on because you're Getting older Spanx I don't know what That is it's what ladies wear to hold Like they're chubby mess in so they look Good in a tight dress no I'm all twisted Steel around here We don't have any of that no we actually Don't Foreign

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