Farm House Potato Soup

By | October 31, 2022

Morning folks i'm dave canterbury with Self-reliance out there's a pathfinder School back out here at the pathfinder Outfitters kitchen I've got some sourdough bread Baking over here in a dutch oven over Some hot coals on coal stand that video Information all of the stuff about that Sourdough bread starter all that kind of Stuff is on my patreon page which There'll be a link at the bottom of this Video Today what we're going to do is we're Going to cook a frontier staple we're Going to make potato soup so stay with Me we'll get started guys it's gonna be Good Okay so we started up by Peeling and cutting up Six potatoes and these potatoes were cut In about three quarter inch squares you Want them as close as possible to each Other so they all cook At the same time with the same Consistency now We're also going to need to Add an onion to this recipe So let's get the skin off this onion Here Then we're just going to Dice up this onion Eighth inch ish Just fine We're gonna get some bacon

We're gonna get it in a dutch oven and Get it cooking And we're gonna cook about four slices Of this bacon this is applewood smoked Just jimmy dean bacon right from piggly Wiggly That's gonna be our next step so we'll Cut this bacon open here And we'll get it in a dutch oven frying Up I think the best bacon on the plant but For sure It's gonna have to do For today So let's put four slices in there Okay once we get this bacon fried up We're pretty close on a couple of these Here We're going to set those aside to use as Garnishment Basically for our Soup That one's definitely done there You want these kind of done until They're crispy Because you're going to break them up So if you like limpy bacon like i do In the morning You're going to have to cook it longer Than you want to Okay now that we've got this grease in Here we're going to go ahead and Stick our onions in that grease And we're also going to

Take a couple cloves of garlic and just Smash them up and throw them in there Take about four Out of this jar And i don't mind smashing stuff up on my Fingers don't bother me at that And then this only takes a couple Minutes When those onions get wilted down good And it starts to get fragrant and Garlicky smelling and onions smelling All right while that's Getting started we're going to go ahead And throw some butter in here About a quarter of a stick Is enough Just so i happen to have had that left Over anyway So we'll let that melt down All right to this we're going to add A half a cup Of all-purpose flour We're going to stir that flour in really Good To this mixture and get it mixed in with The grease the onions garlic all that Good stuff the butter Get ourselves a little bit of Roux in here surrounding that Onion and garlic slurry Okay to that we're going to add One Two About two and a half cups

A little light on some of that about two And a half cups of chicken broth A cup of milk 3 4 of a cup of heavy whipping cream And we're going to add potatoes to this [Music] Stir it in We get to this point we can bring the Whole thing To a boil [Music] All right so while this is boiling We're going to add A shade of black pepper A bit of seed and salt if we get to come Out of here There we go About a teaspoon of each is good And we're going to stir that in really Good Okay so I had some chives here that i was going To Use to top this soup with some bacon Obviously and some cheese But them chives were so wilted and sorry That i decided to cut them up and put Them in the soup And just cook them in there you can see The green in there Where i've cut them up They definitely weren't something you Could dice down Like really nice chives and sprinkle

Them over the top Learned my lesson on that You might chive somewhere else the next Time But our soup is getting really close to Being ready you just kind of want to Test these potatoes and see if they're Soft You know test a few of them make sure You definitely don't want to bite into a Hard potato when you're eating potato Soup see what we got going on here Take this lid off this bad boy for a Minute Shovel some of this soup out man oh man Look at that holy cow I'm gonna take much that'll fill you up For crying out loud Man man look at that wow That looks good for sure About to find out though ain't we now A couple things I like to take some of that bacon that i Crumble that up really good on top Just like that And then Chili powder just a just a double of That chili powder on top of things And then of course some cheese and sour Cream A little cheese on there Get some sour cream and give us a craft Soda We'll be ready to rock

All right Squeeze a little sour cream in here Just like that Call that good And then A seat See what we got We got a dark cream italian style Caruso's vanilla soda here We'll see how that goes See with baking for john A little bacon for another bowl And like that Mix this up See what we got going on here Man That is definitely good Oh man And potatoes are perfectly tender Let's see what that vanilla cream tastes Like Oh it's really good oh man that's really Good Well it's one of the better craft Silvers i've had lately that's a good One Oh this stuff is good Folks i really appreciate you joining me Today at the outfitters kitchen for This homemade potato soup recipe again The full recipes and things like that Are going to be on my patreon page some Of the stuff on that page is public some Of it is not

I would appreciate if you go check out That link below the description box i Appreciate your views i appreciate your Support i thank you for everything you Do for our school for family and for Business for all of our sponsors Instructors affiliates and friends and I'll be back with another video as soon As i can guys thanks Man Tear that thing up Because i don't waste no time without Bacon in here You see a piece here just saying

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