Firewood is the new Toilet Paper! Here is why!

By | October 31, 2022

Hey guys my name is Lily and today I Want to talk about uh firewood being the New toilet paper look at this newspaper Article and it says that people are Buying up all of the firewood so the Price has gone through the roof there's Almost no firewood available anymore Um and if you get some it will be really Expensive now what I've observed Personally is that people are really Scared they are scared that they cannot Hit their homes anymore because they Fear that Um there will not be enough of natural Gas coming from Russia anymore and some People have electric heat pumps air heat Pumps and if there's a blackout or no Electricity for some kind of reason then You also cannot heat your home so there Are two main reasons for this and Um this is why people are now buying Firewood now a lot of people here in Austria Still have A proper Central heating with a wood stove in the Basement for example my parents have That they have this really big oven in The basement which is heating the house With central heating but also what's Happened now in Austria is that a lot of People Have bought smaller stoves wood stoves Swedish ovens and how they are cold so

Many people have that now including me Because my house is heated with natural Gas so last January I said to my spouse That I want to get a wood stove just in Case if there's some problem I want to Be able to heat my horse with a wood Stove so yeah that's the situation Austria a lot of people are preparing Much more than uh five years ago I'm Even seeing my neighbors getting whole Loads of firewood Into their Gardens they built extra Sheds so that they can fit the firewood In Um yeah and everybody tries to get as Much as firewood as they can Now what happened is that because of the Scarcity of firewood now people try to Buy coal briquettes uh and now the cold Price is also going up and that's crazy And now the coal is also very scarce so Heating will be a big problem it will be A challenge now they already have made Some laws that Um the public buildings they cannot be Heated over 19 degrees Celsius or Something it's either 19 or 18 degrees Celsius So they try to Um Yeah save natural gas as much as Possible now in Europe yeah so even in Supermarkets now they want to decrease The temperature to 19 degrees now the

Next problem that we have is a potential Upcoming blackout And People are also preparing for that so Every Fortnight every week There's a Article in the newspaper about a Blackout and How likely it is a blackout Is really dangerous people don't realize How dangerous a blackout can be Um especially if you live in a city and If you are driving So once I have experienced a small power Outage here in my city it was only Taking like 40 minutes or so but I was driving and We have some traffic lights here and Without those traffic lights It's really dangerous so I was driving Home I was just getting Some stuff from the Supermarket and I had one more traffic There to go and then I realized hey There's no light on the traffic light And I quickly stopped at the traffic light Fortunately because another car was just Going full speed from the other Direction sideways so It was a really heavy pickup truck and If this track would have hit me I think I would not have survived it so it was Really a close situation and only Because I stopped I could avoid this Accident so unfortunately what's going

To happen in the blackout situation is That people will get injured on the Streets because the traffic lights are Not working anymore then also if your Phone is still working and you want to Call an ambulance I believe that you Will have a hard time to get through Because a lot of people will call the Ambulance or the doctor or the hospital So The question is can you treat yourself For minor injuries or not and for this Topic I've gotten this small medical Surgery kit By the company polymerica So in case I have a small injury which I Can treat myself maybe I just have a cat A deep cut which has to be searched I want to be able to do it myself right So if you have a big accident and if you Are severely hurt and inside you cannot Help yourself of course but if it's a Minor injury like If you have a concussion with a cut on Your head then maybe somebody else can Stitch it together maybe you find a Nurse on the street a doctor or Um I for example have a nurse leaving Just across my house and a doctor living At the other side of my street so in the Case that this nurse is still at home I Can ask her to treat me now inside of This kit you will find

Um sterile surgical plates and You can also find all kinds of other Tools honestly I don't even know what These are used for But they are high quality Um they are stainless steel and they can Be sterilized So you can even use a pressure cooker to Sterilize this instrument and yeah you Have all kinds of tongs spatulas and on The other side you have some high Quality scissors Um some magnifying glass and different Kinds of pliers so if you have something Stuck inside of your skin you can get it Out like a phone or something So this is something I can really Recommend and if you want to get this Kit Um I will put a link into the Description below now what I also got is This here this is the Training kids for a Um skin stapler so if you want to train How to staple some skin This is the right tool for you and this Is how it comes So it comes in this sterilized box and In this case it's sterile it is Pre-loaded and you can train how to Close some wounds this is definitely a Great tool for people who cannot um Stitch somebody together and honestly I Can't so I will probably use something

Like this maybe I will ask a friend if They will show me how to do some Stitches because I think that's a really Essential survival skill so that's Definitely a great tool and I will put a Link to this tool into the description As well And actually today I'm standing here in This parking lot because I need some Toilet paper so I only have like one Pack at home anymore and I need to get More and I need some other preps too [Music] Thank you [Music] This prepping haul cost me 350 Euros so That's not too bad for this prepping Haul now I have to bring it home and Uh sort everything into my basement [Music] Here and I will write the best before Date onto the charts because then You can see Um everything at the first glance all Right guys so this is My food supply and I've sorted in the Pixels now into the shelves and this is What we got so I believe that our cup Supply Is going to last us for at least three Months so I have a lot of rice here also Beans lentils peas and even more rice And dry here I have a grain barrel and Today I want to make another one

Um so I think for the carbs we're good For the next three months but you know Uh in terms of pickles I think this lot Will be gone in like maybe one month So that's not too much and Pickles are great Um I think they're really important for Our digestion And you cannot only eat cups so pictures Are important vegetables you want to get Some vitamins fruits and such now up Here we have a lot of Honey Um This honey alone will carry us a long Way And also here at the side we have a Little bit more of carbs breads rice and Stuff Uh this is now our tomato sauce storage And here we got the Pilates Pomodori That we bought today and with the Lentils and with the rice that we poured Today I want to make another green Barrel today and I have to say that this Rice is really cheap it's organic which I'm surprised to see at Metro because a Couple of years ago they did not have a Lot of organic stuff but now they get More which is great and Um also this is half a kilogram and it Only cost like 150 so for one kilogram That's three Euros that's really good Um usually you don't get organic rice For three Euros a kilogram

And this is why I bought a whole lot Here And also The lentils that I bought today They are lasting till 2024 which is pretty long And the rice also lasts until 2024. Foreign [Applause] Little Barrel and I got it off of Amazon Here in Europe So here in this Barrel I have read and Dry But the experiment Gates is um 2023 but I've used some oxygen absorbent Inside so it should hold longer So I will take two of those bags Just Put it into that bigger Barrel Okay so now we have prepared one green Barrel which is lasting at least until 2024 with fry and wheat which is lasting Longer because of the oxygen absorbers And yeah this is my prep for 2023 and I'm going to change out this Barrel like every year to make sure that I always have fresh food and the Contents of the barrel afterwards I Change it out I'm going to eat and it Should be plenty of time until the Lentils and the rice Is going off Okay so this is a Grain Barrel only so this is something

That I would store for a longer time Because grain in its whole state is Lasting longer of course so this I will Leave here for maybe two more years and Then in two years I'm going to switch Out the content And I will either milled grain make some Bread out of it Or I will feed it to the chickens of my Cousin And in the smaller Barrel I also do have Some green But I will probably get this out of here And put some rice into the white Barrel Because it fits the color Actually I want to take the rest off This really nice rice Foreign S and Um 30 kilograms hold until 2024 and this Pack here this is not vacuum sealed Um But it still will be good until 2024. so I take this one let's see if I can fit It into my small Barrel here Yeah Perfect so now in here I have rice which At least holds till 2024 and now with The rest Of the green I make another green Barrel because I Have another one here which is empty Okay so this is what I got

Um this Barrel here I would consider a Uh prep up barrel and that's because we Have mixed some lentils with rice and if You combine lentils with rice you will Get a full protein so even if you cannot Acquire some meat because Um hunting is not possible or fishing is Not possible then you still can survive On lentils and rice So this is probably the most important Barrel that I have Then here the smaller Barrel is rice Only and it goes off 2024 so I will open This up Um in 2023 and start using it And then I will prepare a new barrel for 2025. Now here at this side now we have The grain barrels only so we have wheat Rye buckwheat in both of the barrels and Um the best before date is 2023 so this Is next year and one of these barrels I'm actually gonna take To my cousin's Homestead because this is Our background location and we want to Prep his place as well all right guys so This is my prep for today I think I'm doing really good so if there's Something happening I'm I will be fine For the next uh weeks and months but of Course it's not good if you are placing All of your eggs in one basket and this Is why I want to prep my cousin's Homestead as well so yeah thank you guys

For watching uh I really appreciate your View comment and like and stay tuned Till next time

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