FRENCH PRESS and other New Arrivals and Releases

By | October 31, 2022

Morning folks I'm Dave Canterbury with Self-reliance Outfitters and a Pathfinder school back out here at the Pathfinder Outfitters kitchen I thought What I do today with you guys is walk You through some of the new products That are about to release on our Self-reliance Outfitters website with The Pathfinder brand on them This may be a two-part video I'd like to Walk through the products with you and Talk about design intent and how they Work with our other pieces of kit And talking about some of the specs Within the products and maybe show you How a couple of them actually work in Conjunction with each other so it may Take a little bit of time to get all That done let's start out real quick With this M40 cook set this M40 cooks That is 500 M40 I'll move this stuff out Of the way for a minute this Pathfinder M40 cooks that An exact replica of the aluminum version Of the Swedish mess kit Built-in complete stainless steel to Include the windscreen all of the other Specs are exactly the same as the Aluminum version of the M40 cook set Except again this is completely all Stainless steel So basically you have a windscreen That used to be made out of aluminum and Now we've made it from stainless steel

Even the stainless steel kits of the M40 Had an aluminum windscreen this is the Only stainless steel windscreen It has two bars inside of it That move independently and what those Are for is so that you can open them up And they rest against the sides so that When you put a pot inside whether it be The main pot or the pan Which we'll talk About in a minute it has a place to rest Giving you head space in this circular Area where your alcohol stove is Supposed to rest on the ground now Again just talking about the M40 cook Set itself The way this designed is that it has two Pieces basically that interlocks The original set came with a military Style kuxa we do have these made by Waldo and Sweden as an aftermarket Purchase they do not come with the set Because these are made in one Factory These are made somewhere else they can't Be boxed together when they come into us So this has to be sold as an aftermarket Piece So you have a large pot that has a bale And a hook exactly like the original You have a smaller pot that has D-rings on it so that you can put a Stick inside to give you offset number One if you're cooking with an alcohol Stove it keeps the handle from getting Hot so you put a stick in there that you

Can hang on to you can pick this up out Of the stove Without burning your fingers on here I've seen some people cut another side Out here and put it over on this side to Keep the handle from getting hot the way It was designed originally was to put a Stick inside these slots if you wanted To cook with a pan number one to give You offset over a fire if that's what You chose to do or number two to give You some offset away from this open area Where the Flames would be and the Alcohol stove is inside So you have that as well and then you Have obviously the windscreen and when You're done you fold those legs down Inside of each other just like this You put the lid On top of the pot Just like this Pull the g-rings underneath and snap it In Pull the hook up to the top and tuck it In like that Put it inside the windscreen just like That And your set is ready to go now That's how you would store the kit for Travel You can put the Kooks inside you can put An alcohol stove inside however the kit As it is is only sold With the kit components that I just

Showed you now The next item would be an alcohol stove And we developed a new alcohol stove That's smaller in height Specifically to work with this kit to Give you proper headspace like the old Transia stove with the same simmering That our old stove had The same lid with o-ring that our Original stove had and I like to use Yellow heat or denatured alcohol in These stoves and the way this is Designed is to set Inside this windscreen So that again when you fold these arms Up and out of the way My hand's stuck in there it sits right Over the top of the alcohol stove and Gives you the proper head space when you Rest Your pot on top For the alcohol stove and that's the Reason you got this cut out here and so The pockets sit down in there as well as The pan And so this alcohol stove was meant to Work in conjunction with this m40. However this alcohol stove Works very well with much of our other Kit Whereas our old alcohol stove sometimes Has issues with head space One of those examples Is

Our bottle of cup stove you now have the Proper head space here so that when you Put this over the top You can cook on top of this or heat Water on top of this in your water Bottle or cup without carrying an extra Stove if that's the way you carry your Water bottle in the cup set The other thing that we've done is We have Come out with A stove stand And the stove stand Works like any other X stand on the market basically it just Slides inside itself and sits right on Top of the alcohol stove and it will fit Any standard alcohol stove on the market It doesn't have to be used with the path On your stove it'll fit a transient It'll fit any of them however As we started to think about design On this piece of kit I'm all about multi-functionality I Thought you know this would be better if It were a multi-tool as well as just a Stove stand so let's talk about that Real quick So again this stand is meant to Interlock so they can sit on top of your Stove has a cook surface to give you That head space you need above the flame It also has Measurement markers

In both centimeters on one side and Inches on the other side It has a bottle opener It has a can opener which actually will Open cans for sure It has a hex nut or a hex bit driver Built into it here On this side you have Multiple sizes of wrenches and nuts for Common type stoves on the market You also have some symbols here that can Be used in conjunction with this Protractor as mapping tools Then you have A flathead screwdriver on this side so You have multiple tools here you have One two three four five and then the Stove itself six Seven eight 9 10 if you count both the measurement Markers you have at least 10 Tools in One here maybe more than that if I miss Counting something But it gives you a very multifunctional Item if you're going to carry a Stow Stand anyway It gives you something that's Multifunctional in that Stow stand So let's take a look at this new stove For a minute And I've got this one filled with heat That will light it up with a fair Rod Here And we'll let her jet

Now with this heat you can't hardly even See the Flames but they're definitely There I'm gonna go ahead and drop this stove Stand Right on top Now as you can see It's the perfect size for the existing Pathfinder cup If you've got the bottle of cup set this Is the perfect combination if you want An alcohol stove to go with that cook Set Okay the product I have sitting on here Now Is the new Stainless steel French press It's built off of the 48 ounce cup And the only difference in this device Itself as far as the cup goes still has Graduation markers up to 40 ounces on The inside or 1300 mil But it has a lip on the front that's Made for pouring spout more like a Coffee pot Which is an improvement that I really Really like Now The French Press for this pot Has a screen A spring device that allows that spring To give you some a good seal around the Pot And a plunger device now this plunger Can be completely removed

Number one for cleaning and number two If you want to remove The lid completely And just use this as a coffee pot and it Has string lids and it also has a pour Spout that lines up perfectly Foreign On the pot If you have a pour spout It then comes apart In three pieces and you have an extra Screen in the kit You have the plunger device itself and The frame All of those line up together You would Take this rod and slide it through the Center hole Screw the collar on And that would screw too The screen itself just like that Put it all together and now you're ready To make french press coffee So all you're going to do now is let That coffee get hot Pour your coffee grounds directly in as If you're making Cowboy Coffee Let it heat up and simmer or let it boil Depending on your preference And then you would operate the French Press to push the grounds to the bottom Leaving only liquid in the pot Which gives you that classic fresh press In a 48 ounce stainless steel design

Again this 48 ounce cup was the base for This so it also works well in Conjunction with the 64 ounce Bottle the 64 ounce bottle fits inside This cup perfectly and you can just take The French Press portion apart store it In the front of like a bottle bag put The bottle and cup in the bag put the Alcohol stove on top or inside you have Everything that you need to shove a bag Of coffee in there and you've got a Coffee kit that you can carry in a water Bottle bag Okay well I'd like to fix mine is I wait Till I start to see some bubbles forming On the bottom and I've got that now So whatever your favorite blend of Coffee is I tenderly like this Kahlua Coffee Just a couple of Heaping tablespoons to a 32 ounce Amount of water in the 48 ounce Container Now we're just going to let her come to A quick boil here Put the lid on and let her steep for Five minutes Hit the plunger we're ready to rock and Roll Now you can start to see it bubbling up Through the coffee there Was trying to boil I'll let it get beyond that to where it Gets to just the edge of a rolling boil

And then I'll pull it off the heat and Let it steep There it goes see it bubbling up on the Side right there Getting ready to go to that boiling Point right now where it starts to roll And it breaks up that coffee and rolls It around There it goes now you start to smell it Really really strong when that happens As soon as it starts to froth up like That and I got froth over the entire top About right there Is where I'll pull it off And I'll put the lid on it steep just Like that And let it sit for five minutes Now you ask how you're going to put that Stove out with that stand on there I'm Going to show you All you have to do is take it any open Slot like this and lift it straight up Off And set it down Put the simmering on top And set this somewhere where it can cool Down Now like I said this is the same 40 Ounce cup that we had before with the Addition of a pour spout for coffee The 64 ounce bottle is just perfect You can put that easily in Our bottle bag there's plenty of room on Top in this upper compartment for

The alcohol stove To close everything down And then you can put your French Press Components extra fuel A spoon things like that some coffee in This front pouch and you've got pretty Much all inclusive kit there To carry with you in this bottle bag as Well if that's the way you choose to Carry it you could also use that stove Stand obviously with the alcohol stove And instead of the French press or the 48 ounce cup You could put the bottle and cup set in Here and use that With just the stove stand itself has a Standalone The thing to understand with all this Stuff is that it's designed to kind of Go together so This alcohol stove obviously can be used As a standalone with this stand and I Can use that to cook anything and Everything with existing kit that I have But it's also meant to work well with The existing stove stand four to 32 Ounce bottle and cup set It's also made to work in conjunction With the new Swedish stainless steel M40 Cook set So you can use this with lots and lots Of different things or you can use it Obviously with the coffee press like we Did before so all of this kit kind of

Goes together and works in conjunction With each piece so that you have a Multi-functional selection of items that You could choose from to build the best Kit for you obviously you probably don't Need every single piece of this Stainless steel but there are certain Pieces that you may favor for certain Trips or certain outings that you may Want to pick and choose and put things Together and the fact that they work in Conjunction with each other so well Makes it very conducive to do that for The Outdoorsman well listen guys I Appreciate you joining me out here today For this video on kind of a review of Some of the new pieces of stainless Steel that we have coming out all of This stuff is going to release this Coming Friday I apologize you do not Have prices off the top of my head of What the MSRP is going to be on this Stuff the Swedish cook set is already in Stock and has already been pre-sold now That we've filled all of our pre-sale Orders we do have some left in Stockton We're going to be placing on the website As well as the alcohol stove The new alcohol stove stand And the new French Press will all go on The site on Friday Again when I sit down I design a lot of The stuff I do it so that it will be Multifunctional for you

So that it has a reason to take a place In your kit and we try to build it the Best quality we can and we expect the Best quality from our factories that we Can get and we try to come up with Original things as well as things that Are no longer available that people are Seeking like this M40 cook set which is Kind of tough to find in stainless steel Right now and fairly expensive when you Do find it so we decided to come out With one ourselves and go ahead and pay For the tooling get the drawings done so That we had something we could offer to People that they could afford to buy and It's the same thing with this stove Stand you know there's I wanted to stand That we could use with this stove Independently of everything else since You can use it for the French press or Anything you wanted to cook if you Weren't carrying necessarily A Bottle Stove with you But I wanted it to be multifunctional in Nature if it was going to be used for Anything so making it a multi-tool Basically as well as a Stow stand is Kind of the design intent and the way I Go about things engineering wise to Develop new products as much as I Possibly can guys I appreciate your Views I appreciate your support I thank You for everything you do for our school For family of four business one of our

Sponsors instructors Affiliates and Friends and I'll be back to another Video in this series as soon as I can I Appreciate you guys thank you

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