GAME OVER for EUROPE – People resort to desperate measures!

By | October 31, 2022

Hey guys today I want to give you some Prepping news from Austria and Europe Um unfortunately we are in a pretty Depressing situation when it comes to The economy Um so first of all We have about 10 inflation now and Now I have the feeling that people have Spent most of their savings and they are Living from month to month from hand to Mouth and the prices of food and other Commodities have increased quite Tremendously So here you can see an article in the Newspaper that Food has become so much more expensive So for example here they have a Comparison in January 2021 they were Charging 13 euros for four chicken Breasts Now they are charging 18 Euros So that's five euros more for the same Product for the same food and that's Quite a lot so now the problem is that People are getting so desperate that They are starting to steal much more Than before so here you can see an Article About the German supermarkets little and Erica and they have observed that Um shoplifting has increased quite Tremendously so now they are putting Alarm devices on butter and meat And that's what you usually only see on

Very expensive electronic products so Now the next thing which is happening in Austria and also in Germany is that People are going into the forest and Collect some firewood Um wild woman Bushcraft Vanessa Blanc in Germany has observed a young family Going into the forest and collecting Branches And um The thing is that in most forests which Is private property here in Austria and Germany this is not allowed even If it's a forest which is owned by the Government you still have to get Permission So you cannot just go into the forest And pick up some branches because it's All private property and if you do not Have the permission then it's stealing So I had a friend who was visiting me The other day and he also told me he saw People going into the forest and getting Those branches out for firewood yeah so The little situation Austria is that Most of the forest is private property And The forest which is owned by the Government is treated just like private Property So we don't have this concept of public Forests like The US has Now because everything is treated like

Private property they have made a Special law In Austria that you can work in every Private Forest you can take a walk with Your dog you can walk alone You can also collect berries and you can Collect two kilograms of mushrooms each Day But you're not allowed To collect firewood without the Permission and that's what's happening Now and that's because The firewood price in Europe has Searched and that's because people now Are burning firewood again to hit the Houses so either they already have a Central heating with wood stoves or they Have a small wood stove in the living Room And yeah that's actually what I did so I Got a wood stove back in January and now I'm really glad I did because most of The wood stoves are sold out And also if you buy firewood now there's Not a lot left and It will cost like twice the amount of Money than compared to three years ago So it's gotten really expensive and That's why people start picking up Branches in the forest Now the problem is It's not good for The stove wood stove or oven to burn 5 wood which is not seasoned so usually

You should let it dry for two years and Then you can burn it in the stove If you don't do that you will have a lot Of Um Particles settling inside of the chimney And that can burn then you can get a Chimney burn which is not good and which Can burn down your house if the chimney Is not safe So that's the risk that comes with it so As you can see economic wise we are Pretty much going into a recession and You can hear the word recession Everywhere now and most Market analysts Are Agreeing now that we are approaching or That we are already in a recession Okay next I want to give you an update On the Austrian Distillery which was Damaged on 3rd of June So we have Um one Distillery plant which is in Schweikat which is owned by the omv And Unfortunately there was an accident in June It was a big accident and the main Distillery plant the outer heart got Damaged And since then they are repairing it And since then we are running on Um the oil reserves of the Austrian Government

And I don't know if this is also Contributing to the higher price of Diesel and gas but yeah it's still not Repaired And now after North stream one and two Got sabotaged Supposedly Um there was an article in a couple of Newspapers and they were saying That This accident At The Distillery plants maybe wasn't an Accident so here you can see the article Which is stating That the Austrian Secret Service is now Um Yeah investigating this case and now They are even stating that this could Have been done by a foreign Secret Service so I don't know if we will ever Find out if this was an accident or Sabotage but one thing is for sure look At this The repairing costs are already at 240 Million Euros so that's a lot of money So it must have been a huge damage Uh that's that's really big so they have A second Distillery plant but it's only Like delivering 20 to 25 of what we need In Austria and we are on reserve right Now The question is if it is enough until The main Distillery can Uh process crude oils again that's a big

Question also what happened two days ago A couple of uh gas stations were running Out of gas but now they are getting gas Again so it seems to be as if we have a Shortage in gas too And yeah I really hope that the repair Work is done soon because otherwise it's Not looking good for us So as you can see it's pretty easy to Damage the critical infrastructure of a Country Unfortunately we are really vulnerable And on top of that internationally you Know what's going on with North stream One and two I don't even want to comment On that but it probably means that We won't have enough of natural gas and I think that means that a lot of um Companies they will close their Businesses in winter time because they Cannot afford natural gas anymore And then it really is the question do we Have enough of natural gas to heat all Of the homes If not then some households will face a Cold winter the question is What can we as civilians do To prep ourselves and I believe it's Really important that everybody of us is Getting prepared you want to have some Food at home you want to have water at Home you want to have some means of Cooking food like a camping stove or Something maybe get some extra cottages

Of Batangas for your camping stove If you don't have that you can always Make a fire in your garden So you have to have a means of cooking And also you want to have a means of Heating your house Or flat Um so here in Europe princess can get Really cold Now I live in the lowlands of Austria Where it's not that cold anymore so the Coldest temperatures that we are Experiencing here is like minus 15 Degrees Celsius for about two weeks And that's about it and the rest of them Inside has like minus five So it's not that cold anymore But in the mountains like this direction In the Austrian Alps it's getting still Very cold minus 20 minus 25 is no it's Not seldom so it really depends on where You live and Um You need some kind of means to hit your House I think wood stoves are great now What I would not use to heat my house is Space heaters because they are highly Inefficient They need a ton of electricity and if Everybody In Austria or Germany or any other Country would use them at once A couple of them per household would Bleed definitely to a blackout because

They need so much electricity yeah guys So this is the situation in Europe right Now and The problem with the inflation is that Right now it's 10 but experts say it Will Hamp up to 12 percent The big problem is that the salaries They are not Rising 10 or 12 they are Staying the same pretty much so if the Income is staying the same but the Inflation Rises then Um You will have more people that are poor You will have more crime you will have Um the middle class Vanishing and the Austria always was a country of the Middle class we we always had a huge Middle class only a few poor people and Then a few rich people but the majority Of people both the middle class and now I see it Vanishing and this is really Sad okay as you can see uh here in Europe we have some challenges and We will see how this winter will pan out And it's definitely not looking good for Europe that's for sure I guess we will Find out what the future brings if you Want or not winter is coming for sure Here in Europe So I will keep you updated with prepping News and if you want to see more videos Like this then make sure that you're Subscribing to my channel

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