HARD Times Are Coming!!!!

By | November 11, 2022

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[Applause] What's going on guys blascout survival And you probably heard the quote Hard Times create strong men strong men Create good times good times create weak Men and weak men create hard times and I Definitely think we're in that Phase of going into hard times and we'll Talk about a few different reasons why I think that is And what we can do as individuals to Prevent it you know Um A big thing is that everyone in in the Modern world has a ton of luxuries we We're we live luxurious lives you know We have everything at our fingertips you Know and and so with that one thing we Need to practice is delaying Gratification everybody lives a Hedonistic lifestyle how can I be happy That's why we have so many people Complaining so many beta males that Complain about you know I'm offended About this or that because they're not Living tough lives everything is about Me me me we live in a selfish world King's uh you know historical Kings of Previous generations could not even Fathom what you have access to at your Fingertips they would not be able to Fathom what you have you have more than Most kings that lived in uh historical Times

Think about the even this information at Your at your cell phone you know in your Cell phones and computers if you were You know 80s kid like me and previous whenever You had to write reports show to go to The library get books your parents may Be bought an encyclopedia set to have at Home so that way you could uh you know Find out about things research things People now just within a few keystrokes They have everything they want to know About anything think about food whenever And whatever you like whenever you want It someone else makes it for you they Kill it uh clean it cook it all that Sort of thing whereas our ancestors they Would have to go find the Food Hunt it Clean it Not kill it clean it and cook it now you Just pull up at Mickey D's hand them a Plastic card They hand you a plastic receipt back in A bag full of fat filled food so I mean everything is is so loaded with Tons of preservatives and chemicals that Is can we even really call it food Anymore people have fell into Consumerism where you know it's easy to Always make yourself happy people are Constantly buying things looking at Things watching movies you know food Everything is about my enjoyment my joy We have our endorphins are flying all

The time by being consumers but it's Temporary right then you get into that Cycle of gratification where hey I have To do these things to make myself happy Think about people that are so porn Addicted right there's something Actually called erectile dysfunction due To pornography Um it's happening all across the world You know where men fall into this realm Of this make-believe world of watching These you know this porn and so it's It's gratification as far as off Endorphins it's not real but men fall Into this trap where they're so into This stuff drinking beer for example a Lot of people alcoholics they Self-medicate with their alcohol pills Whatever the drug of choice is marijuana Is a big one now Um Beer uh you know is probably one of the Least mainly things you can actually do Because it contains phytoestrogens which Likely Equivalent to a few micrograms of Estrogen this means that if you drink Enough beer you're getting a dose of Estrogen near the ballpark of birth Control which is 35 micrograms So if you're going to drink you almost Want to drink everything anything else And if you do drink beer just drink it In moderation I think what we can do to

Combat these things is to get Uncomfortable right lifting weights is One of those things and I think lifting Weights is the gateway drug to Self-improvement always say that and it Is literally the thing that will give You confidence Give you good endorphins you're Physically fit you can fight you can run You can do all these things right Um it makes you more of a dominant force In the world and you know since we're Talking about some of the day's videos Sponsored Black Forest Labs trickster on One of my supplements of choice it helps With muscle building Muscle Recovery Um Energy all these sort of things and a Lot of people in the tribe have used This and have taught about just great Benefits from it I'm a huge believer in It it's something I use and I love it And their today's video sponsor Definitely like that we partner with Them they have theirs has 500 milligrams Per serving I was using another round Before that I recommended during my First ever video talking about it and I Had to take six capitals a day whereas I Don't have to take one castle of this a Day and this is actually for in my Opinion the cheapest for the dosage that You can get online the link will be a Little low so go ahead and snag you sum

Up Um the other thing the next thing is is Take manly Adventures go off in the Woods go mountain biking you know go do Something that that you know is putting You into something like our forefathers That our ancestors did where they're Doing manly Adventure often discovering Things going to go uh you know learn new Skill sets just whatever it may be take Manly adventures with other men you know And also get other men around you men You can trust men iron sharpens iron you Need other men your Band of Brothers Around you to help you be a better man Fasting people eat way too much food Fasting is something that you can make Yourself uncomfortable you know there's Also been research done that it shows That it helps your growth hormone uh you Know people are so used to eating or in Our ancestors they did not eat like we Did you know three meals a day they Would go on Fast until they hunt their Food cook it and uh you know kill it and Cook it and all that sort of thing so Their growth hormone their testosterone All those things were higher one of the Last things I recommend is getting Competitive men need competition we're Competitive in nature we need to be Competitive and getting out and Competing whether it's Jiu Jitsu whether It's a Rec team at your uh you know

Local gym you know basketball maybe You're on a Church Softball League Whatever it may be get competitive right Because men need that they need Something to push them anyhow guys let's Not partake in what they're trying to Put out and make us weak let's be strong Men because we're definitely going into Hard times And it's better to get uncomfortable now Than when you're already in the Situation anyhow guys remember to stay Frosty strapped and dangerous go check Out our video sponsor like four slots Below and as always thanks for watching Blaskow survival

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