Has WW3 Already Started?

By | November 3, 2022



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Foreign [Music] Thanks for tuning in today's gonna be Pretty good video it's gonna be like our Older Late Night Live where this is a Massive new stop and uh a lot of Interesting stuff I would encourage you To stay through the whole thing Um old Joe gave a state of the union Speech this evening and I wanted to kind Of talk about some of the things he said Um he's desperate y'all the Democrats Are desperate there's a red wave that's Coming even uh Joe Rogan was actually Talking about this a few days ago See I feel like the elevator doors opening Up in The Shining And he's talking about the Red Wave it's Gonna be like the elevator doors opening Up on the shine that's what I think I Think people are just like what the [ __ ] Are you saying they're making Republicans I don't know how they're Doing it it's I had a family member who Isn't who's a boomer and a die-hard Liberal and they told me when I was home This Summer that they would vote for DeSantis and I'm like how did you lose This person yeah how did you lose this Person this is a this is a like go to The ballot and vote blue no matter what And you've lost even the the Boomers How they lost as these extreme marxists

And woke wokey uh stuff is while they're Losing them you know moderate Democrats Aren't having having this kind of Nonsense they're more in line with Republican party Um you know than going jumping off the Bridge the rest of them but anyhow let Me show you all Joe's uh State of the Union We don't settle our differences in America with a right A mob Or a bullet or a hammer A hammer or he's referencing Paul Pelosi But but it's it's comical that he says This because what about all the antifa And BLM riots across the country burning Down half the country and uh no one no One on the blue side said anything We sell them peaceably at the battle at The BattleBlock at the Battle box yeah The Ballot Box I know there's a lot at stake in these Midterm elections from our economy The safety of our streets to our Personal freedoms the future of Health Care Social Security Medicare it's all Important Yeah a lot is at stake you guys are Going to lose the power but we'll have Our differences we have our difference Of opinion And that's what's supposed to be But there's something else at stake

Democracy itself I'm not the only one who sees it Recent polls have shown that Overwhelming majority we know that more And more ballots are cast in early Voting or by mail in America Now this is the interesting part right Here right pay attention what he's Saying we know That many states don't start counting Those ballots so after the polls close On November 8th oh yeah that's right we We know where this goes we saw this Happen before I throw the polls close And and also we got an influx of oh we Found a few boxes over here That means in some cases we won't know The winner of the election For a few days until after a few days After the election So what he's doing is going and prepping The apocalypse to let you know that yeah We may get a lot more Democrat votes After the polls have closed even though The Republican candidate won Uh we got to count all the votes up you Know we gotta you know maybe find a few Boxes Takes time to count all legitimate Ballots An illegal and orderly manner It's always been important for Citizens And democracy to be informed and engaged Now it's important for citizens to be

Patient as well That's how it's supposed to work To take her hostage To interrogate her to threaten to break Her kneecaps But she wasn't there Her husband My friend Paul Pelosi was Home Alone The assailant tried to take Paul hostage He woke him up he wanted to tie him up The assailant ended up using a hammer to Smash Paul's skull Thankfully by the grace of God Paul survived All this happened after the assault And it just I if I try hard to even say Sorry it's hard to say because it's hard For he can't even stay on script I'd Even say after the assailant entered the Home asking where's Nancy Where's Nancy Those are the hey Paul Nancy's not here Right you know I don't like to come over Here when when Nancy's here the very Same words used by the mob when they Storm the United States capital on January the 6th When they broke windows Kicked in the doors Brutally attacked law enforcement roam The Carters hunting for officials and Erected Gallows to hang the former vice President Mike Pence Yeah I'm not going to talk about Mike

Pence but Um coward anyway Kayla welcome I've been I've been terrible about uh The super chess man trying to stay on Task I'm sorry guys Tim thanks buddy Tim Is a tribe member And yeah man George Campbell new member Thanks buddy good to have you Good to have all these new tribe members If you haven't join the tribe Kenneth Welcome to the trial join the tribe We'll talk about that towards the end But anyway let me get back to the video At hand so anyways in a few days ago a Speech in Florida on Tuesday discussing The ongoing war in Iraq right you know We invaded Iraq if you didn't know that Um claiming it was where his late son Beau died and he goes talking about Inflation is a worldwide Pro I'll let You I'll let you I'll let you hear him Say it Foreign Inflation is a worldwide problem right Now Because of a war in Iraq and the impact On oil and what Russia is doing I mean Excuse me is the war the Duke can't the Dude can't sell script like I mean like Higher there's so many Hollywood actors You know I mean if you're going to put Them in if you're going to put them in

The chair like at least get someone Confident man you know I mean That they could stay on the script right In in Ukraine And uh I think I'm gonna rack because That's when my son died The uh because he He said And I was saying about Iraq because That's where my son died Beau Biden did Serve in Iraq he did not die there Though guys he that he died in 2015 at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Maryland after fighting brain cancer he Was 46 years old Um but he did not die in Iraq like he Just said like it's Stolen Valor you Know Um Man the dude the dude can't say on Script not he can't even remember his Own stories his own life stories Kenneth Dunlop thanks buddy welcome back Nelson thanks buddy But anyhow Let's get to the meat and potatoes man Oh Rocket Man North Korea fires 23 missiles prompting An air raid Alert in the south So Airaid sound sounded on South Korean Island and residents were evacuated to Underground shelters after North Korea Fired more than 20 missiles Wednesday at

Least one of them in its direction Landing near the rivals tents Sea border South Korea quickly responded by Launching its own missiles in the same Border area The launches came hours after North Korea threatened to use nuclear weapons Guys to get the U.S and South Korea to Pay the most this is quote to pay the Most horrible price in history and Protest of the ongoing South Korean and U.S military drills that view uh views As an invasion rehearsal per North Korea So they're they're saying that our Operations together Um are basically preparing for an Invasion to North Korea So the White House is saying that you Know obviously the United States has no Hostile intent toward North Korea and Vowed to work with allies to curb North Korea's nuclear ambition right So very serious guys they're launching The hot ones You know Um and uh the the thing is is that They're taking this serious I mean I Think Kim Jong-un is a psychopath anyway But he's he's taking this as a direct Threat right and obviously with the World and the way I said we got Russia China you know North Korea all these Other other folks that are like aligning America is looking very weak I mean

We're worried about uh pronouns and Stuff we're not we're not we're not Worried about anything else that's That's important in life and so we're Very weak and in my opinion if I were Going to attack it would be in this time Frame Um you know it just makes the most sense You don't want to A come into midterms flip things and America start getting stronger working Into the 2024 election then America Could get strong again get a strong Leadership Um and then you know lose that leverage They have right now you know So the thing is though is that we have 25 000 U.S forces uh stationed in South Korea and another 55 000 in Japan it was Reported Um the media reported erroneously right This wasn't true uh South Korea media That is that North Korea launched Um Unspecified missile that flew over the First one that flew over Japanese Territory That's not true right I mean I mean Almost like like are they trying to Provoke us into something too but trying To say on on media on actual you know News that they launched one over Japanese territory which is an ally and We actually have you know 55 000 troops

Here So obviously that is something serious Right so Here's a map here And this is estimated range of North Korea's missiles their ballistic Missiles you see It's up to ten thousand kilometers they Have range greater than 10 000 Kilometers so you see these ranges here Right so the the the plus 12 000 ICBM Could actually hit into the U.S pretty Deep Um The the 14 could hit on the West Coast And obviously they could really Annihilate anything within their Territory Over there Japan South Korea Australia You know you name it it's all right There so Obviously Um very dangerous you know Thanks buddy Jason thanks man Daniel thanks buddy Why uh Daniel's uh how the world of People believe this crap because it's Joe Biden Mark Fallows thank you sir A lot of generous folks tonight I Appreciate it Kathy Irvin I see you I Can't find there you are yeah we're Definitely a World War stay prepared

Stay prayed up yes absolutely Um so anyway That's what we're looking at that map There so The other thing is is that uh we have Russia Accusing accusing the UK of directing Nordstrom blast So they go on to say that their Intelligence Services have data Indicating that British military Specialists were actually directing and Coordinating the attack Um this was this was coming from a Kremlin spokesman Dimitri peskov and he Told this to journalists yesterday Without you know providing actual any Evidence or support of his claim which They always say that and they're always Going to say that because they're going To try to make it seem like anybody from Russia is not telling the truth right Um I would venture to say though that They probably have something uh they Have they wouldn't just make this uh There's something that where there's Smoke there's fire now I'm not saying That anyone's not above some kind of Psychological operation however these Are huge claims to be making without any Evidence so it could be they're just not Sharing the evidence which would be the Smart move why would you why would you Why would you tell them you may have

People on the inside Right you may have your own spies so Anyway the Kremlin goes on to say which Is this is this is scary language here Such actions cannot be put aside of Course we will think about further steps It definitely cannot be left like this So to me that sounds like uh hey we're You're gonna have to pay for this right We're aware you did something And we will you will pay for this we Just don't know how yet and you gotta Understand is is that the UK is part of NATO and what does that ultimately throw Us into We have China saying they're not going To denuclearize and they're not even Going to talk about it you know this Came out yesterday morning they're not Going to have discussion with U.S I mean We we are Biden has split us so far from China that you know they're I believe That they're willing to go ahead and and Get after it Um but The other terrifying thing about this is Is that uh looking at Afghanistan uh Afghanistan special Forces that We we train right we we spent millions Of dollars in training these guys Afghan Special Forces right and uh these Are these are CIA trained assets like They're called zero units

Um zero one Mohawks a lot of different Names for them these guys are the top Tier like they conducted operations that We couldn't do you know as a country Um and and so they were kind of like our Our Hammer right and uh I remember Seeing on Vice I think it was vice or Some agent some news Outlet like that Where a guy was filming he was a Journalist now he didn't work for Whoever it was like he was a contracted He was not part of bias but he was Filming something for advice I want to Say anyway he was during their during The Afghan withdrawal the zero units Were out there protecting The the air base They got a call and he's with him like This is the first time an American has Been a journalist has been with a zero Unit And he got they got a call and said drop All your gear nods rifles everything on The ground high-tech equipment just left Drop everything Got planes flew them out the guitar got Him out of there now they could have Held the base off right they could have Held it no no problem but we pulled them Out Where they whatever reason because they Wanted to give everything to the Taliban Obviously because they could have held It easily it wouldn't even have been it

Would not even have been an issue for These guys to handle The Taliban But they flew him out right they Evacuated them at first okay And so now what we have is we got Russia Hiring these guys what they're Estimating is 400 guys already right our Most top tier guys trained I mean these Guys train in the U.S a lot of these Guys tradecraft tactics you name it like Black Ops stuff And now they're getting hired by Russia You know for how much fifteen hundred Dollars a month You mean to tell me these guys have been Fighting for us All this time We we couldn't give them a a pennant so We couldn't get them a job they're gonna Get paid 1500 a month to go train The Russians ultimately probably had to Fight us that's not always happens do You ever notice how we always I mean we Train Osama Bin Laden right When I was in the Airborne school you Can see the uh School uh Escuela they uh I can't remember the name of it but Where they trained these guys at and and And and so someone got trained down There right So what we've got Is now we've got These guys training the Russians

Yeah like Bob said right here today's Ally is tomorrow's Enemy No Doubt No Doubt So But they removed them guys when Afghan Afghanistan fell these guys fought for Us Family and Jeopardy And we couldn't do something for them And now they're training to fight Against us Right we've got U.S troops on the ground In Ukraine We've had them there don't think that we Haven't it just leaked out now we had to Come up with a reason for the media to Say oh yeah we're just there doing Weapons inventory because the tax Dollars that's what you want to hear Listen everything you hear take with a Grain of salt and wonder why I always Said this I've been saying this for for Three or four years now always ask Yourself why are you being told this why Are you being told this oh yeah we're Doing weapons inventory Yeah sure sure Mark fellas thanks man So uh yeah Why why are you being told this they're Doing weapons inventory really really Yeah because you know the weapons could Be going to the black market well we Know they are but

You're just now trying to cover that we Have troops there we've had troops there It's crazy you know and to me it's only Getting more heated up Only get hotter And we have A a lust to spend billions dollars in Ukraine and and get ourselves in the in The world war three this Administration Or warmongers just like Tulsa Gabba said These people are warmongers they want War like they they don't care what price Right Um It go it goes with the the Everything else You know that we've we've seen like the Uh the Hokey Pokey Look at you know a lot of people You know how many people regret getting It a lot You know many people that didn't get a Regret it none Nobody that didn't get it regrets they They didn't get it right You can't you can't take out the Hokey Pokey after you get it A couple couple stories were here a Spanish professional golfer This gentleman right here Luis Vega is paralyzed now from the Waist down after a blood clot in the Spine and it always happens athletes Dude I'm telling you something about

Athletes and this thing Or athletic people bodybuilders things Like that So so Lewis and his uh girl right here We're on vacation in America and guess What he had to have to enter He had to have the Hokey Pokey to get Into the U.S and now he's paralyzed from The waist down he's on blood clot Uh could be could be a coincidence all These guys are getting them right good Healthy young people getting blood clots There's actually a young uh I guess you Know young youngest today standards Julie Powell food writer Julie Powell Dies at 49. now I want you to see her Tweets up here I would argue that covet does kill some Of the right people how heartless can You say this She says the anti-vaxxers and massacres Are dying in Legions but yes it's real Shame about Kavanaugh That then she writes So I woke up with something that Literally That's literally black hairy tongue People including my doctors seem to Think it's no big deal and will go away Soon but it's certainly gross well she's Dead she died off Yesterday I guess it would be is today In some y'all's time it's it's the third In my time

So then This this guy right here Let's look at his Let me be real clear I do not give a [ __ ] what happens to have antibacters I Don't let Darwin do his work they will Kill They help kill 700 000 Americans I did Not have a Pity of tears to spare for Any of them it's all dried up now sorry At this point I'm just hoping they feel The one tenth of the pain they've caused Everyone else The kids will be fine they're going to Suffer and I effing well think they've Earned it right so that was one of the Tweets or post that was a Facebook post Sorry Then he says yeah I'm mostly here for a personal ego Already had coveted last year so not Worried about catching it but I want to Maintain my smug sense of morale and Intellectual superiority Um superiority While making fun of Darwin anti-vaxxers It's actually pretty noble really And now Florida house district 23 Progressive Candidate and my friend Richard Rowe has Died on a speckly he passed away Thursday following a medical episode While walking his dog my thoughts are With the family and loved ones of

Richard yeah man you know any anyone who Dies is shame Um but but the thing is is that you've Seen the horrific language this guy used About People didn't get it they didn't get the Hokey Pokey Let's see what happens Right let me know your thoughts on that Guy Get it done a lot thanks buddy he said He got his coin the drawing will Probably be this week I want to make Sure everybody gets the the coin Um First Daniel Haas says crazy new Shirtless guy walking German Shepherd And Pit Bull down or peaceful Dirt Road 1 000 yard stair when asked where he Lived got disrespective attitude wanted To tie up dogs and fight me cops already Came out and got a description of advice Um A crazy shirtless guy walking in German And Shepherd down Piece of dirt road when asked where he Lived and got told wanted to tie up dogs And fight me Um dudes say Frosty straight and Dangerous right Let's talk about that for a second This is this is not going to be an exact Story but let me let me this is going to Break down my ideology

And this is some other news random news But a rapper named takeoff He was part of the three-piece group Migos was actually shot in a Houston Bowling alley This weekend and uh Or the other night not this weekend Sorry I saw the video where him and his uh Uncle were at this bowling alley the Uncle His name's cuevo he's in the group He had got an argument with a guy I Don't know who started it how it started But He attempted to walk away from me he he Changed some words with him He said something I don't get down like That and then start walking away then The guy started shooting and shot Takeoff in the head died on the scene So You know I think it's men especially When you're younger especially when I Was younger you know I had a massive uh Chip on my shoulder you know as far as I I didn't take much crap like you know Like you look at me the wrong way you're Gonna get asked why But and it's a hard habit to break as as Men but you got to be aware that like You don't get in fights you don't you Don't have to right don't fight fights You don't have to

You know good and well whether you can Take a man or not like you have nothing To prove to anyone right A lot of people Get killed over bravado arguments it's Not worth it Um You know always be ready to defend Yourself I would never say back down From someone you know like uh you know Stand your ground you have to but uh you Know senseless arguments like don't Don't get involved in road rage and this Kind of stuff you don't know what kind Of day the other dude's having like his Life may just mail lost his job wife Hasting kids hating you know he's ready To off himself anyway and then you get In his way you never know what Somebody's got on their plate number one You know Be strapped because there's no sense in In fist fighting I mean it's just why Why would I Um Defense is not the same as a senseless Fight or altercation right I have Nothing to prove to anyone I know what I'm capable of them know know what I can I can do you know But I do believe that you should be Skilled in combat I believe that every Man and woman should know how to fight Because ultimately like when it comes Down to it these may be all I do have

Right and I should be able to fight with This or anything else around me And uh I Gravitated towards a martial art or Fighting system I like to recalling Instead called Kali for many reasons I Find it the most practical Um you know I like certain aspects of a Lot of martial arts like Jiu Jitsu for I Don't think it's a one and done martial Art though right I I don't because you Can I've seen a lot BJ Penn UFC fighter Black belt Jiu Jitsu getting up the Freak out in the streets uh what's the Other guy who won Abu Dhabi uh he's now A Russian uh he hates America he lives In Russia you know you know I'm talking About he's a big muscle up guy got Freaking just knocked out out in the Street black belt presents Jesse Street fights you know percentages she Does help like I do get grappling I Think it's important you should know at Least the blue belt in in grappling However Kali is the most practical it Encompasses everything it has grappling In there some of us very very similar to Percentage Jitsu as stand-up fighting And weapons right and it was used on the Battlefield actually they used it in Battle I guess a proven martial art like A proven fighting system they use it in Combat

But the main thing that I like about it Is because it's a weapons first system Why meaning that why would I fight With with these when I can use a weapon Like it doesn't make sense for me to use These if I have a weapon available Right and uh Everything becomes a weapon too that Sort of thing about this martial art Combat system is that everything becomes A weapon whether it's an ink pen stick Whatever's around you you learn how to Use everything as a weapon But the idea is also that you use a Superior weapon first so in their time It was a sword right so you use a sword First because the first thing that's the Biggest thing I want to use the most Superior weapon well in today's time It's a gun so in altercation gun first Right knife second Hands ultimately last right And so Like you know this guy walking on the Streets are asking would I go I would go Go tell Dude hey look man we don't want Your hand right here what have you some People may not like that you know There's a big stink about some dude Saying that about some kid harassing People's neighborhood Last year or whatever he got in a lot in Trouble in the military but the thing is Is that you know your neighborhood you

Know who lives there You know people are no good people are Up to no good people do no good we're Going to talk about that in a second too So look man hey man keep an eye on you Bro you know what have you stay strapped Say Frosty say Frosty aware strapped Have your have you have your have your Gun on you And say dangerous be willing to do Danger Be aggressive violent all those sort of Things Right the sin this isn't just uh Buzzword you know Sean libart thanks buddy he said the Dude quavo the other rapper said let's Get out of here before somebody gets Hurt and that scuffle sued and he shot Him yeah that's true the other thing is Is that uh one that is seen as I looked Up afterward cuevo was riding with a guy And he he posts his story on Instagram And he has a pistol in the seat so there Was someone he was strapped somebody it Was either his pistol or the dude he was With so they were strapped right and Maybe it was just trying to get away From the situation but sometimes you Just you get thrust into something man You know that's why don't be in places You shouldn't be especially 2 30 in the Morning a lot a lot of Dudes out there willing to do bad stuff

The other thing is is that if you got a Lot of money you're famous you can't Just go hang out like like you used to Could things change right your life Changed Mark fellas thanks again buddy Mercy uh Mark fellas is saying Mercy has Got given qualities that only a man has Remember that yep yep thanks buddy But yeah You know Um So sometimes you being in the wrong Place if you've got a lot of money You're famous You can't you can't just go do what you Used to do it's just just how it is like Life changes you know and uh you know Always be aware don't put yourself in in Compromising positions right people People are just People just think the world is good it's A war zone Every every day you walk out your house Like it's a war zone And your house is your defensive Structure our home defense video Uh The Watchmen Go watch it if you if you hadn't go get It link below get on it right so I do Want to talk about that somewhat for a Minute is that you know there's a guy He's a YouTuber he's not very big I like Him because he's an eccentric weird guy Um he's kind of funny kind of self

-deprecating guy you know but uh he he's A watch YouTuber and uh you know I like Watches so uh anyway He's uh He's done got a lot of followers but he Has loyal followers like he's very well Respected in the watch Community anyway His name's Archie luxury that's his Alias Um what have you but anyway He has a lot of loyal followers guys Like I mean he people love him anyway He's he's a funny guy too because he Does like some kind of acting or what Have you but he's very weird and Eccentric guy but anyway He has a lot of fans in the United States and so he a few weeks ago posted His itinerary and he was coming to the United States to go meet fans across the Country posted his itinerary what online Right he's a social media guy an Influencer He does Watches luxury watches They know his collection is always Showing them online because that's what The watch guys do they're like hey look At my awesome collection of watch Watches so people know you have Expensive watches So posters itinerary in line he's from Australia he flew to America for two Weeks went around the country He got home to this

Now this is an industrial grade Commercial grade safe like heavy duty Safe he was robbed I would say his watch Collection is probably over 150 Grand He had Cartier Patek Philippe Rolexes Louis Vuitton cases Right like they spent hours getting in This safe they drilled it first it has The glass security system that it if you Drill it it breaks you can't get to the Door so then they saw it into it I don't Think they even carried all these tools Probably the first time they probably Did not they probably left and once they Failed the first time They came back and look how they cut the Top of the safe open man So this is where it comes into light you Need to be careful on where where you Where you what you post online where You're going And stuff like that man people people Are a envious out there like you don't Even understand how envious these people Are you know and just jealous and ready To just just you know for your demise This could be somebody he very well Knows like someone knows that he's on YouTube knows he has watches you know One of his buddies this could have been His buddy you know usually crime happens With people that you know That's why you gotta be very careful and Cautious with your online presence guys

Really don't don't be posting your Expensive stuff bragging don't be Talking about where you're going on Vacation post the vacation pictures After you're back have somebody watch Your stuff you know the problem is is That when you see a safe like a big State like this is a serious safe this Is better than most people have in their House right I mean he's not he's not Messing around with the safe but the Problem is that when you when a bad guy Sees a safe they're going straight for The safe because they know the goodies Are in there right They know there's things in there they Have value And so You you guys I know a lot of guys have Gun collections firearm collections Stuff like that you keep them in a safe But no that's a target number one number Two know that you can get into a safe if A dudes can get into a safe like this They can get an A safe you know when we Were researching The Watchman film we Were actually looking at at this talking To Safe guys and they talk about how Easy it is to get into a safe you know That safe is probably heavy as I don't Know what is bolted it's bolt you see It's bolted to the ground Right but you can cut into it when we Were researching for the Watchman film

It was uh talking about The the safe guys were talking about That you can cut into a safe especially A lot of times like when they they go And they see like they know you're gone Then go back and get tools and come back Because they know what they're going to Have to get into right and apparently It's not that hard to cut into a safe Either from what what I understand but That's the thing never Post online guys Like be careful what you're posting Online you know what I mean like your Personal information Posting uh you know your expensive items Brag it's showing your new your new Strap you know your new your new watch Um your vehicles you know or what have You oh I'm going on vacation going out Of town all checking out at the beach Right especially if they know when you Post and it's like on the weekend they Know oh he's not gonna be back probably Until Sunday night but we have time So Saves our Target like bad guys see the Safe they know all their stuff I want in There probably guns money jewelry luxury Watches whatever I'm going for the Save Right I don't think it's a random act I think It's probably somebody that knew him Um maybe somebody that knows you never Know who there's weirdos out there you

Never know like you don't have to be a Social media person like a a content Creator or influence whatever you want To call it you could be a regular person People stalk you people are weird like That they'll be stalking people like Somebody knows everything about you that You've never spoke to before they might Have seen you walk in the grocery store One day you never know Who is out there surveilling you so it's What's important always be careful be Careful of your online presence like you Need to manage that stuff be careful What you post post less to be honest Um But anyway guys I did want to talk about Too you know we were talking about Testosterone and things like that and This is It's been a dump I hope you guys Enjoyed this video this type but yes Robin says the safe is not safe you're Right you know Um and just don't be flexing don't be Flexing your items oh it's got these These Cartier earrings you know I mean Just don't don't do it you know trying To you know get favor from other people For what you purchase is just I mean It's not really an accomplishment you Know Um do that for yourself you know make Yourself happy But

You know we're talking about Testosterone and things like that guys And and look I used to see I use Nalgene Bottles forever like when I was in the Military that's what I carried Um I loved them you know and uh they're Made in the USA And so BPA came out was a thing where Then they had BPA free but whenever I Had Dr Anthony J on a few weeks ago and He was talking about if you look at the Bottom of the nalgia has a number seven And a recycle that means it's like BSA Or some some other really toxic chemical Four-year testosterone and so look I Wanted to continue selling now genes They're made in the USA I've always Liked them however I just can't do it Um in my In my conscience you know I don't feel Good about selling something that's Going to be hurting your hormones your Your you know hurting your testosterone Your masculinity so uh we we work with Mizu before a like me zoo they're on my Former snowboarder Um company and we did these bottles Stainless bottles So you're probably like oh it's got a Plastic cat well we come we comes with Two caps so we it comes with this loot Cap so if you're like going out in the Fields you can clip it to a carabiner or Something but day to day it has this

Whole stainless cap so you got a full Stainless bottle nothing is touching Plastic and uh Learn prepare survive it's got the Topographic map going around and so you Can use the loop cap so if you're going Out in the field a gym or whatever and It's insulated it's insulated bottle so It's not sweating and all that kind of Stuff if you need a survival something For survival go buy our titanium canteen But this is like a day-to-day Life life bottle like you know Um I got photos over here too so Anyway on site now Um I'll put the link below check it out But learn prepare survive or mantra Anyhow guys let me know if you enjoyed Number one this video If you like this Type of news dump if you do we'll get Back to doing that kind of stuff I Personally enjoy it it probably doesn't Do well for the algorithm or trying to Grow your channel because you're you Talk about so many things but I don't Care I don't do this to try to be famous But um if you like it we'll do that or If you like more dedicated videos just Let me know anyway Pick a bottle support black Scout join Our tribe join our community it's Growing man so thankful for everyone That joined a few days ago we got great Uh people over there great moderators

Thanks again taller moderators they put In a lot of work to uh keep the you know Thing thing running and uh yes great People great family over there and a lot Of people from different backgrounds I Mean military veterans uh police you Know Every everyday life type stuff that Brings value You don't have to be a military police To bring value there's lots of people And lots of career paths that could Teach all of us something trust me like That that could survive better than many Of us so you all bring value so come Join the tribe bring your value to us we Have meetups across the country Um and stuff like that it's a great Place to be right everybody everybody You have value and we definitely could Use and there's a lot of women in there Too they have their own thing going on In there too so don't feel um shy if You're a woman's joined because we'd Love to have you as well anyhow guys Thanks so much for tuning in thanks for Watching my video please gosh this won't Have very long sorry Um please comment below let me know your Thoughts let me know you think we're Already in World War III and any other Other uh stuff that I covered and uh Purchase the bottle support black Scout And save your testosterone right look

I'm cutting out a company that I have Loved just because I did not feel good About selling it to my my people because I do want you to be the best version of Yourself anyhow guys stay frosty Strapped and dangerous take care

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