Home Depot Bug Out Bag! It Surprised Me!

By | October 31, 2022

Going to Home Depot to build a Bug Out Bag!
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Going to Home Depot and finding survival Items let's check it out [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Things to do is to walk into a store and Just find survival items just to see What I could get in an emergency you Know I find myself out on the road I Need some supplies and I'm not at home And something happens We've done this a few times going to Different places it's really a great Exercise whether you buy the items or Not but just to go through and see what They do carry you could find yourself You know stranded and that's the place That you end up buying things we went to Home Depot had no plan really except Just to find the items that we could get I mean we wanted some kind of container To put things in to be able to carry Them but otherwise you know we just went And it was really surprising how much Stuff Home Depot had But we just go around pick things up you Know there are some elements though that You've got to be careful of one is to Stick to things that are vital because You are going to be carrying them one Thing that we found was we would see

Something and go hey that might be Something good that might be something Good you know you could buy the whole Store and use it to build a house or a Shelter or whatever but you have to Focus on survival and so we went through And just bought a lot of different items And so this is just taking you through The store and then we're going to Evaluate all the things that we did pick Up now when it comes to flashlights There's a ton of different options and We probably want to pick up different Ones there's a number of headlamps but We're going to get this 400 Lumen set up We get these toast these are double a Batteries and there's two 80 lumens each Then this happens spot this this is an Energizer you actually use a charger and It's a lantern as well so that way we Can get a lot more capability and I can Charge my lights I can charge my phone For that So we're probably gonna go and get this Again light is your number one security Tool so you really want to have enough Light and we've got extra batteries now We have some rain suits down here Two-piece rain suits they are bright Yellow but you know that way you can see If you need to but if you don't want to Be seen right over here they just have Some clear plastic ponchos these are Cheap but I think that could be a good

Option if you needed it and you needed To stay hidden but it looks like they've Got a number of different ones you even Have a blue color as well we're going to Go ahead and get the two-piece ring suit And I'm going to get this Cleanliness is Next to Godliness We're forward not really paracord but And also Um 10 steaks I always use this steak Especially the guitars guys to be honest I mean what a haul I mean this was Really surprising how much stuff that we Were able to come up with I mean I knew That we were at a home improvement store And there would be things there where we Could use it especially their outdoor Sections but not having any kind of Camping area but mainly just outside Construction or in the house it really Surprised me and we were finding some Stuff that I just had no idea was there And that's one of the big things about Going to these stores and just spotting Stuff that you could probably pick up Later things that you're going to need Things that you could use and I just Think it's a good exercise to do if You're a prepper now the first thing That we considered is a way to carry the Items that we needed and typically in a Hardware store even like Harbor Freight

We just got a tool bag and that's what I Was looking for just a standard tool bag I didn't know that I would find a tool Backpack and this is actually was pretty Surprising but it's a really sturdy Backpack has nice trading underneath so It's going to hold up well and uh it is A little heavy because of that but this Is made to carry tools so you really got A lot of strength with this pack a lot Of different pockets on it it just Really kind of surprised me actually and I think these are about 56 or something I'm not positive they only had one has Nice padding in the back I mean this is Actually a fairly decent backpack nice Straps but I was really surprised and so This is the base for what we put Together and the rule of three is you Have three hours that you're going to Live in harsh conditions especially Extreme cold wet conditions even super Hot conditions so having some kind of Shelter is top priority first off I like To get some kind of tarp and I knew They'd have a tarp eyelets it's a pretty Decent tarp and this can make an Excellent shelter it can make a ground Cover a number of different things you Can do with a tarp other heavy but They're really useful make a tent you Can do whatever but also one thing that I always like are heavy meal trash bags They're really easy these are very

Improvisable especially with shelter I Mean you can set this up as a tarp sort Of and a cover a rain cover I mean you Can do a ton of things with these and so We keep these in all of our bags so when I saw this big pack in fact there were Two of them two of these rolls you know And that's probably more definitely than I want to carry but if I'm going Somewhere and picking up some things I Definitely want to get some of these Heavy meal trash bags also which really Shocked me is they had tent stakes and They had different kinds of tent stakes And so I just picked these because They're very durable they're very easy To use and with the eyelets that we have Or we can take This para-esque chord is not really Paracord they didn't have the 550 chord But some kind of cordage and here even The Rope I can tie off in fact we've Done a whole video on making shelters Out of tarps and having some kind of Tent Stakes are vital really and we keep These in all of our packs as well a neat Little improvised shelter that really Works well now last but not least in This section are some kind of rain gear Now this is a two-piece rain suit not Too bad I mean it's disposable but you Can definitely keep the elements down But one problem with this is it is a Bright yellow color they had a bright

Blue as well which might have been a Little bit better but you may want to be Seen and so this is definitely something That you might consider but I also got One of the clear ponchos now this is Really flimsy I mean it's going to keep The rain off for a couple of days maybe But it has a hood with it and it's just A standard Poncho and you could put this Over your gear as well so this is really Cheap and so I got this now when I Walked in the door I saw the water water Stacked up water is vital three days Without water that's all you can live And so having some kind of water and These are easy to get they're usually up Front which these were this is not going To be very portable so you want to split This up with your group or having many People that you have with you to be able To carry this but it is water and it can Get you through especially in a Three-day pack This is actually a luxury and I saw this And I was kind of surprised they have a Lot of water filter systems that attach To faucets but I had no idea we would Have any kind of filtration system that We could use this is big I mean it's Going to be large it says 30 cup Capacity and it has a little spout with It this is the Zero Water I've actually Been hearing some things about these so When I saw it I was kind of back and

Forth about buying it I was like well That's not something you're going to Carry on a three-day hike and yet if if You dump the water out you could attach This to your pack guys if you have no Way to filter water is vital it's vital To survival and so this may be something That you just have to add if you don't Have one of the smaller type filters so You could have a caterdine hiker Pro or A sawyer mini or whatever at home but if You don't have it with you it's no good And so having some water available is Great but having a way to filter water Especially over a longer period of time And again these are at Home Depot so if You're looking for a water system I mean I think this was like fifty dollars You'll have to look I'm just quoting all Things we were buying them so fast I Don't really have prices and that's not The purpose for this video now I knew That Home Depot typically they have a Lot of lights there there is a huge Array all kind of different lights Coasts a number of different ones Actually fairly decent lights This is a headlamp and this is the Number one light that I would get Because it gives you hands-free you can Attach it you can see really well and This is one of the Energizer lights one Thing about this one in particular they Had different ones but this was 400

Lumens it was the top of the list it was A little more expensive than the 100 Lumen light but uh you can again and you Can change the color I mean there's a Lot of cool things about this light and So it gives you all kind of different Colors and different modes and so to me This is a big one and it is movable you Can move this around the headband has a Rubberized coating inside this is going To be very comfortable and so I was Really pleased to find this one but There were a lot of others but headlamp Would be the first choice for me if I Only had one another find are these Little lights and these are only 80 Lumens and they come with batteries and They come with double a batteries now This is kind of a different thing and I Debated on getting this one there was Another one but what I like about this Is not only does it have light And you can fold this up you can use the Light underneath I mean it gives you Some different options it can be used as A lantern and uh I'm going to turn this Off because it's so bright but um and in Here we have a Moonlight setting and so That's the other button so if you want To conserve your battery life you can Just turn this on and this section right Here allows this to really glow it gives You an ambient light and so this is Something that if you want to conserve

It but this is made by Energizer but I'll tell you the the main reason that I Picked this up is that it has a port in The back and you can use that to charge Your phone charge different items so That just gives you another capability And also got a couple of chem sticks These are great of course you just shake Them up and you break them and they will Last for hours these are great lights And we use these in different ways one Thing you can do and I think it comes With a lanyard is you can attach a Lanyard to this and swing it around your Head and it makes a bright Circle so if Somebody's looking for you you can Attach this to your pack to be seen But Then if you want somebody if you're Looking for Rescuers are looking for you You can spin that around and this will Go for eight hours so it does have a lot Of life in the small little battery free Light sticks then while we were there I Picked up some Double A's Triple A's Cr123 lithium batteries and they had the 2032 batteries these are what most of Your Scopes and your Optics use so There's a six pack they were fairly Reasonable batteries typically are not Cheap especially if you get good ones And I really prefer Duracell for a Number of reasons we've tested these Even against Energizer and Duracell Seems to hold up the best so I try to

Get Duracell where I can but energizers Still make good quality batteries Fire Starting Fire Starting is important you Can hook your food it can boil your Water it gives you light and it keeps Predators away so I really like the Ability to create fire management Building fires from the beginning and Key keeping warm is a really important Part of this as well so when we first Walked around I was looking for lighters And so in the barbecue section of course They have these and this is kind of nice Because it gets your hand away from Where you're lighting that flame and so They had a two pack these are around you Find these all the time so that was a Great find right there I thought we Would find those I really thought we Might find some lighters at the front Counter just some small little Bic Lighters but we didn't see any and of Course after we went shopping we had so Much stuff another thing that really Surprised me and this is actually a good Find here we have some weatherproof Matches these are Lifeboat matches and We've done some reviews with these this Will burn for over 25 seconds and this Material you can actually take these dip Them in water pull them back out and They'll re-light and so these are really Cool matches they're typically fairly Expensive but we got a whole box and I

Mean mean we got about three times this Much in the box and so these are all Sealed and of course we open these up But to me if you're at Home Depot and You come across these weatherproof Matches buy them because these things Are awesome and so that is our fire Starting but we did find some fat wood This is probably you know to light Fires For smokers or things like that if You're cooking food but fat wood is Great and having a fire tender I really Like to have so you can get the shavings Down really thin and this just gives you Some wood to be able to start that so Really this is more tender and then we Found a saw and this is a Fiskars it's a A nice big saw it folds up so I was Really glad to find this and that way we Can saw the wood they did have a hatchet We decided not to get it since we got The saw but a hatchet also works well But having a way to cut some wood of Course if you're in the wood Woods a lot Of times there's a lot of debris laying Around that you can light but having Some kind of fire kit makes it nice this Is a rather large fire kit for what we Typically do but Beggars can't be Choosers and if we happen to be at a Home Depot this is going to give us a Head start and again you may not carry This whole pack in your backpack and if You have a group you can split it up

With them but we wouldn't go far without Some duct tape and Gorilla Tape really Works well and this is I believe the Black Version so duct tape or Gorilla Tape or something that really holds up Is strong because you can do repairs With this you can do about anything with Duct tape and so we wanted to grab a Roll of this sometimes at Home Depot They'll have the little small duct tapes That are wrapped around a corrugated Piece of plastic that make them really Flat one thing you can do with this is To compress this down and then you can Still use it or you can take the duct Tape off and put it around a credit card And that way you can continue to use it Without having the big roll but the big Roll is what we got also we just got Some wire and there was all kind of Different wire there and so this gives Us some more ability to be able to tie Things off even attach our tarp I mean a Number of things you can always use wire To repair things so having a little bit Of wire really comes in handy and then These two together make it a team now For tools I found a pocket knife this is A husky not anything it's got the back Lock on it it's not the liner lock Tanto Blade fairly inexpensive has a nice Pocket clip on it but it's pretty sturdy And so just for regular tasks having a Small little knife is good especially

For detailed work and so or Feathering If you want to do that with when you're Making your fire but knife Self-explanatory now I really like pry Bars and they had a ton of different Choices larger ones smaller ones Different ones I like the shape of this One it is from DeWalt and it does have a Nail puller but you can get this and use It for leverage bridge and that's one Thing especially if you're trying to get Somebody out of a car or somebody's Trapped under something typically you Can use a good pry bar the longer the Bar the more leverage you're going to Get but also the longer it is to put in Your pack so I like to have a small pry Bar they're just so many uses to this And then we have a machete and this can Definitely be used for self-defense it Is a gerber it has a nice rubberized Handle on it has a Sawtooth at the top Here we have a little protective tip and We can use this to cut things very Similar to our saw but uh you know using It for different purposes maybe even Building shelter or whatever if you need To and it does come with a nice sheet so We decided to add this maybe with the Saw I might have used a hatch it but I Do like this for self-defense and it Does give you some kind of a capability Now one thing that kind of surprised me I have bought multi-tools at Lowe's and

Home Depot a lot of times they'll have Them up front and there'll be a counter With them different type multi-tools in Fact I bought a nice Gerber multi-tool One time of suspension but I didn't see Them I'm sure that they're somewhere but Again we went through so much stuff There are things that we missed or might Have missed and so a multi-tool would be A great option and to be honest with you A pair of pliers would have been good Some a large channel-like type pliers And you know maybe a couple of Screwdrivers but overall these are our Tools now this is more towards safety of Course obviously gloves you want to keep Your hands as intact as possible there Was a bazillion choices of work gloves These are very comfortable leather Gloves and then we have some synthetic Gloves as well with rubberized Coatings They did have tons of nitrile gloves you Name it they had all kind of work gloves So finding the right Gloves Plus you Might need to keep your hands warm if It's cold weather and this will help It's not as good as insulated but it Definitely gives you some protection Also safety glasses you know guys you May may have your sunglasses with you You may not during the day you have your Sunglasses during the evening if you Need something you can wear these Especially in some situations where

There's a lot of debris flying around or Things happening when you're cutting Wood things like that you don't want to Get a splinter in your eye and so being Able to protect your eyesight and this Is not necessary really but you know This is earplugs in case you are in an Area where you know there's a lot of Shooting or the noise is loud or you Just want to have some earplugs to Protect your ears and then this is one Thing nobody wants to look at But we have a just a small little Respirator it's a 3M this is mainly for Dust I mean this is mainly if you're in An area let's say where there's a Building that's Fallen there's a lot of Dust there's just a lot you're out Somewhere where it's kind of arid and You want to protect your breathing Mask and so we just went ahead and Picked this up this is more towards Safety and guys hygiene is important so We wanted to get some hand sanitizer and They had them there this will keep you Clean one thing that I would have liked To have found were some baby wipes or Just wet wipes those are great to keep You clean wipe things down even clean Your utensils if you happen to have Something you're eating so hand Sanitizer or some way to keep clean to Me is is important because you need to Keep that hygiene up and bug spray

Especially in the spring summer first Part of fall having bug spray you don't Want to get eaten alive with bugs the One downside with bug spray is that if You're hiding somewhere or you know You're trying to avoid people or Whatever you don't want to have that Smell but definitely having a small Thing of bug spray this was actually the Smallest that they had I like to keep One of the smaller ones but you know Again this is what they had all right Guys we got everything in the pack at Least a sample thereof but everything Honestly except for the water filtration System we could attach that somehow and Just carry it separately we did have the Machete that we're going to put on our Belt because it does have a belt loop so You don't really need that I'm sure you Could attach this somehow to the pack But everything is stuffed in here the Firewood we split up and put about a Third of it in here and the water Bottles obviously there's a whole lot we Did put two in here and it's according If you have a bicycle or some way to Move things you may even have a little Cart and so you can put those things in There but at least having most of the Essentials that we need so up front I Just have the headlamp and so I can keep It up front in case I need it and then Here in the front pouch you can see

We've just got everything packed in There there's really cool little Sections we've got our lights in there The knife the firewood our gloves here On this side we have all of our Batteries I just stuffed them all in There even in the packs I could take Those out of the packs and make these Smaller and so that could be an option As well one thing too is there are some Different sections on the side here that We might be able to put some other items But that's that's just extra room and There is a small little sleeve here and There are some different Keepers on here Where you can attach things so you know You can't attach stuff to the outside of The pack if you needed to and then of Course our water bottles here we did Have a pretty cool system inside for Organization but with these two water Bottles that's all I could get in here And water is vital so I would probably Put more water bottles in here as well Now we have this little hard case this Is perfect for glasses and so I took Both pair of safety glasses and my ear Protection and just threw it in there And that's going to protect those from Getting broken these zippers aren't too Bad either and they have that little Curve to them and then here at the top This is our main compartment I mean Everything's stuffed in here there's

Just no way around it but we have all of The different things I would like to see A smaller hand sanitizer that would have Made it nice but everything tarp just All the tools there are places back here To put them duct tape and we have our Cordage we even have that Lantern down In the bottom here if we need it and Then here even on the front pouch There Are Places to put different things and Even here in the bottom so just gave us A lot of different room but honestly we Had at least a sample of everything so We did have to split up a few things one Was all the trash bags I mean we didn't Need that many trash bags we could put Probably half of the one roll in here if We wanted to put it at the bottom but Then also the matches we had to split Those up because we had a lot of boxes And then the water obviously we couldn't Put that in there but once we attach This together with the cordage that we Have we could possibly take that filter System and just attach it to the pack Tell you what though guys this is gonna Be a heavy pack and so you can trim this Down if you need to and take some of the Items that you don't think you might Need but overall I feel like it was a Very successful trip I think we got a Lot of things that we could use and so This backpack really set the whole thing In motion because everything really can

Fit in here and you know how many times Do you see a backpack at Lowe's And so great and sturdy and sturdy I Mean really heavy duty I love this Bottom part it's going to be a little Heavier but it'll definitely keep your Tools and your gear put in one place and Again I really appreciate Sarah Mack for Helping out she led the way and gave me A lot of ideas as well so again guys Just going to different stores looking Around to see what items you would need In a survival situation if you were Caught out on the road or if you're at Home and you go wow I need this and this And things are starting to look pretty Bad run up there pick up the things you Need guys not every store is going to Have things but some are better than Others but the big thing is you may be Stuck at a gas station and that may be The place that you need to pick up as Many items as you can so it gives you Just an exercise to be able to look Around again you don't have to even Spend money just look around see what Survival items are there if you find Yourself in serious need and I'll tell You we really enjoyed putting this video To together and we have some more coming Up again just to give you guys ideas of What to look for if you find yourself in Bad Straits be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic

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