How To Deal With Tyrant Cops #shorts

By | November 3, 2022

Wranglerstar PROfessional HOmeowner PROhO #shorts

We pay for these cops to abuse us and I've had it my friends have had it and We're done with it and the more cops do This and the more they have a heavy hand On folks the more people are going to Push back and there's a lot more of us Than there are of you and you're not Going to like it when people start Pushing back you're going to not be safe So you've got to treat people with Respect the solution is this Peace officers sheriffs law enforcement Whoever that you whoever that is going To be needs to be from the local Community Because if you go up and harass my son Or the name the neighbors boys Well about three or four loggers and Pickups are going to be paying you a Visit at your home as you're sitting Down for dinner that night and we're Going to have a discussion on your front Porch or your living room about what the Proper code of conduct is for law Enforcement interacting with Society

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