How to disable any vehicle with a BB Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner #shorts

By | November 10, 2022

Wranglerstar PROfessional Homeowner PROhO

Here's how to disable any vehicle no Matter how big or small with the single Airsoft pellet remove one of the tires Valve stems put to drop a super glue in The bottom of the cap and drop in the Airsoft pellet thread the cap back on What you've created is an imperceptibly Small leak so before Warren brothers This is going on out there evil doers Prefer this method over cutting valve Stems or removing cores which draw a lot Of attention to yourself this can be Done discreetly and its effects are Usually going to take place in the Middle of the night and it affects Everyone you going to work someone Trying to issue a no knock midnight raid We're all we're all vulnerable to this So be forewarned if you have a leak you Can't chase down check your caps

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