How To Polish Cowboy Boots Like A PROfessional Homeowner WRANGLERSTAR #shorts

By | November 10, 2022

Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner Wranglerstar

How to polish cowboy boots like a Professional homeowner you'll need black Polish and a horsehair brush with a soft Moist towel wipe off any dirt match your Shoe polish with the color of your Leather put your hand in the boot like a Puppet and with circular motion Work and cover the whole lower stay off The upper put a heavy coat on the tip This will help tearing from abrasion set This boot aside and do the same thing on The other one let this boot dry and go Back to the first one now we're ready to Buff [Music] And that's the proper way to polish a Pair of cowboy boots but remember Gentlemen you can tell everything you Need to know about a man by what he's Got on his feet [Music]

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