I Bought A Machine That Makes Lumber

By | October 31, 2022

[Music] Gentlemen we have a new tool to play With today a brand new thickness planer Let me show you why I'm sharing this With you as most of you guys know I have A Lucas Sawmill that produces really Beautiful rough cut full Dimension Lumber well that's great for building Houses and sheds and things but when it Comes to doing small projects or fine Woodworking to turn this into a usable Or fine fine woodworking piece of wood It takes a lot of work and in the past I've done it all by hand with hand Planes and to be honest with you I end Up not doing stuff because it's just so Much effort but I have so much of this Stuff I have two by fours I've got two By sixes H12s all kinds of things that I just Never used because I never had a planer This will put things into perspective I Called Home Depot this morning and I Priced this 2×6 select deck 16 feet long Each board 35 that's a hundred dollars for three Boards which gives you what 14 inches of Coverage seems to me at these prices it Doesn't take long to pay for a tool like A thickness planer it could be just in Time the rain is just starting and this Is uh the last of the wood that I need To bring in now in the past a lot of These things this is all stuff that

We've cut on The Sawmill some of it Bob Sawmill but beautiful Doug Fir that I Would have just cut up and burned is for Firewood because it had warps or twists Or I just didn't want to fool with it But man not anymore this is very Valuable if you understood the effort That goes into producing Lumber into Dimensional Lumber like this from the Tree It's shocking the amount of effort and Resources that go into that and I just Don't take it for granted anymore I was Going to do this outside these planers Make a lot of dust but I do have a Really good shop vac so I'm going to try Hooking that up This cleaner actually has a chip fan Inside Of course not compatible size wise that Blows chips out through this port and This shop vac's pretty powerful and it Has a Sealed bag so we'll just use a little Gaffers tape on here Tape this up the controls all look very Simple we have a This raises the carriage up and down Looks like we have a limit of six inches Maximum depth 13 inches this way this removal gauge Here tells us how much material we're Going to remove per pass by sliding it In here and we can see right there as we

Go up and down more or less we are on Course Cuts we'll try Corsa and fine see See if there's much difference Okay I was expecting a lot more drama with That machine but what a nice smooth Machine to use and not overly quiet There's zero dust in the shop I mean I'm Looking through the lights and there's Nothing a few chips on the ground but Everything sucked up by the vacuum so That's something that I can use inside The shop as long as I have the vacuum Hooked up to it but look at the results That is nice three blades on this planer Of course they're new but man that is Nice I cut eighth inch it seemed to go Through that no problem 30 seconds Seemed to like that better but this is Coarse right here Let's finish it up and uh see what the Fine looks like on the other side It said the proof is in the eating of The pudding there you have it look at That a beautiful piece of five quarter That that's hard to even find to buy That stuff and now we can make our own I don't know why I didn't get one of These a long time ago I I the last time I think I used a planer was in high School so that must have been 17 18 it Was one of those big huge industrial Ones so when I think of planar I was Like it kind of I have all of this this

Uh these negative connotations from all Of the violence and the drama those big Ones make but this is quite civilized Beautiful results uh I just don't have Any complaints it's civilized easy to Use not My initial impressions are good I'll put a link to this if you're Interested uh guys always ask this is I Paid full price for this when everything Was said and done these planners are About 700 bucks or so this obviously is A Dewalt uh and then with they had a Package with the cart which is quite a Nice cart I would recommend that because This thing weighs 97 pounds so just About 100 pounds uh cart an extra set of Knives came in at um about a thousand Bucks but you can do a lot of boards you Can't buy a lot of boards for a thousand Bucks anymore and this is going to be a Great addition to the shop All right that's it uh the rain is Starting I'm gonna go Fork my scraps in Here and start planing and get them put Away for winter and I'm sure you'll be Seeing some of these pieces again this Winter thanks for watching may God bless You and your families please keep us in Your prayers and we'll see you all on The next video

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