I’m Finally Sleeping in the Cabin!

By | October 31, 2022

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Explorer 1000 Pro it's only 25 pounds Total so it's very portable so as you Know I've been using jackery for I don't know four years maybe Got the little 500 and that's been Useful for charging my cameras and and Computer especially but just taking it Even on like canoe trips and camping Trips and stuff have been it's been Valuable but this is double the power So I can even without recharging it I Can take it and charge my computer I don't know five six times and cameras Many more times than that And really what I like about all these Portable systems when Just kind of living this lifestyle There's always a situation where you Don't have power maybe the you know you Don't have a generator or instead of Using a generator you can just use this But my biggest concern is my freezer Down in the cellar so if I don't have Enough power generated and stored in the Eventual Full-time permanent solar setup and Storage system then this is a perfect Backup I can just plug the freezer into

This and that'll keep it going for at Least a day probably quite a bit more Than that if the freezer is full and Frozen And everything in it solid solidly Frozen So that's what I'm going to use this for I got some stuff in the greenhouse to Charge as well or to power that water Pump for circulating the water in this The water tank and also for circulating That water for your irrigation I'm going To switch to using mainly this one Can I get these panels Set up and again if I have them close to The the um the reflective exterior of The greenhouse it'll generate power that Much faster Anyway I'm gonna take it inside and put My computer in [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you

[Music] Thank you [Music] It's so nice too you still have socks on The fire in there I switched them yeah If you put your wine in there it'd be Good too Perfect [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] Foreign Thank you [Music] Thank you foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] The leaves are turning turn and brown They'll be falling down now [Music] I'm not ready Not just I'm not ready for order Autumn comes to [Music] Something Autumn comes too soon

Foreign [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] Smellful [Music] Foreign Foreign Welcome back to the cabin thanks for Watching that video Well that was a fun few days uh last Couple of days of September a bit of October beginning of October and a good Friend of mine been friends for almost 30 years I think You know yeah would be more than 30 Years I got just over 30 years and we've Been doing stuff like that together Since back then Uh really getting together in the fall Especially we live far enough apart that Our lives weren't uh family lives Weren't really that integrated but you Know like I said at least annually would Get together for these fall hunts and a Lot of times it's more of a Fun Hunt It's roaming the woods with our bows and Quite often get in game a harvesting Game but a lot of times not but always Having fun and always learning more About the land and this being my third Year of intensively hunting this Property and discovering this property

I'm still learning and what we Discovered this week was um it got got a Good handle on the game patterns the Game movement a moose even though we Don't have a Moose tag this year I think The hunt camp that's nearest to me does Have an adult Moose tag so I you know Might get together with them and hunt The moose season which is third week of October and um in the future hopefully We get some tags for this area and we're Able to to hunt it now that we're Discovering so much about it so three Days first day we went for a walk Down the trail looking for mainly for Gross um and rabbits with their bows Didn't see any but we didn't we were Following the tracks of a couple of what Turned out to be coyotes I thought they Were wolves by the howls but well Everything's hybrid in this area anyway So it's gonna be a lot of wolf genes in Those coyotes but either way canines and We were able to get pretty close to them We ended up walking Um down this Trail and as we made a Um around went around a Bend one of them Was standing there facing away from us Glance back trotted off and then the Other one jumped into the path and and Went along with it next morning what Happened next morning we went looking at The end of the marsh some waterfowl down There and some gross and another small

Game Ducks and geese especially at the end of This Pond and at the end of that pond There's the Beaver Dam and then a meadow Below it which is common you get these You get the dam which holds back the Majority of the water then you get a Trickle of a stream leaving that and Then everything dries up below it and Around that bottom end of the dam and It's a rich habitat for things like Moose and deer so we're and bear so We're walking along there just following Sign I headed back up into the woods onto a Rocky outcropping and ended up walking Right up on a bedded cow moose on her Calf within about 35 yards you know I Didn't capture any of this on film Because I was just carrying a GoPro and Uh when we're actively hunting Especially with bows you have to be Pretty quiet and Nimble and handling a Fumbling around with the camera is Really counterproductive so it didn't Capture any of those two things Um the next morning got up and Around 4 35 o'clock and read from here On the porch you could hear a cow moose Calling for about half an hour just Continuously barely a break between Calls and That was really interesting to hear and Then a fox is barking over here across

The metal owls hooting in the trees Across the middle and we ended up going Into that same Marsh at the back end of That pond and film Sunrise had some Waterfowl come in but we didn't weren't Able to get shots with our bows so that Was fruitless from a game standpoint but It was pretty interesting experience Because a cow two cow moose by the Sounds of it went off to the or right One off to our left were calling and it Sounded like two separate Bulls came and Joined them and then we're grunting and Then headed back up basically over to Where we had walked up on that cow and Calf the day earlier so that was really Interesting while we were there and we Could in the all the Moose for calling The Wolves and the coyotes were over Here by the cabin howling Which was interesting and they really Sounded like Wolves at that point I'm Not sure if the camera picked it up Because again I was just using a GoPro At that point So probably not it would have been in The video If it wasn't I can't uh and I've been edited that part yet what else Went back here and I saw lots of water fell again ducks and Geese didn't get any shots at them Um saw four Spruce grips which is not as Common as the rough growths around here I've only seen Spruce crew so I think

One other time here mostly rough gross And we only saw one of those on all of Our hikes for over the three days but Ironically there was one 10 feet behind The cabin here yesterday That Kelly flushed and flew off so Despite the fact that we had a brood Here and there has been random I've been Randomly citing them I was surprised to See that that there's not that many Around right now so presumably the foxes And the other Predators have been Getting them um the other thing that's Abundant at this time of year is Mushrooms so we're able to harvest Chanterelles Lion's mane Rishi Chicken of the woods Lobster Oyster I think that might be it yeah the Shiitake lugs everybody keeps asking About still haven't flushed but I can See the mycelium Kind of spreading throughout the logs so I'm assuming that that's probably not Going to happen this year now that's Getting this cold but I think probably In the spring we'll get a good flush out Of those logs and then maybe they'll Last for a year or two doing that Still I think that's about it like I Said a really fun weekend now I've got a Really not so fun week I have to put That metal roof on so I've been taking a

Taking the sheets with the four wheeler And dragging them back here the 15 and a Half feet long so Not fun using a couple of two by fours As a sort of a traveler a skid angle Skid off the back of the four-wheeler so The metal panels don't bend and dragging Them back here no fortunately there's Not that many of them and it's pretty Straight go so pretty standard pieces Yeah but that's what I'm going to try to Get done over the next couple of days Jump up here and Get as much of the metal roof on before The The rain hits over three days from now And then you probably have to take a Break for a couple of days and then get Back at it So anyway if you want to watch that Video that'll be On probably both channels now I have Something to talk to talk to you about On the Sean James Channel actually as Far as the content is concerned too uh So you might want to check there for the Next week or two and see what I'm Talking about Anyway thanks for watching appreciate it And I look forward to seeing you back Here at the cabin next time take care Thank you [Applause] [Music]

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