Is This The Ultimate Goal?

By | October 31, 2022

Foreign [Music] Thanks for tuning in Um so we're gonna be talking about Something that probably comes up quite a Bit you know when you're talking about The New World Order Totalitarian government this is actually A memo that popped up last week and it's From 1969 Planned Parenthood memo on the Left's long-term blueprint for Population control and this probably Wouldn't even be a thing like nobody Would even you know give it a second Glance if these things weren't being Implemented right For the past 20 years and currently They're putting it into overdrive I do Apologize for my voice I've been uh had A little Some sinus issues the past few days so Anyhow the memo the 1969 1969 Planned Parenthood produced a memo recommending Strategies for population control these Include restructuring the family Encouragement of increased homosexuality Tax funded abortion and sterilization And uh Then you know just these few I'm talking About it have been implemented right [Music] Um So I'll go ahead and pop it up on the Screen here

And this was actually written by Uh Eugenicist And Planned Parenthood vice president Frederick yaffe and it listed a few Different strategies for achieving Population control So we're looking at something more than Half a century ago Compiled for these strategies for Population control That were proposed at the time Of these things I just mentioned right This was actually called it came from Something called the yaffe memo and Actually found this this is the actual Yaffe memo here and it was authored by Again Frederick Gaffey vice president Planned Parenthood and just a few things We've got in this memo here The proposed measures to reduce Fertility Included restructure family Postpone or avoid marriage Turn their Ultra The image and ideal family size Compulsory compulsory education of Children Encouragement Of increased homosexuality Educate for family limitation Fertility control agents In water supply Fertility control agents and water

Supply so I was pulling something else Up while I was looking at this Um Did encourage women to work this meant Was actually the subject of a 1973 Senate hearing chaired by a Republican Senator Alan Cranston okay so you see the the Various things on this up with the other One up here you see social constraints Here Again restructure family postpone or Avoid marriage alter the image an ideal Family size We've got the fertility control agents And water supply Encourage women to work so You may think well some of it sounds Like conspiracy theory but is it Birth control pills can add 10 million Doses of hormones to our Wastewater Every day some of that estrogen May wind Up in our taps So they're literally they can't filter Out This birth control agent that changes Men's hormones Right The Going on to the next bar here it says Economic deterrence and incentives Reduce paid maternity leave and or Benefits Reduce eliminate children's or family

Allowances you see these things Happening you I've seen companies even Take away paid maternity to leave Where people have to actually take Vacation Bonuses for delayed marriage Greater child spacing Another thing chronic depression how Would you Push someone into depression other than Trying to modify their hormones Obviously require women to work and Provide fewer child care facilities Limit Eliminate publicly Finance Medical Care Scholarships housing loans subsidies To families with more than You know once one child Social controls that goes over Um compulsory abortion out of wedlock Pregnancies Sterilization of all who have two Children except for those few who would Be allowed three confined child bearing Only to a limited number of adults Stock certificate type permits for Children Housing policies discouragement of Private home ownership We're seeing where like you know people People can't even purchase homes anymore Obviously because inflation and things Like that Stop awarding public housing based on

Family size And then measures to motivate Payments to encourage abortion Abortion and sterilization sterilization On demand Allow harmless contraceptives to be Distributed non-medically that means Condoms can get anywhere Improved contraceptive technology make Contraception truly available and Accessible And then uh payments to encourage Contraception payment to encourage Sterilization So a lot of a lot of things here That that sound like things are Happening in modern day Margaret Sanger Is the founder of Planned Parenthood and You know she was very much proteogenics And and and her belief was that Immigrants black and poor and mentally Challenged should be systemically Filtered out of the American gene pool Via sterilization birth control and Abortion that's why it's mind-boggling Why black Americans even uh aligned with The Democrat Party being that especially Even planned parenthood who uh you know Tried to kill the even Nick Cannon uh Did a video on um Uh interview a while back talking about Planned Parenthood was essentially start Out killing African Americans you know Among the various strategies listed by

Planned Parenthood uh under like under The column social constraints compulsory Education of children encourage and Increase homosexuality encourage women To work and postpone or avoid marriage We see these things happen right Economic deterrence to reduce or Eliminate paid maternity leave require Women to work Um They these strategies sound familiar Don't they I mean it's it's Mind-boggling I mean I'm just Mind-blowing this this wouldn't even be A thing if this weren't true Right you have drag queen uh you know Book read now or Story Hour you know in Various schools across the country Um But but like it's alarming how many of These things are actually commonplace Um they're pushing you know radical Mandatory curriculum homosexuality Um glorified displayed everywhere women Working but not earning uh salaries that Could barely cover their day care costs Because daycare is through the roof Um and the average American age Of having a child is later and actually Saw in in a study at the NIH website They were talking about Some studies they did in other countries Where they're trying to push the a they They saw benefit in pushing the age of a

Mother having a child where you know 20 30 years ago women had them you know in The early 20s where now they're trying To push late 20s early 30s before they Start having children because it reduces The amount of children they're going to Have Like I said homeownership is a record Low most Young Americans can't even Afford their rent in their small uh Apartments Which is unfit for having families Um Reverend Jesse Jackson was quoted Actually during the 1977 March for Life As having said what happens To the moral fabric of a nation that Accepts the boarding the life of a baby Without the pain of conscience Jackson also astutely equated abortion With slavery So he was basically saying that the Premise of slavery that you could not Protest the existence of treatment of a Slave on a plantation because that was Private and therefore outside your right To be concerned so what he's saying that People are saying that you know you Don't have the right to say something About uh abortions because you're not a Woman but he's saying well then that if That worked the same way as slaves Whenever uh having a slave was a private Own thing you can't say nothing about it

Here we have uh the other day Joe Biden Talking to Um This guy uh about puberty blockers here You go have a right to ban gender Affirming health care I don't think any State or anybody should have the right To do that As a moral question as legal question I Just think it's wrong Now mind you Joe Biden is supposed to be A Catholic right and It's it's wild that you know he would Even say say these sort of things and We're talking about children and there's Actually been a ton of YouTube ads being Posted before videos saying that puberty Blockers are safe whenever we've heard Doctors say that they're not Um But I actually have a chart here too of Unwed women Right here Unmarried women by race U.S bursts Right notice a trend to destroy the Nuclear family based on how Democrats Are trying to steer to vote 70 percent Uh Black Then 69 American Indian Hispanic so you See how the Democrats are targeting These certain races it's just obvious There's no coincidence this is by Design

Foreign Then we have Transgender surgery poised to become a Five billion dollar industry Right millions are going to be made And this didn't just happened yesterday I mean this is this is actually from Many years ago right Um Someone someone mentioned this just now In the comments DuckDuckGo if you want To go research any of this stuff you Have to go to duckduckgate go you cannot Go to You cannot go to uh Google because you will not find it There But um This is the thing Genesis 1 22 God Called us to be fruitful multiply right Um so this is everything that everything You notice in the world right now is is Anti-god If there was anything that would be a Sign for you Um if there's evil in the world there's Obviously good too so it's kind of like Whenever you look at uh like I mentioned Trump before where everyone's fighting Against Trump there's obviously Something there that everyone is looking To him as a threat right Um and so everything From Christianity is is viewed as a

Threat right Don't have children whereas God said to Have be fruitful multiply Psalm 127 says As an arrow in the hand of Almighty as Arrows or in the hand of a mighty Warrior or a mighty man soar the Children of the youth happy is the man That hath a quiver full of them they Shall not be ashamed but they shall Speak with enemies in the gate You know A lot of this boils down to destroying Masculinity which we've been speaking Out quite a bit right destroy that Construct of of a man in a woman Because it's very vital right men and Women are not created equal they never Were Um okay are they treated as equal Absolutely but they're not created as Equal Um we have we're complementary opposites Men are purpose-built for fiscal Strength Um to protect hunt fight War women are Built for nurturing and caretaking right Um You can see it even in young girls Um their their ability to take care of Younger siblings it's mind-blowing to me When I see a young girl taking care of Their younger siblings without any Training they just do it yeah I even see That with my younger daughter who's four

Trying to take care of Or or baby like she she tries like it's Something in women that they're designed And built for this you know but they're Men and women are complementary to each Other right And I'm not saying they're not less Important because they're both important As a team But the goal To break up the nuclear family because That's a strong construct we have a Nuclear family raising children to go do The right thing and carry on the torch But they destroy that then they can Control Right it's all about control It's harder to control a unit right But You see you see young boys wanting to Hunt they'll fight these sort of things They want to be physical right men Should be physical That was actually my little girl's Soccer game Saturday And the rival team Just happened to have a trans coach a Female to male right and uh during the Game they they blew the whistle or Something and one of the little girls Another team was still kicking the ball And and the the the dude or the chick The trans coach whether they're in

Grabbing and shook the little girl like Grabbed her by the shoulders and shook Her and these are you know three Four-year-old kids I would have like been on the field In her face within a second if that had Been my kid right and no no one said Anything and then she made some smart Remarks I guess just just in case Someone Uh were having to say something she said Well it's like it's like rounding up Cats or something you get if you if you Don't uh like I don't you can come do it I went over there but I guarantee that If I'd went and gotten her face that she She had been like or anybody else would Be like hold on hold on I'm a girl it'd Be convenient it'd be convenient And you identify as what you want Whenever you want to right But if you're going to act and dress Like a guy and then another guy steps up To you because you do something right It What I'm getting to is that it'd be Convenient because she she wouldn't pull The straight anymore right But I love what I what I love doing is Baiting leftist women right Um get them talking get them to tell you About how you know men and women are Equal and blah blah blah right and again Equal in

The way we're we're built to do things Not Is equals and you get what I'm saying Um because I don't want you to think of Women are less than a man is or not They're they're both very important and They're very important together Um But And this this is a great answer to that I always ask I bait them in the you know tell get Them to tell me these things and I made Them in and say well if someone breaks In your house are you in your ho you or Your husband which one of you are going To go defend the house Well obviously the husband is well why Is that you're supposed to be the same Right no because a man is made for Fighting and defending And that's a quick way to destroy an Argument it'll abolish argument you know But you know I think Women and men have very important roles Right women women should be protected They should be provided for You know these sort of things they they Have abilities that men can't have right The best nurses are women the best you Know I would feel weird dropping my kid Off at a daycare and a bunch of dudes Taking care of kids I'll just be weirded Out right even my wife talks about how

How rough I am with the girls that I'm Taking care of them you know uh I was Actually wiping the baby's face today my Wife got upsell me because you know I Was like just just wipe across the face You said hey you're being too rough you Know she was a little girl you know just Because Men are just not you know Nurturing like a a woman is you know and Just I wouldn't want I would not want Women on the front lines fighting you Know Um so I think you know with that you know men Need to leave lead aggressive physical Lives They need to always be ready to do Battle you know and that's not to say That women shouldn't be able to defend Themselves because they absolutely Should because the world is a terrible Place and any of us could be in that Position where we have to defend Ourselves you may as the woman who the Kids you have to defend the kids right So I'm not saying that I think all of us Should have that right but just like Ancient warriors you know they kept they Kept their Source sharp you know they Kept their equipment in good repair Their helmet was fitted you know they Their Shield was sturdy They also had those people around them

That they trusted right Um you know I actually been reading this Book my uncle recommended me uh great Book I actually read this author's a Previous book my uncle recommended as Well um and I'm going to probably talk About that Bookman this week and it's Phenomenal but probably one of the best I've ever written I said the other book Was the the best I'd ever read but this Author the the second one I'm reading Currently It may be the best thought I've ever Read Um but uh anyway Stephen Mansfield's the author's name in This book is called mental fire Anyway in the book he talks about Um and I was unaware of this but I Actually went and looked it up but he Said if a tiger And a lion fall right now a lion is the King of the jungle but if a tiger and a Lion fault That the tiger will win every time right Obviously I didn't know this but the Tigers actually would win every time and He's stronger Um than the lion however if you take Five tigers and five lines and put them Together to fight the five lines will Beat the five tigers and it's because Lions five is a team right they're Called a pride the group is called a

Pride which is Pretty cool as well so but the reason Why is because the tiger no matter that He's the strongest And he is the true king of the jungle He can't fight as a team he's an Individual and what can one tiger do Against five Lies that know how to fight right or Five tigers that don't fight as a team Fight well this point brings up is that You know It's important to have people around us That we can we can you know trust And be part of our team People that would be would be willing to Fight at our side you know and this kind Of goes along with all these things Because what we're looking at is the Structure of the way The world is supposed to be right And Men women Need Other men around them women need other Women around them And being part of that The family the organization they want us To be stressed out it's like you look at The pandemic what happened they put you You couldn't go to your job you had to Stay home the only thing you can watch Is CNN you know to hear about what's Going on

You couldn't go out of your house they Isolated you removed you for it no you Can't see your Fringe you can't see your Family they isolated you and they broke A lot of people down that's why you saw So many people start going to to the Left wing there's a orange man bad right Because they isolated a lot of people You know I got the bulk of my Subscribers during that time because uh People were isolated they had nowhere to Turn they turned to YouTube and That's how the Destroyers they isolate Us well we got to come together as a Group right and so with that obviously We develop a tribe I think we'll have Close a thousand members now people are We have meetups you know and and within Our group we have a online Chat that we talk we can post photos Post information Um and it's a private group so other People aren't there Only try members are there And You can get in there and get to know People that you Already have something in common with You know the thing is I was actually Written in a fire tonight I'm not Halfway through the vote but another Thing he talked about was that you know In our lives like I think of it back Through my life you think about when

You're in high school It's easy to have friends because you Have A lot in common you're going to see the Same school right you're in the military And I know this is a lot of military Guys same thing happened to me once you Get out of the military all your Brothers I mean your brothers you might Have a couple of them you still talk to But the brothers the Brotherhood you had The common bonds you had is gone right Well our goal is to create that Bond Again like I'm I built a place where we All have the same common interests the Same values the same Idea of what we we want in America and These people have each other's backs Like this network right So Join the tribe Below in the link below Um you know the litmus test is go to the Description and it says join the tribe And you click that link and you'll get The rest of the information from there I Get we get people email you you don't Get an email back if you email asking How to join the tribe you're not getting Email back because it cannot be that Difficult for you to rejoin the trial Like that's a litmus test if you can't Pass that we don't want you in the group Right just just bottom line if you if You can't figure out how to how to read

Join the tribe right I know you can read And write because you can write an email Right Um join the tribe in the description Right there all right we got a lot of Try numbers on here tonight you know Battle brother right here he's a tri Member he's saying yep could give an f About my old Unit A lot of people that Happens to right Everybody loves to try everybody loves To try look at all these tribe members Right here they actually are having Meetups all over the place uh some guys Just met up I think in Texas so make Sure you get with the tribe you know We live a relatively luxurious life Right and I know even the folks that That may not have a lot of money they May think oh my life sucks but you have A belly full you have sort of sleep you Know a lot of people in a lot of places Don't have that you're not you're not Worried about being killed on a daily Basis for the most part Or Western World lives that you're Constantly Enveloped in luxury right and you become Dull right you become shaped like a like A domestic domesticated cat right Um Men are made to conquer right and A true warrior is one that places Himself in between what he cherishes and

What's trying to destroy it right now we See the leftists are trying to destroy Family Christianity Children right That population control these sort of Things right I wouldn't even make this video if these Things had not been taking place I would have just chartered up something That someone said one time but the fact Of the matter is is that it's actually Taking place Which should you know keep your Spidey senses you know going off Anyway guys I'm sorry for my voice Tonight really struggling with this Sinus issue but uh Anyway Someone says uh Let me see I think we do have I think we Do have Colorado there Um any Colorado peeps can hit them up Say they're in Colorado but it doesn't Matter we have people in all 50 states Um we do have people in all 50 states so Yeah me enjoying this little it's three Dollars a month right lessen your your Uh McDonald's Your McDonald's number one meal or Whatever you get right Anyhow guys I do appreciate you tuning In think about joining and be aware of What's going on in the world I know a

Lot of people try to shelter themselves Away from the world it's smart to be Aware of what's going on right being Being aware of what's the new hype Because you don't know what your Family's being uh exposed to your kids Are being exposed to like you need to be In the know and all things like I'm Constantly trying to look at things to See what's going on and I try to share With you guys these sort of things like Whether it's criminal activity whether It's just you know things are going to Children Um just to try to put out there the the Birth control in your water get a filter Don't drink your water tap Um You'd almost be better to get under the Creek and get it you know Before you turn that tap you know less Hormone damaging stuff anyhow guys I do Appreciate you hanging out with me and Struggling through the voice thing Um make sure you leave a comment let me Know your thoughts on this is this Something is this conspiracy theory I Mean it's not a conspiracy because it's Really freaking happening Um but look over that list take a Screenshot you can go back to the video Take a screenshot that list and just Reread through those things and just Tell me how many of those things are

Happening all of them like every single One of them It wouldn't be a coincidence right Anyhow guys thanks for tuning in make Sure you join the tribe at the link Below join the tribe right listen lesson Year number one uh big night meal Whatever it is you get and uh as always Remember to stay frosty straight and Dangerous take care

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