Let Me Tell You About The Dark Side of YouTube

By | November 4, 2022

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Igor writes do you worry you lost your Core content with all the money tools Equipment now you mostly buy it instead Of make yeah I think about that all the Time and I have I've actually been given A lot of thought to that of of late About uh it's a natural cycle once I Kind of got into it and started reading About a little bit about of it and Managing money and the psychology of Coming into money what often happens if You come from just the average family I Would say did we just came from middle Class and there were times where we were Below middle class when my dad got hurt And wasn't able to work And I've said before my mom had to go uh Get government cheese and you know we Had we had that for a while Green Stamps I think they used to be uh so I never Had anything we never were able we never Bought new cars we never bought uh Bought very little didn't eat out very Much we shopped most of our clothing at Least half our clothing was purchased at Thrift stores and it was not a big deal It was just a different time then and There were a lot of people in that Situation all of our neighbors were we Were all in that same situation and There wasn't any shame or stigma Attached to it it was just the way life Was it was just simpler in those days So um and I struggled just like everyone

Else worked construction worked by the Hour had my own business and you know And that that was never super profitable It was always just feast and famine like Construction is you have or you don't And then um got into uh you know I Started my eBay business and got started Making I started seeing bigger chunks of Money for sure but it was an expensive Business to run and as soon as the money Came in the money went out you know so That I never really experienced it there Either And then YouTube Um and that was a grind too I was trying To do YouTube for years five six years Uh hard where I was doing YouTube almost Full time as well as running my Jeep Parts uh while we were home studying and That whole transition was just working Hard and grinding and grinding uh Sacrifice doing the work of two people As well as Mrs W logging and the whole Time from the time I married her and met Her I was running my businesses uh Keeping my wife at home taking care of My family and trying to get things going Trying to get YouTube going on that so If someone and I don't know what the Spirit of this comment is and I'm not I'm not going to assume that you're You're coming with a must be nice type Of a comment maybe you are maybe you're Not but that does not have an effect on

Me there's nothing any one of you can Say to shame me about the way thing the Decision I've made and and maybe the Opulence that I've surrounded myself With because I have busted my ass to get Here to be to use colorful language or To be franked I've worked hard and it Hasn't been given to me so it's very Short-sighted if if you you got to Realize that I'm 53. You have to realize that 10 years ago I Was broke living in my parents house at 43 with a family So if you are sitting out there at 40 43 In that position and looking up to me And saying oh it must be nice you know Must be nice and and you've lost your Way and all of that it doesn't affect me Because I have worked so hard to do this And you could do the same thing Now with that being said Is some of the how are some of the Decisions that I've made and some of the Things I've purchased and and surrounded Myself with is it ridiculous it is Ridiculous yes Mrs W and I after living It for a year or so uh having all this Stuff and all these toys have came to The conclusion actually about a month Ago that this is ridiculous uh and it Just it takes it takes too much to take Care of it yeah it's fun and it's very Exciting and you get that rush to get a New motorcycle or new trailer but then

The hard work sets in you know it's not Unlike elk hunting where you get so Excited and you get up that morning and You come up on your sites and you Squeeze that round off and it's so Exciting you know it's just the most Intense experience and then the hard Work starts and now you've got to go Down there and you've got to butcher the Thing or put it out of its misery and Then you gotta skin it and Bone it and Pack it out in freezing conditions you Know on the on your back and all the Stuff and the hard work moves in that's What happens when you get all this stuff And you complicate your life So the funny thing is that this is a Natural cycle for people that have come From nothing that come into some money Is uh many of them kind of lose their Mind it's like I can do this now I could The idea that to be able to go and to Buy a new truck and pay cash for a new Truck was so far out of my Paradigm and Understanding it would have been Laughable laughable to me even 10 years Ago I was driving a four thousand dollar Truck so All of this comes in this newfound Wealth and you can you can lose you lose Yourself in a little bit you can all These things I dreamed of my whole life When I was a kid look at me I mean right In front of you living out childhood

Fantasies of motorcycles and toys and Chainsaws and all these things and you Know Sawmills all the things I dreamed Of doing I did I was able to do Well what was that like what was that Experience like was it did it make my Life better did it make it happier No it just was a lot of stress and Frustration Um your day whole day can be spent Trying to fix things and move things and Worrying about getting them undercover To the point where you're like enough Enough and then so what did I learn Uh that's not really where it's at I Think where it's at uh is having a life That's simple simple organized uh and Somewhat regimented and that's what We're moving into so the new shop is Going to be fun where no longer am I Going to bring all this stuff in here Nothing passes through the threshold That isn't an essential thing that I've Decided to have so what Mrs Debbie and I Are doing you can't do everything at Once you have to do things Systematically is the the way to Simplify your life and declutter first Off well we need a simple house right The house we're living in takes too much Maintenance it's big uh it's a it's a Ridiculous uh Boomer mixed mansion I'm not saying I regret buying it uh it Was what we wanted to be here it was

What we could get it worked out it was Fine it may turn out to be the greatest Blessing of all time it might turn out To be the ultimate Community Center and That's kind of what it looks like but we Don't want to live there I don't want to Live in a it alienates you from your Friends uh it alienates you from your Community it's just stupid it's Ridiculous to have something like that So A small modest quality Craftsman Style home that that is more of a Cottage style is what we'd like to have So that's a big part of it you know to To Okay we did all this crazy stuff this Isn't making our life better it's Actually making it worse let's get back To fundamentals back to where we were at And smaller house so yes To answer your question I think yeah I think it was a mistake Well I don't know if it was a mistake it Was just it was a a direction that I Went I went to experience it Yeah it was not a mistake it was Um is this where contentment and Happiness and joy is and let's go there And try it out uh to find out nope it is Not okay so where is happiness and Contentment you got to ask yourself what Do I do what do I find myself doing when I can do anything with no rules let's Say it's a a long weekend let's say your

Wife has taken the kids and and they've Gone out to visit her parents out of State somewhere and you left alone in Your shop to your devices to do anything You want with no oversight what do you Find yourself doing well I find myself Out here in my shop working on Ax Handles polishing you know Working On Tools little I'll fire up the forge and Build a little hook I need for something Or a punch a hole in something or I'm Working on my motorcycles or the other Time that's the type of thing I enjoy Doing and so I said well that's what We're going to focus on get rid of the Kiteboarding stuff get rid of the Mountain climbing stuff there was a time In your life where you did that there Was a season for that are you really Going to be up and free solo rock Climbing or doing you know leading Natural with natural you're not doing That stuff anymore let's get serious you Haven't done it for 10 years you're not Going to do it anymore it's time to let It go get rid of it so Focus on what you do and what I what I Want to do in the last few years is I Want to relationships are a big portion I want to build relationships Friendships I want to share experiences I.E the community center so I want to Choose sports that are going to be or I Can involve other people that are more

Communal so the motorcycle and the snow Biking is like that you know we can Organize rides and I fully unplanned to If you are a moto guide of a motorcycle And you have moderate capabilities I Will take I can take you onto the Adventure of a lifetime that you'll Never forget I want to do that sort of Thing maybe we get together and you stay At one of the places or we have some Guest houses you know that's what we're All working towards tents or years or Whatever that may be So that's what I want to do so narrowing It down to what I want to focus on I'm Going to be into snow biking I'm going To be into Moto those two sports work Really good together they rotate with The seasons I love my one wheel that That does it for me I could probably get Rid of all the snowboarding maybe keep a Set of backcountry skis to go for Friends from time to time but I'm Content and happy with that so that's What I want to build that that's what I Want to surround myself with We can get rid of all those things a lot Of aggravations and worries equipment Pieces of things you don't use send it On send it on to someone else that can Use it surround yourself with few things Of high quality that you enjoy that Support your life I mean that's that's Kind of where I'm going

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