Living off the Land for a Week Whitewater Trip – Part 2 – Camping through Thunderstorms – Big Rapids

By | October 31, 2022

Wow good morning Slept pretty good i ended up Rolling upside down and sleeping on the Mesh for a bit so Glad it didn't break Kyle's up and out of making a fire Got some real nice thick Real bacon For breakfast get that cooked up today Before spoils and then uh On the water it's a nice day I'm looking forward to it I'm not hating the barrel you know i was Oh just talking to the camera i was uh Not sure about the barrel And i'm actually pretty happy with it I have not poor tossed it yet That is the truth Oh this pan is perfect I'm happy with the pan choice It's a little hot Kyle grabbed a bunch of blueberries this Morning so we're gonna put them in the Pancake mix And have pancakes with the bacon It should be Nice i got some maple syrup to go on at All Well that's a freaking pancake boy Big hungry today All right we got some teamwork action Going on here i'm making up this badass Blueberry chocolate chip pancake and Kyla is helping me out big time by

Putting a little Extra tie out on my map case Then we heated his So that there's extra things to tie them Off to Kind of not use in there double Fisherman's but i'm getting all nervous Because you're watching okay breakfast Is almost served Pancake is done nice big fat one And the bacon is getting finished off Over the smoky Fire Oh maple syrup No i don't have any video of me pouring Maple syrup it's the ice hundred percent How are you even calling yourself Canadian right now All righty Got some uh Bacon on nope maple syrup on my bacon And my pancake is the pancake cooked Yeah here they got blueberry action look Oh it's a purple Very very good blueberry All right well I think um I've done better on the pancakes before But there's a pretty big one you're good Flipping it i was flipping it was For the challenge Somebody's needed some like micro tongs Would be helpful i have problems but i Didn't bring them

Very good bacon's great I'll get this into us Start tearing down camp and Head on I imagine i'll put the big camera away Because we got some rapids Pretty soon off the hop Try and get a beat on it Okay All right we're going to run this set Here we haven't scoped them out or Anything but Looks relatively down the chute hey Right down the pipe Right there there yeah Okay but that's not anything right there That we need to worry about down that Shoot part Am i good Nice Yeah this is a lot of fun All right so we have a rock uh There's a rock there and there's one Definitely right in the middle Huh All right well oh there we go up there Sure does it This is the fourth one then yeah this Isn't the one we gotta scout All right This looks uh Pretty [Applause] Where are we going tell me

Oh help me go left then help me go left Then We're taking on some water on that one Keep paddling keep paddling keep Paddling keep paddling We got it empty We don't want to hit these big ones with This water Weight Tell me where to go kyle Keep your balance bud whoa Ha ha ha I am sitting on the bottom of the canoe Man All right Yeah yep yep Yep we're plowing dude Oh there's no hanging on we're going to The side what are you hanging on I know i'm trying to backpaddle Holy dude we took out so much water we Took on so much water Well just carefully because it's super Tippy Hey i'm good Holy You're sitting in the lake back here bud Oh I'm a little freaking weapon We should have brought like a legit Bailey yeah we should have been we Shouldn't be taking that much water on i Don't think that was a lot of water man That was a lot of water can we just

Scoot between Okay hold on hold on no no no You just Drenched me way more than i was wet We should just dump this out Yeah hold on yeah yeah I'm still still bailing this out That wasn't it I don't believe you Still bailing this out Yeah i'm sure of it Well we didn't scout that one we were Supposed to but Kyle was certain that wasn't the one All is well we did good except for the Amount of water that we took on i think A spray skirt obviously would be a huge Help Um but we were fine we communicated Everything was good just the uh we took On a lot of water and then it got super Tippy super super unbalancy near the end Like and then we were coming towards Here just ramming speed couldn't even Control it No i was like i was Oh for like 10 minutes A whole 10. Whatever All right keep going a little bit now Start hooking it You're up Okay So the right of the rock yeah

Stop stay right here stay right here There's a rock go right stay right here Don't move straight Okay don't say stay right Man Oh stay right here we're good A little bit right right right All right we're good Right the right Right perfect straight Cool Okay when you said right here i didn't Know if you were saying to turn right Here or stay right here You know what i'm saying Oh you're good i just didn't understand I see that kind of slip strip in the Middle yep That was a nice one Yeah we're noticing that whenever the Portages are easy to find and look like They've been like Used a lot then don't run don't run Those rapids It's uh yeah that looks spicy synonymous Bulky Bam oh we're on a what third portage Second Third Next What is it Wow What is that it's buddha But scooter is right

Try the gouda it's gora old 70s show Reference The harvard is a party Anyone kyle Jackie selling cheese anyway um on our Third portager so We're almost done for the day i think if We're going to stop where we wanted to We've been going for Almost four hours We plan on paddling five or six hours a Day on this trip Nice and leisurely So I'm gonna check out the map here There is a rapid right there did you see It when you're done That's strong cheese buddy I can't remember this is a three year Age one three years Some Dark clouds rolling in here But It seems to be a Commonplace thing Getting the hang of this Nice leisurely paddle here and then uh Next portage we have on the map it says I'm sorry next rapid it says Take the first half of the portage and Then scout the rest so the first seems a Little daunting And then you can run the rest Potentially

So we'll see And then there's a waterfall coming up Soon Maybe a nice place to take a break fish Well we scouted it We brought our big bags down to the end I think we're gonna try and run it from Here Down we walked about 70 meters or so the Rest is quite a bit down and we think we Can make it there's a couple wave trains But if we hug the left shore should be All right kyle was a champion went in And scoped it out in the in the river so We'll try Yeah What about down there I see a rock Yeah we'll have to go to the left maybe A bit i think so okay All right let's go buddy Just talk to me okay okay You're in good position Okay pull us right We have to paddle hard i think here Hard left yeah go back kyle paddle Thank you Right right right good okay we're good You got to keep her in the water bud It's raining we're going to go uh do a Portage where we have or sorry a river Where we ha ha wrap it a rapid where we Have to uh do some fancy maneuvering

That we haven't done before eddying out And crossing over the river and stuff so The rain it helps it'll cool us down so We don't get too hot Exactly All right Oh let's try and have a idea what we're Doing we're gonna go around to the right Okay paddle kyle please Talk to me is this a rock on our left Right here [Music] More right look at look up there though [Music] Tell me what to i don't know what to do Go straight Here Now what's up [Music] Okay That was a good one yeah that was a good One Pokey smokey [Music] That's the problem when you turn like That too fast with the water Super tippy That was full on A little bit water but not half as bad As before and we kind of went in blind Like we did scout it but we couldn't see That we couldn't see half of it right There's no way to get river left that Was our original idea it was i that was

Abandoned real quick a real freaking Plan did not last no I forgot about that Hold on Pointer straight I don't know what to do Oh yes That was eventful Yeah On to the rapids On to the rapids we go there's a we just Noticed there's a campsite marked good Near the wrap or near the waterfall Sorry so uh if it looks decent i would Probably end up staying there we're all We're both wet from the rain and it's Two o'clock you know Two o'clock i don't think he's drawing Me right now Noah i agree with that one i'm pretty Pretty wet we're gonna portage on this Island in the middle of two uh Waterfalls Have to do it and then i think we're Gonna camp Pretty Soon been switching off i carry a couple Carry and then i'll carry So it's uh it's a little heavy for me to Be honest it's pretty hard for me to get It up but Did not do that right Don't I'll give you that

Um It's a good feeling Nice We're gonna check out the waterfall that We went around [Music] Yeah We ain't running that one boy Holy crap Either way you go it's no good Hey what's up buddy Oh i certainly do not i certainly don't Claim to be a good singer yeah that's Very accurate look it Looks like you So obviously we've decided to camp here It's uh just about three o'clock happy To be here Site's pretty nice and we have this Confluence of rivers coming in or the Same river i guess in different spots Waterfall waterfall waterfall party Words that mean things so that's a good Spot because it could be potential for Good fishing here and it's pretty it's Just a pretty spot See One Two back there that's got old blue Working on old blue right now yeah i'll Get her going good It's our third member of our party here Yeah it really is The chart's been around forever

They didn't really stop much for snacks And stuff today i was just kind of go go Go so i'm pretty hungry i want to eat a Nice snack right now and wait for supper Uh For a few hours I don't think that i'll have fish Tonight even if we catch a fish i think I'm gonna make a like a chili or Something up No fish today though nobody caught a Fish today we didn't try much but still Surprising How is it how does that run down the Battery because it's like always in like A standby state Well that's how i've always done it the Internet's told me so i've always done It it's never been a problem maybe maybe I'll turn it on my mode onto that one Too it goes pretty quick less beeping We got our tent set up Looking pretty slick over there Kyle the tarp sherpa Hooked her up old blue up there looking Good man yeah i'm doing all right sun's Coming out going away coming out going Away so uh it's pretty comfortable I tried some fishing they'll go but i Think in a little while we will Get out And uh In the canoe and fish What do you think what do you think

About today kyle dude a-plus it's been An eight-plus day perfect Oh hey what's up buddy The funny thing is You're not joking Real life so Uh well i went to the restroom Facilities and then the sun came out so Nice that's yeah Low and sunny Some bugs out now Good thing we've got the muscle Is it going to fall that way I don't think so I mean like if it does anything just a Tarp line Yeah i can't get anything can you can You push it up at all oh yeah he like Shove it up yeah i just want to hit Anything over there i think it's okay Yeah you're fine very clear Yeah i just hit the tarp line It's okay I can just easily undo that Laughs Hmm So this piece of wood Looks pretty resinous to me this is the Top of that tree i'm spending some time Bucking it down And oh yeah look in there it's All full of pitch pitch or resin or fat Wood or Whatever you want to call it

I'll just split it down You know So it's not all fat wood all the way Through But it really smells Uh resiny so i'm sure it will work Very well Well i've been trying I've been trying to catch a fish here Probably since we got here Quite a bit of Effort Switching lures no luck And this guy has not caught anything and Has not tried to catch anything and this Is his first cassie Looks like it should be fishy This is homemade Uh dehydrated turkey that my neighbors Raised And vegetables and rice and i put my own Spices in it it's pretty good i'd let it Soak for a long time i shredded the Turkey myself if you don't shred it it Doesn't really reconstitute that great And it still really doesn't You have to soak it for a long time but This is decent anyways it tastes good Turkey could be a little bit more Rehydrated or a little softer But i'm hungry Well I'm gonna be getting some weather Back at camp

No fish for us boys tonight Nice cool bald eagle man Bulldogs where's the fish action bruh Oh Let's try joe's popcorn we've got salt Pepper some garlic Okay I'll stop making fun of him Holy crap she's trying to take it off They can alright take off hey who's head Whoa She come out oh This is intense man Oh my god All right joe is officially losing his Mind He's singing a lot i'm crying i don't Know what to do with him these eyes i've Seen a lot of kyle's butt and he's Really white and i never want to camp With him again You see this is what i'm dealing with [Music] Hey You're ridiculous All right time for bed hey call 100 dude All right good night I've never seen so much lightning in my Life Oh my god disco ball [Applause] This is Crazy There's some lightning if you didn't

Notice Oh my goodness 1 30 in the morning we're getting a Freaking strobe show out here Wow This is wild man It's starting to slow down a little bit But holy crap [Applause] Oh harry crave Oh thunder

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