Mason Jar Butter, Buttermilk Biscuits, and Breakfast Casserole in a Camp Oven

By | October 31, 2022

Good morning folks i'm dave canterbury With self-reliance outfitters in the Pathfinder school back out here at the Pathfinder outdoor kitchen With my good buddies on How you doing buddy What we're going to do today is going to Be a little bit of a process we're going To make a scratch Breakfast casserole So the first thing we're going to do is We're going to make our butter and we're Going to make our butter milk so stay With me we'll get started Okay To make our butter and our milk All we need is heavy whipping cream and A mason jar and then a second mason jar To pour things off And maybe some cheesecloth if you want To strain things really nice and form Them nice Talk about that in a few minutes get Down there don't get up here So the first thing we need to do and John's loving this Heavy whipping cream Get downs on no sir Is we need to fill half this mason jar With heavy whipping cream And that's good now we're going to put The whipping cream back in the cooler And we're going to put the lid on our Mason jar before zhan decides he wants

To get up here and Have a lash All right Once we get that done all we're going to Do is we're going to start shaking this And we're going to shake this for a few Minutes But it's going to form a clump And it's going to separate the butter From the buttermilk As we go so we're just going to continue To shake this And we feel it start to lump up we're Going to add a pinch of salt When that starts to happen i'm going to Add a little bit of salt I'm going to take my lid off here for a Minute I'm going to get myself a Little pinch of salt Add it to my butter Go back after it Okay so now you can see what we've got Is we've got Liquid in there That we can pour off and that is Buttermilk We'll use that In our biscuits Along with some water and that lump We've got left in there Is our butter and then we can strain That off and form it And get it in the cooler or get it in a

Nice box To solidify better Okay So Buttermilk biscuits We're going to take one third of a cup Or excuse me one half of a cup We only need to make a couple three Biscuits here One half cup of self-rising flour We're not going to put any salt in this Because we're going to use Our Buttermilk and our actual butter So instead of cutting lard into this We're actually going to cut some of this Butter that we made into it I'll put Some of this butter in there save some For the top more biscuits And Then Get our Cutter here we'll cut that into the Flour really good Our pastry cutter Once we get that cut in Really good we'll start to add Our buttermilk And to get to the consistency that we Need if we don't have enough buttermilk We'll add a little bit of water Once you get this cut in here real good Kind of see where we're at

Buttermilk in there Once you get to the point where you're Adding liquid to this Your pastry cutter Is not going to be your best friend Anymore A fork is going to be your best friend Again we're not adding any salt to this We've got salted butter in here Now if it looks a little damp to you Once you added all your buttermilk You can always add a little flour to That Just put a sprinkle in there There's about a teaspoon more Because what we're looking for here is a Dough that we can roll out fold over Things like that we're done now we're Getting pretty close here To what we want Get this Dough out here and Get it nice and Floured up Just like that Now we're going to Pat this out With our hands We're gonna fold it in on itself just Like that Fold it over Powder down again make sure we got Plenty of Flour

Any wet spots we need to get flour on Them And we're going to flatten it out again This is going to give us the flaky Biscuits right here Let's flatten it out again We're going to fold it over on itself Fold it over on itself Fold it over on itself Make sure we got plenty of Flour on here I'm gonna give that One more Fold We're doing this fold three times so One Over And in half Now Make sure we got plenty of flour on this Dude Now we're going to get it out to where We want to get a couple biscuits out of It We're going to get this thing to about a Half inch Excuse me quarter inch thick About a quarter of an inch And we'll get a baking rack for a large Bush pot We're going to cook some of this stuff Today Over a propane oven we're going to cook Some of it open over and open fire we'll

Get to our casserole we're going to make That over an open fire There's our biscuit We'll get a Little tomato paste can here works for a Great biscuit cutter now they say that You shouldn't Twist your biscuit cutter Because when you twist your biscuit Cutter it keeps Things from rising correctly so we're Just going to kind of peel this out from Around Pick that dude up and drop them on the Rack A little bit of tail there no big deal We should have room for at least one More biscuit right here Probably actually got room for three Or enough dough i should say for three And if we do It's not gonna hurt anything to make Three we'll just Kind of wad this up again real quick and Flour real good Spread it out a little bit Cut one more biscuit out of that Just like that Call that good Put that last biscuit on the rack and We're ready to go Now our biscuits are ready to cook we Can let them sit there for a few minutes Not a big deal

Okay i've got some water in the boil on One side of this three burner oven this Just came off amazon i don't think it Had a brand name it's just a three Burner Camp stove and it works really really Well here at the pathfinder school you Can see it's got Three different burners on it we're Gonna use one of them For our bush pot oven to cook our Biscuits and on the side over here we're Gonna make some sausage to go in our Casserole And we got some hot water boiling right Here for doing dishes so it all works Out really well that way like i said We'll cook the casserole itself Out over a fire in a few minutes so Let's get this burner Lit up One thing that you can do with this i'm Going to show you a little trick here Before this gets hot I'm going to turn this completely 180 degrees like this On this rack or on this burner Leaving this pour spout at the top And then i'm going to put my lid on Before it gets hot To create my convection oven now i've Given myself a peephole right here that I can stick the food thermometer in to See what the temperature is of that oven

While it's cooking Okay While that's cooking We got some jamestown Brand hot pork sausage here And i like the hot stuff in my breakfast Casserole so we're gonna Take about a quarter of this like i said We're not cooking for 10 people here We're cooking for me And john basically cooked breakfast or Group of people so we'll put this right Back in the fridge I should say in the cooler I don't have refrigerator plugged in out Here solar powered when all i got is Cooler right now We'll take this over to Skillet Get that cooking Okay so we're just browning this sausage Right now And for a couple reasons number one i Want to create a little bit of grease in Here for hashbrown potatoes And number two I want to cook these ingredients before Putting them in the dutch oven except For the eggs so that's the only thing in This recipe that has to cook and it Melts the cheese and browns the top of The casserole so we'll kind of talk About that as we go but for now we're Cooking our

Sausage all the way through And then we'll set it aside and we'll Make some hash brown potatoes In this sausage grease and some butter Then we're trying to keep the grease so We're just trying to Get the sausage out of there and Keep the grease in the pan if we get a Little bit of Sausage mixed in with that grease It's not a major issue Doing our multitasking here we're going To check our biscuits Real quick here see how they're doing Oh yeah they're looking good Okay the next step here is to Grate up some potatoes and This is another one of those Items i say you probably want For your kitchen Outdoor kitchen otherwise but Outdoor kitchen this makes great cheese And potatoes and things like that for Cabbage for slaw all those types of Things Go real easy With something like this These things are easy to wash and clean Up in hot water We got any residue on the cutting board Here we can Put that in as well Now because we've increased the surface Area in those potatoes

By shredding them Think about starting fire surface area All that these are going to cook a lot Quicker so we're going to Can't get the world's greatest spatula Down in there well I have to get a spoon we're going to use Shake some of that out there we go We're going to use a good slathering of This butter and grease To cook these in And these potatoes are going to take Some constant monitoring because once They soak up that butter and that grease They're going to want to stick If you're not careful So just constantly moving around in There Spread them out flip them over Cast iron is easy enough to clean don't Worry about that Okay while we're finishing up our Potatoes here i'm checking on the Biscuits you can see they're Cracking on the top now Which means they're done ready to rock And roll i'll leave a little butter on Top All right once we get those hash browns Done We'll put them in the same container With our sausage and set that aside Looking real good so far Okay we're getting ready to put all of

Our ingredients together into our oven To cook over the fire now let's have a Quick discussion about the difference Between a dutch oven and a camp oven Because we're going to use a camp oven Today lots of people and i've probably Been guilty of myself because get so Used to saying dutch oven dutch oven Call a ducha or call a camp oven a dutch Oven So i'm going to show you This Is a dutch oven No legs No recess on the lid Lid Two handles big pot Dutch oven What we're going to use today That is commonly mis Called a dutch oven is a camp oven it Has three legs It has a lid That's recessed so you can put coals and Heat on top of the lid This is an actual camp oven not a dutch Oven What we're going to do today is we're Going to hang this by a tripod over the Fire To get our initial heat on the bottom we Don't want to get this very close to the Coals because remember our food is Cooked we're just trying to cook the

Eggs And kind of Seize everything together then we want To brown the top so we're going to Keep it above the fire To just warm the bottom but we're going To put coals from the fire on the top While we're cooking it to brown The top of this so the one ingredient That we haven't put together yet That we need for this is cheese I have selected A special cheese for this today make Sure to say anything wrong Okay this is Bunker hill bermuda onion Cheese We got spicy sausage in there we use hot Sauce on this bad boy we got plenty of Heat but we're going to add some onion Cheese to it to give it that onion Flavor as well We're gonna do the same thing with this Cheese Use a grater That we used our potatoes for so we'll Just Get ourselves a quick pocket knife out Instead of Messing about too much and we'll cut us A chunk of this off of here And again Only making this for one person So we don't need a bucket load of cheese

Either So we're gonna use a fairly small piece Here Okay Let's get some cheese grated up here Again This grater is the money train for this Kind of stuff Makes it real quick and easy Just watch the fingers Again hot Boiling water cleans this stuff up Real easy Just kind of watch our fingers here at The end Get a couple little chunks it doesn't Matter okay Call that More than plenty Okay First thing we're gonna do is get our Dutch oven here And We're going to use some of this butter That we have left here Get it out of here it's going to drop it Right in the bottom We're going to use a rag to spread that Around inside Use all our buttermilk and all our Butter today I don't have any butter left to butter Our biscuits with but i buttered the Tops up while they were warm

It should still be all right I'm going to cheat a little bit here and I'm going to use a paper towel To coat the inside of this camp oven With this butter This is just going to help keep anything From sticking to the Inside once we get it cooked And add a little extra butter in here at The same time All right Trash can under here Now we're ready to add the ingredients So What we have here We have our biscuits for after the fact Get those aside for a minute we have Potatoes we have sausage and we need Eggs So what we're going to do here We're going to take a couple eggs I'm going to break one in the sausage I'm gonna break one into the potatoes Just like that We're gonna mix those up Pour a sausage and egg in this one We could have put both legs in one Container wouldn't it matter but I guess i was just being over critical There or something i don't know I want to get these eggs good and Beat into here And mixed into all this really really Good

Just like this so we got potatoes Sausage and eggs here Once we get that mixed up We're going to pour that right in the Bottom of the camp oven And we only need enough to cover the Bottom of the camp oven because we're Not Again cooking for 10 people or cooking For ourselves But we don't want any bare spots in There so As we're kind of spreading that around In here we want to make sure that we Cover the bottom completely Thoroughly And then We could do one or two things here and Just A couple schools of thought but You can put your cheese in there now And start cooking it or you could cook It for 10 minutes or so To get everything nice adhesively Bound up and the eggs cook good then you Can add the cheese when you put the heat On top To kind of melt the cheese down in there And brown everything i think that's what We're going to do so we'll set this Cheese aside for a minute we'll take This bad boy over the fire we got to set Up a tripod first then we're going to Start cooking

Okay you can see we got a fire started Here we got Three tripod poles we've got the new Pathfinder tripod kit we'll talk about That when we set up our tripod here in a Second Let this burn down for a few we'll get That set up and i'll show you how it Works Okay so this leather pouch has got the Pathfinder tripod kit in it there are Several of these kits like this on the Market a few of them come with a leather Pouch We chose this to put our logo on to go With our stainless steel line of goods That are being sold in several retail Locations especially overseas And Basically it's two components You have one steel Piece here that's fairly thin but heavy Duty gauge steel It's got three about one inch and a Quarter inch and a half holes in it one Hole in the center the smaller about Three quarters of an inch you have a Chain with a hook And basically a key on this side And so once you put your poles through This you pull your chain To the length you want it to be with the Hook on the bottom And you just put that key across the

Chain link And that keeps it in place and you can Adjust it from the top up and down You get yourself three poles that are Approximately the same size And will fit a little bit loose Inside these holes so that you can Manipulate them around and give yourself A little bit of stick up there Once you put them inside that's step one Step two is to stand this up and you're Gonna have one pole going backwards and Two that cross And you're just going to spread this out To the point where you've got the amount Of stick up that you want And everything is held by friction Just like that Now you have a tripod move this over a Little bit we'll put this over the fire This is what we'll cook over Or cook on excuse me Kind of knock this fire down just a Little bit here We're gonna need some of these coals in A little while so Right now we need bottom heat So we're going to Get our chain Put it up through To the height we want and remember we Can adjust this after the fact So we'll pull it up fairly high to begin With

We don't want a lot of flame heat here So we're gonna knock these flames down So i do need the coals I need some coal for the top here in a Few minutes i'm just kind of letting That burn down to coals but while i'm Doing that it's not going to hurt Anything to heat the bottom of that Remember we've only got two eggs in There And the rest of the components are Cooked It's not going to take a long period of Time for that to cook and we can always Kind of check it and look at it it's not A big deal it's easy enough to take that Off the chain or take the lid off and Have a peek The cool thing about this is if i think I'm getting a little hot maybe i'm a Little close to the heat i can just pull The pin and lift it up Put the pin a couple links up higher Let it go okay we're also going to make A french press Pot of coffee I've got some jim beam cinnamon stick Coffee here we're going to make it a French press today so we're going to get This water heated up over by the fire Where camp oven's at All right [Applause] Get a

Couple of heaping tablespoons here Chin beam cinnamon stick in there Get her on the fire All right fire's died down a little bit Now Let's kind of take a look at this See what we got going on here Oh man look at that holy cow that thing Is just cooking up so nice Okay we're about I see white where the eggs are at so Only a couple of minutes to put cheese On that bad boy Our coffee's about to boil We're in good shape now we'll take it Off the fire and set it to the side here And put coals on top of it once we put The cheese in Flip that dude up Out of the hook Set him over here on the side Pull off our lid I'm gonna put cheese in here On top of this dude Spread that out really good Then Put our lid back on Get our shovel and get some coals on top Of this dude You don't need to cook it anymore in the Bottom Now we want to concentrate on the top We'll break up some of these coals over Here

During the fire Knocking our coffee over if we can And we'll get some coal Right on top of this dude Just like this No ash No coals not ash If we can help okay Now we're going to let that sit for About 10 minutes while our coffee's Finishing up Then we'll be ready to rock and roll Right we should be in pretty good shape Now Those coals are kind of turning white on Top of there Kind of Scrape those dudes off they'll get our Food We'll be Cognizant of how we pick up this lid Make sure we kind of pick it straight up Just like that Look at that man Look at that casserole just got a little Bit of a piece of ash in Just there That I think we are good Time to head to the table Okay Let's uh Open the dutch oven here We've got it over here on the trivet

[Music] Probably cooled down enough now that we Can Put it on the table See what this looks Like Yeah man look at that just perfectly Stuck together Not burned at all on the bottom there's The bottom of it look at that perfect Perfect perfect Get this out of the way for a minute Set it back Now Look at these biscuits Oh man look at that Perfect Perfect Biscuits look at those things man oh man Look at that wow Okay we need some honey for those bad Boys And we got some 1867 pepper sauce Handcrafted made in the usa by underwood Ranchers And then We got Our jim beam Cinnamon coffee Get our french pressed lid lined up Push that boy down to the bottom Pour ourselves a nice cup Oh man look at that golly See what we got going on here

Nice hot cup of coffee there First things first A little hot sauce on the breakfast A little certified heat going on here Raw Nate's 100 raw pure unfiltered honey Right here I'm gonna put on this biscuit Break one of these dudes up we haven't Broke open yet It's pretty flaky Don't break open very easy because they Cool down on me now not as hot as they Were We kind of been cooking in stages here All morning That's okay Make a honey sandwich out of that bad Boy That fire Bam Oh man Buttermilk biscuit All right This casserole's got going on That's money Oh yeah Bam Yeah That's good stuff right here That's a lot of work to go through For one person in the cat obviously but Especially on a 90 degree day But if you're cooking in a group camp or

For your family Well worth it Because it tastes fantastic Well That coffee Smells just like jim beam and cinnamon And it tastes phenomenal Man that might be the greatest thing Since the 10 c's right there Wow That's amazing Amazing coffee Zone break up in here I think he took off to go home a few Minutes ago I didn't see him come back but I'll leave some out for him he's not Back with time i clean up Guys i appreciate joining her for Breakfast today Kind of a long drawn-out process to make A nice Breakfast casserole Some homemade buttermilk biscuits with Homemade buttermilk and butter And then a new jim beam coffee i've been Trying out All of this stuff was fantastic that hot Sauce is phenomenal i'm trying to kind Of integrate some new products that i Pick up this is not stuff people give me For free i go buy this stuff so but i'm Buying it because i want to try Different flavors of hot sauces

Different types of coffee different Types of pop and i want to show them to You on camera and kind of let you get a Glimpse of them in case you're Interested in going and buying them you Can't just buy this stuff any place i Buy it you know at tourist stops at Jungle gyms places that carry lots and Lots of different varieties of Non-american type foods and then i buy Them at specialty shops so i shop all Over for this stuff it's 97 you're going To find on amazon it's not stuff that I'm being sponsored to say hey great Look at this hot sauce it's fantastic None of that it's just stuff that i'm Trying that i want to introduce you to And show you in case you're interested Looking for that brand looking up on the Internet find out where you can buy it Or something like that i don't get Anything out of it i really don't care It's not what it's all about what's all About is trying new things It's all about cooking it's all about Self-reliance it's all about an Enjoyable video for you guys so i Appreciate your views i appreciate your Support i thank you for everything you Do for our school for family for Business or sponsor instructors Affiliates and friends and i'll be back With another video in this series as Soon as i can guys thanks

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