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By | October 31, 2022

Foreign Boy and I want to talk about You know we have a decaying Society our Civilization is crumbling and a lot of That has to do with the lack of Masculinity a lot of just the Traditional Values meant held like they Are gone our society is trying to erase Them and replace them but I want to give Some advice this is like lessons for a Young man and I think it would you know Be beneficial for all of us to revisit These things and remind ourselves of These things so we can make sure we're Practicing and we're being a good Example for those Young men that are you know much younger Than us that might be looking for Someone To be guided by the first thing is no One is coming to save you you know History has shown us that you have to be Your own hero we've seen events unfold We're literally no one comes to save People and they have to say themselves You know obviously learning life-saving Skills like survival fighting shooting And hunting or things that could keep You alive and we could talk about this And you know for hours but enhancing Those capabilities along with physical Fitness Um is necessary because any of those Skills and you add someone who's

Athletic or fit into that they're going To be better okay so Fitness is always Paramount that's why military you know Uh athletes these sort of things people Are always better The more fit they are strength and Fitness is what separates us at the most Basic of level and I'd also say like Some type of uh you know combat art Because these are things that cannot be Taken away from you A firearm can be taken away a knife These sort of things but knowledge and Your physical fitness cannot be taken Away it's also something hard to develop When seconds count you can't wait to the Event to get in shape But I want to say this too like it Doesn't matter like how much you can Lift if you can't even run a mile under 10 minutes right you're not healthy and You're focusing too much on one side of Something sure strength is great but you Also need to have some endurance and That also goes for the same as it Doesn't matter how far you can run If you can't even pull yourself up what If you have to you know pull your own Body weight up to save yourself you have To pull someone you love up to save them What if you have to climb up something To get out of a bad situation just like If you have to run to get away from a Bad situation or run to go save someone

Save someone you love being strong today Is hard okay so working out is is you Know difficult it's discipline you're Having to assert yourself but being weak Is hard forever you'll have a hard life The rest of your life and before we go Any further I want to talk about today's Video sponsor Black Forest Labs my Favorite brand of trigesterone I think Trichesterone is a great supplement Because it's natural and it will help Improve your Testosterone it will help build lean Muscle mass it will help give you energy And it's natural it's not hormonal so It's not going to affect anything weird In your body Or change anything permanently they're Also the most pure and The cheapest I found and that's why I Like them so anyway they sponsor today's Video thanks guys for sponsoring them Please go hit the link below get you Some we've had a lot of the tribe Actually using it and have had nothing But great feedback so if you don't have To just trust me go look at our tribe Members they're always talking about how Good black forest Labs trigestion is The next thing is is that we live in an Entitled world where everybody thinks oh I'm owed something I mowed something for X Y and Z you're not owed anything okay You deserve nothing you're entitled to

Nothing a young man in his 20s you know He's he's stressed into a world where he Has to prove his value right and even Older men you have to prove your value Every single day This is crushing to most because most People think they get out in the world And everything's going to be easy and And life's going to give them whatever They want but you've got to make Yourself valuable no one else is going To make you valuable and no one cares if You're valuable you have to make Yourself valuable for other people that Goes for your family that goes for your Job that goes for anywhere you are If you play 14 it doesn't matter If you have a team whatever that is you Have to add value to teams you get what You work for and I see this type of Mindset a lot In the comments section you know Achievements aren't accidents okay Um if you look around at self-made People you admire you're only seeing the End result you're you're not seeing all The work the hours the days they put in To get to this achievements you know Achievements come from actions not from Shortcuts you know some people there's Some outliers that you know Daddy's you know Daddy's trust fund Babies and stuff but that's very few and Far between a lot of people work very

Hard to get where they are and you Shouldn't discredit them because of Their work you know no one saw the Fights I had my wife uh when I when I First had the idea of uh you know Committing to creating a company black Scout survival or the first few years Were the tons of work that would take me Away from my family with little results And those around me thought I was Wasting my time nobody saw that right None of you guys saw that you see me now And I see guys that will say oh you know You have a you know nice truck or Whatever and you didn't see the the the Fighting of me wanting to make my dream A reality Um and the years of work with little Results a lot of people won't instant Gratification and that's why a lot of People don't last in this game in social Media because they'll you know start off Wanting to get real quick results a lot Of followers on the likes but it doesn't Happen that way No one saw uh the hours that I spent Teaching myself things In a world I didn't know I didn't know a Lot of this stuff I told myself right Long hours three four a.m I'm reading How to write websites I'm reading how to Do things with videography all these Things nobody saw that right you just See the end result and I think it's a

Disservice for a lot of people to take It away from you know people's Accomplishments people's hard work away By saying oh well you know look you may Suck at life and life may not you know Come easy for you it doesn't come easy For anybody but you can't be upset Because someone else is out there out Working you because that's what they're Doing they're outworking you that brings Me to my next point is that no one will Do the work for you You have to be a man of action you have To put in the work and no one cares if You eat no one cares if you pay your Mortgage or not you know uh You you've got to put in the work Nobody's going to do it for you nobody's Going to give you anything you're not Owed anything you're not entitled to Anything you've got to do it passive men Wait for knowledge they wait for things True men go get the knowledge they go Find the things they want Or the things they want to learn right Life should be about learning things you Should be constantly trying to learn Something new to try to add value try to Better yourself there's plenty of times Today and I always hear this about Especially when it comes to Fitness People are like I don't have the time Street I definitely don't have the time But I make it happen it's just like

Everything in life you got to put in the Time I don't watch television you know It's funny because a lot of times in YouTube comments so you know say Something wrong like a live chat they'll Say something that I've never heard of Before and they're like you're a boomer That's just because I don't watch Television Um not that I have anything against it I Just don't have the time for it right so I want to use my time to better myself Or my time to watch something uh and Waste time you know the average American Actually watches four hours of Television per day Right and you can you can Google it I Wonder how much other of that time they Spent on social media right but that's Two months out of every year that They're spending Watching television that's 13 years of An average lifetime 13 years spent Watching television but luckily I don't Have that problem but time in the issue It's actually time management you know And and focusing discipline your energy Where does it go that is What the the true problem is where are You putting your energy at are you Wasting time Or you're doing something to better your Life and your family's life your Survivability being a man the sooner you

Internalize these concepts of the better Every day is going to get because every Day that passes you're never going to Get back so if you don't start today or Yesterday you're not getting that time Back right you got to start now Don't wait No one's coming to do anything for you Another issue I see a lot of times is This loser's mentality It's been pushed very hard by democrats Because they'll say you can't succeed Because the color of your skin or Whatever it may be stop boxing yourself In Um stop putting a glass ceilings and you Know this goes back to your own nothing And you get what you work for a lot of People will be upset because you know So-and-so is doing much better and they Have a Lamborghini now I still got a Lamborghini I'm happy for them like man How'd you get that What can I do to get get there you know A lot of people I see in like the YouTube comments they're mad they're mad Because someone's more successful than They wish Bad on these folks they don't want to See other people successful which is Very sad it's a loser's mentality It's kind of like the same thing like When they see someone that's fit they'll Say oh he's on steroids

Um they'll say they see someone that's Rich this person inherited it there's no Way that he could have worked his way to Get this body or though that he worked His way to get this money every Successful person is a trust fund baby Right or they cheated in Life or You know nobody's really happy anymore They're just lying they're on drugs Stuff like that a lot of times that is The case a lot of people are Self-medicating but what you have to Think is that everyone gets what they Work for And they're happy with other people's Success you too can find success and I Think that you know we should strive for That every day trust me Your life's not going to get worse no Matter what you think by getting in Shape getting healthy Less medical issues even Um no it's not going to get worse from Being disciplined with your time And you're not gonna do any worse by Learning something new gaining knowledge Right these are things that there's no Way your life's going to get worse if You spend your time in these things And again guys this is like you know I Wanted to talk about these things Because one I just see a lot of I see a Lot of YouTube comments where people are Really mad like these guys are Patriots

But they're really you know just sour About life like things suck for them and You have to take self-accountability Look at look at yourself and say how can I make my life better right you have to Work for it no one owes you anything Okay and don't listen to any Democrats That are going to tell you that you Can't do better because the color of Your skin or because you're a female or Anything like that those are all lies That are perpetrated so that you trust Them to make your life better don't wait For anybody to make your life better you Make your life better anyhow guys I Wanted to share this today and uh on the Back porch of this beautiful Marsh here But uh anyway please uh do me a favor Check out our sponsor Dave Black Forest Labs honestly I would not ever recommend Anything I don't use or I don't Recommend or highly recommend it and I'm Going to go further in depth on these Sort of things because I'll see a lot of People talking about various other Substances too and I would like to talk About those because I have knowledge About all of them I can assure you I have tested all of them on myself to Be honest but anyway guys I do Appreciate your support go uh hit that Link uh and get you some while it's on Sale and uh guys always remember to stay Frosty strap and dangerous no one's

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