My Portable Power Solution For Winter

By | November 1, 2022

Welcome back gentlemen today's video is Made possible by our friends at ecoflow And we're going to be taking a look at The New River 2 Series of the portable Solar generators the littlest one in the Series is the river two and this is the One that I grab and what I would Consider really good for one person I Actually come down here and set up my Office and use this to power my Computers when I'm editing and such on Those days I want to get out of the shop It gives you AC and DC power and this Guy you can charge with AC in one hour To one hundred percent so River 2 max is What we grabbed when we were going to go Have a long weekend and visit family in Idaho in the car this gives you all the Ability to charge multiple devices and Computers and if you have an older car That doesn't have all of these features You have it now you can take this with You and have multiple ways of charging And power all that stuff for multiple Days for for a whole family with the pro You're getting into a pretty significant Power station here this is going to give You the ability to run significant Appliances you're going to be able to Run hot pots or even microwaves with With this unit yet it's still very light They're getting a lot lighter I think These are 30 percent lighter than the Previous one was they're very manageable

Now with the integrated handle it's Really cool because you can just kind of Grab them and go the inputs on the back Of the series are all similar there's an Option for AC charging as well as solar Panels this is exactly how we charge our Portable power stations when we go Camping this is an ecoflow 400 watt Portable fold out Power Station it's Lightweight it's super thin it's tough It doesn't take up space anywhere and You can just lay it out and there's 400 Watts once you flop that panel out It's really this simple simple enough For a professional homeowner I assure You because I can do it right there We are charging second way you can Charge is with a regular power plug that You're going to have in most every Vehicle Uses the same plug you can see right Here we're putting 100 watts into it the Battery percentage and how long to full Charge if you're a nerd like me the app Is cool because the green tells you what Devices are awake and by clicking on Them you can see all of everything That's going on and from remotely you Can see all your charge charge times how Much is going out how much is going in It's really fun to watch when you're Camping these portable power generators The big and the small ones have really Changed the way I set up my shop and how

I work Mike a concrete contractor that Put the shop up uh when I was talking to Tools about him I'm always interested in Talking to professionals what do they Use and he said oh no we're completely Cordless all Milwaukee Tools because They're just so good now because we're So much faster so much more productive It's so much easier for that for us that We don't even think about that anymore And having something like this what I'm Doing now is when I need power and I'm Going to be running you know remotely Even lights you know I've got if you've Got a little garden shed or a shop Somewhere where you have not not had Power to or would like would like to Have power or some USB port or stuff Something like this is really ideal Because you can just carry it out there And you can take it with you and if They're giving you trouble about permits Or it's just Cost prohibitive right There you you have options I even got in Some a dark area of my shop or rather Than wrote a bunch of lighting in there I just hang up one of these I figure What's the difference between pressing This button and flicking a light switch I'm really tickled about this technology I haven't used my gas generator but one Time since I've had these I just prefer To use these there there's no noise you Can recharge them with the solar panels

You can recharge them in the car while You're traveling along silent stealth Like this so handy I mean it's just so It's a lot easier to get your kids and Grandkids to go camping when you have a Way for them to charge their phone so Just for their or remote power for a Work site or it's handy or an emergency Just what's it worth to you to be able To charge your phone we've had Situations where the power has been out For eight days and to have something Like this where you could lay a panel Out and have some Independence and not Be completely Reliant upon the grid is Give me a real peace of mind so I'd love To see the technology ecoflow has been a Really good company to work with for us As I said I've been with them since the Very beginning and I've seen their Products improve I've given them Recommendations on things and they've Immediately made the changes I've Interacted with their Engineers they've Done everything they've ever said They've going to do and they've been Delivering really good products that I Use daily my whole family uses daily if You ever meet Mrs W or Jack and ask them They probably have one in the car we Really do use them daily there there's a Lot of these out there and you know I'm Not going to say this is the best brand I'm just saying this is the brand that

We've been using and I'm familiar with The company I've been working with them You get a five year warranty on it and The cycle time on these These are rated To charge 3 000 times so Everyday Use You know what's that going to be like That's going to last years and years and Even then you know you're down to 80 Percent it's still going to continue to Work after that so you're not investing In something that's most this is going To be a piece of junk that's not going To be worth anything it gives you the Option to have portable power and an Emergency charger for who knows what Could happen so if you'd like to look Into this series and see which option Would be best for you in the river 2 Series I'll put a link in the Description and appreciate Eco flow for Supporting us and giving us a look at These so that we could make a good Decision if this is something you're Looking for thanks for watching may God Bless you and your families please keep Us in your prayers and we'll see you all On the next video

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