New backpack for the Archery Range

By | October 31, 2022

Hey guys my name is Lily and today I Want to show you my new backpack for Archery stay tuned [Music] Okay so finally I got a new backpack for Doing archery and I wanted something Slimmer because my old backpack was a Little bit bigger and bulky and it had Side Pockets where I constantly was Bumping into with my elbows so I got Myself a really Slim and small backpack Take a look so this is my new setup and This is the Tasmanian tiger essential 15 liters now Let's take a closer look Alright so this is the Tasmanian Tiger 15 liters in Olive It's a really nice color and it fits This Forest that I very often uh Yeah to practice my archery skills and Here at the front you can see some Molly Wrapping all over the front of the Backpack and also at the side it does Not have any side pockets Um but it has two straps that go over The entire bag here And then here you have a small Compartment And this is where I have my String and with the string I am Stringing the bow So yeah This always gets entangled with the Other gear in my backpack and that's why

I've decided to put it Like into the smaller compartment so now It has a place of its own and It does not get in the way anymore It's tucked away Nicely and this way I never forget my Bow Stringer So because it's always in here Here and also This is the back side it's a very plain Back side you have a simple padding and Some really good shoulder straps So yeah pretty basic but actually I Don't need more for doing archery and Yeah in the front I have my patch here's The logo Which says Tasmanian tiger And this is how you can open up the Backpack now I always have my car keys At a carabiner because I want to be able To quickly grab my keys and I don't want To search around at the bottom somewhere So yeah this is really practical and That's why I have it on this carabina And also I have attached a signal vessel So sometimes you know I'm going Uh shooting somewhere where there's not A lot of people and in case I break my Leg I definitely want to be able to Signal for help and this is why I have The signal whistle in here Then also at the back side You have a bladder compartment And this is where I store my bow checker

This is just a standard one and the Bright side of my Apple by the way I always have at About 20.5 Centimeters so that's here And that is about 8 inches So yeah this is my bracelet Checker Every now and then I check the bright Side to make sure that it doesn't change Yeah then I always have some water with Me And this is my wallet Next on I have my Aper Von Hunter knife This is my self-designed hunting knife Apron Hunter And yeah it's rather small Smaller than my survival knife and this Is why I've chosen it for my backpack Here because Yeah I want to save weight as much Weight as possible and that's why I'm Not carrying my big knife yeah then what I have here Is a really good first aid kit and That's something that you really want You can hurt yourself when doing archery You can Shoot at us by accident or you can get Shot The arrows can break while shooting Hitting your face or your arm then also Once I saw an accident were

Um the screw broke inside of the bowl And then one guy got the limp on his Head and he was bleeding a lot so yeah a Lot of things can happen with archery Especially With accidents or if your equipment Fails So it's really important that you have a Good first aid kit with you And this is why I've chosen a really big One so I have enough of materials at Hand to do some first aid So here I just have standard glasses and I even have tampons in case that I got a Surprise you know Um Yeah some plastic gloves wet wipes Emergency blanket which can double as Survival shelter Scissors then in the left compartment I Have Band-Aids all kinds of Band-Aids And I always make sure that it's up to Date so I'm writing the expiry date on Each Band-Aid Then I have some pliers if you have to Get some sprinters out of your skin This is if you hurt your arm It's a triangular like Um bandage And some tape and some dental floss I Never go out without one so I really Want to have the opportunity to clean my Teeth

In an emergency this could also double As fishing line so yeah guys this is my First aid kit it's a standard one but It's also big enough that I can treat Most of the injuries okay next here I Got a net because sometimes I come Across like Things that I want to collect in the Forest nuts or hazelnuts or Mushrooms so I want to be able to have Some kind of bag Where I can carry stuff that I find this One especially is made from Cellulose fiber so it's without plastic Which is great okay next I have a repair kit that I want to show You in detail Okay so in here I have a small Collection of Things that I sometimes need when There's something to repair or You know sometimes you might lose a Knock that happens So I have a couple of extra knocks in Here That's always great to have Then I have a small exacto knife This is some real Loop that I usually Use for when doing crossbow shooting Then I have some full string bags in Here this happens to be peace wax so Let's quickly use it on my string So every now and then you want to Max Your bow string

And this is important so It's protected against the elements like Rain and snow And also it prolongs the life of the Bolstering Okay next I have a hex key set and yeah Here I have both metric and also inch Type of hex Keys that's a really great Set And I always have it with me This here is a screw that goes into the Front of the bowl so here you can add For example a wristband Yeah then I have a compass in case that I get lost and I need to find my Bearings Then I have A couple of knock points And A plier which can set knock points And I have tightened it with some rubber Bands because otherwise it will Rip open My pouch here so the corners here are Really sharp and this is where I want to Have the pliers closed For safety Then here I got extra upholstering in Case that the bow string rips off I've got both strings with the length of 60 61 and 62. so in this case I can also Give it to somebody else if they have a Problem [Applause] Yeah then I have a little bit of hot

Glue Sometimes I use that in emergency Situations to glue in some inserts into The arrow I have this string here this Was something that I used together with A peep side on my bow but right now I'm Not using it anymore And then I have shrink tube right now on The Arrow I have a electrical tape Because I did not have any wire shrink Tube but this is something that you can Use as an alternative to electric tape And yeah it's working good and I always Have a couple of extra in my bag and of Course a lighter you know if I have to Make a fire for some kind of reason I Can do so Okay the next I have another man with me Uh this is important if you have to get Out some inserts from a log for example So these are some strong pliers and I Never go out without a Leatherman this Happens to be a very light version this Is the Leatherman rebar and I really Like it it's a little bit uh more light Than the Leatherman Wave that I had Before So really good tool and I love it and Last but not least I want to show you my Notebook pouch And this is really like super Um practical so here I have a notebook And I can write down my scores that I'm

Achieving and also sometimes I'm meeting Other artists that want to give me their Information so it's really great to have Something to write on And I have different kinds of pencils uh Ballpoint pen and a Sharpie And also I have attached this big carabino Because when I'm shooting and when I Want to write down my scores I can hook This onto my belt so I don't have to Take off the backpack every time I want To write something down And now it just can conveniently hook it Into my belt and Um can quickly grab my notebook if I Want to write down my scores and that's Great that's really awesome yeah guys so This is my Poland Arrow kit Um It's not large so there are not a lot of Things that you need for archery but I Got the essentials and I really love my New backpack it's awesome And it's a toy to wear And now I want to show you how I'm Wearing this on my back without Disturbing my fever yeah guys now I want To show you how I mount the backpack on My bag so as you guys noticed I am Wearing a pack of quiver and I love it I Love to have my arrows here Right besides my head I don't like to Have a quiver on the hip I just don't

Like it it's it's not my thing and Usually what I do is And take out the arrows like this Then I take my backpack And I go over the quiver So it sticks out at the side And then I grab the second strap and put It over my shoulder Then I take my arrows Put them back into the quiver Okay And this is how I shoot my bow And now the quiver is not you know like Rattling around anymore it's really firm On my back and this way I like it even More than having no backpack with me so This way It's super firm it doesn't move around And I think it's awesome Also I do not have any problems in Putting back my arrows Into the quiver so because it's coming Out at the side it's much easier to see The hole and to stick in all of the Arrows Yeah So this is my setup The The backpack is pretty slim so the size Is still small enough so that I can move Around without you know having too much Weight or too much bulky mess on my back And I really like it this way I think

It's awesome it's a great backpack and Now that I have all of the key inside I Still have enough of space For My finger protection For my arm guard This is also self-made And I still have space for food For sandwiches and for my camera which Is right there and then usually I take My tripod and I fasten it to the two Straps here and this is how I can carry My tripod without it getting in the way Which is great So yeah Pretty awesome backpack I really like it I think it looks great now there's one More piece of equipment that I have with me And that is my laser range finder it's Probably the most expensive equipment That I have it's even more expensive Than the bow and Arrows together so that's a pretty Important gear which I always want to Have with me and I have it in my Small Swiss bag here and it's just Perfect For my Laser Rangefinder and you can Close the bag like this Super silent And doesn't make a lot of sound like for Example velcro does all right guys so This is it I really want to thank you

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