NEW Modern Trapping series Part 5 Trapping equipment Coon Cuffs

By | November 7, 2022

Looking at the gear we need on the Trapline for sets and resets

Morning guys I'm Dave Canterbury with Self-reliance Outfitters in the Pathfinder school back out here at the Pathfinder Outdoor Classroom we got About three days before the trapping Class starts so I'm trying to get some Of this academic stuff out of the way With you so I can take you live on some Of this trap on stuff in the class and Maybe record some of the lectures as Well for you but what I want to talk About today is I want to start a little Bit of a kind of mini series inside this Series on trap line equipment or the Equipment that you need to carry for Trapping and I get a lot of people ask Me that question you know I want to Start trapping what do I need well Obviously any traps you need Trappers Education license but there's peripheral Equipment you need depending on the type Of trapping you intend to do So let's start with something that's Very very simple because I think it Probably takes the least amount of gear The least amount of skill And you acquire that skill and wisdom Over the time that you trap But it makes trapping simple and fun if You're just getting into it so these Pawn encapsulating or cuff style Traps are very very effective They're a very safe trap to set for you And they're very easy trap to set with

Very little peripheral equipment you've Got to carry to get the job done so We've got our trap we talked about Setting this trap in another video During the mechanisms part of the video And we can either carry them preset half Preset with a piece of PVC in them or Just open like they are now you've got The chain the Trap tag you've got a D-Link a swivel or excuse me swivel at The end a D-Link that unscrews and then You've got a piece of aircraft cable Wrapped around that and generally what I Do with these in a way reason they're Set up like this because I use them Close to the woods a lot or in the woods Where there's plenty of trees and I can Just wrap this cable around the tree or Double it around a tree depending how Big the tree's diameter is and then just Jam this thing in the ground Carry a bottle of bait with me you know Put the bait in there put a little on The ground to bring them in maybe a Little bit of fish oil to squirt across A trail or something to bring them into The Trap And I'm pretty much ready to go Anchoring the Trap really is the trick Or the key to most trapping once you Understand how set and where's that Traps so in this case we used just a Cable as the anchor With a Speed Lock on it that we can

Change traps in and out if we need to Change the location of traps fix things We need to fix take the entire trap That's frozen to the animal things like That so that we can quickly and easily Do these things but the other advantage Of this is let's say I've got my trap Set up like this and I get to a spot I Want to trap a raccoon and there's Nothing to put this around there's no Fence post on a fence line there's no Trees nothing like that but there's a Good travel route that I can see Coons Have been using so I want to get this Type trap in there maybe even a pipe or Something like that that's going under a Road that I want to trap but I can't put This around anything well the answer to That is An earth anchor okay and Earth anchor is A simple apparatus that you drive Straight into the ground it's called a Wolf Fang You take a driver and there's a hole in The bottom of this that this fits into And so you drive this straight into the Ground like this And then you pull this driver out so It's in the ground like this when you Pull up on this it turns sideways And locks into the dirt and you bury it All the way down to the connection then You can use the same simple speed link Connection that you've got on this track

To connect the Earth anchor to it so You've got two real easy ways of Anchoring this trap you can either Anchor it in the dirt on the ground or You can anchor it around an object and It's really easy to carry something like This and then something to pound with Maybe it's your ax maybe it's just a Baton and you don't want to carry a Bunch of equipment with you or just a Simple Hammer will work just fine the Other thing I would recommend that you Carry is a set of fence pliers and fence Pliers are really good for a lot of Things number one they'll cut this Cable In an emergency if you have to get it Cut they also will grip that Speed Lock To loosen that nut if it's cold Frozen Or gets rusted up on you and won't move You can do it with this You can also use this for other Application on the Trap line but this is One trap tool that I definitely would Not want to do without on a trap line You can carry a cheater tool like this For your cuffs just a U-shaped Rod Basically with a couple of notches in it And it's made to go over the top of the Spring device and put those notches Right on the bolt And then it gives you leverage to push That down to the position you need to Get it into And because it's a tube or you that dog

Will actually go right through the Middle of it so you can actually set the Trap with this in here okay so if you're Not strong enough to squeeze these down By hand or you don't have them set Halfway before you get there we need to Do a reset on the Fly you're not strong Enough to do that this tool will do that For you and generally you can slide that Thing right up In a set of pliers like that and it Makes a very small unit to carry around On a trap line that you're trapping for Coons with cuffs but you're going To catch possums you're going to cut Skunks you may catch the occasional cat And so that brings us to something else That you need to understand about trap Line when you get to a trap and there's An animal and a live you're going to do You want to two things you're either Going to release it or you're going to Kill it and the law in Ohio is that you Have to Just pass that animal or Let It Go on The spot at the location you can't carry It off and do anything with it later Some states have different laws on that So check the laws on your state To handle animals like that you're going To need something like this news pole Which is nothing more than a piece of PVC tubing with a coated Piece of

Wrapped wire inside of it basically the Same as this aircraft cable we're using On the traps except a lot larger Diameter and it's got a lock on the back Side here So that when you pull this down you pull This noose down it doesn't move unless You release this lock And then it will let the line slide Through it On one side or the other there you go Just like that okay to open it up so if You catch a cat which could happen you Could catch a domestic or feral cat in a cuff because they can get their paw In there and a lot of that's going to Depend on whether you have push or pull Or push pull triggers in the traps that You buy I prefer the triggers that only Are pull that way they don't get their Hand down there and push the trigger by Accident pushing on the bait and maybe Just get the front end of their paw in That trap I want them to get their whole Hand in there and get encapsulated Around the wrist with that trap that's Going to give you the best hold on that Animal you'll get less cats if you have A pull trigger because they have to get All the way in behind that trigger Trying to get bait out from behind it To activate the Trap and most cats Aren't going to be able to do that However it could still happen so some

Kind of a snaring pole like this to Release those calves is an important Thing to have So that's pretty much all you need to go Out and start trapping is a news pole an Earth anchor driver and some Earth Anchors A pair of pliers and a type of cheater Bar for setting traps if you need that A jug of bait and then a bucket of traps And you're ready to rock and roll and That's much left peripheral equipment Than you're going to need when you start Doing things like Upland sets so if You're looking for a quick and easy way To trap Concuss are definitely it and if there's Anything that anybody carries most of The time doing cuffs and I'm not Covering feel free to cover it in the Comments I don't worry too much about Covering up scent and things like that Wearing gloves want to do a cuffs I Don't worry about any of that stuff a Bottle of bait a bottle of fish oil or Crayfish oil is usually all I carry and My bait is generally just dog food Excuse me cat food and some corn and Then I either mix fish oil into that or Crayfish oil just enough to make it Smell like that not really enough to gum Up my trap and I usually carry that some Kind of container Foreign

I think that's probably a half gallon I Think that was apple juice because it's Got a green top on it this works perfect Because the opening is small and you can Shake it right into the Trap the opening Of the Trap is just perfect to shake That right into so you don't get a lot Of waste that way with something like This you kind of have to feed it in There with your hand it's a little bit More time consuming something like this Makes it very very easy you learn all Those things as you go but you can put All of this equipment that you need Except for the snare pole pretty much in A five gallon bucket very very easily 12 Traps ready to go go run your line and Be done in an hour Easy easy way to trap it's the way I Would recommend anybody start trapping To get familiar with processing animals Putting animals down in traps live Releases being able to set traps set Sign being able to catch animals fairly Easily this is definitely a ticket Especially if you've got nuisance Animals around your Farmstead your Homestead in rural areas are trying to Catch raccoons and possum things like That and get them out of your garbage Out of your chicken house all that kind Of stuff these cool cuffs are good at Eliminating it's why they're called dog Proof traps they're not going to catch

Your domestic dogs they're only going to Catch those animals that can get their Hand all the way in that trap and Manipulate that trigger system to set it Off on their hand All right guys listen I appreciate you Joining for this video on the equipment It takes to trap with cuffs we'll Go out and set some of these on the line With some students here in just a few Days we'll film some of that for you so You can see it I appreciate your support I thank you for everything you do for School for a family for a business or Sponsored structured Affiliates and Friends and I'll be back with another Video as soon as I can guys thanks

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