Olight Odience 3000 Lumen Work Light w/ Remote Control

By | October 31, 2022

The New Olight Odience is a 3000 Lumen Work Light w/ Remote Control that has two different color options, has a 2800 minutes of battery life on the low setting and can be used as a power bank.

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The new Olight audience work light let's Check it out [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Guys light is your number one security Tool but it also illuminates the dark And if you're working on any kind of Project having a good broad light beats A flashlight anytime you know there are A lot of different type work lights out There but this is a 3000 Lumen light It's actually a battery charger it fits On a tripod it is remote controlled and Not only does it have your standard Light and this is the lowest setting you Can turn it to an orange glow and so it Gives you kind of a campfire or cool White I mean this thing is awesome we're Going to go through a lot of the details Super incredibly bright from 6 000 to 12 000 Candela and it's a huge area that This lights up if you're working on your Car if you're working in a shop you're Working outside this is an excellent Choice Fitting this on a tripod gives you a Number of different angles but also Having that remote control capability Allows you to change this light up to 10 Meters so really cool light and we're Going to check it out now you can get 10 Off using suit zero zero with the

Affiliate link Down Below in the Description and we really appreciate Olight for sending the audience for this Test and evaluation so we have the Audience portable LED work light it has A remote control feature that is really Cool These are 3 000 lumens of light and it Will go down to 200 lumens there's some Really cool features about this light That's not just like your basic work Light and the one thing is is the Brightness so here on the back we have Knobs you have knobs for just turning The light on and so here we're going to Get it started And you can see I mean it is super Bright And we go all the way up to 3000 lumens I mean this thing is phenomenal and then We go down to 200 lumens now if we want Over here on the other side this little Gray knob It changes the temperature color and you Can see it just goes down to a more warm Color And this is great for outdoors if you're Sitting Outdoors you want some light you Just want to have more of a Natural Glow This is great but then if we want to go And just get some serious light this Goes to that white light itself and then Again you can't brighten this up so as We go all the way down we can brighten

That up to 2500 lumens it's a little bit Less but it does have that warm glow and Man is it brilliant in here now we've Got the audience right here we're just Going to test it we have it at the Lowest setting We're gonna bring it and just turn it up I mean guys this thing is just Phenomenal And you can see the area I'm keeping the Light still And it just brightens up a large area It's a very diffused beam so it gives You a lot of light in a large area Now we're going to turn on the color Here we have it You can see it completely changes the Atmosphere I mean it's definitely more of a golden Color Not really natural when you start coming Up it gets real natural and then when it Goes on into the really the cool White And that gives you a lot of detail So the warm light Almost like a Fire Glow And then we go to the cool White And you can leave it on that preference Or you can change it it's very versatile And here you see the battery indicator That's lit lit up But again just right here in my hand Really easy to carry Turn that thing around if I want to I

Can carry it upside down So it's a very simple interface I mean Just light bump it up to Turbo or you Can turn the color down now right here Is your battery indicator so it'll tell You it lights up and it lets you know if This is fully charged this one is fully Charged and it'll just go down as you Use it but the one thing about this Light especially on the lowest settings Which is pretty bright this will go for 2 800 minutes it takes five and a half Hours to fully charge it and so and you Have your charging port right here And you have USB and you have type c it Does come with a type c cable but any USB will fit right here here we just Plug in our USB and this is a charging Pad put it on here and now we're Charging and so you can also charge your Phone you can charge multiple things and This battery again lasts for 2 800 Minutes so you have a lot of charging Capability and the rubber boot just fits Down over it this is what they call ipx4 Which means that it will take rain not Really high pressure water but it will Take a lot and I mean it's impervious to The elements pretty much the way you're Going to use it now here on the back is Your remote control and it pulls right Out it is magnetic and we have some Different options here first you want to Turn on the light now then right here at

The top is off So I press it and it turns off press it Again And it turns on this thing is so bright It just washes this out a little bit of Carabiner you can put on here and just Put this on your belt loop or whatever I Mean it makes it really easy it tells You how to set up the interface and it's Really simple and that's one thing I Like about Olight their interfaces are Very simple and easy to use now with the Remote control we can get this really Bright and uh I mean it's crazy and then We can turn it foreign Then we have the yellow setting We go over this way and it has the white Setting so it gives you a lot of options And then you want to turn it off Press and hold It's fun And it's about 10 meters away for this To work so you know you can be working On something you don't have to really go Over to the light to change it Let's say you want to change the mood Easy enough and then it has that place Just to slide it in you can see that it Is magnetic so it does just kind of pop In and it is secure and so that way you Can have it on the light itself the Whole time and then if you want to put This in your pocket you can so it gives It a place to be able to leave it

Now this impact resistant up to one Meter and to just show you where we Dropped it it scuffs it up but this is Really strong impact polymer and so it Bumped it up pretty much all the way Around one thing that I didn't catch on Camera is I had this mounted to a tripod And when I was loosening it it fell and I actually kicked it with my foot and it Went across the pavement so these things Are strong and guys they just continue To work one thing when you're putting it In the water or if you're you know when You're out and about and there's rain Coming make sure that this boot is fully Closed that's the only egress for you Know any kind of water that doesn't make This completely ipx8 and so that that Gives it just a little bit of Vulnerability but it's still again as We've shown pouring water over it was no Problem but once you do you want to kind Of clean it up and make sure that the Water is off and obviously you can see I Need to dry this one off now now the Audience comes in the green color but it Also comes in a black color one thing You can also do is put this on a tripod You can mount it and then you can set This up to get a different angle for Your light the handle itself comes all The way around I mean it gives you so many options it Is a rubberized handle at the top so it

Gives you easy to carry and I mean all The way around this is a very robust Light it's very capable with 3000 lumens It weighs 58.9 ounces so you feel like It's really got some heft to it it's 8.74 inches in width it's 7.4 inches in Height and it's 2.9 inches in width or 2.99 inches Now the audience runs 179 dollars you Get 10 off using suit zero zero with the Link Down Below in the description with It being rechargeable which makes this Really a great option the different Colors that you can put in here the high Intensity of 3 000 lumens 2088 minutes of battery life and you can Recharge your phone you can recharge Your flashlights whatever you need to Battery indicator and it's strong it's Water resistant and you know it is drop Proof so this is really an excellent Choice and guys this can about handle Any project you throw at it So guys while flashlights are great uh Having a dedicated light that'll really Bright up a large area can be very Useful especially if you're out working At night on some kind of project you Need to work on your car you've got Certain things you need to do or you Just want to sit out with a lot of Friends and have light it'll really Shine up a large area and then of course The remote control capabilities and the

Cool white all the way down to that warm Glow very capable very useful light and Again you can get 10 off using suit zero Zero with the link Down Below in the Description and a big thanks to Olight This is a great light be strong be of Good courage God Bless America long live The republic Foreign [Music] [Music] This incredible windy option very windy Very windy auction and when the wind Comes trees fall when trees fall powers Out Get the audience [Music]

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