Oukitel P2001 Powerstation – Best Bang for the Buck!

By | October 31, 2022

Hey guys my name is Lily and today I Want to present to you the P 2001 power Station by the company Alcatel Now before I go into details I just want To tell you That this battery comes with life Pro 4 Batteries which is the best and most Reliable and most safe and you will get It for a really decent price so price Wise this is the cheapest that I've Found so far when it comes to power Stations with the same water hours and Here you get 2 000 Watt hours which is a Lot it's enough to power a medium sized Fridge for about 24 hours or I can run My small freezer for about 36 hours so That's really good Um yeah and it's true life part 4 Battery cells um which is amazing it has A long life I believe up to 3500 cycles And also you can use the station every Day so not just for occasional camping But you can integrate the station into a Solar system and then you can Permanently use power from this battery So it's perfect for Off the Grid if you Want to use the power station every day And that's because the live Pro 4 Batteries make it possible because they Have such a long life cycle okay so now I want to go into more detail and I want To show you what this kind of model can Offer to you so now the capacity of this Power station is 2000 Watt hours which

Is a lot and also we have an inverter at The inside which is a pure sine wave Inverter which has a power of 2000 Watts With a search power of 4000 volts so This is pretty powerful people and what I like about this power station is that It's very simple so here for example you Have to switch where you can switch on And off the power station and here you Have a small light at the side for Emergencies so in case of a blackout you Can switch on some light okay let me Come close to the power station so you Can see everything in detail so first of All Here we have a couple of outlets at the Left side we have USB a Outlets with a Output of 2.4 amps then here in the Middle we have some quick charge Outlets that can deliver up to 18 Watts Which is really fast And then here we have some power Delivery Outlets with 100 Watts So here you can switch on The USB section And if you don't need it then you just Turn it off So that's pretty simple you can also see A really nice display Um right now it's charged to 100 percent And it will stay like this for 99 hours Then you can see the input here and down Here you can see the output which is Zero right now you can also see

This here which is a sign for that I'm Having a European version which is 50 Hertz but this power station is also Available for the American grid okay now Let's move on to this section so here we Have the 12 volt Outlets you have a Cigarette lighter outlet with 120 watts Then also what I really like about this Power station is that you have a xd60 Outlet also with 120 watts so that's Pretty cool I've never seen it with Other power stations And then you have the 55 21 Barrel block Sockets yeah Um so you have a lot of different Options on how you can attach your Devices Now here at the left side you can charge The power station A chance to have charged the power Station with this cable here Via my wall outlet so this is the cable On how you can recharge the power Station It's a pretty simple one and the cool Thing is that it stores away in the top Lid so you also have the possibility to Recharge the power station from your car With this Cigarette lighter plug and this is an Anderson connector and it goes in right Here at the side Okay and then you can recharge the power Station with solar so here you can see

Two mc4 connectors plus and minus and Those connect to the solar panels and Then uh you plug in the Anderson Connector into the power station and of Course you have to Um watch out what kind of solar panels That you are using so the input of the Solar panel should be between 12 and 48 Volts and it cannot be more than 15 Amperes so the maximum that you can Attach to this solar station is 500 Watts Which is pretty decent now what's really Cool about this power station is that You can combine both the 1100 watt Supercharged option with the 500 watts Solar charging option and then together You will get 1 500 to 1 600 watts Depending on what solar panels that you Are using so that's really fast and you Pretty much can Recharge the power station in up to Yeah 1.8 hours now I really like that You have this compartment here On top that's great so you are not Losing your cables for charging uh I Really like that option now if you use This cable here to recharge the power Station Uh you can't do that but it will only Recharge the power station with 120 Watts so it will take quite some time to You know get to the 2000 Watt hours but I think it's still a really good option

Because sometimes it can happen that you Have to leave your home so then you take Your power station with you you put it On the front seat or behind the front Seat and then you can attach it to the Cigarette lighter socket and this way You can recharge the power station While you're driving which can be Important in a background situation That's really neat You also will get two very stable Handles So it's safe to carry this device And now let's check out what's in here Yeah so in here you can see a free European sockets we have 230 volts you Can switch them on here now if you're Getting the American version then you Will get six Outlets AC Outlets instead Of just free now the great thing about This device is also that it has a Battery management system which is going To protect your batteries in case of for Example over voltage or under voltage And also it has a built-in ups and Besides powering computers and fridges And freezers you can use this power Station to power many other things too Like for example coffee machines or Power tools or whatever you want to Recharge like for example walkie-talkies Your phone iPads and so on your drone so There are many things that you can use This power station for and with 2000

Watts you can power most of the devices Now you will also get a really nice user Manual And in here it says that this power Station weighs 22 kilograms Which is a lot but Um life Pro 4 batteries they are heavy And that's how it is so Yeah it's a little bit more heavy but For that you will get a longer life 3500 Cycles is amazing And the price of this power station is Amazing too Okay so now let's try out the power Station with my freezer and let's see How much it draws in 24 hours Okay now I want to power my freezer Uh it's almost entirely full and we have Minus 19 degrees Celsius inside right Now And this freezer is using 133 kilowatt Hours per year And I have it on the medium setting Okay Chest switched on so first you could see A search power of over 600 watts And now it's down to 43 Watts And this is normal For fridges They draw a lot of current for about Half a second or a quarter of a second And then they go down to about 40 to 80 Watts I mean it really depends on how Big your freezer is or fridge 42 Watts

Right now and it says With this load the power station can run For 26 hours so I will come back to you In 24 hours okay guys it's now 24 hours Later and we are at 44 percent Which is great Um so we have used a little bit more Than half of this Um Power station's capacity okay guys so We got 44 and that's actually really Really good uh that means that I could Run this freezer for maybe another 22 Hours without having to hook up some Solar panels and I would still be fine In a blackout situation that lasts only Two days So yeah pretty good device I really like It I like how compact it is and how much You get for the price the price is Really amazing I've never seen such a Decent price for life before batteries With 2 000 volt hours of capacity it's Really insane so if you're looking for a Power station then I can highly highly Recommend this power station here Because You won't get a better price for what This device can do for you Okay so if you're interested I will put A few Amazon links in the description Below and I really want to thank you for Watching so if you want to see more Videos like this then make sure that You're subscribing to my channel

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