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By | October 31, 2022

Roaring Fire Gear Pack Mule and BonFire Tool Rolls up to 30% off Sale Oct 26-29 EDT
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Guys if you've never used tool rolls It's really a great way to get organized And since I really discovered that I can Put EDC items collections such as knives Flashlights survival kits there's just The sky's the limit and of course just Putting Tools in here also works but it Makes it a very highly organized way to Keep all your gear in one place and I've Done a number of reviews on these and Others so this is the pack mule and it's By roaring for gear and this is the Bonfire also by roaring fire gear and They're having a sale for Halloween it's Up to 30 percent off and that starts October 26th through the 29th at Midnight Eastern Standard Time and it's A great time to pick up a tool roll but Guys I just highly recommend getting a Tool roll and starting to use it and You'll find that you'll be adding more Tool rolls to your collection because There are so many things that you can do With tool rolls and it just gets you Super organized now running for gear at The tool rolls but this is not an Affiliate I'm not making any money on This I'm just a big fan of the tool Rolls and the guys over at roaring fire Are really good friends of mine in fact My good friend Rodney from NC Hill Channel works with those guys and so I Just love tool rolls and hey man it's a Great time to pick one up while we're

Having a sale now guys two rolls have Been around for a long time they've used By mechanics you know Farms all over the Place I mean people that use tools use Tool rolls and one of the things about a Tool roll is it's highly organizable Because you can put all your tools in Roll it up roll it out and get to all Your tools now this is the bonfire and This is one of the newer packs and it's One of the evolutions to some of their Original packs the armadillo and Armadillo mini but this is a very solid Pack it's made of canvas material it has Adjustable straps it has a nice padded Grab handle you even have a shoulder Strap and you can remove this if you Want but this that way you can throw it Over your shoulder here and carry more Stuff it does have the Roaring fire logo On here and I have really been using This pack so it's a little bit dirty but Fast text buckles So it rolls out it has a cover here and This protects your tools underneath you Can open this up you have tons of slots To be able to put a number of different Items in here we also have elastic bands That are all the way through and these Are sized for different things a lot of Different size options and then we have Pockets in the back and this way we can Put a lot of different stuff I mean this In itself just has a ton of different

Things you can put in here but also here On the other side we have a small little Zippered compartment and it has this Mesh now I find this is really cool if I Have different Tools in here or things That I use often and I can just see Right through the mesh I don't have to Open it up and dig around in it we have YKK zippers which I find are actually Really useful now this pack has a lot of Good stitching box X stitching you know It's just a solid pack and again Guys These have a limited lifetime warranty On them so if there's something that Goes wrong with it it you can send it Back but the flap does cover and it does Protect and then on the other side we Have two mesh Pockets YKK zippers and we Have a little pocket here and this is These are for items that you don't Necessarily use all the time but it Doesn't really fit into those slots it May be a big pair of pliers or something You need just to slide in there so this Is a two compartment two sides of this But what's really cool about it we're Going to just push this over there is a Zipper on the back and so we can just Open up this zipper And now we have a really small little Flap now we have a sleeve that can be Used as a tool roll but also it has a Hook and so I can hook this you know to Anything even if it's inside the back of

A bathroom door somewhere a nail Anywhere in a tree and I can hook this Up and I have all my items right here in Front of me and they hang down but let's Say I want to go another Direction I can Take it roll up my tools And then bring it around And now we have a separate tool roll and This way if I need two different things I'm going two different directions I can Have this for one and use my other tools Here And then this is a dedicated tool roll In itself so really it's two for one and That's one thing about this tool roll That's really Innovative is that you Know you can split this up and it gives You a lot more options and that's one of The things that rowing fire does I mean They are continually working on Different ideas to make tool rolls Really just work and to be as user Friendly as possible you can use this as A mechanics tool roll you know you lift The hood of your car you just roll it Out you can get to whatever you need you Know and having the tools right there on Hand also just for survival items you Can put a number of different things in Here I mean this is perfect for the Prepper and that's one of the things That I use it for is putting a lot of Different EDC gear you can put Flashlight collections you can put knife

Collections in these it just gives you a Lot of options with the other flap you Can use it as a toiletry flap you can Put different toiletry items in there Hang it up on the bathroom door have Different items in here that are Completely of a different category so it Just gives you a lot of options now you Get 15 off the bonfire if you add the Ember Pro you get 30 off and the Ember Pro is really cool it's a regular pouch A lot of times you'll find these as EDC Pouches or even for trauma kits but this One has two different sections and what I really like is I can put my EDC stuff In the front section and then I can put Electronics I can put battery backups I Can put my phone cable I can put Different things like that but you can Use it for whatever you want to but it Gives you two separate compartments with One pouch and really when you open this Up it's not too much different than a Tool roll because everything is right There in front of you so that really Gives you a lot of options and you can Get all the details at rowing fire gear And then we have the pack mule now the Pack mule is a heavy duty bag and what I Really like about this is I can pack a Lot of items in here and and it just Especially for the bigger projects in Fact right now I'm working on a big Project I had to unload this to be able

To show all the details but this will Take on a lot of gear and that's one Thing I love about the pack mule Sometimes I need a smaller tool roll for Smaller jobs but if I really have Something that I need to work on or I'm Going somewhere and I just need a bigger Bag the pack mule is definitely a one of A kind type piece and it was designed by Roy fargear and I'll tell you guys this Is very Innovative now the same as the Bonfire it has a canvas material has Adjustable straps we have fastex buckles We have a handle and we have a shoulder Strap again that is removable and so you Know it's just that good just real Traditional look to it and it's not the Ballistic nylon so it gives you that Canvas feel to it But one thing about this pack and this Is definitely something different but we Open it up and to be honest this just in Itself could be used to protect things If you had something you wanted to Protect you could roll this up in it and It would give it some cushioning But we have two zippers double zippers YKK poles this goes all the way around Then as we lift it up this is a Protective cover for your tools it's Larger than the bonfire we have a lot of Different slots here we again have the Elastic bands for different smaller Items and then we have a nice large

Pocket and this really fits items you Know that won't fit into these slots or It's just things that you're not using Quite as much as so things you need to Get to they're right here and then you Can pack away different items here again They don't fit in here and then you can Just protect it by bringing this down And again the zipper zips up but if we Flip it over now on the back side again Two YKK zippers these have pulls because They're on the outside of the pack And this opens up really large so I have This sleeve to be able to protect my Items but then I can bring this out now I have four separate pouches now the Cool thing about these pouches they're Big they're large again YKK zippers You've got a lot of room we have a Contrasting color back here and I find That's very important when I'm looking For something if this were green it just Kind of Blends in with everything else With this contrasting color it just Gives it more visibility and so you've Got this large pouch and then of course All of these same thing and then we have These that are kind of translucent so You can see what's in there and it gives You a good idea of what you have and you Also have one here on the end again YKK Zippers which are the top of the Industry I really love YKK zippers Because they are self-lubricating

But here's one of the really cool things About this pouch is that there is a hook And loop Field behind here so I can take This pouch Pull it off And now whatever I have in this pouch I can use this and carry it somewhere if I just need certain items I can put them In here I can retrieve them from the Pack mule I can go do what I want to do And I don't have to carry the whole pack With me and then when I'm finished It Just fits right back on as you can see This is really strong velcro and so it Fits back in here all four of these Pouches are removable so I can just pull These off and this gives me large items That I can pack in here it's one of the Things about a lot of tool rolls if it's Really large and the shape is a little Bit awkward or bulky you know you can't Put them in those slots here you can Pack them away and Guys these things Will pack really full so it gives you Just a lot of options for a number of Different tools and again you could set This up as a survival kit you can set it Up as a med kit you can put collections In here and one of the things I find Unless you're displaying a collection a Lot of times they just sit around and They gather dust and you know and it's Just there they are in a box or there's Somewhere this way I can pack them away

They're protected then I can find Whatever I'm looking for because Everything is laid out and that is my Big thing about tool rolls guys is Everything is laid out where I can get To it and so when I'm working I just Have everything organized and it's a Great way to be able to work efficiently And Lord knows the more the less we have To work and the faster we can get the Job done the faster we can get out and Do other things that we want to do and Again guys to fold it up just close it It's just a really good shape it's not a Solid roll so it lays a little bit flat Now once you really fill this thing up That's a different matter but as far as The way you can pack it out however you Decide to do it it gives you that good Rectangular shape instead of just a big Round roll and so it makes it really Easy to pack now you get 15 off during The Halloween sale if you add one of the Timber EDC pouches then it gets down to 30 percent off and guys I'm telling you I've seen really really minimalist type Two rolls go for sixty seventy dollars a Piece and you can go to the website and check Out all the details so guys Halloween Sale October 26th through the 29th and You get up to 30 percent off uh it'll be At I'll have a link Down Below in the description and guys if you

Pick up a tool roll it'll spoil you when You're able to just to roll that out and Use the tools right there where you can See them it's a heck of a lot better Than a toolbox and much better than some Kind of tote or bag now all orders over Forty nine dollars get free shipping and They have a limited lifetime warranty be Strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic Foreign [Applause] [Music]

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