Parting the RED WAVE…Trump Attacks Desantis

By | November 7, 2022



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Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Good evening guys black Scout survival Late Night Live thanks for tuning in as You see uh the title thumbnail Um we're going to talk about that Trump Attacked DeSantis yesterday and uh you Know it's evident that uh Ron DeSantis The governor of California will be Planning to make a run for the Presidency because he was outright asked At the gubernational debate by his Democratic opponent and he would not Answer he dodged a question you know he Basically asked him will you plan to Serve your entire term as Governor Insinuating that he will ultimately run For president uh leaving that position And uh he didn't ask the question out Right so in my opinion it means he plans To run there's already as I mentioned Last week some friction between him and Donald Trump who Trump had you know Supported him previously he supported Trump previously Um but there's been some friction lately You know and so Trump has been actually Going around the country uh with doing Trump rallies and uh I think last night he let his ego get The best of him you know he held this Rally in Latrobe I believe it's how it's

Pronounced Pennsylvania and uh he was Reading off the poll numbers when he Basically made a jab at DeSantis I'll Play the clip for you One Rhonda sanctimonious at 10 Mike Pence at seven oh Mike's doing better Than I thought So what he said was he he called him Ron The sanctimonious The sanctimonious is a derogatory term Here I have it right here is making A show or being morally Superior to Other Basically it's like you're being Hypocritical and you think you're better Than someone else So we know that you know the Donald is No Uh you know no stranger To Name-calling he's actually perfected That art he uh Uses all kinds of derogatory names for His nicknames for his opponents which I Think most of the time they're funny but Why would you An attack Another conservative Three days prior to arguably the most Important election in history Right our country's being destroyed Before our eyes In the past two years we've we've went Into warp speed in The Matrix

Like he couldn't have waited You know he should have just waited We should be United as as Republicans Conservatives right now you know this is What always talk about conservatives Attacking conservatives Um I actually had a side sidebar uh When I posted about our bottle right Here Right so I was talking I've been talking About Testosterone and the decline of men you Know and a lot of that is hormonal you Know hormones can change your your Chemistry how you act you know and and Testosterone is what makes you a man Um the same thing also happens to women It messes up their endocrine system as Well drinking out of plastics right I Made a comment in a video last week and And people have been asking for the Nalgene bottles like I'm a big fan of Now Gene I have been out I cured one in The Marines and I used a Nalgene ever Since I was ecstatic whenever I grew the Company enough we could afford to make Bottles with our our Crest on it right And algae bottles was like man like any Time that I was able to put our Crest on A product that I use especially when I'm In my military days it's like man I made It you know Um but come to find out talking to Dr Anthony J about how it disrupts you know

Your your testosterone increases Estrogen and and makes you a female Essentially I just could not do that Anymore I cannot I can't not feel good You know in good conscious selling Something that's going to hurt my Followers but the buy things from me That that you know may uh be listening To me out there I can't I can't do that For profit right so I told people Because they were asking me we get email About different products all the time Our customer service and you know I just Told my guys just tell them what look we Got to come out with something else Sorry we're not going to do now jeans Anymore and um American company Um on my snowboarder now this is the Problem they make no stainless steel Bottles in the United States you cannot Get them they're stainless comes from Overseas now the only stainless you can Buy is high grade stainless anybody in The industrial realm understands this They can tell you this very high grade Stainless that's used for Um you know hospitals and things like That like it's uh You know making large equipment things Like that they're not going to make Water bottles with stainless right so You cannot get American made sense Bottle so anyway

So we did the best we could right at Least at least it's American company That that does a lot of the work here in The States but obviously the raw Materials come from China so anyway We still have some of these in stock by The way if you wanna Share your support But anyway it's the insulated modeling And stuff like that well we had this guy His name was Jay Patriot or something he Came on on the photo and just started Going just talking trash and and saying Things that were untrue he says you can Go buy a liberty bottle which is a American-made stainless steel bottle Company where they don't make stainless They make aluminum bottles aluminum Bottles also disrupt your endocrine System hits why I don't make aluminum Bottles but then the aluminum which is Much cheaper is almost the same price as Our stainless steel bottle so it's like But the question is his name his name Title is Patriot right so he should be a Patriot but he's spending his time Attacking another fellow Patriot right Is he going to go attack the leftist no We have conservatives attacking Conservances this is this is where the Red Wave is being parted because Conservatives spent all this time Attacking conservatives like why would You do that like this is the deal look I

Would love for every everything that we Get come from America but unfortunately You can't do that because politicians Have made that damn near impossible well Before you or I could have made any Change right 30 40 years ago they were They were making this stuff happen so we Try to do the best we can and ultimately If you support us you support other Veterans that work work for us you Support the community of what we're Trying to do right and anytime you Support anyone like me not even my Company right other companies like us You're you're helping that movement but Spending time attacking our own people Is is mind-boggling it doesn't even make Sense to me like go attack Nike go Attack Coke right but then tell lies About how oh yeah such and such makes a Stand spot well it's not saying let's go Read it's aluminum right and you're Paying as much for staying aluminum Stainless no no no sir anyway Back on the subject but I wanted to just Say that because it's it's become why Joe Biden is President kamala's the vice President and while these things are Happening is because Patriots are too Busy attacking other Patriots instead of Doing what they're supposed to do and That's a huge problem right but so Back to the trump in a census thing is That Trump has loyal followers guys

Right I voted for him two times actually three Times I voted for him in the primaries Too His loyal followers the primaries the First uh first time Um but what if those living in Florida Decide you know what I'm just not going To go vote because I don't want to vote For The santus because he's got a problem With Trump or Trump's got a problem with Him He should have just waited guys I mean Um personally this just goes along with What I said that he's he's like I said Before that I don't think he's a good Man right Was he a good president yes I think he Did a lot of good things is he a good Man though that's the difference a good Leader will be trying to unite Especially we're in the midst of battle We're in battle guys this is battle Right maybe he's a good leader a lot of Times but he let the ego get the best of Him this time right and I'm gonna call Like it is and uh you can get pissed off You want you you know what I mean but The man did wrong right is that going to Say that if he's the candidate I Wouldn't vote for him not vote for Trump Again however if now if it's the census In trouble I'm vote for DeSantis because

I believe the census is a lot has a lot More balls like he actually does things Um you know he's uh Trump says a lot of Things but santis does things right Things that need to be done you know Trump's on an executive order for I Think the biggest problem in America Right now is the social media game Didn't follow through with it right Didn't make anything happen he had the House the first House and Senate the First two years of his president he Could have made all kinds of things Happen he did not Um you know what I mean The country has been losing the past two Years guys He Trump is also very adamant about Pushing that he developed the vaccine Right Um yeah the census is a veteran too like One of my followers just said the Sanchez is a veteran he was in he was in The Navy he actually served with Marines And Navy Seals Um he was an attorney and so he's a very Intelligent guy too he's he he can't he Knows what to say that's why when you See him getting press conference he Slams people because he was an attorney He was prosecutor in the military Um he was also an advisor for Navy Seals I'm not sure what he did with the Marines but he was with the Marines too

Because he wears a fleet Marine forced Pin and then he got guys in the Navy That serve with us get this specific Badge that they wear and he has one Um you can go check out his military Photos I wish I would have got got a Photo of it um before beforehand but he Also has a bronze star Um for his deployment like so he's he's He's a a good dude Um But I'd be you know so far from the the clot Shot saying that I developed the clot Shot dude I would be so far from that I Wouldn't be saying I developed it or Pushing or said it was safe because he Says that you go look Um But what he's trying to do in my opinion And I could be wrong he's trying to gain Popularity with with his opposition Right he's been in the knee a little bit Yeah guys I made the shot that you love You love to take Right Um It's not going to happen though the Opposition they're going to hate him Till then the time let us will continue To hating because CNN and Liz Cheney Told him to you know Um But

A lot of people are upset about this let Me uh Is this the right one yeah now that let Me show you this first Pompeo Is that how you say his name Mike Pompeo Um runs to the census defense that's What Trump lands first blow of the with The new nickname So Mike Pompeo was the Secretary of State if you didn't know and he rushed To defend uh Rhonda Sanchez after uh Trump dubbed the Republican Ron Desantimonious at a rally on Saturday Evening and he tweeted that not tired of Winning Governor Ron DeSantis you've Proven conservative policies work Florida is better for it vote for Governor Ron DeSantis So At least Mike Pompeo realized that like Someone needs to do some damage control Right But many other conservatives are upset Right you see this conservatives turn on Trump they're voicing their concern Their their uh concerns You know for Trump's snarky comment like What an idiot So my Matt Walsh I'm sure a lot of you Guys are familiar with him very popular Conservative voice He goes on to say That the census is extremely effective

Conservative Governor this was in a Tweet who has had real policy wins and Real cultural wins Trump isn't going to Be able to make this one down To take this one down with some dumb Nickname he better have more than that Up his sleeve he also tweeted Matt Walsh Also tweeted that also nice job Launching your public attack against the Most popular conservative governor in America three days before the men terms When we're all supposed to be showing a United front he added Uh Ron Dreer a senior editor at the Americans conservative says what an Idiot the census is far more effective Leader in the of the right than Trump Was if that is you expect the leader to Get a lot done rather than just talking About it owning the lips yeah man I just Actually said that so yeah Agreed Then this gentleman right here you may Not know who he is but he is a big timer His name's Ken Griffin he's the founder And CEO of hedge fund the Citadel In an interview published Sunday he said That he would back Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if he decides to run for President 2024. why does this matter you Ask well Griffin is the Republican Mega Donor and his endorsement was a Potential DeSantis bid as a snub towards Donald Trump who is expected to announce

His launch of the 24-24 presidential Campaign on November 14th but there I've Been told that he actually uh said that Tonight guys like he couldn't even wait He I think he said that night at a rally Griffin who is given Republican Candidates and campaigns over 57 million Dollars In the lead of the 2022 midterms Previously ruled out supporting Trump For another presidential bid So Mega donor right here He's he's not having it he's not he's Not giving the funds up And uh Yeah Not having it So anyway the Dems are struggling Because the poems they put in the place Cannot keep to the script I've been Saying that history guy it's almost Embarrassing at this point like I'm Embarrassed for him here we have the Puppet in charge listen what he says Here Coming Here's a deal it's a difficult time Let me replay that for you ladies and Gentlemen Here's the deal it's a difficult time Ladies and gentlemen Here's the deal it's a difficult time he Literally said gays and gentlemen He said gays and gentlemen like can't

Stick to the scrub Then they had to send a bummer out there To to to resolve the the fetterman Disaster right Barack Obama had to get Called in to go try to fix this one Because it was bad it was bad guys Fetterman is a walking disaster The super Democrat uh they're a super Socialist And uh anyway so A bummer was out there and then listen To what fetterman says Christ the demise Of bro we went I run on Roe v Wade I celebrate the demise of Roe The man can't even remember like what What policy he's pulling for he's a Democrat and he just said that he Celebrated the demise of Roe v Wade Listen to it again the demise of what we Went I celebrate the Democracy way The there you could you can hear you can Hear a cricket fart in the audience I Run on Ruby Wade I celebrate the demise of Roe For clapping like right before that and Like literally you could hear a Nat fart After that Obama like it doesn't even know what to Do you know how to fix this and then you Have The Democrat Democrat campaign uh chief Basically Saying that stop stop your sniveling

Peasants And eat your Chef Boyardee He he goes on to say that yeah well I Grew up in a family where you know if The gas price went up the food budget Went down So by the time this time of the week We're beating Chef Boyardee if that's if That the budget wasn't going to change So that's what families have to do He's saying that because the gas prices Has went up you should go eat your Chef Boyardee oh yeah I want to show you the There's the mat watch We There his Actual tweet so you can read that real Quick so you can no I'm not making it up Mount Walsh is a good dude I like what Things he says But yeah so that's the tweet But yeah guys they said go eat your Chef Boyardee all right gas is up go eat out Of the can So what that means is be sure you go Vote On Tuesday right remember everything Remember the grandparents dying in the Hospitals alone remember your kids have To be Mass remember the veterans uh Military members that are now veterans That got kicked out of the military for Not taking the clock shot and just just Remember the businesses that you lost And the the uh business that were burned Down please please officers that were

Beat up during the blmi just remember All these things right just and go look At the crime rates of every democrat-ran City and just uh if you're questioning Who you should vote for uh on Tuesday That should give you all the answers That you need anyhow guys we did a Contest the other day and there's only 700 people viewing right now it's weird I must be getting Shadow banned or Something pretty hard because usually we Have you know two to four thousand People viewing it at a time for the last Two videos has been rather slow so we're Going to do is we're going to get to do The giveaway drawing for the coins for The people that got the 10-year Anniversary coin That right there We're going to do the drawing now and Don't tell anybody in the comments Because if they don't watch the video Then they just won't find out then maybe We'll pull somebody else right if they Don't want to watch and support the Channel then they just won't see anyhow So I got a random number generator right Here See that and so Calculator Soup one Through a hundred and all we do is Calculate And see the first number So we're going to do one number at a Time Boom thank you

The first number is 67 guys 67 so if you have a 67 on your Coin you won the BSS knife right here Boom what I need you to do all the Winners take a photo of your coin Email Jack blackout right And put your shipping address and I will Verify your shipping address with the Purchase address because I don't want Anybody trying to scam me with some kind Of Photoshop All right so let's do it again All right The next one is 54 54 wins the Cook kit titanium black Scout survival Canteen set with Center Line systems are Front uh Center Line system Mark over There Um bag that holds everything has a stove In there utensil so if you're 54 You in that same thing email me Photo of your coin with the number 54 Your address okay now the last one is The Foreign Watch Workhorse model very nice And the harsos folder Incident upgraded EDC so you'll get This Boom right so this is this is you Let me hit it Let me refresh the page because it's not

Letting me Do it there we go There we go 27. 27 27 wins that take the photo and send To me right so congratulations ladies And gentlemen whoever received those Don't post the numbers because if you Don't watch the videos I can find out Gotta be a little supporter to the Channel right Um and if somebody asked where it is Just you can put the link to the video Or what have you but yeah Congratulations guys thank you for your Support and that was actually such a Good thing we're actually going to do This again we're already got the other Coins being made up and we plan to do it Around Christmas time we're gonna do a Much larger giveaway Um that you won't want to miss this one And we're actually going to do 200 slots At 200 coins and uh The price process will be much Higher in value and maybe we'll do like Four or five entries Um or five four or five uh sorry four or Five uh prices right kind of even a plan Field Yeah cam says I'm I'm Shadow band right Here Um you never get notifications thanks Guys Harvey thanks man

Um yeah you need to vote brother Harvey's saying that he feels like a Flushing on the toilet still go vote Though guys still go vote okay anyhow Um be sure to vote man I'm sure we'll do Another video before then but uh Again congratulations to all the winners And uh and thank you man for the the uh Support Um obviously you guys like the the Giveaway the coins uh will do them again And like I said you won't want to miss The next prize pack Um and uh vote on Tuesday guys Be aware you know that Trump really you Know look I'm not going to just totally Uh I'd go to census over Trump any day Of the week however if Trump wins I'd Vote for him but uh I just think it's Bad man it's bad leadership it's bad Example you know we got to be on united Front right now and that goes for don't Attack other conservatives guys just Don't do it it's a loser mentality I'll Protect your own people there's enough Leftists that you can go attack and Spend all day doing it don't attack your Own people all right especially people In business and people that has the nads To go put their their business on the Line to speak the truth because I tell You there's not many people that do what I do I promise you you can't can't I Can't think of many of them you know

Um so uh there's only a couple like Couple guys that do it the rest of People are like oh I'm an independent or Whatever you know they're not they're Not going to say what needs to be said Um and the thing of their business some Guy said also we were like Fingerhut Dude we were all right your company we Started as a Gear Company well before The YouTubes I'm not like other YouTubers I'm not a YouTuber I'm not Like these other guys that they just do YouTube and they try to sell you some Stuff I was a company I am a company I Work I own a company a Gear Company Right that's what we are I just started Making YouTube videos me and my me and My partner Um and and it turned into this but I'm Not a YouTuber first right Anyhow Yeah Trump's somebody said uh Trump's Still pushing the jab yep I know man All right guys go vote on Tuesday and uh Congratulations to the winners email me Photo which your address needs to Correspond to your address you Order your coin from so anyhow guys as Always stay frosty straight and Dangerous take care

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