Preparing for Storms Before, During and After: Prepper School Vol. 41

By | October 31, 2022

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Threat Assessment : Extreme Wind damage, Flooding, Power Outage, No Cell, Looters, Injuries

Evacuation Plan: Route, Prioritize Supplies, High Value Items

Bunker In
Have supplies on hand ahead of time. (Don't Procrastinate)
List Valuable Items / have important Docs protected
Harden your Home : Hurricane Shutters)
Square away your yard
Have a black out box : Check Supplies)
Drinking Water
Tools (Ax, Pry Bars, Chain Saws, Hammers, etc)
Have an Evac Plan

Remain Calm (Better Decisions)
Find Shelter
Stay out of Danger (Don't take unnecessary risk)

Access damage
Help Neighbors
Avoid Unnecessary Risk
Stay or go: Have travel items ready (Prioritize High Value Items)

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What's going on guys sensible prepper Live prepper School volume 41 41. Rolling in with our hair on fire today Yeah we kind of popped in here at the Last minute which is our typical typical But I hope you guys are doing well we're Gonna be uh talking about storms and Obviously we've just gotten through Ian Or still dealing with that and and so we Just thought we'd kind of throw some Things out there uh we have Robbie Wheaton with us today gunsmith for over 20 years uh former Marine or still a Marine whatever have people fuss at you If you say former Marines the Boy Scouts For big kids just a leatherneck right Here and um great to have him with us uh He has which they do Block aftermarket parts but he's also he Also does custom gun work so if you need Um armor Cuts slide Cuts things like That I mean this is the guy to to talk To and he stays pretty busy but one of The things about his Glock aftermarket Parts are his flat face triggers they Are phenomenal so just going to throw That out plus you're doing all the work For the aftermarket parts for daggers Yep we've got a new trigger assembly That we're getting ready to release or Pima State Armory is getting ready to Release for the dagger and uh brought my Buddy here one today so he can play with It but uh it's a complete complete

Trigger kit work with any of your uh gen One through four Glocks or the PSA Daggers but uh it's a it's a pretty cool Trigger yeah and it's pretty cool that Uh you know PSA is that says a lot about His products so uh you know PSA is using Those for their upgrades on their Daggers which is really cool uh also yes Robbie Wheaton YouTube channel so check That out we'll have a link Down Below in The description and we also appreciate Sarah Mack she's over Um looking over questions and comments And if you have questions you know go Ahead you can go ahead at any time and Ask him and she's kind of monitoring Those questions so when we take a break We're ready to go uh yeah with Ian just Coming through I mean it's it's Devastating we missed most of the Effects a little bit of well we have Quite a bit of wind but yeah some rain It wasn't a big deal not a big deal for Us here a lot more so more uh further South and uh south and east from where We are down toward the coast they got Quite a bit more storm there than we did But just a little wind and a little rain For us here yeah we really were spared But a lot of people it's really affected Everything about their life and so you Know right now of course the storm again They're dealing with the aftermath but The storm's gone uh but this is the

Thing is storms are coming they do come Now one thing about Florida is they had Been had a kind of a reprieve for a While well they have and then you know They get this one which was the worst Hurricane to ever hit the State of Florida not necessarily because of the The power of the hurricane but because Of the size of it it covered such a Large area and just you know just a ton Of Destruction within the state right Where the with the wind and with Flooding and it's just a it's just an Awful mess down there right now yeah it Really is and you know of course it gave The gulf a break the gulf seems to have Been getting hit every time at least the Louisiana area that whole area right in There but um you know we're going to Talk today about some things because Guys here's the here's the it the Problem is is a lot of times we know That we live in these areas that are Prone not just for hurricanes and this Doesn't apply just to hurricanes but We're going to kind of have a an Emphasis toward it but tornadoes which Are spawned off of hurricanes and uh Just the flooding that goes on snow Storms I mean there's a lot of different Things that disrupt your utilities and Your services and obviously the biggest Thing about a hurricane is the water and The Surge that's right the tidal surge

Is uh is extremely destructive even more So than the wind you know the wind tears Up a lot of stuff but then you get that Tidal surge that comes in it floods Everything it knocks out the power it Knocks down buildings it wrecks and Ruins millions of dollars worth of cars Um you know the the tidal surge is just And then it takes the title surge days Or weeks to finally recede and the water Levels to get back to normal right right You know it was funny I saw one video on Instagram where I think it was Fort Myers they had sharks swimming and in The streets And I'm thinking great are alligators or You know it brings out a lot of that Kind of stuff so you know one of the Things about it you know there is a Threat assessment and you look at the Different things that can go on you know The the different effects that can Happen and that way you can plan Your make your plan now there's people That evacuate and we're going to talk a Little bit about that there are people That bunker in talk a little bit about That Um and you know there's a lot of reasons One of the things I think and really we Want to talk about bunkering in is You know you've decided you're going to Ride it out you know you you said you Know what I'm going to ride this out

Because maybe you have a lot of things There you know that that you can't leave I'm worried about looting worried about Looting about really just total Destruction one of the sad things with Flooding is is once it floods in the Structure is pretty much done for that's Right uh and so you know it's it's just A it's a it's a terrible thing but but On the other hand uh I have a lot of Friends that bunkered in and they said They were they were getting it and then Ended up just getting some minimal Damage and so then are they going to Leave everything they have and then come Back to an empty house because they've Been looted it's it's really a bad Situation all the way around I think That DeSantis headed off a lot of the Excessive looting uh just by making a Lot of statements and standing firm and I think that was a that was a big plus But uh as we saw what happened in Katrina when the mayor of New Orleans Went and put out a confiscation of Firearms and it really put a lot of People in danger and a lot of people Were killed down there for various Reasons in fact I have friends of mine That were killed down there which is you Know one of those things and we're going To talk about risk On you know avoidable risk is just very Important to to consider but you've got

To weigh it out because you just don't Know what's going to happen and that's The big thing especially with hurricanes You you don't know a lot of times what Path it's going to take until it takes That path you know there's all these Different models and projections it's Going to go this way it's going to go That way and you know you you really Don't know for sure which direction the Hurricane is going to go until it until It goes I mean you know up until Up until the the hurricane came through Florida and up the coast it was Predicted to you know we were supposed To get tropical storm winds all the way Up here where we live and we're a few Hundred miles off of the coast we're Supposed to get really bad winds and Rain and flooding and everything where We live All the way up until the day that it was Supposed to hit and it hit the coast and Turned and and followed the coast up Instead of instead of coming Inland Where we are right and even South Carolina coast really got hit straight Charleston and Myrtle Beach which that's Where we vacation a lot down there and I Have friends in Myrtle Beach that were Sending me pictures and I mean the Devastation even the place we're going To be at in November uh The Surge shut That whole place down so you know and so

That may may or may not happen But let's talk about it because here's The thing guys and I see this every time You know something's coming something's Coming especially hurricanes we have a Little more warning with hurricanes and As the storm gets ready to come all of a Sudden people run out to buy their Supplies right uh and typically they Wait to the last minute to start buying Up supplies and then things are gone So first off and guys this is also this I mean we don't know when things can Happen uh we don't know when hurricanes Are going to happen or you know even in The Pacific you know where there's Typhoons you know whether it's um you Know surges uh tsunamis I mean there's a Lot of things that go on and these are Everyday events this is not something That you know we're preparing from the End of the world no this is this is These are things that happen every day And it ends their world it's their Personal SST they're seasonal events you Know it's you know we're in the Hurricane season up through about December Um you know out west they're you know Wildfire season is is starting to wind Down out there now uh you've always have The threat of uh tornadoes during the Spring and summer and fall throughout The Midwest

Um and the breadbasket of the country Earthquakes is always an issue you know There there's always earthquakes we've Had you know a ton of them here in South Carolina this year uh nothing huge but a Lot of them and there's so there's Always natural disasters that can occur Year round right and so with that being Said we need to plan ahead of time and That's the number one thing is guys you Know what you can a lot of people run Out and buy plywood and things like that If you live in an area that's prone to Hurricanes I mean if I lived in Louisiana area that whole area I would Have plywood stocked up and stacked up That's right uh you know you know you Have hurricane shutters there's a big Thing that's come up now that's great Because you just close it up you don't Have to board up your house you know There are things you can do to get ready For it now one thing that we have we you Know we make sure that we have those Supplies on hand but you know a lot of Times people do procrastinate and that's Probably one of the biggest things is You kind of wait guys get your storm Stuff together you know last year we had A lot of snowstorms and we bought this Big that we talked about this before but It's just a huge container and inside There we have extension cords we have Lanterns we have you know all kind of

Different tools that we need and we have That box always set aside when this Storm was coming up even though that box Was planned for winter storms it was Very useful if we had any issues for any Kind of storm and so have the supplies Ahead you know you're going to have some Some power outages here and there if you Live in California you're going to have More power outage than you have it on But and that's just kidding but you know Not really no not really I mean it's It's pretty you know pretty serious What's going on out there when you're Trying to charge your electric car and Your Electric Lawnmower and your Electric chainsaw and with a gas powered Generator [Laughter] Oh man people man people but you know The thing is is you know having the Supplies ahead of time I mean that is Just key and it's great to have at all Times because guys last week we had a Couple of power outages just out of Nowhere and because the infrastructure People are moving in and they have just Boom power went out didn't go out for Long right but it went out and it can go Out at any time day or night and so a Lot of these things do apply to any kind Of power outage Um one thing too is you know especially Like if I lived in Florida and A

Hurricane's coming You know I have we have supplies we need But we also have high valued items right You know what do you do when you have a Lot of guns you know you know you're Going to take them all with you and you Know it's like a lot of the people that Live down there with really expensive Cars you know they they put their cars Inside in their buildings but then the Building's flooded and destroyed the Cars anyway right to be the same way With the Firearms collection or any type Of collection that is too large to be Able to load up last minute and Transport there's a good chance you may Lose it right and you know and it's all Kind of valuable it's not necessarily Just your Firearms it's you know it's of Course your ammunition you know and then You have other things that are heirlooms I remember we we did a video a while Back about uh uh the uh pioneers and out There on the trail and one of the things That was kind of noted a lot was that They would find these really nice like Pianos and I mean these things that were Family heirlooms ditched on the side of The the trail because after a while it Was just putting a lot of strain and so You've got to kind of pick and choose You can't necessarily carry everything And guys remember this when you're Thinking about bugging out because

Bugging out is the same thing I mean You're bugging out you're leaving all Your supplies and everything at home you Know for those that were Preppers down There the water destroys yeah it'll Destroy everything and so you know Putting that the thought ahead of time So you know preparing to maybe put those Up above right uh you know getting them Out of you know if you have a second Story or an attic yeah but then again Winds come and tear that right off it's A double-edged sword you know you get it Above the water but you know you still Got to worry about the wind right Destroying everything right I mean it Just makes it you know crazy Um but one thing of course first off is You harden your house you do whatever You can uh and you know again The Surge It's kind of hard to do that you know This is below the level but uh Harden Your house as much as you can of course Course the hurricane shutters plywood Different things like that and get get It protected as well as you can sandbags And barriers you know things that can Slow the water down from getting into Your home is a big thing right right you Know because I mean let's face it guys That's millions of dollars worth of Damage and yes insurance companies do Come in but then again you lose your Valuables now so with that being said

One thing to do is to make sure you list The items that you have especially Valuable items but really most of your Items have a list of those things set Aside because your insurance company When they come in if you don't have a List and it's just your word against Theirs and so you want to make sure that You have that make sure that you have Your uh important documents set aside Protected you know in some way one of The big things too is is not just having A list but having a list of items and Making sure that your insurance will Cover those items you know a lot of Times insurance will only cover x amount Of dollars when it comes to Firearms it May be 500 a thousand ten thousand Whatever your is written into your Policy but a lot of times your insurance Will only cover a certain dollar amount Toward firearms and then your Accessories and stuff they may not cover That those things at all so it's if You've got a lot of firearms and Accessories it may be something to look Into getting a rider policy that uh that Would extend your coverage to all of Your firearms in case they do get Damaged or destroyed right that's right And because NRA I know that they offer Like a just to join they offer a certain Amount but it's low and you can actually Go to that provider and get more

Coverage uh and you know one thing that I avoid is having to list my firearms And serial numbers to the insurance Company I don't want them knowing Everything that I have but that may be You know maybe your only option to Protect those things but having those Having that information when we had our Break in here at the house one thing That I'd had this bag stolen and it had All this gear in it and it was about it Was expensive it was about 600 700 worth Of stuff in that bag what was funny is I Had just done a video and had listed Everything in that bag and so I gave That to the insurance company they Refunded me they they paid for that but If I hadn't had it I would have just Been out of luck because I'm like well I Had this you know uh zero tolerance and Certain knob is worth 300 you know and It'd be like yeah right you know and Video documentation if you're in a hurry And don't have time to be able to go Through and write everything down and List everything video documentation of All of your items is an easy reference To be able to go back and and be able to Record those items later that's a great Idea and you can put it on a cloud so You don't have to have it physically you Can you can protect it that way Um let's see having a blackout box now We did now I'm you know I talked about

The big box that's the big storm box you Know all hell's breaking loose we got That yeah no sleds yeah break out the Snow sleds get your generator prepared Get it ready make sure that it's running It's one of the things I did before Because I left this weekend to go to Tennessee to tactical response so I was Going to be gone during the weekend so Shannon and the kids were here and I so You know I went back made sure the Generator had you know we had fuel for It made sure that it was running got it Started I made sure that Shannon knew How to start it and all those things but You know you you may need to be able to Pass that information along where are Your emergency shutoffs where's your how Can you shut your power off how do you Shut your water off because you could Have a bust a main to bust or you could Have some problems uh you could have Something in the house you know and of Course you can have power so you need to Cut that power off if you have a loose Power line and so being able to make Sure that they also not just you because Something can happen to you or you may Not be there right and you know a lot of Time if you do have a power outage it's A good idea to throw your main breaker Into your home just because as the power Starts to come back on you may get Surges of power which can trip your

Circuit breakers or even blow stuff up Or destroy things inside your home yeah That's one thing computers are very Susceptible to that to those power Surges that's one thing that we we Always try and do is when if there's a Power outage we'll go out and I'll throw The main breaker on the house that way When the power does come back on I'll Give it a little while make sure my Neighbors lights are on and then I'm Going to flip my switch But you know just doing little things And sometimes we don't think about it Because for me the other day I didn't Even think about that so that's that's a Good point Um you know but anyway the blackout box Is something that I keep for just Regular power outages and so and usually That that occurs when there's some kind Of storm but it can happen when a car Hits a Transformer you know a pole or Something has an accident but we keep This box and we have in fact um you know You can look it up blackout box on our Uh with a little magnifying glass on the Channel page but it has just the Essentials it has some flashlights and Batteries it has uh it's not tarps but It has the heavy meal trash bags right To keep and you know maybe a rain jacket Just some things that you're going to Need uh with little small lanterns and

Things like that and it's just a small Box it's one of the MTM 50 caliber boxes And there's a lot you can pack in there So when something goes out you're not Stumbling around you go right to it you Got it and you're ready to go so uh that That's a huge one now drinking water Having drinking water because that that Can all get contaminated right in a Storm especially with flooding flooding Whether it's a hurricane or just regular Flooding we've had a lot of that this Year well and you know like with a Hurricane it pushes in a lot of seawater And that that salt water sea water can Contaminate your freshwater drinking Supplies for weeks or even months at a Time yeah until they can get all of that You know get it desalinated and purged And flushed back out so having fresh Water is very important and that's Regardless if you have damage to your Place or not you could have been outside Of the the actual you know main Zone the Impact Zone and still have problems Getting fresh water and things like that Gasoline all these kind of things make Sure your cars are filled up too with Gas ahead of time yeah because you may Need to head out a couple of years ago We were down at the beach and a Hurricane was coming in and we didn't Know what was going to happen so we got A room about you know 40 miles out

Jumped in the car and took off and spent The night there and uh and then when it Was done we went back and it was very Minimal there wasn't a whole lot but They were they didn't know so you know Sometimes you gotta weigh out again Whether to evacuate or whether to not Evacuate and that's a tough one Especially when you have your family There you know should I you know Especially small kids and things like That you know should I get on the road And if you do you need to make that Decision pretty early because once the Roads get jammed up you don't want to be Stuck on the freeway where that thing Hits and so you know I I saw a lot of Video where there were people just Bumper to Bumper you know and uh so but Make sure that your car is full of gas And one of our rules around here is you Never let it get below a half a tank but We like to keep it at three quarters of A tank always keeping gas in your car Ready to go prepared and prepared to go Okay tool your um you know chainsaws Having power tools uh you know are great But if you don't have any power you need To make sure you have some hand tools One thing I'd heard uh was especially in Katrina and I haven't heard all the Stories now from Ian but there were People that were water came up there was One family that died in their house

Because the water surged and they Couldn't get out and they drowned it was Like five or six people and they drowned Because the water went on past the Ceiling and they couldn't get out of the House so in the doors wouldn't open Because the water pressure so you know Having something to break free there was One guy that was in his at least one They were they got up into their addict And they thought okay I'm in my attic And then the Water started coming up Right what I would suggest is for your Storm emergency tools is to have an ax Or something in your attic just placed Over there and if for some God forsaken Reason that you end up being in your Attic you've got a way to break out of Your attic uh and that would apply also To a home if that family had had some Way to break the wall down to cut the Wall they might have survived So I'll tell you one thing that that I've always that I've always thought About in a situation like that is you Know if I bunkered in and the storm Waters did start to rise I'm a big fan Of the Sawzall oh yeah battery operated Sawzall if you've got a battery operated Sawzall you go up into your attic and You're stuck up there and the water Level starts Rising you can cut a hole Big enough in just a couple of minutes With a Sawzall wear with an ax you may

Be limited in in your swinging motion And everything if the attic's smaller or Compact even with a hatchet it could Take you you know a lot of time to be Able to chop a hole out but with a Sawzall you could just you can rip a Hole really really quickly with those to Be able to escape if you had to that's a Good point you know so they also make The circular saws that are like that I've got one and you can get up there And just cut that out that's it but Having some means of Escape also uh Crowbars or pry bars uh you know when Damage happens especially wind damage When the house collapses people can get Trapped and so having some tools to be Able to leverage and get the get big Items off of them you know where you Just can't lift it and be able to at Least give them enough to where you can Pull them out and so in hammers Different things like that you just have Those tools you know a lot of us have Some of these tools but do we know where They are are they ready and so when the Storm comes you know go ahead and while You're preparing get those tools out and Ready just like for us we keep our big Winter prep box in storage and so the Last week it was like okay we need to Get the storage box out so uh Sarah Mack And I went over and got in there pulled That big old huge box up put in the back

Of her truck we brought it in and it's One of those things we can't keep it Here because it's just we just don't Have a room for it uh so because it's Just so big it's just like and um and so That way you know if you need a storage And you could even a lot of us have Storage buildings have storage so you Can keep certain things in there that You're not going to use but if you have You know enough notice you can get to Them it's still easily accessible when You need it right but you but you know Like tornadoes you just sometimes don't Know sometimes you don't know yeah but If you see him coming you can go ahead And prepare you know for us we have them Coming from the West typically and they Come through you know we know they're Coming or they come through Atlanta and They hit us so we can go ahead and get Ourselves prepared we normally have a Couple of hours warning if there's going To be a big thunderstorm that could Potentially spin off tornadoes right There there's there's some early warning Signs it's not like all of a sudden the Storm just pops up and boom there's a Tornado on top of it we we do luckily Because of where we live kind of at the Base of the mountain it's pretty easy to Track major storms that uh that come in They either follow the bottom of the Mountain

Um or they'll they'll hit the mountain And go go west of us or north of us yeah So we we miss a lot of storms because of The mountain it's kind of provides a Little protective area for us but uh It's there is a buffer zone that we can We can follow storms a lot of times you Know one time I was coming home uh and Actually it's before my wife and I got Married I was driving down to her house And and and that's actually on the Property we live in on now but um as I Was going I didn't have any idea and I'm Driving and all of a sudden the rain Started and then it went it just got Super intense to the point you couldn't See anything and so I ended up just Pulling over and then after about you Know 30 seconds it kind of passed and I Went on and when I got down to where They live and where we live now trees Were all down in the road there were big Signs that were ripped up and torn up And you know it just hit and you Couldn't even get in so I had to Actually walk to him to check on them And there were trees down thank goodness They were fine but uh there were a lot Of trees down a lot of things like that They were fine the trees were not yeah The trees were not fine but it became Firewood so you need to have an Evacuation plan regardless yeah the Circle of life you need to have an

Evacuation plan regardless if you're Going to evacuate planning to evacuate Or not because what you don't want to do Is to say okay we're hanging here and Then all of a sudden it's like we got to Go and then you got to run around and Get things together Um and so you know that's that's a great Thing and two guys you're not working at That point you know if you're trying to Stay at your home and bunker in so it's A great time to get everything situated And ready to go it'll make you have Wiser decisions you won't make you know Rash Panic type decisions okay so let's Go to a few questions if you have them And then we're going to go on to some Other other things I'm sorry sis I put her on the spot uh David Frost asked question I feel like Keeping batteries charged is always a Pain especially for backup items what Are the best ways to preserve and keep Batteries charged well we we have Chargers that we just keep Um you know our batteries going a lot of Times uh and we're a little bit over the Top but I understand that you know it Sometimes if you have limited sources First thing I would suggest is you know Getting a system set up uh for me I do a Lot of camera batteries Flashlight Batteries you know I've got all this Stuff for what I do and so I have what I

Call a battery station and I have all my Charging right there you know like Radios you might want to keep your Radios charged or 2A Ham radios whatever So I like to have a place that I keep All that going on but Let me let me just say this I keep Standard batteries like cr123s Double A's Triple A's non-rechargeables right And they have a 10-year shelf life so Have that as a backup you know if my Flashlight goes out you know I can throw In a standard battery you know if it's An 18650 rechargeable I can throw in two Cr123s if it's uh rechargeable cr123 I've got the dura sales and I like Duracells I those are my batteries that I count on and we have what we call the Uh the battery Daddy and it's this pack And it opens up on both sides and you Can keep all these batteries and uh it's Just a great resource that thing must Weigh at least 30 pounds it's heavy yeah Um he also asked specifically for Generators generators well if you have a Power Amino electronic generator or a Battery backup generator yeah I mean uh Like we have a solar generator and Before the storm got out we got our Panels out you know we're getting Everything up we're making sure that we Can charge our uh our refrigerators Freezers things like that and uh but Yeah I mean you know you just have now I

Have a buddy of mine that has uh an Inverter and then he has batteries car Bad big deep cell car batteries and he Keeps those charged and then he has the Inverter so he can actually you can Actually power that so if you have a way To charge your batteries up it'll give You power that will store it up and so That way you know you could you could do That and have these batteries charged And then every once in a while charge These bigger batteries well you know for The bigger battery is one of the things That I like it's called a battery tender Uh you plug it into your 110 outlet you Clip it on your battery terminals and as When the battery voltage gets down to a Certain level it'll charge it back up And it'll maintain that battery and keep Charge on that battery all the time oh Yeah that's a great idea yeah but but With the technology we have now with Batteries it is it is going like crazy Especially now the cars they're doing a Lot of that lithium ion batteries uh There is there are a lot of options out There Uh Ralph Rojas asks question what is Your take on bearing large gamma Containers with canned food for extended Food Reserves yeah well you know the Thing is is if you make sure you keep Things in good temperature control and Keep them out of the Sun but the Gammas

Are great the gamma Lids are great uh it Gives you an extra layer of protection We have some we don't have a lot we just Have some but uh I think they're great It gives you that extra security but Most of your dried Goods right now if They're just sealed decently they don't Have to be oxygen absorbers they will Last for a long time if kept in good Conditions and out of the sunlight but Yeah I think those are great options all Right I got a question for all of you Guys out there and maybe one of you will Be able to help me with this it's just Uh some random thought that I had Squirrel chasing it but uh so you've got A I got electric car a Tesla how far can You go in your Tesla if you have a gas Powered generator Mounted on a rack on the bumper Just throwing that out there Oh God okay one more question and we're Gonna go back to the list Things we should look out for Oh my gosh well the one thing I'm really Concerned about right now and and I've Said this and this can apply to what We're talking about it's food food Pro Food Supplies uh everybody's talking About I'm talking about like the big World agencies they're talking about a Massive food shortage coming up let me Just say this you know we had the rule

Of Threes with water and you know all This different stuff and food comes at Three weeks without food but here's the Thing guys we you can treat water you Can boil water you can do different Things but food if food's out You're out I mean it's you either you Have big Gardens or you have farms near You or something but otherwise if you're In an area that's more Suburban or even Urban for sure food is going to be your Number one thing that you're not going To be able to get so to me I highly Recommend getting your pantry in order Uh it the the problem here is we won't Probably starve to death here in the U.S But it's huge parts of the world that Are going to be devastated uh and our Prices will go up and we're seeing that Uh and number two of course food is Number one number two is Um well crime crime is continuing to go Through the roof but that's something We're dealing with as long as you Continue to see a downturn in the Economy you're always going to see crime Go up yeah and if you see a lot of this These liberal DA's that are that are Doing soft on crime and it's just gonna It's gonna make it even a lot worse Especially in urban areas uh but one Thing that I'm somewhat concerned about And I've been hearing Rumblings of it is With Russia threatening nuclear nuclear

Power nuclear war or just in limited They're kind of like limited nuclear war If Russia sets off a nuclear bomb the U.S is going to retaliate and that to me Is one of the scariest things especially With who's in the white house right now You know I I'm really concerned that We're going to do something rash so Um you know and and I'm getting mixed Signals with this thing in Ukraine There's like ah the ukraines are winning They're throwing the Russians off and Then I'm hearing the Russians are Sending 300 000 troops to the Border you Know I mean there's it's just a very Volatile situation there that is one Thing that is is my worst nightmare uh Us outside of food so um yeah you know There are some things that are coming And the economy the economy silver is Going up Silver's going up it's taking a Trip up now and uh there's some things About being artificially propped up for Quite some time it has to keep it to Keep it artificially low right um and I Think you're starting to see that go Away in the price and the value of Silver go up yeah it's it should have Already gone up so if you're if you want To protect your wealth then I say Protect it is to have silver on hand Because the dollar is losing value Silver is going up so it is a great Reason to get silver and you can barter

And trade with it you can sell it on EBay for that matter yeah I mean or Wherever you can go to a but anyway Those those are some of the hot spots Okay midterms yeah with any with Midterms coming up that's that's Something else too we're going to see How things go politically and I'm really Concerned because you know it's we're Getting a lot of signs of some really Weird thinking so I'm hoping that we'll We'll kind of get back not that this the Savior of the world if the midterms turn Because there's a lot of rhinos up there But uh hopefully we can get things going But on a positive note the Supreme Court Has really been kicking some butt and uh They've been bringing a lot of great Things to the table uh especially toward The Second Amendment and that's a huge Plus I'm really encouraged by what's Going on right now okay during the storm Uh and this is something I just want to Touch on because you know it's so Chaotic you don't know what's going to Happen but first off remain calm remain Calm especially if you have other family Members and especially if you're the Head and when I say the head of the Household the the emotional head of the Household you may be the woman that that You need to remain calm if you remain Calm there'll be a lot less level of Panic with everybody else if you lose it

Everybody's going to lose that's right So remain calm I don't care what's going On remain calm you know your your roof Could be ripping off you know and take Action and do what you need to do but Remain calm uh also uh find shelter have A spot where you're like okay if things Happen for us we have a safe room to Where if we have any kind of threats of Tornado we get it ready we don't always Get in it uh but we we get ready we had A lot of tornadoes coming over excuse me Uh last year and uh you know Shannon Fixed up everything and we had supplies And all that stuff and you know the Storms you know they were they were Sighted around us and so they all got in The safe safe room well it's right there Outside of our living room so I was Laying on the couch or the window open Listening and Shannon's like you need to Get in here I said I'm not getting in There until I hear something you know And maybe I was being a little dumb but You know it's but staying calm being Ready being ready to move into shelter When you need to you know just don't go Along and all of a sudden part of the House is coming apart and then you're Like You know go ahead and have a plan set Out Um staying out of danger there were a Number of people that were killed with

This storm Uh that just took risk right and you Know I think a lot of that is because They didn't plan accordingly ahead of Time with you know okay if this happens This is what I'm going to do if this Happens this is what I'm going to do and You have a plan you've got contingencies To where if if plan a fails you've got Plan B that you can fall back out and Plan C you can fall back on and when When you don't have those plans you Panic and you make irrational decisions Once you make irrational decisions you Put yourself your family your friends Anyone that's with you at risk so you Have to make sure that you that you plan Accordingly and have contingencies laid Out four different types of scenarios in Any type of storm right that's right There was one guy that actually he lived On a canal and there was water flooding Everywhere and so he decides he's just Going to go out and see what the Canal's Doing and he got washed down the canal You know uh one guy was like reaching Through something and fail because he Was doing something to you know I mean For whatever reason he was reaching out And he failed oil and got washed away You know taking risk your family's Depending on you you've got to keep a Calm head that's right Um okay now this is something that we

Want to talk about and and I kind of Want to talk about this a little bit for A minute Um Communications Obviously cell phone service is is Really spotty at best I know even right Now I was talking to somebody this Morning and they had family down there Uh and they were getting no phone calls And texts were kind of coming in I get Maybe some of my oldest son's down there Working right right that's right and I Get maybe one text a day from him but Phone calls I haven't talked to him on The phone since uh last Wednesday wow Just because of the you know a lot of The cell phone towers are down a lot of The communications and combs are down And uh you know we talked about it Before the storm hit he was uh he was in Miami and then heading up to Fort Myers From Miami and I told him I was like Look just send me a text and when you You'll get a blip of a signal and it'll Push through right yeah and so he just He sends a text and just waits for it to You know a signal to hit and it goes Through and I get a little notification Every now and then that you know he's Still alive doing well right right well And that's that's a great point you know You may say oh I don't really have that Much coverage it's spotty trying to make Phone calls just text because text is

Your better chance uh when we were at Tactical response we there was hardly Any cell service at the range and so I Would try to send a picture and you Could get it you know or do whatever but I could send tax without any problem so Yeah that that's a good thing that is Your first line is if cell service is Spotty or or out you may be able to get A text out having a weather radio those Things are great I always yep I always Have my weather radio here and uh this Is just a Midland I got this on Sportsman's Guide and uh these are just Great options it had it's rechargeable It has a hand crank it's got solar so You've got some different options and Then you know if you needed to you could Put standard batteries in here but this Is great it has the NOAA weather systems It has shortwave radio which you might Be able to pick up some things and You've got just a lot of options and of Course the flashlight you know but that Gives you some good options but this is Just to receive this is just to receive Information which is is important Absolutely knowing what's going on Around you because you know TV stations Your reception may be down cable lines Might be broken but Text with your text to see if it's Delayed thank you that's a great idea Because that way you know what was

Coming that's right with Robbie I text Him sometimes he doesn't get it yeah but Um also Two-way radios two-way radios are great Especially if you're doing something Over here and you have a family member Over here and you can kind of Communicate back and forth uh two-way Radios have a lot of great options ham Radio is probably one of your better Options but you know there's a lot of Licensing and restrictions on ham radio Right and if you're if you are involved In a big storm like a hurricane a lot of Times your antenna for your ham can be Taken down and you may not have access To the ham radio other than just the the Handheld model which really limits your Your ability to be able to get out when You know too you know Tam Towers because You know they have the relay Towers Those could be damaged as well now they Try to get those up pretty quickly right Because that's a that's an emergency Communication Source one though that I Really want to talk about here is Satellite satellite phones Now it's one of the things that we've Been just kind of looking at I've been Wanting to do it I've been kind of quick So I'm not an expert at this but the Satellite radio or phones are starting To come down in price and so they Actually hit the satellites and

Satellites are undamaged they're up There so you can typically kind of get a Connection with it with a satellite Phone one of the things that my oldest Son's been using a lot this summer out West with the wildfires and now in in Florida with the uh with the hurricane Is the starlink because they can they Can get internet access with it they can Still be able to send emails they can Send text and they can get they can get Phone calls A lot of times as well with It as well so when they're you know out West you know in down in a valley Somewhere and they get no reception Whatsoever other than someone up on top Of the hill with a two-way radio Bouncing signals back and forth they can Still get access with starlink to be Able to send messages out okay that's a Great one we're uh also they do you can Do text that way as well and that's an Easy way to be able to get information Out right so satellite radio satellite Not radios but satellite phones and Starlink and different there's a lot of Different Communications like that it's One of the things that we will be Bringing to you because I am very Interested in it and uh in fact last Night on patreon live we were just Talking and some of the guys because They knew what we were going to talk About today and they were talking about

Satellite radio or satellite phones so Sat phones so you know we're going to be Doing something with that because I Think that gives you a really good Option and to get into some of that Again the prices have been extremely High for a long time so they're they're Coming down to be more affordable and so Again there's a lot of information about Sat phones and I don't I'm not again I'm Not an expert I have been researching a Lot of it but I think it's something That you might want to check into as Well So Communications absolutely yeah and The the starlink I believe is going to Be the system that we end up going with Because you can you can vehicle mount it Um and then you've always got you've Always got as long as the satellites are Up you've got communication ability Wherever you are and that kind of takes Out that factor of of environment that's Right you know with storms things like That you know it kind of bypasses that Of course I don't know if there's a huge Cloud cover if you're able to get as Much you probably hinder some of the Reception but it may that and that's Some of the research that I have to do On it and see what kind of limitations You can get apparently uh smoke doesn't Limit it very much that's good yeah Because the fire is out there

So anyway that's coming because I think That's one of the bangs for even any Prepper is communication you need to be Able to communicate and while like in Our prepper group we have a bunch of ham Operators which is very important to Have and that is another tool that you Can use but I think we have to have some Other options and honestly you can okay Now this is one thing there is an app on Your phone that you can get that you can Have a SAT phones app really yeah in Fact somebody was that I'm glad I just Happened to think about it they sent it To me this morning uh so that is one Possibility uh in fact they sent the Link that I haven't I haven't checked Everything out about it so uh there That's one great thing about this is Just a little computer and there's a lot Of things that you can use even if you Can't necessarily get reception if you Can get certain things on here excuse me Uh this is a great thing even scanners You can get police scanners things like That to be able to have communication Know what's going on so I've had one of Those downloaded on my phone for years Yeah I've got one two scanner it's Pretty interesting actually but uh Having these uh because you may have Phone service you know and then that way You can utilize this for those Emergencies so they're just a lot of

Options uh sometimes though it can be a Little bit overwhelmed if you really Want to know what kind of crime is going On in your area download one of the Police scanners and after about two or Three days you'll probably delete it Because you're like I had no idea yeah Yeah we have that well we both have the Ring system uh that supplements our Standard Security system and uh one of The things it'll give you a report of What's going on around you and there'll Be alerts and stabbing three miles Shooting four miles from your house I Mean it's like it'll really wake you up Or go to the neighborhood watch website And it'll have pinpoints of all the Different things going on it's it's It's very definite it will that's right Okay so during and also go out well no That's that's really for bunkering in But you know getting this is one thing I Think we I missed is like if you have Lawn furniture things like that get it Stored away because if the wind gets it It's a missile until it can be a missile On your own house anything that can be a Projectile you want to make sure that You anchor it secure it store it to Where it's protected and sheltered from The wind right you know the other day I Was when I got up the other morning I Went out and I looked out our window and We have a pool and so I was looking out

At the pool and I thought what is that Is that a shadow in the middle of the Pool I couldn't tell what it was it was One of the umbrellas in it and it had Blown into the pool So I went over there and then I had to Get it out and um and then I put it up So it would air out and it blew right Back I was like come on man but uh those Things especially in a hurricane with a Lot of wind or tornadoes even yeah it Doesn't take a whole lot of wind to get An umbrella up in the air Mary Poppins Knows that oh yeah absolutely Yeah you're flying yeah that'd be great Okay after the storm After the Storm uh You know is to access assess damage find Out what's going on you know see where You have maybe you may have a leak in Your roof you don't even know it well First and foremost make sure that Everyone is okay your family make sure Your family is okay and then then assess Right but yes that's right nice to Incorrectly I'm just kidding but yeah But yeah make sure your family's okay That is number one make sure that you Get in touch with with relatives and let Them know that you're okay because Nearby friends and family not not just People that are living in your home but Nearby friends and family around you Reach out to them and make sure that They're okay and then you can start

Assessing and and research out like People that live out of state right and They're worried about you you know when We were a tactical response this weekend One of the guys that's one of the Instructors Tim which I love him he said Uh yeah my mom lives down there my Sister and he said I hadn't heard from Him yet so I'm really you know he was Really waiting to hear what was going on So friends and family very important Thank you Um of course again assets assess the Damage and um you know make sure that Like you know like we had a route we had A leak in one of our roofs of our Storage buildings and it was one that we Just had stuff put in there just a store And we hadn't noticed it and then we Went in there doing stuff we noticed There was a hole in the roof where a Limb had come down so you know that had Been going on for a while actually so You know it can cause a lot of damage But um okay and then number two is help Your neighbors or number three help your Neighbors you know just go out and help Them if you have a chainsaw work Together show some some brotherly love Because it's very important and you may Need help Community Support yeah be Willing to help Chattanooga had a bunch Of her tornadoes a couple years ago and Just devastated huge areas and uh I have

A brother-in-law that's in the ministry Up there and they set up this huge thing Where they were helping people feeding People doing for others and there will Be typically a lot of support you know Robbie's Sons down there right now Bill Doing and working and helping people uh Church groups a lot of times you know People go down and help I've done that a Number of years uh going down with Different storms and things like that to Help people uh and so you know typically And that's one of the things about a Storm is you have unaffected areas that Come in and support you uh if you have Something that's a national or World Disaster you may not have that relief That's one of the things with storms Typically people rally together they Come in and help so be that first person You're right there you're the first Responder in a sense so go ahead and Jump in and help people and so if you Have medical supplies things like that That also helps a few years ago I had a Boy get in touch with me he was down in Mississippi my uh Alabama area where They had all those storms come through And he was a college student and he said I watched your video on the bug out bag So I built one and he goes and then a Couple of weeks later he said the Tornadoes were coming and he goes Where's my bug out bag and he grabbed it

And and his three roommates got in the Center of the house and he sent me a Video of this and when he came out there Were big huge trees inside his house Just crashed in and so they got out and It was a 12 mile walk because the drones Were blocked with trees everywhere and They walked for 12 miles and he said one Thing he said that but that bag he goes We had water we had some things in there We used he goes but we had a medical kid In there and he goes we helped a number Of different people and you know along The way and he said that was huge so you Know have your medical kit not only for Yourself but also for other people uh And you know when storms really can Bring out some of the best oh yeah and The worst you can bring out mostly the Best and um and again avoid unnecessary Risk you know if you have a power line That's down you don't want to go over There and stand in the water with it And whatever but and sometimes there are Risks that you need to take you know you Need to take it but and some of those Situational dependent you know you you May have to take the risk for a you know Friend or a family member or even a Complete stranger Um for to save their life but you know That that's one of those things that you Have to weigh out is is the risk going To be worth the reward well I I had a

Friend of ours her son they were down at Katrina and her son uh he had a little Dog and the dog they couldn't find the Dog and they were looking and he said Hey I can't leave until I get the dog And so then he went to save the dog and He drowned and the dog drowned uh you Know so you gotta you know you just Gotta figure things out and that then That affects people for the rest of Their lives Um okay looters looters are definitely Something that you know Um and a lot of people put up you know Looters will be shot you know and all That kind of stuff I would probably do That myself you need to have kind of a Little bit of a show of Force if you Have people coming around that are Looting and so you know and those are The people people that a lot of times Are the reason you don't leave you know Having the right the right stuff and if You're building a good Community you've Got friends that'll help you out and you Know that's one of the things that I Really haven't seen any of in Florida With this with this hurricane is looting They did arrest I saw where they Arrested five people okay that were Together yep but that was just one Incident you're right I haven't seen it Either because it's like Katrina I mean It was it was rampant yeah it's like the

Entire city just turned on itself and You know they're they're stealing Everything that can possibly steal and You really haven't seen you know large Cases of that in Florida you know sure You're always going to have a pocket Here or there but to see it on a large Scale like you did at Katrina during Katrina it's been really nice not to see That in Florida it's not been headlines Right and it was headlines in Louisiana Um okay and then um Let me see what I I got my bottom one There okay yeah even though uh the Storm's over there's damage you need to Have some supplies kind of set aside to Where if you need to leave you can and The one thing about having the Red Cross And in different agencies and people Coming together soup kitchens you know There's a lot of support but you may Need to head out and get to a shelter Somewhere uh let's go to some questions I'm sorry sir Max like I used to try to Give her a warning Uh Daniel Cambron asked how would you Prioritize getting food water filtration Security power Communications tools Shelter well considering the volatile Nature of a hurricane or any storm uh You know you could have your supplies Put over here and that could be where Everything's damaged uh I would look for The strongest place in the house the

Most least susceptible to damage yep yep And I agree with that completely yeah it Is but that's going to be something That's going to be fluid and it's going To be totally storm dependent Um your your food and water obviously Shelter are going to be very important But everything else down below that is Going to kind of flow up or down just Depending on how you're impacted by the Storm yeah and as far as prioritize I Mean you know it's you just have to go By the rule of Threes water is vastly Important in that situation uh and of Course your tools having them accessible In Communications and then looter Control on that end Uh NMR asked question is there a way to Get water in a desert e location if you Don't have a well or water source nearby Is buying and transporting water to your Location the only answer well I wouldn't Say it's the only answer but you're very Limited right For for like long-term water absolutely You're you know you can you can have Some surveys done in your land and see If if there's some uh if it can be Drilled and put a deep water well in That's that's always a potential option But for as far as like long-term water Long-term water storage you know sort of You know you've got X number of plants That you can you can seep some water out

Of and even uh even moisture from the uh From the air that you can collect but All of that is going to be pretty Minimal for uh for everyday water supply Trucking it in without oil is probably Going to be your best option yeah Cactus Are actually one source that are Actually can can save you I have a buddy Of mine that was I think he was uh in Arizona in a pretty desert area being a Son were hiking in and they couldn't Find water he did have a K29 Pro filter And they came up on this trough a feet a Water trough and uh the Water looked Like you know you didn't you didn't want To drink that water and he said I didn't I just went okay and he said he filtered It out and drank it and he said it was Fine it was good so having a good Quality water filter system uh if you do Find some kind of water source and Sometimes you know their Oasis kind of Places you know where there is some Water that from natural aquifers or Whatever and uh you'll just have to find Them but what's funny is in a lot of Those places they don't allow rain Catchment systems right that's against The law so Um you know that that's a tough one and We don't live in arid situation so it's Not one that we've it's been high on our List of knowledge Uh Stephen doe asked any recommendations

For portable Stoller kits or generators Solar kits oh solar kits uh humless the Humless Uh generator we have one it is awesome And we've got the solar panels that come Out and then it packs up really nice It's not a huge unit it's really quiet Uh I really like that system uh I should Do it well actually we've done a lot of Work to put together a review but uh one Thing we tested was our freezer our Refrigerator freezer that we have out in Our in our garage and um and it kept it Cold it was like eight hours wouldn't it Says uh where it kept it running Um so one thing I would also recommend If you're look if you need to replace a Refrigerator or a freezer the technology That has really stepped up uh we just Bought a freezer a stand-up freezer and It has a system that if the power goes Out it seals up yeah and it will keep Your food Frozen for five days So it may be that you don't need a Freezer but you're minded that way you May want to go get one they're not cheap Uh you know it was a thousand dollars or Whatever but um you know it's it's a Great way to keep it long because most Power outages are short term they get The power back on after a few days uh Can go longer but you know it gives you More options and so and keep your Freezers and refrigerators closed but

You know there are some propane options Uh some dual fuel options with Generators which I'm big we're big about Propane that's right we keep that's one Of the things we do we keep propane here In the big tin or the the big cans or Even in the small ones because it's very Stable but solar generators there's a Lot of options and you can go on to Lowe's and Home Depot places like that And they have a bunch of options so yeah Especially on not necessarily in the Store but on their website there's a lot Of options for solar charging uh solar Stations uh on their website right right So check that that's a good resource uh JD prepping Airy asked Um what brand propane heater should I Buy to use in my house Well you got to be careful with ventless Or vented so it really depends if you're If you're looking for a propane system That's going to heat your entire house Uh check with one of your your local uh Gas log places uh or or Propane Supply stores and a lot of times They can make recommendations for Ventless propane or ventless natural gas Heaters that you can put in your house That will heat your entire house yeah Now one thing that we do as far as Short-term is the uh Mr Heater Buddy and We've got that on Sportsman's Guide you Get a 20 off every 100 or more purchase

I know some of you guys I know we've Done a lot they've done a lot of Sponsorships and we're we're doing some Different stuff with them right now but Um that's that's a great resource and it You can use it in the house but you've Got to be careful because if you put a Standard like shop type propane heater You can get carbon monoxide poisoning I Mean it is not good so you got to make Sure that it's one the Mr Heater Buddy Is definitely one and I was going to put A review out but it started turning warm Uh when I got to it and so I'm gonna do One for the fall that is this weekend Would be a great time to do a review Saturday I think the high is only Supposed to be 60 and maybe down in the 30s at night wow so Saturday maybe a Good time yeah it may be because it's Getting that time you know ahead of time But there are a lot of options out there But again you want to make sure that it Is rated for home inside the house you Don't it because it'll it'll kill you Right it's got to be ventless Uh Elizabeth Wilkes asked will a Sawzall Work underwater You're talking about uh no most of those Are they're battery operated and they're Not made to uh to run underwater so if You tried to run it under water the Water would Short Circuit the uh the Electronics in it

And so far as I know I don't think Anyone makes a uh a waterproof Sawzall That will actually work underwater right So you would if you had to use one in in Case of a storm like that you were Trapped in the Attic you would have to Cut the hole before the water level Reached the saw and shorted it out For a budget friendly reliable unit for Like microwave toaster Etc love y'all Well I mean there are a lot of options Out there yeah um it's not something That I have done a lot of research on Yeah we've we've just got a uh it's like A nine thousand nine thousand what gas Uh generator that we use for short term You know if the power is going to be Down for a few days we've got the 9000 Watt gas generator that we use for Short-term stuff right and it'll it'll Run I think it's got like four 220 Outlets on it and eight or ten 110 Outlets right so you know it'll power a Lot of a lot of stuff in your home at One time one thing I would recommend an Issue with anything is to look at the Reviews yep uh especially those and you Want to look at the negative reviews you Don't want to look at just a positive Three stars and Below yeah because those Are the ones I mean a lot of guys are Gonna oh yeah I love it love it and they Just pulled it out of the box yeah for Me I think the the two three and four

Star reviews are are you most honest Reviews that you get from people five Stars are generally people that just Love everything one star reviews of People that Hate Everything the two star Reviews are your your accurate reviews That you get two threes and fours yeah And be careful not those those real Negative Nellie's you got to be careful Because sometimes it doesn't matter what It is they're just not going to like it Skip the ones and fives yeah and you Know too when you're when you're looking At how much power you need to provide For for different things in your house Look at the amount of what that the that The item requires to be able to power it Whether it's a refrigerator a microwave Or whatever the the what are what you Need to be looking at when you're when You're building out your power grid Whether it's solar or gas fire generator Or whatever right right okay so it time Is up uh we really appreciate all the Great questions and uh guys I know again Keep your uh prayers toward the uh the People that are dealing with this storm Right now I mean it's tough and um you Know and there is a lot of support going On down there so hopefully they can get Back on track soon But I really appreciate Robbie Wheaton For being here and um just you know a Lot of knowledge but again check out and then his YouTube Channel Robbie Wheaton or Wheaton arms You can put in either one find it either Way but we'll have a link Down Below in The description regardless also uh the What we talked about today the list is Down below in the description if you Want to reference anything and uh always Great to have comments in the comments Section because a lot of times people Have personal experiences that'll give You insight and we always find a lot of Great information down there and it Makes just a better Community we also Appreciate Sarah Mack for putting Everything together and getting the Questions organized even if I gave it to Her on short notice this time we try to Do better but Um anyway guys thanks for watching uh This will also be on the prepper Playlist and you can check that out so Be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic

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