Prepper School Vol. 42 No. 1 Prepping Priority!

By | October 31, 2022

Food (Power Grab)
Price Increase
Fuel Cost
Green Energy initiatives
War in Ukraine
Ethanol (corn)

Buy Food Now
Shelf Stable
Foods you eat
Canning (supplies)

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How's my makeup oh wait makeup go ahead Makeup Sensible prepper live prepper School Volume 42. so we're pretty excited Another weekend another weekend baby uh Getting ready for whatever doesn't Matter you know it's just little things Happen every day big things happen we're Just here to encourage you to get Prepared for life I tell you what I'm Just so happy that it's finally final Weather my favorite time of the year I Bust out my flannel I'm a happy boy Today so we got flannel boy over here He's gonna be helping today Robbie Wheaton from Wheaton arms YouTube Channel and and there's A lot of excellent uh Glock aftermarket Parts their flat face trigger is the Bomb uh he's doing all the dagger Upgrades for PSA they're having his Parts to use it's been getting ready to Release the uh the dagger blade trigger System by Wheaton arms which should be Available coming up any day now so keep An eye on psa's website for that and You'll be able to check those out as Well and they fit the regular locks they Work in the regular gloss gen one Through four is just as well as they do In the fpsa daggers and it is a huge Upgrade I'm a big fan of the Wheaton Arms triggers and um I've got a sample Of dagger blade trigger so I'm looking

Forward to it I know that the original Had that pivot yep uh which wasn't that Bad I mean it really wasn't that bad but Uh But it's not near as good as the Wheaton Army no no it's a it's an impressive Trigger system it really is yeah yeah it It I mean I love their triggers so and I Just want to warn you ahead of time if You have a Glock and you want to block Uh yeah weaken arms uh match grade Trigger you're gonna if you have more Than one Glock you're going to want to Outfit them all so just a little warning Like Doritos you can't buy just one That's laced potato chips We also appreciate Sarah Max Doritos Doritos you can't eat just one okay well That's fine But we really appreciate Sarah Mack she Is going to be taking some questions we Will take breaks for questions uh we Also appreciate um we want to thank Exotac uh they are sponsoring today's Episode you get 20 off Uh using the link Down Below in the Description and search 20. and that's Like and they're the best fire starters Alan Market yes they are they are uh and Then battle box we uh and Zane over There battle box uh they give you a 15 Off your first month subscription using Prepper and so we I really appreciate Battle box and um it's just some great

Items great for the survival Prepper-minded person and it's like Christmas every month every month but uh We've got a link Down Below in the Description I believe as well if not Just go to battlebox book prepper in There all right let's get started What is the number one priority and guys This is the number one priority For prepping for survival for just life And there's some reasons we go by the Rule of Threes And we talk about you Know three minutes without air three Seconds or three seconds without hope uh Three hours without uh in harsh Conditions three days without water Three weeks without food and medical and Self-defense flow in between But there is something uh that really Has come to the Forefront honestly uh And that's food food and you know we've Talked about food food everybody knows We need food you want to eat But one of the things about food is that If you need water you can get water I Mean there you can filter water you can Boil water you can well you know if you Need fire you can go out and find some Flint still if you have to I mean or you Know there are things that you can Improvise to survive when it comes to Food you can't improvise Uh food is vital and the thing is if the Grocery stores are out

You're out because we are no longer an Agrarian society And so you know unless you're a gardener And you and you know if you're a Gardener and or your husband your Husband Tree where you have chickens and Rabbits and cats and dogs and goats you Know and and all those things I mean It's really lacking yeah but before we Get into it because we're going to talk A little bit about what's going to have What's happening and then we're going to Give you some solutions of course But let me just say this up front and Robbie I'm gonna let you talk but one of The things that I want to say up front Is that there are some while there are Food shortages there are always food Shortages around the world there is Plenty of food to feed the world There is plenty of food I had a good Friend of mine that was a CIA was in the CIA and he told me because he did a lot Of work in Africa and he said it's not a Matter of them having a famine it's a Now and they could have a drought I mean They could have some problems but he Said it's a matter of control And so I want you to realize this and if You'll watch some of the things that are Going on it's all geopolitical Maneuvering that's causing these Problems yes Ukraine that war over there Is horrible and yes it's going to cut

Food supply to arid countries in Africa And the Middle East Yes it may have some effect on us but we Do produce enough food to supply the World not just the us but the world Supplies plenty of food it's an it's a Surplus And you have to look too what are the Odds that we would have 15 20 25 meat Packing processing plants just within The United States that have burned down This year they've been over a hundred Different food processing plants that Have that have burned the ground some of It is because of the fertilizers and the Different things they use and so the Stuff but because they're they're always Happening but there is an excess and You're not hearing about it in the news Right no you don't you don't see those Things in the news with your all these Processing plants burning down which in Turn drives up the cost of beef uh from The processing plants the cost of beef Since the 1940s has only went up a Little bit It's 1940s 1950s beef was around a Dollar a pound right now beef off off The hoof when you buy a cow beef is only About 1.75 a pound right now when you're Buying it from the farmer so the cost of Raw beef hasn't really went up it's the The meat processors and the packing Plants which are believe it or not the

Majority of them are not owned by U.S Companies the majority of our meat Processing plants within the United States are owned by Foreign companies And foreign entities and they're driving The cost of beef through the roof Chicken fish everything all of your your Meats that you buy are being driven Through the roof from these processing Plants and artificially inflating the Prices what they're paying the farmers Is historically low compared to compared To what they're actually charging right And two we've got Transportation costs And fuel costs Listen we produce enough fuel in this Country to have fuel at a dollar a Gallon yep and then just a few years ago Yeah we or less uh you know because of Taxes and but it's all political Maneuvering now what what gets me on This and what and the reason why I Really want to talk about it Is because there is a lot of movement With giant immigration not just here in The U.S but all over the world there's a Lot of immigration there's a lot of Green energy initiatives that are Hampering farming and hampering water Supplies and a lot of other stuff and so You know there are some you know the Thing is is if we just had famines which Guys let's face it we've had famine Since Biblical times I mean that's not

New there are there are times the the Plus is that we have transportation to Get those products to those places right But there is a lot of trade restrictions A lot of that most of this stuff that We're seeing is man-made now let's face It we've had a had a hot summer we've Had a lot of droughts out in the midwest There's definitely some issues but Typically we can transport products in For places that are doing better and so We're seeing a huge Mark in inflation Right and so that is all also but but The fuel costs are definitely a huge Part of it and so there's a number of Factors uh the World Bank just put out a Lot of money to all these impoverished Areas but listen this is a thing to Think about Any country any developing country can Produce their own food They can produce their places unless You're in you know maybe Morocco and There are certain products that they can Produce in certain areas like you said Certain areas can grow certain crops That that won't grow in other areas dry Arid areas there's still crops they can Produce in dry arid areas that that Maybe you can't produce in a wetter Climate right so you just have to tailor Your crop to your area well in the Appalachian Mountains in the 1800s they Produce chestnuts there were tons I mean

The indigenous tribes the Indians Sustain themselves on these chestnuts And there was a blight that came through And killed a bunch of them well they Never went back And used different types of chestnuts That were impervious to these these Blights and they never read it so now You've got this beautiful area but it's Not producing any kind of food wherein Before it was producing large amounts of These chestnuts that have a lot of Starches and a lot of things that people Sustain themselves with yeah I mean the The U.S Chestnut is extinct now because Of the chestnut blight and that was Brought into the United States in the uh Late 70s early 80s it completely wiped Out the chestnut population within the United States but the the Japanese Chestnut is impervious to the blight and You know we've started importing the Japanese chestnuts now and those trees Are growing and producing again but you Know we lost all of our U.S chestnuts You know I remember as a kid eating Chestnuts and uh one of my teachers in School I was in elementary school she Was like you know really enjoy these the U.S chestnuts because in just a few Years these trees will be extinct they Won't be they won't be here anymore wow So you know there's a lot of different Factors you know that go around the

World but here's the bottom line is we Have to eat you you have to eat you know Again we can get water uh you know we Can bandage ourselves up if we need to Yes it's good to have the medical side Of it that's a little more technical It's a little more specific but really I Mean food is number one and we I mean There are so many different entities World entities calling for Um food shortages now you know here in The U.S it's we're just gonna see food Prices go up that's what we're going to Say I mean even even our own president Earlier this year was calling for Massive food shortages even in the United States uh through the winter this Year yeah and that's that's our President telling us well that's some People's President telling us that uh That we're going to have food shortages Within the United States in the next you Know over the winter of 22 and into 2023. so you know that's geopolitical or Not uh you know in artificially Artificially inflated artificially uh Produced uh shortages or not If your president's telling you that There's going to be food shortages in Your country in 2022 and 2023 it's Definitely something to take notice of Yeah so um I mean guys I just want to Implore you to put back food and here's The great thing because really you know

You want to put back stuff that's Self-stable Um if This is all a bunch of smoky mirrors and I'm going to tell you guys if you follow The news if you're not careful you'll See this oh this is happening this is Happening you rush over there I mean Honestly when I started my YouTube Channel uh the suits channel was the First channel I started uh and it was Fun gun reviews and sensible survival And then I moved it to sensible prepper But before that I remember even then People saying if you hadn't prepped it's Too late that's been 14 years ago so I Want you to understand that you need to Keep a balance and that's one of the Reasons why I say sensible prepper but Let's just face it guys if you don't Have food you don't have food and you Can always eat it you can always eat it Later so just keep that in mind so we're Going to go to some questions here in a Few minutes before we get into some Solutions but uh another big thing is Fertilizers yes Natural Gas They're used natural gas to produce Fertilizers and so there's a big natural Gas shortage A lot of that has to do with pipelines Closed again it's these are man-made but They're still real and so they're not Going to be able to produce enough

Fertilizers to be able to grow crops in Quantity like they want they need to Another thing is ethanol they're Producing huge uh a lot of the lands Used for producing corn that's not even Going to be edible it's going to be used For f and methanol production that's Right and you know throughout the summer In the spring and throughout the summer I would periodically go to our big box Stores our Tractor Supply Lowe's Home Depot the stores that we have around us And just look and see if they had Fertilizer on their shelves none of them They're out from the spring all through The summer and now into the Fall have Fertilized on their shelves now our our Smaller uh mom and pop hardware stores Always seem to have fertilizer and I Could go in there and get and get Fertilizer from them whether it was 10 10 10 or you know some some different Mixes that I needed for my garden I Could get it from my smaller fertilizer Stores but the big box stores never had Fertilizer and still do not have Fertilizer on their shelves throughout The summer and up until now so we're Seeing price increases and you know We're seeing again man-made it is Man-made uh shortages that we have got To deal with uh and there's some labor Shortages there are some things that uh That increase the problems that are just

Normal I mean you know food shortages Labor shortages that's definitely a an Issue so those things you know do play Into effect so uh let's get a few Questions and then we're going to jump Into some some solutions all right How do you feel about Us they are cheap but are they worth it This is I've got one I've got one that I Was going to set up and I didn't because I put in real cameras but Um Here's the thing I think that's good I Think you should put some up I think it May hinder someone from doing something But how many people are we seeing with Security cameras in their face doing Stupid crap so I think it's good uh I Think putting up signs you know on your Property that say Hey this is under Surveillance I mean it makes people Think about it uh so I think it's a good Idea I just think I wouldn't trust Completely in it because there are People out there that are just oblivious And I agree with that 100 I think that That dummy camera is I think putting up Signs that say you know under Surveillance you know smile for the Camera whatever you want to put up I Think that they will deter some people But they're not going to deter all People and the flip side of that is if You put up those signs if you put up

Those dummy cameras that are visible and In plain sight Someone that's looking to rob you are Going to notice that camera and they may Conceal themselves more or look for Different angles to approach your Property where if you have cameras that Are more hidden and more inconspicuous You will allow you to be able to capture That person own camera that maybe you uh With the dummy cameras you wouldn't Capture that person on camera at all Yeah but I think with cameras right now As cheap as they are Um we have cameras we have a camera System then we have the ring and I just Picked up some real link cameras to put Because we're doing something in another Area and I'm putting those up and they Are very reasonable so you know that Gives you advantage of being able to Document and see what's going on right But but as far as your real question yes If I had a dummy camera I would put it Up and I'd make sure it was out there Because it is going to do some Deterrence Uh paintball God says question any Prepping tips for big guys I'm six six And 300 pounds it's hard to blend in Uncle Robbie looks like a big fella he Looks like a he looks like he dwarfs Don Yeah no he does he does yeah so I'm so I'm six five and 250 so you know I

Understand your uh your dilemma that You're having you know there are some Things that you know we just that we Just can't avoid being being the size That we are the hype that we are and Everything you know we we do kind of Stand out when when we're in a crowd of Normal height people Um You know the the big things that I try And do is the way that I dress I try and Dress very inconspicuously I generally Don't wear boots or anything with heels I am today you know just because I got My blue jeans and my flannel and I was Like hey yeah but you know if I'm if I'm Going out and if I'm going out in public I normally wear tennis shoes or a low Sold shoe that that doesn't increase my Height anymore I try and wear clothes That are very inconspicuous things that That don't stand out and really try and Follow the The Gray Man Mantra to where What I wear just really just Blends me In as much as possible into my Surroundings and the people that are Around me yeah and one thing though There is an advantage though because Some people are going to go I'm not Messing with that guy you know so uh you Know there is there is Advantage but There are some people that pick out People that are like that because it's More of an ego thing

Uh Gary Hernandez self-defense and urban Survival asks hello guys what do y'all Think about the gray man tactical Molly Panel for your vehicle Um I like Molle panels for the vehicle Uh I have a roaring fire Molle panel in The back of my car some people kind of Go against it because they say well Somebody'll break in your car and take It and that is a problem I mean it's Something that's an issue uh my windows Are tinted so it makes it a little more Difficult yeah but uh I like the the Panels I don't that specific one I Haven't had any experience with but I Think that it's a great option medical Gear uh my son was in a wreck this past This weekend in fact Grant was in wreck Uh and you know wrecks happen and so Having medical gear right there having Some you know some items instead of Digging around in a pack I think is a Good way to get organized but um yeah Theft is really the biggest deterrent Yeah and you know I see having Molly Panels and stuff on the back of your Seats it's a double-edged sword on on One hand if you're if you're out in like Large parking areas and things you leave Your vehicle it is it is an invitation For someone to break into your vehicle Um and it also highlights you know maybe Some of the things you have in your Vehicle that you may have firearms in

Your vehicle Um you know I me personally I don't use Anything like that everything in my Vehicle if you look in my vehicle it is It is a clean slate inside there there You can't see anything you can't find Anything because all the stuff in my Vehicle is hidden in different places Um just because I don't want anything That stands out inside my vehicle I Don't have gun stickers on my vehicle I Don't have Marine Corps stickers or Anything like that on my vehicle because Those things draw attention to your Vehicle for a thief if a thief sees a Car in a parking lot that has an Army Air Force or maybe not Air Force maybe But be nice yeah It's a joke guys it's a joke yeah Army Air Force Marine Corps uh Navy if they See a bumper sticker or whatever on your Vehicle that tells the thief that there May be a gun inside that vehicle and That vehicle is more likely to be broken Into if you've got your your big Ruger Sticker Remington stick or whatever on The back of your vehicle that is an Invitation for someone to break in your Vehicle because you're telling that Person that you own firearms so all the Things like that I don't put any of that Stuff on my vehicle I leave things off Of my vehicle that that would draw Attention to me if I'm in certain areas

Like parking lots and the panels on the Back of my seat as much as I like them I Don't have them on my seat just because Of theft yeah yeah but I like my windows Are really tinted dark so it's hard to See in there but still it is it is Something one thing I have is a Molly Panel on my sunshade and I keep Flashlights and some things up there and It's really easy to get to but uh yeah It can't it can be I love and I don't Love this but this was kind of funny They had a meme where they had this uh It was some kind of SUV and it said come And take it on the back of the window And the next picture was it busted out It's true it's a real thing Uh black ginger asked top five things to Buy right now Uh well for me food is again top of the List uh food is make sure you have some Kind of water filtration something to be Able to filter water because that is Probably number one medical yeah and I'm I'm just like you food is my number one Water would be my number two or water Filtration is number two medical is Number three firearms and ammunition or Four and five yeah and buy some Ammunition you know I mean right now Prices have come down and so and it's Being more available uh that could Change so uh right now is a great time To really stock up on your ammunition

For the best time in the last two and a Half years to be able to buy ammunition The prices like I said it's available The prices are coming down it's not it's Not you know pre-bidden prices or Pre-covered prices but ammunition prices I've seen nine millimeter for thirteen Fourteen dollars a box in some of the Box stores yeah and listen if you don't Have an AR-15 and you've been kind of Waiting now is the time to get them There's a lot of people that are earning ARS because they bought them during some You know trouble or something and I've Seen this with gun shops I've seen it on A couple of YouTube videos where people Are bringing their guns back so you're Able to buy a nice AR-15s I mean not Even been shot right for a better price That's right so uh that is that is Something Um number five now of course medical uh Medical is like trauma but also maybe Just talk up on some you know Imodium And I Advil and some things like that Galls yeah your your everyday things That you use you know things for Headaches muscle aches Band-Aids Cuts Scrapes uh your all of your creams that You would use your antiseptics Antibiotic creams go ahead and stock up On that stuff and get that right and if I if I was going to throw a number six On there number six would be alternative

Power supply that I would start looking At yeah look for some you know whether It's a generator we have a regular Generator we have a solar power Generator uh and battery backup okay Let's uh let's go ahead and continue We're going to come back to questions Again in just a few minutes but we wanna Want to kind of give you guys some Things to kind of think about and some Of these are things we talked about Before yeah and you know it's one of the Big things we've got we know that we Have some problems and we've identified Several problems and things that we Could have issues for but it does you no Good if we don't bring you solutions to The problems that we have so and that's One of the things that we're going to Dive into now well if you want to look At problems just turn on the news turn On the news and you see all the you know But this is this is not we're about and So we want to make sure that you guys Not because of the reason why we go Through some of these things is not to Get you all worked up but just to say Look these are things that are happening You really need to be stocking up food Regardless because that is one thing Again that you just aren't going to be Able to to go out in your yard unless You have dandelions but you know you're Going to be limited to doing things like

That okay so number one and this is the Big one from for us is of course dried Beans and rice that's a staple a lot of People do that and I think it's good Because beans and rice make a complete Protein so going ahead and getting some Protein set aside but I'm gonna tell you This you're not going to be able to eat That long because after a while you're Just going to get sick of it if all you Have is is dried Goods like that uh oats Different things you know that are shelf Stable and make sure that you're not Going out and buying crackers and cereal And you know I know at one time my wife Especially right before covet you know She was running out and buying stuff Like that which was fine because it was Things that we were eating but really For long term you need to have shelf Stable very shelf-stable foods but Canned foods that is a big thing that we Do we have a lot your supply of dried Goods where we can we could live you Know and we went down to the Mormon Cannery one time and just bought a Buttload of stuff I mean it was packed Out but when covet hit and food started We started kind of hunkering down we Didn't get into that long-term food Because it was too inconvenient we could Do it and if we got hungry we can fix it But if it got down to a serious Situation so buy the food number one

That you'll eat buy foods that you're Gonna absolutely and buy canned Foods Canned foods will last over a hundred Years so really canned foods are some of The best now the weight is something it Definitely you've got to consider if you Have a year's supply of canned goods That every average can weighs a pound Yeah or there yeah yeah especially with Some of the larger cans they weigh them Even more yeah but you figure if the Average can weighs a pound and you have Enough of that so you've got you know 365 days a year and there's four of you And per person right so you've got even Just say just for a round number so You've got a thousand cans that's the Average of a thousand pounds worth of Canned goods that you have so if you're You you need to make sure that you store That in an area that the floor can Support that weight or reinforce your Floors to be able to support that weight Or if you live in an apartment you're Going to be you're gonna you know you Got space consideration that's right uh We live in a pretty nice pretty big size House and we still have space Consideration so you know it's um but It's something to weigh out and listen Guys too is you know don't get Overwhelmed just go out and pick up Something on a regular basis and just Buy food and I'm gonna tell you it's

Like an investment it is because this Week I'm going out in the cans a dollar Next week it's about 25. the next week Is 1 50. so you're really kind of Beating the inflation a little bit you Are but and here's something on the flip Side to go with food you we have to have Food right but you want your food to Taste good and one thing that a lot of People don't consider buying when They're buying food is seasoning and Spices right yeah it's very important You've got your the little bitty cans of Seasoning and spices you all know what I'm talking about you pull it out once a Year when you're making Thanksgiving Turkey and then it goes back in the Shelf right It does you no good for one of those Little bitty cans because that's going To last you about one meal buy your Seasoning and buy it you must have some Seasons well I tell you we we buy our Seasoning and our spices in the big Quart size containers at least our salt Our pepper our garlic salt the spices And seasonings that we use and that we Eat a lot we buy those in big containers Because they last longer and you'll have It when you need it if food is a Shortage issue right you know you make Your beans and your rice well plain Beans and rice is is pretty bland to Begin with and it gets even more bland

If you're eating it a lot being able to Season that food and add some spice to That food you can totally change the Flavor palette of that food with just a Little bit of seasoning and spices so Have some different seasoning and spices That you can use to be able to change The flavor palettes of different foods As well right right but um you know Again making sure that you do have those Stables you know and one thing is too is A lot of canned food sometimes it can be High in salt you know you want to kind Of check those kind of things and just Make sure one thing that we do which we We've got a ton of vegetables and we Were a little short on our meat you know We wanted some different meats and so we Started you know looking around and and Buying some canned meats that we could Keep that were shelf stable hams and Beef stews and things like that so you Know balance you want to have some Balance and you also want to rotate your Stuff out beans excuse me beans and rice You can store it and you can put it at Least in a temperature control or in a And keep it dark and that's those are Some important parts Um okay so shelf stable now of course Obviously there are a lot of different Things that go along that with Dehydrated foods but you're starting to Get expensive right the freeze-dried

Foods those kind of things unless you're Dehydrating and freeze drying your own Foods at home they're even though a lot Of that stuff is available it is it does Become much more expensive for Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods you Know it's funny we just just uh picked a Bunch of peppers Peter Piper we went Over into the garden yeah we feel we put Some together some pickled peppers and Uh we had tons of them I mean they were Everywhere in um and so Shannon got out In in Camden and put them back you know And we do that with our Tomatoes we do That with a lot of stuff so canning food Is great now let's say you know I live In an apartment I don't have a garden or I just don't have space for a gardener I Just don't have a garden uh going to Your local farmers market of course Right now they're starting to wind down A lot of them in this area have already Closed so farmers markets maybe in the Spring of next year are going to be a Very vital source for you just like we Talked about a lot of this is man-made Those farmers are going to still produce Food they're going to open up their Markets and they're going to bring it to Local markets so check your local Markets know where they are we have a Local Dairy here that's great it's Called Happy Cow and uh you know they Produce a lot of different cheese and

Butter and milk knowing where those Places are and mapping those out to know To be able to get to them uh because you Know your grocery stores may not be you Know may not have the supplies and the Funny thing is you were talking about Mom and Pops Place sometimes those are Great to check out absolutely never know You know having a plan to be able to Find them now I know you guys for Dehydrating you know that's one thing We're getting ready to do we've done Some stuff in the past but we're looking For one and I know you're talking about Cabela's Cabela's has a lot you know the Cabela's is primarily a hunting and Fishing store right but Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops also have a own their own Line of meat processing products Their Own Line of dehydrators Their Own Line Of Freeze drying foods and then all of the Packaging and everything that you need Even meat grinders that's right all Kinds of stuff yeah from manual Grinders To Electric Grinders and you know we've Got both we've got manual Grinders as Well as meat grinders for processing our Own meats and it's good to have a mix of Those you know the manual Grinders if You don't have electricity you don't Have power that electric grinder no Matter how fast and how nice it is is Worthless without power so being able to

Have that that old manual meat grinder That you can throw your cubes in and Manually grind your meat it's it's a Benefit to have one of those even if you Don't use it a lot you just keep it Oiled up and put up in case you need it Right that's right but yeah in Processing it and one thing too is like For us we buy cow we just bought a cow Or we went in together with a couple of Friends and uh you know having the Freezer space and we put the cow back so We had this meat now that is if we have Electricity to be able to continue but You know we're not going to go to that Extent yet because really being able to Produce and keep your food if you don't Don't you could have electricity and not Have food so and you know the thing is It's it's an investment to buy a whole Cow or a half a cow that's that is an Investment but the thing about it is That's a a quick yield investment you Buy that cow and you've got enough meat For six months or you've got enough meat For a year right yeah you're it's not Like you're buying it putting it in the Freezer and it's going to sit there for Five years get freezer burning you have To throw it all away you're you're Buying that and you're consuming that Now right and it saves you a lot of Money to buy in bulk like that versus Going to the grocery store okay we're

Gonna go get two pounds of hamburger Meat for dinner tonight and tomorrow Okay we're gonna go and get some fish For dinner tonight when you buy in bulk And you store it in bulk it lasts you And saves you a bunch of money long term Yeah and it doesn't like if you go to Walmart to their meat section there is An ingredients label that's right beef Yeah I don't know what that's about so You get a better quality it's Preservatives they're putting Preservatives into your into your meats That they have that's in the cooler That's why it only lasts for a week or Two when they put it in there because It's not frozen it's sitting out out in The open so they put some preservatives On it some of it is to keep the meat From browning and turning different Colors because brown meat doesn't sell As well as red meat right so they put These preservatives and dyes on it to Keep it the red color that it is when It's when it's fresh so people will buy It more readily right so you know just Using farmers markets using local local Butchers you know there's local butchers And typically you're getting a higher Quality of meat I'll tell you you go to The store and buy eggs if you get fresh Eggs you can just leave them out on the Counter as long as you want to wash them You can leave them out on the counter

And they'll just last we buy milk Um now I can't remember what the dumb Name is of this milk it's um Non-organic meal It'll last for like three months in the In the refrigerator and it's weird Because you know we've always got the Gallon jug you know we started going to Organic milk and it just lasts a lot Longer and so you know there there are Some things like that that'll carry you Through but that's right having good Quality because here's the thing guys in A in a bad situation where you're that's Malnutrition is a big problem and so you Want to make sure that you're you're Getting the the nutrients and the things You need and how they balance listen if You go up there and just get all beans You know it's not gonna it's gonna be Kind of stinky but it's gonna you know You need to have some balance and some Fruits and things so we're going to go To some questions here in just a second I want to give sis a heads up but um Again make sure that you get the food You get you are eating uh Southern Prepper and I've used this example Before he's a good friend of mine he Lives about 30 minutes from me Southern Pepper one took all the food that he had Over a year's supply of and he decided He was going to live on that and after About three or four days he couldn't eat

He could not force himself to eat and he Was only going to do that for a 30-day Window yeah eat all of the freeze-dried Stuff and the pre-packaged stuff you Know long-term shelf life items he was Only going to do it for 30 days and less Than a week and he was like I can't do This anymore yeah he could not eat and He said I had work to do and he said I Just was famished but he couldn't get to It so you know again make sure that You're you're putting together a good Plan and to keep it rotated out we have A system upstairs and there's a lot of Different systems you can do where you Can put the cans in the back and then Take out from the front but having Systems to where you can keep your food Rotated that's right but again It will last for a hundred years now You'll lose a little bit of flavor You'll look you know if over a long Period of time you'll lose some of the Nutritional value so those are some Things that you want to consider but um Well it's like medication you know you You go and buy some Tylenol Advil uh Imodium whatever to a store just in case All right It's all got an expiration date on it it All expires eventually well even after It expires it's still good it just Doesn't have the same uh effects that it Would it may it may be 90 effective or

80 effective but it loses some of its Effectiveness over time but it does Still work and it is still still gives You some benefits right okay forget some Questions uh Jeremy says love the show What are your thoughts on protein powder Whether it be whey hemp or even peanut Powder for long-term storage I think It's a great idea we've kind of talked About that in the past I mean it gives You a shelf stable form of protein and It's lightweight the majority of your Powders they don't weigh a whole lot so You're able to store a lot of it in in a Relatively small area that's going to Last you quite a long time yeah and one Big Advantage is you're going to be Typically in some kind of emergency Situation you have there's a lot of Physical you know exertion going on and So this gives you good muscle strength And then you'll come out looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger well you know That's that's something that we that we Haven't talked about in the past is is Storing or putting uh your protein Powders and stuff in your your three day Pack or your you know your get home bag That's a good idea because you can put Those powders in there the powder will Last you you know you could put a week's Worth of powder in that bag that's going To give you nutritional value And be able to provide protein and

Nutrients to you for for a long travel That you have to take and not take up a Lot of space or add a lot of weight to Your pack yeah and if you come across a Little Robin's Nest with some little Eggs in there you can you know break Them up and mix them in Well this is what I tell everybody you Need to work work hard to get a Three-month Supply uh you know most People just have it but you know and Have it planned out think about what you Need and plan that out for uh for your Uh for your carbs for your calories you Know for the protein and you know it'll Say it on the can this will give you so Much percentage of your protein diet per Serving yeah based on a 2 000 calorie Per day diet yeah and in a high stress Situation 2 000 calories maybe on the Low end so you know getting just looking And mapping it out according to what you Eat and what your diet is I look at it Like this look at it as meal prepping When you you do your meal prep during The week you know what you're going to Eat on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday when you go to the grocery store You buy your your ingredients to be able To produce those meals look at prepping The exact same way when you buy your Food buy it for meal prepping you're Going to have this on this day you're Going to have this on this day you're

Going to have this on this day and you Meal prep out that way when you buy when You buy this stuff you don't have just Tons of food stacked in the corner You've actually got meals planned out And you can even write it all out to Where you know that this food is for This meal this food is for this meal and That way you have meals prepped out and Pre-planned right at least have a good Solid plan now things are going to go Different that's the way it always is Your plan doesn't always stick but it Definitely gives you a good idea because Otherwise you go to the grocery you Start throwing cans in you get home you Stock them up and then all of a sudden You realize all you have is corn that's Right I was just about to say that we've Got 100 days worth of corn and nothing To go with it hey but we got corn That's a little corny it's a little cool We're a little corny dad joke of the day Yeah I think they're great I've got one uh I've been planning to do a review on and By the way that's been a minute it's Been yeah yeah I've been a minute y'all Take y'all check out super Gumby he's Got a great Channel he's a good friend Of mine too Um in fact we just had a little dinner In Tennessee at tactical response but um Yeah I mean I think that like I have one

Of the the e-bikes you know and it's It's an all-terrain it's got the big Wheels on it and everything and so uh Those are great options Um and and this thing will go about 50 Miles an hour so you know yes I think Here's the thing guys a lot of times you Know I I fuss about electric cars not That I think they're bad I think they're Great but if we're not careful we start To fight against technology I think Technology is great and we need to use It I mean there's a lot of solar and Different things you know that we can Utilize uh I think when it's forced on Us I think that's what I have a real Problem with and you know shutting down Fossil fuels so we'll go to e-bikes is Manipulation and it's just criminal uh But I think that the the wave of the Future Or to supplement transportation Electric vehicles are excellent but what I love is the guy in California that had His Tesla because they shut down the Power station he was charging it with a Gas powered generator you know I mean Let's face it it's ridiculous but uh but Yes Ben I think that having a a good Bike with uh you know that this battery Powered and two you know you can charge It with your solar power I mean you have Some options that we haven't ever had Before so

Um that's one thing I think I'm big About solar for a lot of reasons but Solar has a lot of limitations and a lot Of that has to do with just blue skies If you don't or if you don't have a Place we have so many trees around here That it does it keeps us yeah kind of Limited solar for sure it does but um so Yes I think it's a great option Uh fine ass Amy fresh asked we probably All have some people that we love but we May be detrimental to our prepper group Based on their personality how do you Gently get them at arm's distance while Um providing help yeah that's a tough One yeah that's a tough one I'll tell You when we formed our prepper group and We've had two uh one carried over to the The one we currently have now I hand Picked everyone in our group I mean I Hand picked them because I knew uh and Because I knew their personalities and The one thing is it's dangerous a lot of Times getting involved in a prepper Group is you have this Alpha this like Just on an ego trip and those are the Worst men but it's also we've had people In our groups previously uh that just After a while we were like oh my gosh You know this is this is a nightmare Um you know if enough people feel that They need to move in a different Direction you just move in a different Direction I mean it's according to your

Situation but yeah one thing we did was Is we would put out we had a band uh you Know app and we would we'd send out Information on the band app and then There were certain people that just quit Coming you know they I mean they'd come Once in a while they just kind of Wouldn't come and you'd ask them to come Oh yeah I'm coming they wouldn't come After a while we just quit inviting them Yeah we just quit and uh and then we Just and so our core formed really well We have a really good solid core and one Thing that I recommend like for me even Though I started the group and I know Everybody that's in the group we brought Them all together and now we're like Family I mean everybody is just like This and uh it's a honestly I in fact we Were having lunch this past week and I Told the guys we were sitting around and I said you know when I started this I Mean it was definitely for prepping and That was our goal I said honestly at This point you guys are my brothers You're my family and uh and so you know It's just really it's really good but it But having a bad apple in there you've Got to be able to distance yourself from That because that bad apple can ruin the Entire Bunch yeah you know you you have To separate that bad apple out and you Know whether whether you do it in you Know a kind gentle manner or you know

Whether you just just put the hammer Down about listen you know we we love You as a person but you're not working With our group Um and just cut them from the group Sometimes that's sometimes a quick cut Is the best way for everyone involved Just to just to separate that person From the group and just tell them look You know you just yeah personality wise Or whatever you just don't seem to fit You know we love you but you just don't Fit our group yeah I mean yeah and and I Know how it is to have someone you Really care about but yet they're Causing issues it's tough and it's going To be something you just have to you Have to address it but the thing is it's That important you know to make sure That you don't have problems because Some people are just loose cannons and Then they could bring the whole group Down yeah so you got to be careful with That plus it causes dissension in the Group Uh Patriot fever asked what form of Martial art do you advise for someone Who doesn't have schedule room for Classes is there one that can be Self-taught Um I take Kenpo and took uh and Jiu Jitsu and then Shirin Roo and gojiru so You know Okinawan style and then more of You know your traditional Chinese Styles

Um Japanese style but uh the the one thing About taking it with a class and and I Think it's in I think you can you can do It but the one thing that I think about Taking class because I'm gonna tell you Something if you're if you're busier Than I am you are freaking super busy And I take twice a week my ceramic goes And Grant my son and um been taking Martial arts for 20 years off and on but 20 years and so uh the one big huge Plus For having a group even one or two is That when you're doing something they Watch you and they can critique just Like with firearms training yep we just Want the tactical response to fighting Pistol and you know them seeing what You're doing and what you're doing wrong You may not even know it You know you may be going okay I'm doing This and you got your wrist like this I Mean that's a good way to break your Wrist and so you got to have that wrist Lock having your thumb sticking out when You're when you're doing something That's a good way to get your thumb Broken I mean there's a lot of little Subtle nuances you may not even realize You're doing that is the greatest danger Yeah in martial arts training so you Know yeah you can but you have to really Pay attention if you're trying to get You know it online I think that's better

Than nothing but if there is any way Possible I highly recommend getting Attached to some Dojo that has a really Good like our dojo we have like six or Seven black belts and they come every Week just to work with us I mean they Are awesome and finding a really good School is important so I am I am really Strong on on martial arts for a number Of reasons physical gives you more Defensive training even though I carry a Gun it you know that's not always the Answer right and so and two you may have A gun and not even be able to get to it Because you getting your tail whipped But it gives you a lot of advantages I Highly recommend martial arts for anyone It doesn't matter anyway and you know I Would if if it's just not in your Schedule or there just isn't anything Around you and the online resource is The only resource that you have Available to you Use that resource but video yourself While you're going through the motions Okay because you can a lot of times what You see up here in between your ears is Not what you're actually doing and being Able to go back and Visually watch what You're doing after you perform a certain Move or or whatever will allow you to go Back and critique yourself compare what You're doing to what the instructor is Showing you to do and then be able to

Make any kind of any kind of corrections But being able to videos video yourself Is always going to help whether it's With shooting or martial arts or Whatever all right that's a great point Uh Jeremy asked what are your thoughts On PNG water purifier packets as well Um You know those little packets I I mean You know they're I mean there seem to be Very popular yeah and sometimes I see Them and I'm kind of like why but on the Other hand they take a lot less space You can put them in your pack it's not Like a big water bottle now you lose Your container which is a container is Important but it gives you instant water You don't have to go look for it you Don't have to hunt for it if you're if Your water runs out you've got a couple Of emergency packets so I think that They're good I think they have a place But I don't think they replace Filters or even water that you're Carrying in a container containers are Very important right because even with a Water purifier you still need to have a Way that you can strain your water to Get all kinds of minerals and debris and Stuff out of it but we have them we have The little water packs and and they're Very convenient for a number of things Truck has storage idea Uh new truck uh well you know sometimes

You can put a toolbox in the bag that's Good and secure sometimes under your Seats there's space under there to be Able to put things uh I have a Ford F-150 and underneath it's an older one It's one that we just used to run things With and there's a small space Underneath there's also the Jack and all That on one side but you know that space Underneath if you can utilize it it's Great Um one thing I would highly recommend if You're trying to hide something in a Console because a lot of times they have Pieces that pull up criminals know about Those things just FYI because I had my Truck stolen a few years ago uh and they Took whatever I had in there thank God It wasn't anything really that yeah but You know just finding places like this One we talked about a minute ago even if You put a Molle panel on the back which Again you know has some downsides but it Does give you some storage area there Behind your seats and I'll tell you one That I've that I've seen that I really Like there's some companies that make a Replacement headliner for your vehicle So the headliner and all comes out and They have a system that goes in and Replacement of it that creates an Airspace in between that you can store Things where the headliner was as well Oh that's cool yeah I bet drug dealers

Like that one yeah But you know you just have to improvise You have to figure out that's right You've got to be creative But there's a way You ask how about trapping small games Well I mean that's that's definitely Something but let me give you a a Warning about it of course you know rats May be actually multiplying but during The Great Depression they almost wiped Out game in North America in certain Areas because people didn't have food so They were all out hunting and uh in fact Like in Russia during some of the sieges By the Germans during World War II I Mean the bird population and everything Just was decimated because people just Tried to find it but it is a possibility It is a source well and that's you know Something to consider is look at look at The area where you live and look at the Number of people that live in that area And then you can look at your Department Of Natural Resources maps and and They'll have they'll have numbers on There for the the number of whitetail That they project whitetail deer for Instance the number of whitetail deer That they project that live in your area Or that that live in your state and you Can take that number of people and Divide that by the number of whitetail Deer and that will give you a good idea

Of how many deer you have based on how Many people you have that would be able To sustain you the average deer weighs 150 pounds by the time you gut it Process it you're going to get about Half of that in meat so 150 pound deer Is going to give you about 75 pounds of Meat which will feed you for you know Feed a family of two for 30 days all Right now if you've got a million deer That live in your state and you have a Million people that live in your state That's one deer per person that the so The Whitetail population to totally Eradicate it within your state will be Gone in 30 days but I think she was Talking about craps as well and we're Smaller smaller game uh you know like Squirrels squirrels and rabbits and Stuff and those will you know it's kind Of the same thing with those you know They're if you've got a million people That live in your state even if you have 10 million rabbits at a pound of rabbit By the time you process it they're going To be gone very quickly but I think it Is something to be able to have the Ability to take a small game because you Know and sometimes these situations can Be limited for a short time so but Having the ability knowing how to Address and clean especially like a Squirrel you know knowing how to do that So I think it's a great skill to have I

Think it's something that you should Definitely have the knowledge in part in Your toolbox Okay we're gonna we may get a couple More questions but we're getting close I Want to make sure we hit these last few Things we talked about farmers markets So buying local local is a great Resource so finding those areas and and Getting to know those people because Like my wife she goes to the local Farmers market for certain things and She knows those guys and they give her Deals and stuff and they give her Sometimes they'll say hey we got this Over here so getting to know those People and dealing with them and you'll Get some favors well even going straight To the farm because a lot of farms will Have a a shed or a shelter setup where They sell uh direct consumer from the Farm getting to know the farmers Themselves and be like hey would you Give me a call when you've got some new Products and new crops coming up and Just give me a heads up so I can I can Be here when the the new crops the new Products are fresh on the Shelf that's Right that's a great idea uh and now of Course obviously having Gardens yourself And that's really the big thing here Here's the thing about prepping the Ultimate goal the ultimate end or the Best end and is to be self-sustaining I

Used to be kind of a homestead now you Say well man I got like a quarter of an Acre I you know but you can do I mean They're square foot gardening there's Raised beds there's a lot of different Things uh you know that you can do even If all you can do is grow some tomatoes Out on the deck of your apartment you're Doing something and you're growing some Some food and uh so you know use what You can with what you have and two Sometimes they have Community Gardens Where people come together and they'll Farm in a certain little area have a Little garden but then having canning Supplies if you have access to food Having the canning supplies ahead of Time just put them back you know what You may not use them you can sell them On Facebook Marketplace I promise you if You don't need it but um you know There's a lot of things like that and Knowing how to can because there are Some some steps in in Canning Um husbandry of course and that kind of Goes with what we just talked about in a Sense but you have rabbits guys you buy Rabbits you're going to be producing Rabbits yes and you could actually use That that to barter and trade with and Plus it's just fine I mean having Animals like that I mean it can be hard Work but it's a labor of love having Chickens chicken Spruce a ton of eggs

Yes they do tons of eggs and it doesn't Take very many chickens either no if you If you only have five chickens you'll Produce more eggs than you could ever Eat giving away eggs all the time Because you know you just produce so Many I mean they do and they're they're More healthy they taste better last Longer yeah they last longer I mean There's a lot of reasons to think about It again some of you guys your your hm Your your homeowners association is Gonna have a complete meltdown so I Understand that but you know if you have The the means and these are just ideas Um and then this is one uh forging Forging foraging sorry you can forged But foraging uh you know nuts berries uh We have a pecan tree that's up here at This business actually and they never Take their pecan so we talked we said Hey they said oh we don't care they're Messing up the driveway anyway in their Parking lot so you can just go up there And get pecans but having those sources Mapped out ahead of time you know Raspberries blackberries we talked about This the other day You know different things like that So having some some places uh to be able To to forage it's not just uh dandelions And you know you can eat Lots of things you can eat root roots And tubers there's tons of Wild Roots

Tubers that you can eat that will Provide medical benefits medicinal Benefits for you nutritional benefits But a lot of that stuff is seasonal it's It's here in the spring in the summer But in the fall and winter it's gone so You know knowing where to map those Areas when it's seasonal when to harvest It and be able to can it so you have it Long term is a benefit as well and Knowing what seasons you can pick what Product what products and what crops Because some of your wild Foods may be Inedible when it's young but when it Matures it's very edible or vice versa It may be edible when it's when it's Immature but not edible when it's mature And knowing what products and what what Wild fruits and foods that you can eat At certain times of the year in buying Reference books to be able to help you Or you can get online Um and then you know of course fishing I Mean that's that's an age-old profession That's right fishing but have your have A tackle box have some supplies with it And then of course hunting and those are Two excellent ways to go okay so again Guys we've gone over a lot of these in The past but I think it's just important To realize that food is like the deal And you know if you go to East Africa or Whatever they're like I mean they may Not have a lot but man they want their

Food you know they got to have food to Live and that is number one uh having Your nice custom you know knife and Having your you know HK pistol and all That stuff's great but if you don't have Food you're going to be hard-pressed in A food shortage type situation and so Really I mainly want to bring this to You because I'm really concerned about It right now with all the news and Everything that's going on I think it's Just important to kind of just encourage You to kind of look at that a little bit Harder that's right because it's always Easier to get food when you get it on The downside of the bell curve right Instead of waiting until there's no food And everyone realizes it and then There's nothing right right because Panic sets in that's right and that's Exactly right Robbie it's like when You're coming in while people are still Kind of like oh yeah nothing's gonna Happen to me nothing's gonna happen to Me and then when that thing hits just Like toilet paper if you had you you Here you want toilet paper you can Forget it you know what's Phil saying You were crap out of luck yeah yeah Exactly or Sol yeah Sol uh let's see we Have enough we probably have one or two Questions before we we sign off because I really love the questions and I I just Hope that it helps uh Chris cell will

Ask how long is rice shelf stable oh Rice is so stable for a long time the Big thing is just keep it dry and keep Rodents and stuff out of it as long as You can keep it in a cool dry place and Keep things from getting into it it's Shelf stable just about indefinitely Yeah I mean rice beans rice probably More than beans I know that wheat they Found some wheat in the Egyptian tombs And they took that wheat and they Processed it and they created a loaf of Bread so sometimes those basic as long Again like Robbie said keep it you know In a cool dry Place temperature somewhat Controlled uh it'll last indefinitely Uh j9000 ask hey such a few of my family Membership prepping is a waste of money Because shf h s h t f could never happen Do they have a point Um Well You know it's not a matter of it you Know it it's not a matter of if it's a Matter of when it's a matter of when and You know the thing is if like I'm a man Of faith And one of the reasons why base down Base deep down is because of Revelation And and all the different things that Are coming to the Earth so uh and most Cultures have some kind of form of that Some kind of Apocalypse but here's the Thing oh well it hadn't happened here

Well it hadn't happened there we'll just Ask Jamestown when they all starve to Death you know or some of those early Settlements that had no food and had no Way to produce food look at the Mayans Yeah the Mayans an entire civilization Gone will cause a famine yeah and this Has happened all over look at Russia Especially in the Ukraine and some of Those areas back in after World War II Or during the the pilgrims or different You know when the Communists were really Taking over they starved out millions of People the Armenians and the Turks and I Mean you've got places so yeah we live In America and we're very blessed and Listen I I hope it never happens I mean I'm all for you know just continuing uh But it's just like hearing a gun I hope I never have to use this gun but I've Got this gun on my hip and if anything Ever happens you know I may only have to Use it one time but it'll be worth all The time that I can that's right well And that's the the whole basis of being Prepared is not the if but the potential Of a win Yeah we always have problems I mean There are always things power outages or You know different things that happen Covid-19 popped up we were like what and We would have never thought that there'd Be a toilet paper shortage in this Country no one ever thought that you

Know the last thing on anyone's mind in This country is oh my goodness we're Gonna run out of toilet paper No one ever thought that and but we did And you know it was it was a crappy Situation for a lot of people dad joke Two of the day I love it but you know It's and people think the same thing About food oh we produce plenty of food We'll never run out of food we'll never Run out of food Toilet paper that's all that's all I Have to say you you never would have Thought you would have ran out of toilet Paper and we did food could be the exact Same thing in just a matter of days Grocery stores have you walk in there oh They got plenty of food on the shelves All right if the food isn't able to get To the the stores to be able to sell it You know Transportation shut down Whatever three days it's gone the Grocery store is empty now let me give You this scenario and this is one thing To think about is an EMP Um Uh if an EMP and guys it is more likely Than ever in history that's right with Russia rattling around with North Korea Doing stuff with even China and some you Know problems uh we're already seeing What China's doing in the infrastructure Of our country already uh that would be That's definitely there's Iran I mean

There's a number of different Possibilities let's say an EMP even if It's limited but it hits and we lose all Our power grid How are we going to get that pork in Those pig farms up in North Carolina to Bring pork down to us if there's no Transportation that's right we could Have huge farms of corn and wheat and Everything else that could just be Rotting on the vine because there's no Transportation there's no way to move it It is definitely something to consider And guys honestly I'm just telling you Get yourself in good shape and Everything that is All of your vehicles whether it's Locomotives tractor trailers Everything that we use for Transportation today has computers on Them they are controlled by computers And an EMP would wipe those Vehicles out Our transportation for food across this Country would cease to exist in you know One EMP attack boom gone just like that But let's say there's just one in the Northeast let's just say there's just One it doesn't even affect us all the But everything there is in trouble all Of the resources are going to be Directed there we're all going to have Some shortages we're all going to have Problems so you know I mean there's Their potentials here's the thing guys

Let's just face it when it comes to your Life in the lives of your family What is the one thing you need is food Just don't worry about what other people Say just make sure that you have food Put back And it's not a scare it's not like oh my God the end of the world's coming Armageddon's on the you know no I'm not Even saying any of that but I'm just Saying there are a lot of indicators Where we are facing some food shortages You're self-prepared if not not for you For your family and then those that are Like well you're doing that Then they'll come knocking on your door And I'm Gonna Leave This one story I Have a good friend of mine and he's been A prepper he's in our prepper group and His father has harassed him for the past 10 years about being a prepper and sure Is the world covet hit guess who was Calling for toilet paper and get hey son Uh you know we need some toilet paper uh Have you got some toilet paper and then He told him he says I'll never say Anything to you again about it after What we went through with covid and that Was a that was a light situation Honestly yeah people died and it was Awful and blah blah but as far as an Apocalyptic event that was nothing Compared to what can happen so just keep That in mind

So we're gonna sign off here uh we Really appreciate Sarah Mack for doing The question sorry if we didn't get to Your questions uh you know it's we do Get a lot of questions and they were Really good questions thank you for Asking uh we really appreciate Robbie Wheaton for being here again Wheaton arms YouTube Channel just all-around good guy Gunsmith for over 20 years which I Didn't even say that but gunsmith for Every 20 years he really has a lot of Knowledge on guns there's a lot of Custom work like RMR Cuts or you know Slide relief and doing different things Um bolt action rifles 1911s I mean the Guy's done it all and so it's nice to Know the guy so um in the Wheaton arms Flat face trigger just telling you if You ever get it for your Glock you'll You'll never turn back So uh be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic

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