Prepper School Vol. 43 Warning! Controlled World Chaos!

By | October 31, 2022

-Green Energy Initiatives
-Violent Crime
-Electronic Banking
-Racial/LGBT Tension
-Gun Control/ATF

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Wait is my hair right I think I think I Think what's left of it Welcome to system prepper live volume Prepper School volume 43 43 43 another Weekend another great time hope you guys Have had a great weekend and we are Ready to uh to kick it off yes sir great To have Robbie Wheaton with us from Wheaton arms uh Wheaton arms YouTube Channel website does a Lot of great Glock aftermarket parts Accessories and is doing work for Palmetto State Armory for their dagger Series doing a lot of the upgrades yep Especially the triggers we've got the uh The dagger blade trigger system that's Going to be available from home of the State Armory as soon as they get done Doing all their photography and stuff And I should see that up on their Website any day yep excuse me that pivot Trigger yep it's in it that replaces it I gotta have some water But I need a little bit of water oh this Is tequila Oh but you know it's that's been one of The biggest complaints that people have Had with the dagger is with that Pivoting trigger system and uh went down And met with the guys and talked with Them and they absolutely loved our Prokary trigger it's a great trigger and They were like we we want to do Something like that but maybe make some

Changes to it and uh make it kind of a Unique trigger just for the uh for the Dagger series but it does still work With the regular gen one through four Glocks so we went back and we did some Redesign work on the Aesthetics of the Trigger and all and uh and tested it in A bunch of daggers and I'm telling you It is impressive yeah and if you haven't Checked out the Palmetto State Armory Dagger they are three 299 299.99 and they are excellent so Um but anyway check out Robbie Wheaton He's been a gunsmith for over 20 years And he does some really cool custom gun Work so check out and we Really appreciate you being here good to Be here as always and also Sarah is over On the computer and she will be Monitoring for questions and we will Take a couple of breaks or more commonly Known as adulting unless she keeps us Under control as well So we're going to talk about something Today and you know I kind of titled this And and I really feel like that this is Something that's very important and you Know guys we are Um under chaos and and we all know it I Mean there's so many different areas in Our life that just seem in in the world That just seem to be going in a lot of Directions But let me just say this that control

That chaos is being controlled it's Being controlled and so we want to look At some of the aspects of what we're Seeing and possibly why we're seeing it A lot of times this stuff is out of our Hands and so we need to you know to me It's like this is an inspiration if You're not preparing or if you're Preparing and you're just kind of doing It halfway is to maybe really consider Some of the uh you know the aftershocks Of what we're going to talk about today And uh we don't usually go in this Direction that much but we do hit on it On a regular basis Doom and Gloom baby Just for you they Gloom all right I hope You had a great weekend [Laughter] Yeah so um anyway you know in fear Mongering we got to get that in that's Right you got to do that so uh here's The thing guys the more you're prepared The less you're scared and you know and Just like the immortal words of Kurt Cobain is Bing oh wait wrong yeah Yeah This is going to be a it's gonna be a Rough one uh in the immortal words of Kurt Cobain just because you're paranoid Doesn't mean they're not watching you so All right now last week we talked about Food And uh and if you hear this this Slurping up of noise that's my German

Shepherd over there drinking water but She tends to do when we get this started But I think he's got some anxiety issues When we're in here talking and the doom And glue right right that's his uh That's his safety blanket is his water Bowl right but we're going to talk about A little we're going to start out with Food because we talked about food last Week and you know one of the things guys Again is the one thing that you can't Just come up with typically is food now Yeah you can go out in forage and you Know be a hunter gatherer but you know We we live in a a very convenient world And a lot of those things have been lost To us and so you know and if you want to Refer back to the about food and about How that you know how that important That is as far as your number one Priority should be food uh is you know And so again you can go back and look at It But we're going to talk first about Green energy Um and you know one of listen I I we Need to we need to take care of the Earth no doubt uh we need to take care Of things we need to be good stewards of This planet that's right and we need to Do the right things if possible And I don't think anybody would disagree With that uh nobody wants to have trash Dumped out in their yard and pile it up

And and run off into our water supplies And a lot of those kind of things we we Just don't want those kind of things uh We need to be good Protectors of the Earth And so I think that today Lance is going To be a big problem he is over there Doing some weird stuff Um and he's big and so we kind of let Him but uh Anyway green energy and so one of the Things that it let's hit it this way First off is we do have you know uh Global warming or climate change they're Having to change it around because like Today it's really cold here in South Carolina unusual it's our second false Fall yes our second false fall and uh You know and so listen first off I think That and I'm going to take green energy As in we are being Um there's this fault not false it I'm Not even necessarily saying it's faults Even though I don't really agree with it But but that's that's just my my view is I just think it's a cycle I think it's Cycles but when you are told over and Over and over that climate change Climate change one of the things that Makes me do is I look at things I look Then I'm like hypersensitive oh it's hot Man it's been a hot summer oh it's been Hot and not analyzing the past you know 100 years right when when there's really

Been data collected you know the Majority of the data in the United States you can get back a hundred years And track weather patterns and stuff From in the United States uh for the Past hundred years And I always find that interesting when You go back and look at weather patterns That there's weather patterns you know When you look at the hottest day ever in Say South Carolina it was from the 1930s Or 1940s right or the 1920s It's been about a hundred years ago that We've seen the hottest weather in our in Our state that we've seen and it's Generally historic you can historically Track that that 100 years ago it was Hotter than it was now right in our State or colder than it was now in our State in the wintertime yeah I read an Article one time in National Geographic And it was talking about polar bears and It was talking about the the Greenland He said Greenland one of the problems is You know they said that a lot of these Uh Native fishermen they're going out to Fish and they're finding that the ice is Receding and they were going into this Whole thing and then in the in the Article it said It's not been this warm in 50 years and I'm like well it was warming 50 years Ago right you know so the thing is is we We hear this this mantro hear this

Mantra and you get anxious and you get Worried and you start and I'm not Talking about necessarily who I'm Talking to right now but is a general Population we get concerned and we get Worried and then we got to do something We got to have something we gotta we Gotta take care of this we got to do it And so uh one of the things about green Energy and this is this is something That's really interesting uh and I heard This I was watching Jordan Peterson who I've become a massive fan of and you Know he was talking about how you know We've stopped production of a lot of Things that we do here let's say oil Production we're we're saying you know Oh that's terrible for the environment And we're we're reducing it and we're Limiting ourselves but we still need it So we're going to these third world Countries where it's terrible I mean What they're doing there as far as the Way they uh you know they strip things The way their their carbon in footprint And the way that they're doing and we're Importing their products into our Country when we would do it much cleaner And much better right And so and then the people there having To suffer because typically those have Dictatorships that run a lot of those Those systems and so we're finding that We're trait we're doing this weird trade

Where you know instead of doing the kind Of farming that we do that is more green Friendly is we're now we're now Depending ourselves on countries That are not and we're actually Rewarding those countries And so they're you know and so you know It has which a lot of those countries Have a huge huge even though the country Itself was a lot smaller than our than Ours their carbon footprint is Tremendously large compared to the United States because of the the Pollution because of their their Manufacturing the way that they produce Things uh that aren't Healthy for the environment like we a Lot of the things we do in the United States are very environmentally friendly Right there's a lot of regulations a Tremendous amount of regulations and a Lot of your other countries especially Your third world countries and some of Your communist countries they don't have Those regulations that we have and They're they're carbon footprint is is Huge compared to ours You know the last time that I was in Beijing we were we were there for about Six or eight weeks and I only saw the Sun twice the entire time that I was There and it was because of the Pollution in the skies even once you get Out of the major cities and out into the

Country uh 10 or 15 miles outside of the City and there's you go from just a huge Populace of people to absolutely nothing Um it's just you know farms and and just Wild land that have been developed right Once you get outside of the major cities But even outside of those major cities You still don't see the sun because the Pollution basically spreads out and Covers the entire country well I have a Friend of mine in China and I have a Number of friends actually in China and They were talking about this the other Day they said they live in uh CZ which Are SZ which he shins in right and it is Like that was one of the problems is the Smog and the in you know it's just this It's a blanket over the entire country Yeah and it's in the big cities now we Get a lot of goods from China and so We've got all this coming over but yet We're going to have to remain green and So it really puts a it's a weird balance But the the whole fact is and the reason Why I'm even bringing this up is because Guys there is a controlled it's not like Let's really get rid of our carbon Footprint worldwide we're just going to Push this on the developed countries That are actually doing more and we're Putting more and more restrictions on us And again rewarding because of all the It raises cost it raises you know you Have to pay more in for labor you have

To pay more for you know your goods and Services and then you're going to depend On a country that is not doing it now Let's look at electric cars you know Electric cars are great I'm all about Technology I'm all about taking things To the next level and let's look at Different technology I think it's great And I think electric cars are are an Excellent way as far as you know Harnessing different types of energy But once you look and once you look at What they do to produce batteries the Lithium mines I mean they are this huge stripping all This out I mean it's causing way more Energy to develop those batteries right And then to dispose of them and then to Charge them They say that the carbon footprint to Charge batteries is huge what you're Using either nuclear or gas-fired or Coal-fired uh power plants to be able to Charge the electric vehicle so you're If you just follow your your where your Energy is coming from where your power Is coming from it's coming from still Either gas or coal or nuclear fired Power plants to to be able to charge the Batteries on these cars which is Inefficient because you're using energy To produce energy that's being stored to Be able to drive your car right so You're actually using that energy you're

Having to use that energy twice that Could be allocated for other things Right you're having energy to develop The battery and to create the battery Then you're having the energy to keep That battery charged and then you have It's 75 years I think to dispose of a Lithium battery like that and so it just Puts a lot of strain and a lot of stress So I heard this this was a good uh Comparison between the two let's say Steak beef you know we've heard a lot About how cattle oh my gosh they're They're you know they're California And you know and the manure and all the Things that that it creates and and then They go into all these things about how To process the cow and you know then it Then you're killing these cows and you Know they're in bad conditions and They're going through all these reasons Why cow eating meat eating beef is wrong And they're really pushing and I'm gonna Tell you guys they're doing this they're Pushing us to eat insects now I don't Know about you but that's just I mean a Good filet mignon if I'm always going to Pick that first if I've got a choice Between Grasshoppers and crickets or a Nice filet or a ribeye 100 of the time Yeah or chicken or fish or pretty much Anything but so they yeah really so they Take they take This cattle idea beef you eating beef is

Wrong and they go and they go back to The source and then they throw this Electric car at you and they won't go Back to the source You know it's like okay what is it what Is it Is control It's just basic control it's control of You know it's food control So you know guys it's just it's Something to watch for uh and then of Course you know you've been hearing and We talked about this last week we're Talking about these Dutch farmers and Canadian Farmers for that matter there's A big push on them to force green energy Practices on these farms and what it's Doing is it's shutting them down and so We're losing food production uh and so You know it affects us in live ways Every day right and it's it's Artificially driving the cost of food up Right and so this this is the the this Is the the balance here it's you know People are getting fearful and they see What what is being done here and oh you Know Global warm and climate change oh We've got to stop this we've got to stop This and instead of getting into the Facts they're like we got to do Something and we're going to force you It's compulsion for you to do it uh you Know in California what 2035 I think it Is yeah I believe so gas power powered

Vehicles or fossil fuel vehicles will no Longer be allowed right I mean that's a full that's that is Compulsion so what happens and they've Already banned like gas generators gas Chainsaws gas weed eaters all of your Gas Lawn Equipment all of that's already Been banned there well see I you know I Have we have a a electric mower we Bought for my dad it's the best thing Ever I mean he cuts his grass it's Really easy it's quiet he just so I'm All for it but don't make me do it Because I'm not getting rid of my zero Turn mower that's gonna you know I've Already in fact the guys at Home Depot Told me when I bought it they said yeah We got all these a battery powered uh Mowers you know these big Zero Turn Mowers and he goes they're not selling Them and he goes in to be honest with You they're not worth it and so you know But I'm all for the technology but I'm Not for them pushing it and forcing us Into something else it should be a Choice it should be a choice but but What happens is is people are being Manipulated to get all fearful and to go Whatever we need to do we'll do it Whatever we've got what you know okay You know what the end justifies the Means we got to save the Earth listen it You know it's kind of like this thing of Either say the Earth or get rid of

Capitalism What are we going to do and you know What if it's saving the Earth we can get Rid of capitalism because we'll all be Dead but the problem is is capitalism is What gives us the funds and the Necessary means to be able to improve Our environment that's right and to do Those things listen you take away Capitalism and you put in it's going to Bring on tons of poverty and it's going To make it worse the econ the Environment is going to get much worse You know I will you know it's funny you See these people and they're like They're living in this commune and They're all clean and happy and Everything listen those people are rich Those people have a lot of money that Capitalism provided for them because When you take that same commune and you Put it down into the middle of Africa And you see what's going on there They don't have they don't have any Means they don't have any you know they Can't even you know keep themselves uh You know Medica you know with doctors And all the different things that we Benefit from because of capitalism So green the green energy initiatives And I'll just I'll just be straight Here's the other part of it and this is What we're seeing all across instead of A company

Forming a company and For a profit And for a service and let's make sure They're starting to turn and go okay We're a company and we have this power So we're gonna enforce our our will Because we have this money just like Similar to what Disney did and has done Is they're like you know what we don't Care what you know we don't care about Bringing your children down here and Having a great time we're also going to Push this agenda and this agenda and This agenda and they're just one of tons Of companies that are doing that and It's like to me makeup why would you Want to alienate half of your client to Help I mean there's there's tons of Businesses that have done it yeah You know NASCAR perfect example that Because of large companies and their Their socialistic agenda uh has Alienated the entire uh the entire base Their entire fan base from that from That sport NFL football it's another Perfect example of it because of Socialist socialist agenda from some of The players has alienated and pushed Away a lot of Lifetime fans from that Sport right and you know you see you see Their their profit margins that those Companies make every year take a huge Drop because they've pushed away their Customer base now one thing about it is

Is it does open opportunities It it opens opportunities and so that is One thing to you know to always look at Because no matter what happens in the Market there's always opportunities that Open themselves up even during the Great Depression there were a lot of people That made a lot of money that's right Because they were in the right markets They were doing the right thing you know Certain things they were flowing with The market it's just like I heard years Ago the guy that was in the lp industry It better be making you know on getting His company ready for DVDs and CDs at The time and of course now it's on Digital but you know guys there's just a Big push now this is the one problem and We're going to continue down the list But one of the things that happens when People become fearful and people feel Like that they have no other choice they Turn to a dictatorship and it becomes Somebody that can grab hold of it take Charge and force their will and that is The biggest thing to me that that Concerns me and I think we're going to Find that all the way through this is You get control all because of fear Because of fear and misinformation is Probably the biggest right and you see Misinformation all the time in Everything that you watch on TV Everything you listen to the radio there

Every a lot of stuff you see on the Computer your Social Media stuff there Is a ton of misinformation from what Should be credible sources right that's Providing that information that's right And that's one of the biggest things That concerns me is we see people that What what I would consider or call low Information voters uh people that just Essentially believe what they're told Without doing any research to find out What the truth is for themselves right And they watch these these mainstream Shows or they listen to these mainstream Uh conversations on the radio or they Listen to what's going on on social Media and instead of doing research for Themselves and finding out what the Truth is they just believe what they're Told now one thing I am hopeful here Lately is that there are a lot of really Conservative voices traditional voices Including Ben Shapiro Jordan Peterson uh You know I don't know if you guys have Ever watched uh Uh well it's true it's a valuetainment And it's um oh Patrick Oh what's his name I can't think of it Now but but valuetainment uh incredible Incredible YouTube channel and cry Fandom on Instagram actually and um It's just one of those one of those Thoughts you just start to really think About things rationally and there's a

Big rise in that and so but here's the Problem you've got this going on over Here you've got this going on over here And you don't even know what to even Think right and just like Hitler did he Said the bigger the LIE the bigger the LIE the more you repeat it people will Believe it even though at first they Know it's a lie they'll they'll start to Accept it and that's one of the problems That we're seeing here okay we're gonna Go to we're going to go to the next one And then we're gonna go ahead and open Up for some questions Um this ought to be interesting and um And one of the things that we're seeing Here is immigration What I should say migration we're having Huge groups and this is not only Happening in the U.S it's happening Worldwide where huge groups of people Because a lot of times of green energy Initiatives or just straight out poverty Or just incentives to have them come up People are pouring across International Borders By the millions they said that in I Think it's in the next uh 20 years There'll be 1.8 billion people that'll Have migrated to different parts and Then you come in and typically it's Developed First World countries and you Know which you know what we've needed Immigration that's great I have a good

Friend of mine that he's gone he spent Like fifteen thousand dollars already to Get his wife that was from Colombia South America here and he is going Through all this the court he's doing Everything the right way the right way And then he's looking and seeing all These people just pouring across the Border and they are so nitpicky yeah you Know it's like this is not balancing out There is some chaos here what is going On and the fact is is it's Controlled Chaos right and when it's easier to get Into a country illegally than it is than It is to get into a country legally There there's a there's a bias there for Some reason and there there's something Going on that that behind the scenes That needs to be addressed right and You'll it'll fall on everything that we Talk about it's like you look at it you Go Well this why does this not make sense You know well maybe it's just I'm not Understanding I think it's important for Us to understand I think that is number The number one thing that we need to do And I think that's one of the reasons Why we want to talk about it I'll tell You right now underneath there'll Probably be something that YouTube will Put under this video that'll say they Did do some kind of disclaimer you know Well you need to check this you need to

You know just like they did with covet In fact check it misinformation or Whatever yeah so you know but here's the Thing we want you to fact check it we Want you to do your research and don't Just believe what you're told because That is that is one of the most Important things is don't believe Everything you're told don't believe Everything that you read fact check it And find out what the truth is for Yourself right okay do we have some Questions Brian Rusk asks greetings from Ireland Thanks Sarah Mack for your job behind The scenes question for today as we Start the Venture prep what's the best Solar panels for getting uh to get for Charging phones and laptops Okay well there are so many different Options yeah uh you know so but here's The thing it's not necessarily the soap Or panels it's the it's the battery it's Where you're going to store that energy Uh you know you can throw up a panel and There are ones that you can cook up Directly I even have a battery bank it's Got a solar panel on the front it's Really slow it's really slow but it does Give you something but um really unless Robbie has something more specific I Don't you know I don't as far as a Specific panel to buy Um you know I look at I look at the

Wattage that the panel can produce and I Look at what the products are that I'm Wanting to charge and how many watts It's going to take how many hours it's Going to take to produce that wattage And then look at your environment that You're in and know how many hours of Sun You're going to have every day how many Watts that panel can produce every day Uh compared to the number of Watts that You need to actually charge and use that As a as a determining Factor when you're Looking at your your panels that you're Buying yeah there are panels that are Going to be more higher quality for sure But I think that the end game is is the Amount of efficiency the right pull in And but yet you really the battery Backup how you put that in store and Because here's the facts you know is we Don't have sunny days all the time right And so we have a humless generator that Has solar panels and it'll run our Refrigerator for like eight hours or our Freezer but um you know and then you Know that'll contain it cool but you Know really as far as specific panels I'd love to be able to say this is the Best but you know we typically buy what We can you know I have a buddy of mine That buys them from Harbor Freight and He has a whole setup but some research And look for feedback and I think that's The the best thing I can advise

David Frost asked morning guys our Property has no water what is the fact Fastest and least expensive way to Harvest rain water PS Costco has 25 Pound pinto beans 20 and rice the same Just sealed 200 pounds oh good that's Good to know thanks for that tip uh you Know I did a video on ring catchment Systems Um and it's you take a blue Barrel if You have gutters it's easy to do I mean It it probably took me like 45 minutes at the most to do everything I needed to do including cutting the top Of the barrel cut having my faucet and Attaching it uh just looking for that Video you can in fact this um I set up a Bunch of them after I did that one and Uh it just is that that is to me one of The best water sources number two having A pool that really is nice you know we Have a pool and that is one of our preps Because you know the the uh what we use In our pool honestly it has less Chlorine than our drinking water uh so I Think that setting up a rain catchment System and and guys you know the thing Is it has the runoff from this from the Roof but otherwise rain water if you Could Harvest that separately directly From the rain it's potable water it's Drinkable so um one of the best ways to Me especially if you don't have a water Source even if you do have a water

Source which we do we have a spring we Have a creek we have a lake that's just About 200 yards from us so uh but even So having rain water would be my first Bet because it's already there all I got To do is turn it on and I can I can Harvest that water take it inside and Filter it out or do whatever I need to Do but uh check that video out it's a Real simple system but uh it's very Effective Iberian link survival ask hey guys Greetings from Portugal once again Question what's the best place for a Cache in a Suburban environment besides A self-storage box That's a tough one because you know Sometimes you're not on your property um You know one thing I would recommend Sometimes is if it's in your home is to Have a false you know you can you can Set up a false wall and just refinish it You know if you've ever seen the John Wick movie you know where he walks in he Takes a pickaxe and he tears up the Floor and he brings out you know all of His of his stuff yeah absolutely false Walls uh false false places in your Floor you know under under your floor You've got a subfloor and then you have Your floor joists the floor joists are Generally 12 inches tall so you can box That in under the floor and build a Pretty substantial catchment system

Under your floor to where you can store Things and hide things yeah you can even Put a carpet over it a rug or something Like that uh but you know that is inside The home even in the ceiling I even took Some of those uh outlets and I cut out I Put an outlet box with a little fake Outlet yep didn't have it hooked up and I I cut it out like I was going to put It in the wall and I set it in the wall All and then I can set like coins or Whatever I want to I mean it's small but Uh you know there's a lot of things that You can do with uh you know setting up That way now for me if I'm going to go Outside of my home that's where it gets Touchy because sometimes you know Especially if it's on somebody else's Property it can be changed and if you Lose it there Um so you know that is one thing To consider but I think that is a great Way to be able to do that have some Hidden items that you need right there Accessible and one thing to consider is A off-site storage unit you know just Get a small rental storage unit that you Can keep things in as well yeah which we Do we have what we call it we call it Our cash and and we have this unit and Um just go there we keep just emergency Supplies in there that can be Compromised for sure and all that but it Does give us a backup that's right but

In a Suburban or urban area you know That's a it's a great place to keep some Off-site supplies right Uh people are not asked questions do or When do you think we will go back to Precious Metals for currency Um flat paper money means nothing it has Never survived throughout history well And this is going to be one of our our Points is you know they're really trying To get us into a complete Electronic Banking cashless Society yep and and We're going to talk about it that is Complete loss of privacy and control and You are setting yourself up I mean I'm Telling you that is one thing that I am Totally against yes I use my cards I Love it I use my bank accounts I do but You know I it's none of their business What I do with my money that's right and It's not only the government necessarily But it's also these financial Institutions that are selling your Information so uh here's the thing for Me is precious metals are huge and and I Don't know when that's necessarily going To happen down in Argentina I have to Mention this book but at the Modern Survival Guide for the coming economic Collapse by profile which are actual Events that happened in Argentina I Think it was 2001. Um He said that there were stores that

Opened up and took gold and silver as Currency uh when uh 2008 when Obama came In and the economy went to crap there Were stores in fact I remember seeing Different stores So uh you know it's going to be a Gradual thing But or it could be a very quick thing Like like you were saying and we're Going to talk about it later on if you See Uh Electronic Banking being forced on us You're also going to see gold and silver Being used a lot more Um in place of paper money you know um It's gold and silver are God's currency And it's something that we have and I Say that that's uh Robert uh kiwasaki uh That that talked about it and he said You know that it from the beginning man As soon as man discovered silver and Gold they began to trade it then they Took it as value because of the Properties and at this point right now Silver is low silver is I'm gonna tell You artificially low and it's being Somehow manipulated and I know people go You got conspiracy well I'm watching the Markets and it's it was like 18 an ounce Uh which it was about 28 up to thirty Dollars an ounce over the summer and With the economy the way it's doing it There's just there's some telltale signs It's traditionally the silver and gold

Rise so if you're looking for that I Highly recommend it and I really will Recommend Scottsdale mint is one of my Primary sources for walking Liberties And a lot of the different gold and Silver they're awesome people I've known Them for 10 years but a lot of times I Go to some of the local stores that we Have here and I'll buy just tell us About junk silver and I put it back Because it is I want the currency in my Hand it's a tangible asset right and and It you know people say well you can't Eat silver to gold and like I like to Say well you can't eat lead steel and Brass either I know you need to stock up On that as well all right but yeah I Highly recommend it uh Gary Hernandez Self-defense and urban survival asks how Do you feel about having to learn to use An old handheld compass and do you use One in your pack yes I have compasses uh Sunto compasses I have some military Compasses uh from kamenga Because that is one thing that you know Encompasses a compass and uh and not any Kind of electron I mean I you know I Have Um garments and stuff like that that we We have but you know with emps that's One thing you got to be careful of so I Highly recommend having a compass uh Corporal's corner is one of the YouTube Channels that I just love I think he

Does a great job former Corporal marine And uh he uh he goes through how to to Set a compass what to do he goes through Exercises check him out but there's how To shoot an Azimuth with it everything How accomplice actually works and and Teach you how to use a compass properly And you know that's going to be one one Of the things through the hunting season This year with my little boys that we're Going to really be focusing on is I'm Going to give them a map and a compass And Show them how to use it and then have Them locate and find our hunting stands Where we're going to be hunting at for The day just using a compass right That's awesome I mean there are a lot of Ways to practice but yeah I highly Recommend getting that skill Let's go to one more and then we're Going to jump back in Nathan Hitchcock Ask question what are some sources for Good news and information Uh one thing that you know well the Bible That's my number one first and foremost Uh but there are a lot of good voices Out there you know there's some um like I I subscribe to the Daily wire now this Is not you know your regular news but This is something the daily wire uh of Course with uh Jordan Peterson he has Been doing a lot around what's going on

What what I'm talking about right now Because you know the thing is is our National news media you know I mean They're they're compromised yes and I'll Tell you a good one if you're really Looking for what's going on in the world Is uh our Wars today on Instagram has Been a really good source for Information for what's going on outside Of our country and you know I'll tell You India this is funny but I've seen a Lot of these reports coming out of India Talking about a lot of the things that Are going on in other parts of the world And they have a different perspective But man when you listen to it it really Kind of comes together uh you know Because uh and and they and they do it In English they because you know there's A lot of English people there but they Do it in English but uh watching other Countries in world news a lot of times Absolutely absolutely I I love to watch The news from other countries in where They they do the news in English just Because of the the different perspective That you get you know it's not that You're being Fed information a lot of times like we Are here you're being you're being shown What's going on and a lot of times it's A lot more truthful than what you get in Your own news media well and Newsmax I I Followed Newsmax but I follow Newsmax as

Well Um sometimes with a grain of salt Because some of the stuff is you know I Feel like and can do some research on And it's it's it's very sensationalized Sometimes well sometimes it's very Unbiased reporting but sometimes it is Very sensationalized just to grab a Headline right um so a lot of the stuff That I see on there it's I think it's Good information that you get in a lot Of cases but sometimes you do have to do More research on what they're talking About and that's the big problem with The disinformation is you again you've Got these voices over here you've got Some over here a lot of times the the Title attracts people to watch it and They try to sensationalize because they Get more ad Revenue right It's true it's what it is and that's Really driving our news is AD Revenue uh With a lot of companies and if they can Get something if you if you get on Fox News which I like I like Tucker I like Sean Hannity I like those Laura Ingram I Like those guys and a lot of times they Do bring out information sometimes in The their feed though there's some And you know I will I'll still watch CNN Or MSNBC just to get An opposite spin on things sometimes and See how and see how they're trying to Spin it to the the mainstream news

Watcher right that just watches and Believes what they're told I like to Watch it to see what angle they're They're going with things and then I Watch something from someone else to see What angle they're trying to spin it and A lot of times I watch some stuff from Overseas to see what their perspective Is on it and then do some research on it To really find out what the truth is Right you know it takes a lot more time And it takes a lot more effort but you Know in the end of the day it's worth my Time and it's worth my effort to really Know what the truth is about things Right right but just be careful not to Just get believe what you're told be Careful not to get so wrapped up in the News that you're not doing things that You can do something about because That's what happens a lot of times People get into all that other stuff and Then you know they're not uh They're not focused on the things they Can help Okay let's go on to the next Thing uh you know you're absolutely Right about that that's a that's a big Thing that it's so easy to get wrapped Up in things that you have no control Over and it it can cause you a lot of Stress and a lot of anxiety and you know One of the biggest things I could tell You is don't get wrapped up in things That you don't have control over know

What's going on keep yourself informed But take care of yourself and those Around you with the things that you do Have control over and make that your Priority Stay informed but take care of the Things that you can take care of that's In inside of your inside of your circle Right that's exactly right uh okay now Next on the list violent crime now I Mean we've seen a huge rise in violent Crime especially in the larger Metropolitan areas and so here's the Thing we and we kind of and this is the Funny thing a lot of this stuff Everybody knows it but nothing's done About it you know these DA's that are Coming in Sorrows you know backed I mean It's just common knowledge right we Can't do something about that but here We've got this violent crime epidemic I Mean people going into these you know CVS and just in a flash mob and Stripping the store of stuff and running Out and there's not much constantly no Repercussions and even if they get Caught you know there are people now They're letting them out they have that Cashless bail they're just doing all This stuff and it's creating this Violence it's it's rewarding the Violence right but what's really weird Is that you get on this side and people That have paper crimes are feeling

They're having to do their whole Sentence and they're being just the book Thrown out and it's like here we have a Guy that raped or killed somebody or he Ran over that woman with a baby cart and They had like whatever and they let him Out and then yet you've got people that Do something wrong on their taxes and They go to jail for 10 years is a really Weird thing What that tells me and should tell us All that there's something wrong here There's something that's more purposeful And what happens is again when there's Chaos you start looking for someone who Can fix it and so and then you're under Control And so in fact years ago I have a buddy Of mine that was with the CIA for a Number of years and he told me he goes You know we won't do anything people Just won't do what they really need to Do to make a change he goes until it Gets so bad Until it gets so bad that they just cry Out for some kind of leadership and he Goes that is uh something that third World countries have been doing for a Long time so you know the violent crime It's everywhere and yet they want to let People out of jail early but they want To take away your right for self-defense It's like okay let's get the balancing Scales out here what is going on there's

Definitely something going on the scales Of Justice are absolutely broken in a Lot of parts in our country right now Some of the more like our area right Here I mean law enforcement strong they Do their job they're great they keep our Community safe you know uh to a point But on the flip side we've still seen a Rise in violent crime here uh break ends And different things yeah You have murders uh attempted murders It's all on the rise Even in our area And I'm sure it's that way across the Country Um even where they're telephone crime Just because of a huge downturn in the Economy anytime you ever see a big Downturn in the economy you always see a Big spike in crime right that's that's Exactly right okay so then we're going To the next of course we started out Already on this one Electronic Banking You know guys that's one of the things That I think is probably the most Controlling uh that will be it can Easily be used Uh to control and to do you know well Here's the thing at the end of the day And this is just kind of the long and Short of it the end of the day it's your Money that you've worked for that you've Earned to spend how you want on whatever You want and or need it's yours that's It you know whether it's

Buying groceries or guns or investing it Or whatever that's your money It should never be someone else no one Else should ever have the ability to be Able to dictate how you spend what You've earned right it's yours yep it's Yours and and you know the thing is is It's got to be like well why do you need That right and what are you doing with That well you know it's really none of Your business it's none of your business I may look at you and go why are you Doing that I don't think you need to do That you know I mean I might go to my Daughter and say well why are you Spending that now she's an adult And I could say well why are you doing That well what are you doing with that And you know what It's none of my business why did you go And buy that half million dollar car you Don't need a half million dollar car you Could have given that money to charity It's it's mine to do with I don't have a 500 000 car I'm just saying but it's Mine to do with what I want if if I want To give it all to charity I can that's That's up to me if I want to go out and Blow it all on whatever doesn't matter It's mine it's up to me and I should not Ever be restricted on what I can spend What's mine on well it says a fool is Sue party with his money and you know But the fact is if Robbie had a half a

Million dollars and he just wanted to go Out and blow it it helps other Businesses all around absolutely so it Benefits everyone right it benefits them And it and then you're you are so you Have to make the decisions to do the Right thing you know PayPal just came Out now they've stopped this because It's such a backlash is they said if you Are against some of their uh policies as Far as what say online and things like This information online and things they Will close your account what in the World they had to back that up only Close your account but not give you your Money right seize the fine that's right And uh man that is that is the first Amendment gone well and here's here's a Big thing about that you know I I don't Think I think that they released that on Purpose I don't think that they felt Like it would I think they felt like They knew they would get backlash from It but I I feel like it was they were Testing the waters to see what they Could to see how far they could push That line you know I really believe that Um and like we were talking about Earlier one of the things that I see if We're forced into Electronic Banking That's going to you're going to see Skyrocket is going to be gold and silver Right because people still want their Money

Their tangible asset that they can buy What they want when they want and you're Going to see gold and silver prices Spike through the ceiling because people Are like you know what I always get gold And silver and pay for it with stores That will accept gold and silver right Right well and some of it has to do with The way that the you know the federal Government's takeovers I understand this I'm not I mean as far as their mindset But you know they they want to have Control because they can tax that right And if you don't have that going on they Can't tax it which goes to our next Point is you know we just recently voted In a budget to give the IRS 87 000 Additional agents which you know it's Over the next 10 years but one of the Things and this was I was talking to my Accountant about this it was funny me Too yeah yeah exactly we had the same County uh great guy uh one thing that uh He was saying is a lot of people like Let's say you have a little small Etsy Business and you're making some things And you're selling stuff Now if you're just doing it on the side If you reach 600 sales You have to be taxed on it you they'll Start to uh in fact they'll have to Report that they have to give you a 1099 And so a lot of people that are just Doing stuff on the side are going to

Have to they're going to have to Actually have a small business set up And they're going to be taxes on it so They're monitoring it closer and closer Same move your eBay account yeah eBay Anything Amazon anything you're doing And I'm sure that Facebook Marketplace Will roll into that very part of it yes That is part of it so you're going to be Getting 10.99s on something you're doing Is a hobby and maybe selling but you Know what okay whether that's right or Wrong it's just that it's coming so you Know it's part of the control there is Or maybe it's something that you know You have In a state of items you know a family Member passed away left you some stuff And you're selling those items that were Maybe they were yours maybe they were Their parents maybe they willed it all To you and you're selling those items on On Facebook or Etsy or or eBay or Whatever yeah you're going to be taxed On those items that you've already been Taxed on that your parents have already Been taxed on all of that is going to be Re-taxed again at at a pretty high rate Just for you selling it online well if You have things around your house and You're like hey I got this dining room Table I want to sell it and it's a Thousand dollar table because it's Really nice that's right and they're

Gonna send you a 10.99 I mean this the Rabbit hole it can go down that's right And um again it just invades our privacy Okay Um now this is one and I put this down There I said uh racial or Lgbtq LGBT Um tensions And let me first say this you know a lot Of this stuff is self-induced I mean It's like for me I mean racial uh any kind of you know if Uh gay people that I have in my life That I know that I love that I care About I don't I don't you know there's Not been any tension well you're you're A lot like me you judge people on their Character and not on their color or Their their uh sexual bias or whatever You judge that person on their character Right and I mean that's that's how we That's how we should judge one another Is on their character now if if someone Has a poor character they're going to be Judged on their character you know That's that's the way that I'm going to Look at that person is that person has a Poor character for whatever reason and It doesn't have anything to do with Their sexual preference or their skin Color or anything else right but I think That some of these and not just those They're any of these groups minority Groups doesn't matter Hispanic obviously

That's a very large group uh you know is That The leaders seem to be dividing against Other people and so you know I remember Walking into a store one time and as I Was it was a grocery store and there was A black family over here doing something There was a Hispanic and there was an Asian family and I was thinking this is Just really cool that you can you know We're just all in harmony we're just Doing our thing nobody's fussing Nobody's trying to avoid somebody Nobody's giving anybody bad looks it's Just we're just people we're just people Shopping right and then I noticed that There was a certain point there where I Felt the tension it's like people would Look at me like you know and I'd hold The door open someone they just kind of You know and I was thinking this is this Is becoming a problem that it wasn't Before I'm not saying that it's not They're probably there could be problems All over the world absolutely but I I Agree with you 100 I think this is Something that has been driven by the Mainstream media yeah uh that a lot of The the gender bias a lot of the race Initial tension in our country has been Driven by the mainstream media and has Nothing to do with how people actually Felt you know I would say 15 years ago Racial tensions were probably the lowest

They've ever been in this country right I would say right now that racial and Gender tensions in this country are Probably as high or almost as high as They've ever been in this country Primarily because of the mainstream Media yeah yeah it's you know in this That and they're showing these different Aspects right a little small picture of Something that creates a whole idea and Um I I just think that's one of the Things they're using so I don't really Want to get into that too much because I Think it's something that a lot of People are very sensitive about and I Think though that again I think like Robbie just said we love people as People that's right it's their character You know and and that's the that's the Number one thing Um voting voting has become a real hot Point yes and you know a lot of people Are like you know we need to lock down The voting well you're restricting Voting and you know mail-in voting and Absentee ballots and and you know There's just this big argument over Voting and can it be manipulated sure it Can absolutely like anything can Anything digitally can can potentially Be manipulated Um anything on paper can be potentially Manipulated Um you know it just comes down to

How it's administered right is really What it comes down to and then but it's Like let's do it fair let's do this and Then you get all this backlash of you Know like IDs here in South Carolina we Have to show an ID to vote and uh and There and then some people are like oh That's awful you shouldn't but you have To show an ID to go into the bank or the Beer by beer or that's it and you know When like in South Carolina when we go Into vote they check your ID and they Have they have a roster and they'll go Down that roster and and check your ID With your address against that roster to Make sure that you can vote in that District or that Precinct and if you're Not on that list you don't vote right I Mean it's just that simple and whether You go in and you vote uh early voting Um or even I don't know how they do it With the absentee ballots when you when You mail that in it's been a long time Since I've done a mail-in ballot but Absentee ballots they still check it They still check your driver's license And they still check it against the Roster to make sure that you're allowed To vote in that Precinct or that County And uh yeah I don't have a problem with That because it there's a checks and Balances system there to make sure that Things are being done fairly and Equitably for everyone to make sure that

Your vote counts and it only counts once Well and if you have a bank account You've got to have some kind of ID Doesn't have to be a driver's license You've got to have some kind of ID but I Don't know all the answers to that but That is something that's causing a lot Of turmoil well and it really shouldn't I don't think you know I I think that Any way I think that when we vote it Needs to be fair and Equitable to where Everyone's vote counts and everyone's Vote you only get one vote and your vote Counts that one time and the only way That you can do that is to verify that You are who you say you are and to Verify that you're voting where you're Supposed to be voting and if they if Those two things can't be verified then You shouldn't be allowed to vote I mean It's just that simple well and that can Be used either way it can so let's say That you're a person that's like we need To make sure we have free voting we know We need to do then the other side can Take and manipulate the vote on a Different way so you know Um okay let's um we're gonna go to Questions again right after this one but Um gun control Uh you know and gun control is is this Part of the Second Amendment but there Has always been this push for gun Control it was funny one of my comments

Today on a video I uploaded they said Well I live in so-and-so country and we Don't have any guns and we live in peace And It might be unless you have a big Neighbor up the road that just doesn't Like people and he's a big bully and he Just has his way and he can beat you Down with his fist and the one thing About guns uh to me and of course Obviously I I'm a big Fan a little bit of Enthusiast but um The big thing about guns is The Equalizer and you know there's an old Saying it says God made man Sam Colt Made him equal and you take a 250 pound Linebacker and you put a little hundred Pound cheerleader [Laughter] You know you put those two together and There's no contest the the linebacker Man he can just do what he wants to Because he's got the strength he's Probably got the speed and he's able to To do whatever you put a firearm in each Of their possessions and they're now Equal they're on an equal playing field Well and you know I have when you use The term gun control One line the word gun and above it put Population Yeah population control all right Firearms are what keeps our country free That's it long and short Firearms keep

Our country free if we don't have the Ability to protect ourselves defend Ourselves against enemies foreign and Domestic you won lime gun control and You write population control above it And that's what it becomes right So you know and of course we we have Been big about all the different aspects Of gun control it doesn't mean that I Don't look at the other side and I go Okay well you know what how are they Thinking about this and and you know and Then I look is this too extreme Me personally I feel like You know everybody should have a gun if You're if you're a violent felon okay You know you've proven that you've got Some real problems you've got some anger Issues are you whatever you're talking You're prone to that you restrict them For sure but to me somebody even that And this is my this is me somebody That's a felon but yet it's like a white Collar felon oh they embezzled a little Bit of money non-violent whatever yeah Yeah and then it's been 10 years or Whatever they should still have the Right to defend themselves Um and so you know it's it's one of Those things where I'm huge on freedom Of guns because you know what the guy The bad guy I might not be able to carry because of

Laws he doesn't care Brazil yeah they Don't care anyway they're carrying Because they're criminals and so why are You restricting a law-abiding citizen From defending himself and protecting Himself because of I mean somebody That's unlawful right owning a gun and Using it and willing to use it so um you Know it just doesn't it doesn't make Sense why there's such a push yes if I Had a if I was part of uh a group that Was I've had a family member shot down In Cold Blood and all that I would be Emotionally charged I might make rash Decisions uh now not for me personally Because I know the line but as far as Just people not thinking it through I Can understand it to a point or getting All worked up or like you've already When that happens it's like look at this Take the guns you know they get all Worked up and you know that's the thing Those are those are horrible horrible Situations but the end of the day It was a violent person doing violent Things not the tool that they used they They could have used any kind of tool From a knife or a machete or a car that Was just a tool of choice that they that They used and you know like you were Saying earlier the only way to combat That type of tool or a car or anything Else a lot of times is with a firearm to Be able to protect and defend yourself

And that's what ended the situation at The end yep okay let's go to a few more Questions and uh and then we're gonna Start to wrap it up I think oh yeah Bradley lunderman says Probably I served 1999 Two tours in Iraq love watching you guys Lots of great information and ideas do You think red Radiation Medicine is Important to prep absolutely absolutely And and not more so now than it has been In the last 60 years you know the the Last time we were under the potential of A nuclear threat like we are right now Was during the Bay of Pigs when Kennedy Was in office and that was that was Something that was a Hot Topic back then People talked about it on the news People were aware of it people built Bomb shelters you even you look at New York New York City are is already Putting up signs in the Subways for Where to go in case of a nuclear nuclear Attack our government is already buying Uh radiation medication uh to to protect Your thyroid in case of a radiation Attack we've been buying it for the last Month and a half for two months not not Me personally our government in the United States has been purchasing it and Stockpiling it in case of a radiation Attack or a nuclear war So yes I think absolutely right now if

You can find it the potassium Yeah if you can find it right now go Ahead and buy it and stock up on it for Sure yeah I highly recommend that and we Did a video talking about possible Nuclear threats and how to survive Fallout and honestly unless you're in The direct Blast Zone your chances of Survival are really high if you take Following steps check that out because I Think that's something we really need to Be educated on not necessarily that's Coming next week but it could that's Right and one thing to realize guys is Is situations change really quick they Change really quick And so the more you're just prepared the Better off you are that's right Question I recently heard Your opinion on what On what first to help in this situation Well you know having some way to protect What Electronics you could possibly use But like a cell phone you know if an EMP Hits and it disables your cell phone It's disabled the tower and probably Your vehicle and a lot of other things Uh one thing I I think is important it For me as far as an EMP Situation as far as a faraday bag is to Have some kind of two-way radios in There you know maybe have a couple of Solar chargers sometimes they have some You know Electronics in them uh you know

Having just a an emergency radio you may Be able to pick up some frequencies Because it could be localized but it Could be Nationwide but you know just Thinking about things that you could Possibly use that you wouldn't rely on a Power grid Um and so having those but otherwise you Know just prep like we're prepping Without power just prep for a grid down Situation and then if an EMP hits you're Still in Grid down you know it's the Same you're being a lot better shape yep Okay we're gonna one more question we Gotta run unfortunately uh Finance Amy Fresh ask any suggestions on storing Rain catchment water over winter in Northern areas To dry our systems yeah that that's a Good one because once it freezes for Especially up north I mean it'll bust The barrel you know I mean there's Certain things that's a great question Um you know if you have area in your in Your garage that doesn't get down to Those temperatures if you can insulate Those barrels uh you know maybe you Could Um you know take drain the water out Into containers and bring them into an Area that that is not going to freeze Right if you've got a basement you can Put them in a basement's a good place to Store your barrels even if you have a

Crawl space under your house a lot of Times it's warm enough under your house In a crawl space where your pipes and Everything are protected that you can Store your barrels under your house and Still be able to access them as well Yeah and you probably want to insulate Those barrels with you because I know Sometimes pipes under houses that's Right so you know possibly insulate your A lot of times people and see down here In the South we don't insulate our pipes Because we don't usually have that Problem right but when we do which Happens every once every now and then uh You know we can have pipes to bust so You guys are more prepared for that but Yeah I think finding a space that you Can utilize your water because let's Face it water is like vital yup and so Uh being able to to you know like for Our garage it's not necessarily heated But we do keep a heater out here I mean I would even look at storing some Barrels either in your in your basement Or under your house and then just Draining from your your main Barrel Draining and filling those barrels Through the summer and then you've got a Pre-made storage Supply that you can Access at any time Okay that was that was a great question Yeah but we've got to go I know our time Is it you know I know guys this was kind

Of like a throw it out there it was just A lot of things about it but it's You know we're heading to a weird place In the world and uh I think it's Important for us to see that this is not Just chaos if it was just total chaos There really wouldn't be a way to fix it Right this isn't Mad Max Thunderdome and Craig everything's going crazy It is going crazy but to me it's Orchestrated and remember we do have Elections coming up in just a few weeks So make sure you registered to vote and Make sure that you get out there and Make sure your voice is counted yeah the Voting is definitely something it may Not change a lot in some areas but it'll Definitely keep things from happening if We can get people that are really trying To do the right thing I'll just put it That way Really appreciate Robbie being here uh And check out Wheaton arms YouTube Channel check out and uh Just thanks Robbie for being here as Always a good time and uh we really Appreciate Sarah Mack for keeping the Questions in line and uh guys we can't Answer all the questions so if we missed You we apologize we'll try to get to you Next time but a lot of good questions Too so be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic

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