Primitive Technology: Pot Made of Wood Ash – New Clay Alternative

By | October 31, 2022

Firing bricks Unloading kiln White wood ash left over from firing kiln (must be from a high temperature, well oxygenated fire) Sifting charcoal out of ash Adding water to white wood ash Mixing water and ash (nothing else added) Forming the rim of the pot Adding new layers Build up into a dome, wait for layers to stiffen slightly before adding new layers Adding last layer Turn over the next day Use a snail shell to polish the pot (this is called burnishing) The finished pot made of 100% wood ash Leave pot in the sun for 3 to 7 days to dry (I left it for 7 to make sure it sets properly) The pot has now set due to the lime in the wood ash, time to test it The pot is put in water to prove it won't dissolve 24 hours later the pot is taken out still intact The pot is left for another 24 hours with water in it After a day about half of the water seeped out but it still had some in it Collecting bark to make more ash Burning the bark in the kiln Getting the new ash This time mixing sand into the ash Water The mix warms up when water is added indicating the chemical reaction that causes the ash to start set Forming a brick Here's one I made earlier It also passes the water test The next day Brick and pot Brick, pot, hammer and storage pellets of ash

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